Prepositions after "neglect"

"neglect by" or "neglect in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases neglect by is used

Many there feel neglected by the Pakistani state.

The fact these wrights are been neglected by the state is another issue.

Rockaway is my hometown, and I feel that it was neglected by the media at the beginning of the week.

Since then it has been neglected by the politicians and some are trying to change the bill to suit thier theft (corruption).

This is one terminus that could not be neglected by concert-goers and those anticipating for an atmospheric place to chill out.

On the Aba road challenge and neglect by successive governments? I represented Aba Central in the Abia State House of Assembly for eight years.

Diet can help postpone and mitigate these, yet the market for older people wanting to stay healthy has been largely neglected by food companies.

Investigate performance-based standards for street lighting In SEFC, only one lit space was repeatedly neglected by plaza users, the public sidewalk.

Somewhat surprisingly, perhaps, despite the ancient friendship and the missionary link, the Korean question remained long neglected by the United States.

In 28% of cases neglect in is used

However, one part of the globe often neglected in any conversation about jazz is Africa.

The report deserves credit for focusing on repression of Muslims, an issue sometimes neglected in the past.

Many more died as they fled when the Republic fell, or perished later from disease and neglect in refugee camps in France.

Often firms in the sector including those who use a lot of heat feel they are a ' Cinderella ', neglected in talks about power.

Akbar There is one colourful aspect of elections that has been sadly neglected in the coverage of this vibrant game called democracy.

It targets new security-related issues that are prime examples of the post-Cold-War era but have been largely neglected in mainstream research.

If the rabbit is found to be neglected in any way or if we feel that the report does not truly reflect the condition of the rabbit we will terminate the foster programme and cancel membership.

The colleges report that ward rounds are often neglected in planning inpatient care and that pressures relating to staffing levels lead to wide variations in how and when ward rounds are conducted.

In 15% of cases neglect for is used

The house was in need of repairs after having been neglected for many years.

Health services in the city have been neglected for many years, with serious under-staffing.

Evidence from other countries reveals that land taxation is frequently neglected for fear of sparking local conflict.

Reverence (apacayana) is a part of the Dhamma which should not be neglected for it helps in the overcoming of conceit.

The leader who have identified a need of an era which has been neglected for decades, made a decision to fulfill that need.

Gray said the community has been neglected for far too long and they have run out of options and need the member of parliament to do something about the problem.

E the President as a realistic people's leader changing this tradition has focused his attention towards a field neglected for decades with the past Budget Proposals.

To facilitate cultivation, the Government has rehabilitated several irrigation projects including the Unnichchi irrigation tank which was neglected for several years.

Within three years, a system for common-property rights emerged focusing on access to key resources identified on the basis of former customary practices that had been neglected for a long time.

In 11% of cases neglect to is used

It will not neglect to, though.

Girls are aborted, killed or neglected to death for no other reason than that they are girls.

Cruelty and neglect to the environment need to be addressed as part of developing the humane perspective.

That might be because that's a statistic, the derivation of which you have conveniently neglected to post.

Neglecting to p lan your estate trumps up costs that will ultimately dent your purse, so please have a re-think now and.

The researchers, on the other hand, had qualms about journalists often neglecting to fact-check their pieces before they hit the presses (or the tubes).

Usually do not derail your time and effort by neglecting to are the cause of liquefied calories! Should you be trying to lose weight, try incorporating far more fiber in your diet program.

In 4% of cases neglect as is used

In some sense this fact has been neglected as the result of what may be described as optical illusion.

Then Storm returned home to Odense in Denmark, tried to settle down with a Moroccan girl and re-start the education he had neglected as a young tearaway, with a course at business college.

In 4% of cases neglect of is used

Ablution system Majestic Mosques are often neglected of facilities that tarnishes its magnificence.

In 3% of cases neglect during is used

Her food and health requirements are neglected during and after pregnancy.

The occurrence and prevention of primary drug resistant TB has largely been neglected during the development of global TB control programs.

In 2% of cases neglect over is used

Purchase and Restoration of The Concert Hall: 1996 In 1996 the Talbot House Association had the opportunity to buy the Concert Hall, a building which had been neglected over the years.

In 1% of cases neglect on is used

Not to say that these themes were neglected on the rock opera albums, rather that these ideas are now the heart of the album.

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