Prepositions after "negative"

"negative about", "negative in" or "negative for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases negative about is used

We can not be negative about it.

I can't be too negative about it.

There was nothing negative about it.

I've had roomates in rehab and college that were negative about their situations.

I was excited that I had been able to audition, but I was still negative about it.

You can guarantee the French wouldn't have been so negative about the whole thing.

Did you know that Australians are more negative about the economy than GFC smashed places like Spain or the UK.

Why are people so negative about my artistic endeavours? It says a lot about the state of contemporary Britain.

You believe whatever your depressed mind tells you which can keep you feeling negative about almost everything.

But there were several people there that were really, really almost toxically negative about the whole process.

In 19% of cases negative for is used

It was negative for three times.

He too was negative for scrapie.

I tested negative for everything.

The effect of inappropriate role models, however, is not negative for all students.

You may have enough time between use and testing that you show up NEGATIVE for THC.

I got offers from top leaders in the Congress but I considered that negative for me.

The remaining 22 fighters on the card tested negative for any drugs of abuse or performance-enhancing substances.

A family's bright future Carolyne is proud that her children are healthy -- and have all tested negative for HIV.

On these scores, it is evident that Obama's reelection will be negative for oil price and commodities in general.

There was always a real possibility that a spill, whatever the result, would be a negative for the Liberal Party.

In 16% of cases negative in is used

They went negative in ' 96 too.

Threats are negative in nature.

IPG's growth was negative in Q3.

As a result, Mexico has gone from being divided in 2011 to leaning negative in 2012.

This system is negative in enabling the laborers to improve and expand their skills.

Cartwright's laboratory research indicates that most dreams are negative in emotion.

In the wake of this disaster, S &P; lowered its credit outlook to negative in April (not the same as a downgrade).

It is hard to hear clothes negative in relation to a little you did and mainly likely place epoch and effort into.

Both campaigns went negative in the fight over Social Security, and both said the other is distorting their views.

On average, 48 percent see North Korea as a negative influence and 19 percent believe it has a positive influence.

In 8% of cases negative to is used

It's really negative to the game.

Most comparisons are negative to Mr.

They're also negative to themselves.

I say this, not as a negative to Muslims, but because of controverse surrounding it.

So, in reality, probably not such a negative to economic activity as it looks to be.

If you want to be successful in life, change your mindset from negative to positive.

However i would say to you if it is in the negative to me, that, if you keep on pulling it guess what will happen.

Even though critics claim that Samsung has brought this on itself, the outcome may be negative to Android's image.

The problem here lies with the fact that traditional/christian American values are very negative to the black man.

CHECKLIST ON COMING OUT Change your internalised feelings about Lesbianism from a negative to a positive one by: 3.

In 7% of cases negative on is used

That's also a negative on prices.

I repeat, negative on number eight.

They are very negative on the space.

That said, Will called me out in the last post for being to negative on Mark Jackson.

Money supply, however, was flat to negative on a weekly and monthly basis: M1 fell -0.

I don't understand why people are so negative on the prospect for rail to the airport.

And by 1 year and 3 months we take Hiv1 and 2 (AB/P24, serum/Elisa) and western blot tests both are negative only.

This isn't a negative on your job search, on the contrary, armed with this information it is very much a positive.

The effect of AFDC was, as expected, negative on efficacy, but again the effect was not statistically significant.

Reaction, both on the internet and anecdotally through friends, has been scathingly negative on the nutty proposal.

In 3% of cases negative with is used

It could be negative without it.

Do not be negative with one another.

Counter every negative with a positive.

My customer service experience has only been negative with one particular company.

In other words its P-type region is made negative with respect to it's N-type region.

This is the construction where a writer uses a negative with a negative adjective, e.

It's ashame Kartel has such excellent writing skills and he is being so negative with it unless put to the test.

As a general rule, electron gain enthalpy becomes more negative with increase in the atomic number across a period.

One negative with a surf ski is that you are exposed to the elements more than you are sitting in a cozy dry kayak.

In 3% of cases negative towards is used

It was always very negative towards Fairchild.

Your paper is totally negative towards Nawaz Sharif.

Even out language tends to be negative towards women.

I've not really had any problems with anyone being negative towards the Cadets.

Phosphorus for example was negative towards metals, but positive towards oxygen.

Do you EVER go to her movies without feeling so negative towards her? Probably not.

Wow I did not expect the journal people to be so negative towards this guy! I can't get a bloody job, people.

I watch some of her speech on youtube and the comments from Argentines is overwhelmingly negative towards her.

Anonymous on 1/13/2012 1:09:00 PM Bryce and Arlan, unfortunate to see people being so negative towards you both.

In 2% of cases negative from is used

Some kids may take nothing negative from it.

Fitch revises India down to negative from stable.

This seemed to be pretty negative from the beginning.

Fame should not get any special treatment positive or negative from the judiciary.

Many times, the IRR and NPW thus get reduced or the BCR becomes negative from positive.

Wilson shares the written reactions he received, mostly negative from the hometown crowd.

Try to calm and don't listen to others: We generally lose our enthusiasm when we see something negative from others.

Simple things like a smile can go a tremendous way when you are trying to keep the negative from entering your head.

My family's experience on this occasion, and on previous occasions, has been negative from beginning to end, even after death.

The biggest negative from the August results season was the steep cut in core market earnings per share (EPS) of around 7% points.

In 2% of cases negative by is used

Its Q2 income was negative by 5.

It's not a negative by any stretch.

The comb is now negative by definition.

Forming the Negative We form the negative by adding not after the helping verb has or have.

The Thompson-Baldwin race is also more negative by this measure than the presidential race.

Also, that fact the Romeny is a Mormon was used as a negative by many of the people on here.

But inflation is seen as a negative by most people and allowing enough inflation to do the job is not politically viable.

Selous ' late morning game drives were considered as negative by several well-experienced safari tourists we met in Ruaha.

In the successful relationships, positive attention -- in the form of small gestures -- outweighed negative by five to one.

In a posteriori proofs, we can prove a negative by showing that some alternative is true that excludes the negated assertion.

In 2% of cases negative into is used

Turn a negative into a positive.

To turn a negative into a positive.

They turned that negative into a positive.

Turn the negative into the positive Try to see the positive things in the criticism.

This response I felt much better about, I felt I'd turned a negative into a positive.

The father of my daughter spend so much money to put me to learn how to deal with Life with negative into positive.

Gaining the proper mental health assistance is your opportunity to turn something negative into something positive.

We just have to be patient and wait to see how God can turn things around and transform the negative into the positive.

In 2% of cases negative at is used

He can be so negative at times.

I have tested negative at 4, 6 and 8.

Even if she is very negative at times.

I was so negative at times, but she kept encouraging me, and was my supportive mode.

Once you have tested negative at 12 weeks it is conclusive that you do not have HIV.

It is that unseen spiritual energy that is either positive or negative at its strongest.

Montana DT/dt was negative at night (cooling) and the measured flux-in near the surface from the GHE column of atm.

Does that post a risk? I was (HIV 1/2 Rapid test- blood pricked) tested negative at the 4th month from that incident.

I know I shouldn't think the worst and think positive, but I can't help but think negative at times for just in case.

It remains positive when real bond yields are below 4% and only turns negative at real bond yields above 4% (chart 2).

In 1% of cases negative during is used

In other words, the growth rate is negative during those quarters.

Both capital appreciation and dividend income were negative during this period.

Bank ROE will be very high during booms and very negative during the subsequent bust.

And, the forecasts right now are for a dip back into the negative during the next two weeks.

I've never had a bad experience in France and was pleased to find nothing negative during my time in Argentina.

Real interest rates (as measured by the Best Lending Rate of HIBOR) were also negative during most of this period.

But I am not all negative, maybe I am just negative during these times, so let me say something in the organization's favor.

We can see that stock prices did decline during every recession, and the annual ROC actually turns negative during recessions.

Regardless of the cliff's size (the small, medium, or large scenarios ), economic growth could be negative during the first half of.

In 1% of cases negative due is used

Scores may be negative due to penalties from fouls.

The mayor's response was somewhat negative due to a time conflict.

So in general the awareness on Sri Lanka is negative due to the International Press.

Yet returns to livestock in 1999 were negative due to high mortality and loss of stock.

However during FY 2010/11, operating cash flow became negative due to the net loss of US$7.

Fruits also seem to be of positive value rather than negative due to their fructose content.

The overall return on livestock in 1999/2000 was negative due to loss of stock after a serious drought in the previous year.

Boston? Decent April/May/June (41-37) but so many stories that were negative due to manager/player stresses that you thought they were doing a lot worse.

If the option market is efficient, the net monetary benefit of an option hedge to the company is negligible or even slightly negative due to transaction costs.

In 1% of cases negative of is used

Look into both the positive and negative of the business.

I always thought negative of him and he did not like me either.

WP: You seem to have a very negative of all management and business owners.

Consequently the negative of these is not equivalent to a positive vote the other way.

Azazil thinks negative of Allah and because he thinks negative of Allah, he becomes Iblis.

Time: Burden of proof applies if you make a claim of any sort, be it Negative of Positive.

The writer very conveniently chooses to highlight the only three negative of over 30 comments posted on the story.

We feel like we can go do some things -- proving to the league and everybody else that thinks negative of us wrong.

Please people do nt let this allow you to think negative of all the Gospel entertainers, not all of them is like that.

But the only issue is with his parents they think negative of my family and none of the things which they think is right.

In 1% of cases negative over is used

For OHC to actually be falling, this figure would need to have gone negative over this period.

But the way in which Arsenal fans have developed a tendency towards the negative over the past few years is pretty obnoxious.

He says for those with a strong online presence, the positive content will drown out the negative over time -- as it did in his case.

Downwards momentum is clearly on the increase now, noting that momentum has already firmly been in the negative over the last 4-5 weeks.

Nicholas, 25 - Vendor: Mi nuh agree wid wha bolt a gwaan wid mi not going to be ignorant like some people and put negative over positive.

The risk reversal in general has been negative over the past few years, as investors have leant towards buying dollar puts to protect against a stronger yen.

Global sentiment has turned sharply negative over the past fortnight, partly due to concerns about the so called fiscal cliff ' of tax increases and spending.

Latin America Argentina: Views of the US in Argentina have continued to be very negative over the past several years, and positive views have slightly declined.

Quite simply, when there is an adverse aspect of the relationship, explain exactly what is negative over it along with what it truly is executing to you personally.

The costs curve here includes price (constant) and health costs: I've set health costs as negative over the initial part of the range, then increasing in the later part.

In 1% of cases negative rather is used

The blue flower thus becomes a negative rather than positive symbol.

It is so much easier for people to be negative rather than positive.

And, moreover, such an influence tends to be negative rather than positive.

The reality is that unfortunately most tweets are negative rather than positive.

It's the same thing as including a list in your headline or alluding to the negative rather than the positive.

Nevertheless, the negative rather than the positive aspects have been retained, as is typical of human wont, in the public mind.

Science is routinely embroiled in controversy, scandal and outright fraud - and is now often cast in a negative rather than a positive light.

When our fans become a negative rather than a positive, and we're more likely to perform away from home because of it, things have gone very wrong.

After all, most long-term stable natural systems (and that would certainly describe climate) are dominated by negative rather than positive feedbacks.

A low score here could indicate that the client is dissatisfied with life, depressed or they tend to look for the negative rather than the positive in life.

In 1% of cases negative as is used

Offsets can be negative as well as positive.

I did not, and perhaps I'd too negative as a result.

But this fact had a negative as well as a positive side.

They are choking Hong Kong's resources as well as making China look negative as a whole.

The market's short-term trend is negative as the close remains below the 9-day moving average.

The results are discussed including the implications of negative as well as positive findings.

The blog at the moment is quite negative as some are in a cycle of constantly looking for answers and reassurance.

Regarded as ' progress ' by most Americans, this unrestrained growth had negative as well as positive consequences.

H itler's chart is a good case to use to show how the Symbols can operate through the negative as well as the positive.

The DVA sends these cases to JSRRC and they know it will come back negative as to whether there is any record of exposure.

In 1% of cases negative toward is used

It is really unclear why he is so obsessively negative toward her.

You might feel very blue or negative toward yourself during this process.

But after a year of the New 52, I have to say I'd more negative toward the New 52.

The link posted is actually to an article that's quite negative toward Mitt Romney.

Kurukula is under a condition of love, positive love, not negative toward bad things.

Bratt should have made her narrative less negative toward the nannies, or China in general.

My first comment had a blurted out quality and was more negative toward Josh than it should have been.

How much my body does for me (which is why it saddens me to see so many people disconnected from and negative toward their bodies).

Part of Christianity has expressed delight with the modern Israel, while part has been very negative toward Israel's very existence.

Got a problem with Weis take shots at him, but to write in that fashion or create images that are negative toward your brothers is a joke.

In 1% of cases negative against is used

I did not say anything false or negative against Kara.

That's what I do, I never did anything negative against you.

He winced every time his mother said anything negative against the President.

Women rave about him as their men speak negative against him, while he stands tall.

I have nothing negative against the man, why? His interview is candid, down to earth and open.

Not even the Vatican will say anything negative against Islam because they share the same god.

The one negative against most of the beers, especially the stronger ones, is that they were missing some body.

It was not preceded by anything? he (Mpiani) is my party member so I will not say anything (negative against him.

Like Col Bat said the MSM will never report on anything negative against Obama that might hurt his chances at re-elect.

Jeevika is listening to VirMan's conversation and Maanvi is really concerned about why SB is always so negative against Maanvi.

In 1% of cases negative after is used

As I am negative after 3 months.

Knowing that public sentiment is negative after the loss.

Dow and S &P; index futures turned negative after the data, while U.

Overall the expected return from speculation is zero before costs and negative after costs.

In particular, GDP rises for one period and then becomes negative after a positive defense shock.

UK rate of return is 1% to 3% on current asking prices BEFORE expenses and probably negative after them.

A word of caution to HIV positive patients who claim that they have tested negative after taking the miracle cure.

I walked 84 miles across the entire width of the country without any significant injury or negative after effects.

Collectively, her mother's Isthikhara and the Aalims Isthikhara came out negative after which our engagement was called off.

The Renegade Way First of all, I love how the word Renegade, when used in the right context, doesn't seem so negative after all.

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