Prepositions after "needy"

needy in, of, for, from or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases needy in is used

She was needy in every area of life.

Many of them the neediest in the country.

He helped the needy in which ever way he could.

This is The Salvation Army's 99th Christmas of serving the most needy in our community.

He likes sports and debating club, and he dreams about helping the needy in the community.

Musafir: If a musafir get needy in special case although he has sufficient wealth at home.

Fruits, vegetables, biscuits, baked goods, juices that is non-perishable food must be given to the needy individuals.

As it so happens, maintaining public infrastructure and common property, caring for the sick and needy in society etc.

We thanked the Police administration for their full co-operation in distributing the relief goods to the needy in time.

The one budget that could be cut (completely) with practically no disbenefit to the neediest in society is this one.

In 15% of cases needy of is used

He is also not needy of our faith.

So make him needy of single cowries (i.

And needy - needy of making and creating.

The humanitarian aid workers have refused for the aid to be taken to the needy of Gaza.

The food was so abundant there that all the poor and needy of the city were fed with it.

Its humanitarian program also sends food, medical supplies and other necessities to the needy of all faiths worldwide.

The Ruth Mailbag Group Charity group that knit, crochet and sew for the needy of the Ladysmith community in South Africa.

We are working with the neediest of the needy, including people who can't do anything for themselves because of injury.

He is too cerebral and too self-contained, not to say- the opposite of Bill Clinton- less needy of the applause of the crowd.

In 9% of cases needy for is used

But not all guys are NEEDY for it.

Many of us are needy for the approval of others.

Or someone needy for a relationship with a brewer.

They did not stop to consider that some of the needy were needy for very real reasons.

Over the last couple of months Ive noticed that he has become very NEEDY for SDs time.

Many men and women who are needy for love, take it in whatever way it's given to them.

I wasnt easy to help, I guess I'd been so dependant and so needy for so long, and I ' stroke ' withdrew from society.

To give a portion of one? s income to the needy for the pleasure of Allah is called Zakat because it purifies the soul.

In the interest-ridden societies, the affluent ones are not inclined to co-operate with the needy for the sake of Allah.

Rather than becoming desperate and needy for your husband, see this as your chance to be who you want to be, and do what you want to do.

In 5% of cases needy from is used

He would often help the needy from his own resources.

He will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death.

Provision was made for he support of the poor and the needy from public funds.

These sort of measures quickly separate the needy from the fraudsters and the not so needy.

Money acts as a boundary simply because it prohibits the poor and the needy from getting access to basic needs.

Provide for the needy from the purse without necessarily raising an offering every time help is to be rendered.

Regular reinsman Jody Jamieson will steer Warrawee Needy from Post 5 for Wilson and his partners, trainer Carl Jamieson of Princeton, Ont.

I pray and hope for a time when church leaders will begin to see that preaching prosperity does not completely delete the poor and needy from among us.

Rather than convey food and water to victims, these assault rifle-bearing soldiers stood guard at street intersections and prevented the sick and needy from leaving.

If that were to happen &; there was still some left over to provide for the needy from other countries, then I'd sure Australians would be far more supportive of the whole situation.

In 4% of cases needy with is used

Helping needy with money is big task.

Cleo - I have found myself very needy with my dh.

The King should satisfy the needy with generosity.

He answers the needy with his liberality and sates the thirsty asker before his echo comes back.

They brought the word of God to those who were needy with hospitals, shelter, food and education.

As mentioned, I'd be fine with aid to the needy with fewer strings attached than the current system.

Work for the SVP, at local level takes him into the homes of the needy with donated furniture, clothing and fresh food.

For this purpose, it uses ICT (information and communication chnology) to connect the needy with those who have the solutions.

To provide the poor and the needy with a resource to help alleviate their sufferings via temporary accommodation, food, and first aid.

And both Churches I attended (including Rock) still has huge food banks and outreaches to the homeless/addicts and needy with food and money assistance.

In 4% of cases needy by is used

However if she can show that the money she recieved was used for the needy by her NGO.

Save the Children: Save the Children supports the needy by distributing air, hygiene kits, psychological support and diapers.

We profess to be a religious people yet we choose money from the temple lenders to be our god and we turn our backs on the needy by refusing them aid.

Volunteering to help the needy by distributing food is this noble way will be a means of ensuring that the blessings of Eid are felt by your whole community.

Related Videos Reader Comments (3) I can not understand why in Pakistan we think that we can help the needy by giving them food and rations for the whole year.

His passion to help the poor and needy by bringing collective reliefs to societies across the African continent became apparent while giving his speech at the well attended event.

You have to make sure that you aren't acting needy by not forcing the boyfriend-girlfriend standing and you need to be secure on your own to leave when she's just not the right individual.

All over the world in developed and developing countries the government are obligated to help the low income and the needy by providing such facilities as cheap loans or cheap home rentals.

You should ensure that you aren ' big t acting needy by not forcing the boyfriend-girlfriend standing and you need to be secure on your own to walk away when she ' s just not the right individual.

In 3% of cases needy among is used

The poor and needy among them receive medicine or food.

The cuts had to be made to the NHS because of the hardship it would cause to the least needy among you.

She spent days collecting old clothes and toys from well-to-do friends, to give away to the more needy among us.

Help us to see that a society's greatness is found above all in the respect it shows for the weakest and neediest among us.

But in order to help the more needy among us, the revenue collected via that C tax would be returned to the public on a capita basis via our IRS.

We would be well served by raising revenue by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, as opposed to reducing food stamps to the neediest among us.

Thus, the Eucharist motives us to share, and preserve the unity of the community by seeing to it that there is no one needy among its members (Act s 4:34).

PD500287680001070 My dear brothers and sisters, the purpose of my message is to honor and celebrate what the Lord has done and is doing to serve the poor and the needy among His children on earth.

You and I are paying interest to fund this redistribution of wealth for the least needy among us, and your children and grandkids will be paying the principal of this borrowed money back for decades.

In 3% of cases needy on is used

He won't provide food for the needy on a daily basis though.

The crucial part of Internet marketing organization business is needy on your hard work and skills.

What if instead of gifts to people, who have everything, we gave it to the poor and needy on behalf of them.

I participate in a great program with a local college that collects canned and packaged good for the needy on Halloween.

Whatever (money) the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam) had in his hand, he used to give to the needy on the same day.

Thus, the wages given to them is not from those who are paying the Zakat, rather from the poor and needy on whose behalf these people are working.

The Joshua Camp is about going to the poor and needy on the periphery of the Games and saying ' come and see what it's all about ' and not only but also ' come and take part of this great.

In 3% of cases needy at is used

And yet the overall curriculum was as equally needy at this time.

He would go to the needy at nights with a basket full of coins, flour and dates.

Spending money at times of need and helping the needy at one's capacity is called generosity.

Otherwise, the state will just distribute funds to the needy at the expense of the real wealth-creators.

But unless he's going to roll Origami out to the needy at a $100 price-point, he ought a keep his mouth shut.

It makes you look crazy and needy at the same time, and the explanation you get is never anywhere near the true answer.

Khwaja Mizan Hassan (4th from left) distributing blankets, food/candies to needy at Far Rockaway, Queens, New York Nov.

It is a question of assessing the most needy at the time and a consultant can only do that with the facts presented before him.

As the fires of the Eurozone crisis continue to burn, we must do all we can to help the most needy at the level where we can really make a difference -- in our own community.

In 2% of cases needy through is used

Dear friend My name is Nanthana Chansithipongse, I want to donate part of what I have to the needy through.

He is currently channelling his time off the ring to help the needy through his foundation, named after him.

It was equally up to them to help the needy through churches, charities, and other private bodies and associations.

His role is to see through masks and veils of pretension, to expose man's folly and evil, for the sake of seeing the poor and needy through.

Janet enjoys reading generally, listening to music especially classical, traveling, playing squash, swimming, salsa dancing and assisting the needy through the Church.

Why not a one-off concert to raise money for children? That's how the Country Music Foundation (CMF ), a not-for-profit charity with the tagline ' Helping the needy through Music ' was formed.

In 2% of cases needy to is used

As for ' diverting power from needy to greedy '.

Now, rather than just cutting the most needy to the bone the HSE will also have to look to shedding some fat.

Increasingly I attract the dubious and the not so needy to my door so I have learnt to become more discerning.

While there, they were saved by a benefactor who arranged passage for the truly needy to a new life in the New World.

C'm on, you've never met a guy that came across a little too eager or too needy to date? We all have, and it has scared us off (men and women).

If I ever somehow come into enough money I'd love to buy 10, 20 or 40 acres and hire the needy to farm it while also providing shelter for them.

The Corporate Social Responsibility activities the company engages in range from distribution of food and clothing to the needy to sponsoring underprivileged schools.

While you might be saying to yourself that your desire to do anything and everything to fix your relationship shows that you really do love him, it might come off as a little needy to your ex.

In 2% of cases needy without is used

He would never send back a needy without giving him something.

Perform selfless service to the poor, the sick, and the needy without thought of reward or fame.

There are various ways of helping the needy without increasing his dependence or making him dole addict.

MERCIFUL -- A society that looks after the poor and needy without judging their status or why they are in that situation.

She seems now to have started to understand that you can not distribute largesse to the poor and needy without ensuring that there is enough money available to do this.

People often muse where the true meaning of Christmas has gone and here it is! Giving a simple gift to the needy without any expectation of receiving anything back, just as Jesus would.

In 1% of cases needy during is used

We all have made sacrifices for the needy during times of distress on Earth.

That is why the Prophet and his followers used to be generous in giving alms to the poor and needy during this period.

TWO weeks ago, I wrote about welfare and how corporations commonly give ang pows and other handouts to the poor and needy during festive seasons.

The Imran Khan Foundation not only provides aid and assistance to philanthropic projects but also provides relief to the needy during natural disasters.

He emphasized that national or regional safety nets, possibly featuring emergency food reserves, could help assure food supplies to the needy during crises.

In 1% of cases needy before is used

We stand equally needy before the Savior, who sees us all the same.

In 1% of cases needy as is used

She was happy to involve herself in fund-raising activities to help the needy as well as in social activities.

Valentine's cause? of sharing with the needy as a show of love? Or has the world come to equate February 14 to sex?

He's a Catholic from a blue-collar district in Wisconsin who characterizes cutbacks in government aid to the needy as a humane way to end the cycle of dependency.

I worked hard, paid into the system for over two decades, helped the needy as well as trying to deal with my severe disabilities and finally had to apply for social security myself.

In 1% of cases needy instead is used

Such educated stardom should have thought of giving away at least a day's food to the poor and needy instead of buying.

I want choice over who I help because then I will make sure that it goes to the needy instead of the lazy or unproductive.

If you are given money by relatives and friends as a token prior to the Hajj trip, donate the money in Mecca/Madinah to the needy instead of buying gifts for them.

In 1% of cases needy like is used

Desperate and needy like the rest of you adults (and only adults are reading this, yes? If not, you need to shoo) once more, I am changed.

The depletion gets all eye-rolly when I ignore it and it extends itself to my body, forcing my hand to pay attention to it because it's needy like that.

Once I realized these facts is as soon as I began attracting emotionally healthy people into my life, people who were not needy like the ones in the past.

In 1% of cases needy around is used

Most men are very needy around a women and want love and sex.

In this way we were able to show the love of Christ to the poor and needy around us.

Jesus can touch us so that we really hear the cries of the needy around us, and are able to bring them the word that they need.

Each year, over 600,000 animals are slaughtered in this way, with their meat distributed to the poor and needy around the world.

If we all focused on helping the needy around our neighborhoods, our combined efforts would have a multiplier effect in the cities we live in.

If a person indulges only in personal comforts and luxuries not bothering about the orphans and other needy around him, he is not fulfilling the requirements of the Faith.

In 1% of cases needy throughout is used

Forfar Resource Store is a small local charity which distributes furniture, bedding, clothing, electrical items, all household goods to the needy throughout Angus.

In 1% of cases needy after is used

Yeah women do become needy after sex.

But she turns out to not be so needy after all.

Some have been known to give away most of their wealth to the poor and needy after their NDE.

Abderhamane gives food to the needy after Juma prayers throughout the year, and every Iftar during Ramazan.

One long-married man I know says: ' It seems selfish to me that I was so needy after my son was born, demanding my wife show some physical affection to me.

IRAQ: Iraq scrambled to head off further protests by cutting politicians ' pay and ramping up support for the needy after a teenage demonstrator was killed at a rally in the country's north.

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