Prepositions after "narrow"

"narrow down" or "narrow in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases narrow down is used

To further narrow down the list.

We can already narrow down the range.

Hoping to narrow down the reasons why.

Here's how to narrow down a long list of invoices to view only Sent and Viewed ones.

I like to fish for just about everything so that makes it hard to narrow down lures.

Education shouldn't narrow down your opportunities, it should actually broaden them.

However, as the NTC and NATO started to narrow down the scope of attacks last week, Gaddafi was compelled to flee.

In this case, a search based on director, cast or year of classification may help you to narrow down your enquiry.

With so many facilities now available around large metropolitan areas, it is difficult to narrow down the choices.

It may take me a few more times to narrow down what is causing it, but then again, maybe I will never really know.

In 18% of cases narrow in is used

Very blokey and narrow in view.

Too narrow in an age of pluralism.

Hyperlocal remains narrow in its focus.

It weakens us when we become narrow in our acceptance of people and differing opinions.

Ultimately, your SEO expert posts should end up being casual as well as narrow in scope.

Their worldview is narrow in the extreme and based entirely on biblical interpretations.

Much as it would be nice to see more space for everyone, it is a bit narrow in places, so I hope people play nicely.

British theatre was extraordinarily narrow and conservative at the time -- it still is really narrow in its outlook.

When held in portrait orientation, this device is significantly narrower in proportion than the iPad-as-we-know-it.

If discovered, the properties of these extra dimensions could help narrow in on the correct version of string theory.

In 12% of cases narrow for is used

I feel that your view is too narrow for now.

Many of the streets are too narrow for cars.

The streets are narrow, far too narrow for cars.

It is a tall red-brick house, narrow for its height; perhaps it was built about 1770.

Traverse back to the right and pull up where the ledge is too narrow for the centaur.

It has no lower cabinets, and all the upper cabinets are too narrow for large plates.

The curb lanes are too narrow for a traditionally sized car to safely pass a cyclist within either of the curb lanes.

The beach is too narrow for the number of guests it admits, and that leads to crowding in the available bathing area.

In vain would our limited understanding break through those boundaries, which are too narrow for our fond imagination.

Adam and Eve made for themselves aprons of fig-leaves, a covering too narrow for them to wrap themselves in, Isa 28:20.

In 11% of cases narrow of is used

It was too narrow of a staircase.

Follow the path which is the narrowest of all.

And, pace Lambert Strether, Lincoln did abolish slavery in the narrowest of senses.

Rajapaksa of the SLFP, a known hawk, won by the narrowest of margins, as President.

Both sides take the narrowest of wins as a clear mandate for their most extreme views.

I watched them all summer trying to survive our heat and their clinging desperately in the most narrowest of niches.

But no amount of shopping around for the narrowest of seats and squeezing them in as tightly as possible did the trick.

The United States has elected presidents with the narrowest of margins and presidents who had far less than a majority.

In 4% of cases narrow at is used

But her code is narrow at the same time.

Quite tall and narrow at the top, and quite loud.

I find that the depth of field is too narrow at f/1.

The road was narrow at that area and I felt it would be unsafe to park at the road edge.

The Pyramid Face of the Fire or Sun type is broad at the base and narrow at the forehead.

Ideally, but not necessarily tulip shaped with a wider bowl and tapering narrow at the top.

Every horse-soldier carries a spear and two strongly tempered pistols, narrow at the mouth, hanging from his saddle.

The Mustangs ' 107-point total bested Victoria's 161 score by 54 places, a margin which was much narrower at the 2.

The roads were too narrow at times and there seemed to more people on them than cars, so driving here was a nightmare.

Due to their perfectionist nature, their vision can be very narrow at times thus hindering the decision making process.

In 4% of cases narrow with is used

The road is becoming narrower with each passing day.

His face was long and narrow with an angled, jutting jaw.

However, the show's focus is narrower with every episode.

The path is narrow with potholes full of muddy water and thick growth on either side.

The ACC would swing wider or narrower with more or less total flow varying the THC.

The canyon del pato is narrow with steep cliff faces plummeting down into the river below.

It will help you stay on the straight and narrow with your current debt payments, or your new accelerated payments.

The Gravis Marketing poll has the gap even narrower with Obama barely holding on with 46% to Romney's 44% support.

Your definition of exceptionalism is so narrow with zero peripheral vision that there is nobody but Bill for you to follow.

If anything, over time, I've even been dividing sub-arguments into sub-sub-arguments and getting narrower with the focus.

In 3% of cases narrow to is used

That sounds pretty narrow to me.

It is hard for me to narrow to 5 things to do in Vietnam.

If so, the results narrow to a scientific vanishing point.

The lumen in the remaining portion is very narrow to as low as 2? m near the nephropore.

The distribution doesn't narrow to a delta function with a finite number of observations.

The problem with this definition is that it is hopelessly narrow to the point of being useless.

Muslims refrained from meeting and talking with them until the earth was so narrow to them in spite of its vastness.

An adviser can really kind of keep you on the straight and narrow to a certain extent, can't they? Benz: Absolutely.

I'd surprised that the advisor has the least confidence in New Hampshire, which is second narrowest to Colorado in RCP.

Agarwal and Sikri (1996) review much literature; they summarize 24 items then narrow to 14 items to measure the country image.

In 2% of cases narrow on is used

The silhouette is very narrow on the body, very thin.

The hole in the stone is narrow on one side and wide at the other.

He's not straight and narrow on the show, and there's a lot of flashes of senses of humour.

Don't do neoclassical criticsm with a sitcom for example, much more narrow on what you can do.

Wind-tunnel tests have proven that being narrow on the bike is much more important than being low.

The X case is far too narrow on its facts to provide a basis of rational and coherent legislation.

The runway at Flotta looked awfully short and narrow on the edge of the sea on quite a steep slope.

The capping stone slab is broken in the centre and becomes narrow on both sides, taking a conical shape.

The gap is narrower on social issues, but conservatives still outnumber liberals, 38 per cent to 28 per cent.

It's about a centimetre too narrow on each side, so closing the wallet bends any tickets you store horizontally.

In 1% of cases narrow as is used

The top obviously gets narrower as a result of deaths.

However, suggests that a narrow as well as specific goal should be chosen.

Pointing Parents To The Lifeboats Mentoring can be as wide or narrow as the mentor wants.

However, in the long term, it hardly matters as the plateaus will become narrower as the valleys widen.

A road side verge so cracked, pot-hold and narrow as to make the white line only a part of our imagination.

The fairway leading to the hole becomes more narrow as a water hazard runs across the fifth and the fourth fairway.

Up this side street the last sunset light shone as sharp and narrow as the shaft of artificial light at the theatre.

There are many downsides to our approach, but downsides that we need to stay on the straight and narrow as a species,.

It is called a bullish wedge because the distance between high and lows get narrower and narrower as the price falls.

Far away, the horizon was marked off, as on a summer day at sea, by a line of light as bright and narrow as a sabre's edge.

In 1% of cases narrow by is used

Narrow by price range or amenities.

Narrow by Browse More About YesAsia.

I'll keep him on the straight and narrow by getting him to.

Village roads are becoming narrow by every passing day due to construction of illegal compound walls.

Narrow by the narrowboats - it gets narrower! We crept along, meeting canoes but not another boat fortunately.

In the eighteenth century they made the river narrower by building a wall and quay, thus reclaiming some land.

She was narrow by today's standards at 4m/13 ', had a conservative sail area and was a pig to shunt (more later on this term).

But if you want to maintain the relationship, it's best to keep things on the straight and narrow by using a written agreement.

Privacy 7 On the Bitly homepage, search all of your bitmarks by keyword, and narrow by filter: public, private, archived and shared.

Passing by the narrow by lanes of Jhansi, as you cross the Sadar Bazar area and enter the cantonment area, you need to look carefully.

In 1% of cases narrow from is used

This river was quite narrow from bank to bank.

Viewed from the front, its body is very compressed, narrow from side to side.

They are narrower from crown to rear and offer finishes which are in line metal woods.

It won't take long to clear up my little lapse in judgement, but once I do, I'd bound to the straight and narrow from here on out.

Since West Pakistan is very narrow from the eastern to its western borders, the Indian aircraft would need only a few minutes to reach the major military airports of Pakistan.

The par 4 10th hole is very narrow from tee but once in the landing area requires a very steep climb with a mid to short iron to a green with a huge ridge running through the middle.

It would appear that his parents gave up their responsibility, keeping him on the straight and narrow from the age of 16, when he started going with the girlfriend for the past few years.

But what it means is that the stream of certified payments would actually start to narrow from next year onwards, one year down the line, and it progressively narrows for the next three years.

This being said, the respective share price adjustments observed in the two weeks that followed Nedcor's announcement, causing the ratio between the respective share prices to narrow from around 5.

In 1% of cases narrow over is used

Wade but also allowed it to narrow over time.

Wide-ranging ambitions that narrow over time, Dr.

Second, it will be time limited, and it will narrow over time.

As arteries narrow over time, decreased activity can bring on increased pain.

Her tireless efforts alone will not be enough to keep a wonderful sport on the straight and narrow over the coming years.

In this way any distinct predominances, for example, of the narrow over the broad emotionality in introversion, was shown.

Source: OECD Developing world growth will continue to outpace the OECD, but the difference will narrow over coming decades.

Do you expect that ratio to narrow over the next six months to a year? LM: Yes, the gap between gold and silver is starting to narrow.

So long as you are confident discounts will narrow over time, once investors take a more optimistic view, you should probably choose an investment trust rather than a unit trust.

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