Prepositions after "naked"

naked in, on, with, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases naked in is used

I felt naked in a strange world.

In this case, naked in a shower.

Or she sits naked in front of me.

Running around naked in a city park on a nice summer's day is not condoned very widely.

When Dwayne woke up, he'd find himself naked in the back of the truck, under a blanket.

That's the one where he gets naked in front of the Volturi, right? Liam That's New Moon.

Alice wakes up naked in the shower, lying in a heap with a conveniently placed shower curtain preserving her modesty.

As soon as possible the corps is placed in a round grave close to the compound, naked in a sitting (foetal) position.

We danced naked in the primitive era but this is not the era of primitiveness so you live as in the times you are in.

Like any good small Naked in its class, such as the miracle of the new Hinckley Duke makes quickly by the driver easy.

In 12% of cases naked on is used

Then he threw me naked on the street.

A baby's body lay naked on a sandbank.

Sit naked on a shelled hard-boiled egg.

Instead he got someone else out of their bed then forced that person naked on top of me.

Apparently the remaining crew had been spotted buck naked on deck sailing around Vava'u.

When we first toured Sydney our first shows were with Naked on the Vague and Circle Pit.

I can remember in those days in the hostel, we use to play football naked on the hostel field and nobody raise eyebrow.

I don't know the words to say, except that I would crawl naked on my belly, in the dirt if it would make things better.

The boy was left lying naked on the kitchen floor, still reciting extracts from the Koran, as she poured him the drink.

German tabloid Bild published pictures of the Prince of Wales naked on a balcony while on holiday near Avignon in 1994.

In 8% of cases naked with is used

I've even been naked with her family.

I'd walk around naked with stilettos.

Bare naked with only your soul exposed.

Most of these tourists are half naked with their bodies covered in fluorescent paint.

Thereafter they laid down on the bed naked with AA on her back and Mr Assange on top.

It took years to get used to being ok with being naked with someone without panicking.

For her, she was not even wearing a thin hospital gown but buck naked with her legs spread the widest they can get.

And if the only thing you do naked with another person is have sex, you're certainly missing out on a hell of a lot.

Without revealing the filmTs complex plot, it includes a scene where the magistrate mother bathes naked with her son.

In 6% of cases naked for is used

And I don't run Naked for just any song.

Stand up naked for ten thousands of years.

They are now stripped naked for all to see.

Moss agreed to pose naked for the artist while she was pregnant with daughter Lila Grace.

We wandered the streets and ended up at a small bar, stranglely named ' Naked for Satan '.

He was locked in a 6-foot-by-8-foot cell for 23 hours a day and was kept naked for long periods.

Ian and Linda were great however and it suddenly occurred to me at one point I had been naked for roughly two hours.

He'd been naked for a long time and was starting to feel the cold, but putting on his clothes made him feel far colder.

Eli Wong, Anuwar Ibrahim, who have been literally stripped naked for all to see but they still want to cling on to power.

The early gender tests involved female athletes having to parade naked for judges to decide whether their bodies met the grade.

In 4% of cases naked at is used

His daughter was naked at the time.

And sometimes I sleep naked at night.

Swimming in Jell-O naked at night time.

Dorothe stands strong, naked at the center of the room, her physical self on display for all to see.

So, Mr, can you tell me about Bondi Beach? The women are naked at Bondi Beach? I'd an Afghani radical.

I have seen all of my good friends naked at one point or another, there isnt anything weird about that.

As for modestly, my son loved being naked at two and is only showing some inclination for privacy now that he's four.

If I was an olympian and they gave me an olympic uniform with a made in china tag, i'd go naked at the open ceremonies.

I don't care if Kenny Chesney and The Cable Guy both run stark naked at her except for a gunny sack in a three-legged race.

His story ended with a sexual perversion: One night he stood naked at the ladies sleeping room door, begging to let him in.

In 3% of cases naked to is used

Leave them naked to air attack.

This was war, naked to the world.

Some of the wounded were naked to the waist.

The chief was sitting there, naked to the waist, his face blocked out in white and red.

Coolies do their work naked to the waist, but ordinary European garments are comfortable.

I may be proved wrong, but right now the Emperor's new wheel size looks pretty naked to me.

And naked to the hangman's noose The morning clocks will ring A neck God made for other use Than strangling in a string.

Though there are people who swear they go 20 hours naked to the smoke, most people find that the meat eventually dries out.

Which is why it is no surprise that, more often than not, I miss the oblivious joy of being comfortably naked to the world.

In 3% of cases naked before is used

Its easy to be naked before strangers.

He knows it all, it is all naked before Him.

The Bible says that everything is naked before God.

Some say it is forbidden for a Muslim woman to become naked before a nonMuslim woman.

Stripping naked before death is very often associated with the mindset preceding suicide.

Later, the Baxter psychologist noted her increasingly inappropriate behaviour, including standing naked before males.

He kidnapped her and brought her bound and naked before the governor, charged with the felony of deserting her husband.

It was also entirely possible that my duties could expand to include seeing my boss naked before the end of the summer.

She longs to remove her bra as well -- to be naked before him, but he does not command it and she does what he tells her.

In 3% of cases naked through is used

I did not run naked through the streets.

I'd walk two miles naked through a blizzard to vote against Obama.

Secret Service agents will be run naked through the desert chasing alpacas during.

One bored reporter even stripped and ran naked through the plane to enliven proceedings.

On arrival his head is shaved and he is made to walk naked through the ranks of prisoners.

Will also try running naked through cherno/elektro with a zombie train for the hell of it.

I opened my eyes and sat up to see him running naked through the living room down the hallway.

Asking him to use proper English is about as likely to happen as the Pope jogging naked through the Vatican.

But if you were running a fever, you wouldn? t walk naked through the snow in an effort to lower your body temperature.

At the age of about five, maybe, when we neighbor kids were all running naked through the lawn sprinkler, I figured it out.

In 3% of cases naked from is used

She was naked from the waist down.

No hanging naked from the chandelier.

He was naked from the waist up (or was it down?).

He also revealed he had photographed another child sitting naked from the waist down.

In the video Bill Viola emerges naked from a forest and stands before a pool of water.

Bolden, a mother of two, was found by her children, and was naked from the waist down.

Once He pushed us naked from Eden and closed the door The gig was up, the fat in the fire, the die irrevocably cast.

He was naked from waist down, her hands and feet were slightly warm, her left eye was sunken and dark purple in color.

LHU and JVP objected that the nation would not derobe bare naked from day one and that it should be a phased programme.

It emerged that after Gough returned naked from the toilet, the male passenger sitting next to him reacted by falling asleep.

In 2% of cases naked without is used

Zera, It means naked without good deeds.

Many of us feel naked without our smartphone.

Castiel's wrist felt naked without Dean holding it.

I should have taken it off when I realised, but I would have felt naked without it.

Because what else can we do and what can we share? Man is born naked without anything.

I know I'd feel naked without the pedals and I flew trycycle gears, not tail-draggers.

Big, a bit bling and the perfect accessory to a martini (or four ), our fingers feel a little naked without one.

It is Eve after the fall, still able to walk naked without shame, preserving all her animal beauty as at the first day.

Their BILLIONS$ and TRILLIONS$ will eventually be taken from them and they will be left standing NAKED without assistance.

In 2% of cases naked of is used

All the figures were naked of clothes and naked of sex.

She was so still, naked of the trappings of life, buses, bustle.

She looked at me, sternly, knowingly, from her supine position, half naked of her fleece.

It will stand naked of modern attractions and remains as beautiful as ever in its natural setting.

And the fact that she likes her body and she feels proud LEAH REMINI NAKED of it is just an excuse.

J The thing is, I'd a writer, and the work I produce tries to get to the naked of things, without any accompanying exposure.

Unfortunately since the authorities themselves were involved in these robberies, almost all the tombs were stripped naked of their treasures.

We left the top strip naked of paint because you wouldn't be able to see it when the cabinets were installed and I painted the bottom strip because.

But being serious, I wish her to find that kind SARAH SILVERMAN NAKED of guy that would make her laugh every day and she couldn't stop loving him for that.

In 2% of cases naked into is used

Children leap naked into ponds.

I literally was shoved naked into this spa.

The customer went naked into the shower room.

If I were a Stoic, I would leap from my hard bed and run naked into a nearby mountain stream.

One of the girls picked up her clothing from the floor and ran naked into the bedroom passage.

Something unspoken, something significant, passed between us, then she disappeared naked into the fog of the steam.

At midnight we then decided to have another swim in the pool and the few of us left plunged naked into the cold water.

I know how the old ones felt? the ones that ran naked into battle and could terrorize the enemy with a look and a shout.

They are loud, sound great with drums and are perfect for rallying tattooed warriors to charge naked into a Roman legion.

In 2% of cases naked except is used

Naked except for a sheet wrapped around him.

It was a male child and was naked except for a black shawl.

O My slave! All of you are naked except the one whom I make wear.

The video starts with both of them already naked except for the girlA,, s red waist-beads.

I just hope they don't try that weird ' naked except for a sock ' thing 25 years from now.

There's another story that his feet were touching the ground, he was naked except for his socks.

O My servants, all of you are naked except for those I have clothed, so seek clothing of Me and I shall clothe you.

Three small brown men, naked except for loin puches made of leaves, were digging up a large root with a sharp stick.

O My servants! All of you are naked except for those that I have clothed, so seek clothing of Me and I shall clothe you.

A fakir, naked except for the loin cloth covering his mid-section down, lay stretched out on the marble slab atop the tomb.

In 2% of cases naked by is used

Jayatilleka was stripped naked by the gang who manhandled him.

The slender trees have been peeled naked by clans of Cormorants.

Not only that, but she ends up buck goddamned naked by the clip's end.

Extracted from Sunbathing Naked by Guy Kennaway, published by Canongate on June 26 at 10.

Most likely, they will allow you to get naked by yourself then get covered with the blanket.

Probably because you generally are naked by the end of it - it was the last thing on my mind though.

Every 8 ms there was an attempt to perform an IN transaction by the host, and most of these were NAKed by the device.

In the meantime there were still regular interrupt IN transactions, which were NAKed by the device, as it had nothing to report.

Watching LARA BINGLE NAKED by the way is just an amazing because I don't think some of your girlfriends have something familiar.

In 1% of cases naked during is used

It's only visible to the naked during a total solar eclipse.

The young children, until they can work, often go naked during the warm weather.

Those Western people are accustomed to stripping naked during sexual intercourse.

You must get an entry stamp or face being stripped naked during interrogation when you want to leave Malaysia.

I was happy when the song was finally recorded with Shark Naked during a late night session with Justin as engineer.

A professor at Kennesaw State University was arrested after he stripped off all his clothes and stood naked during an accounting class.

There was nothing wrong, on the other hand, with prophets stripping and dancing around naked during religious ecstasy, or, as mentioned, simply walking around naked as a sign.

Tradition also had it that John Mark, the disciple who runaway naked during the arrest of Jesus by the Roman soldiers, went to North Africa and planted Churches in Alexandra in 65 AD.

Scholars mention however, that although it is permissible for the spouses to look at any part of the partner? s body, it is disliked that they become completely naked during cohabitation.

British Naturism said that the people of Africa, Ancient Egypt, Australia and other areas of the world would have been naked during many of the periods of history depicted in the reconstructions.

In 1% of cases naked down is used

The freedom to run naked down the street.

This song makes me want to run naked down the street.

For others it means parading naked down Church street.

Someone streaks butt naked down the street? Well, in a way it is, but we'll count that one out.

About as much as you'd care to stroll naked down Jan Smuts Avenue, which amounts to the same thing.

If I want to walk naked down Pitt Street at 9am on any given morning of the week I will be arrested.

Can straight, hetero family types have a designated small section in the Pride parade to walk naked down the street smiling and.

Their leader could dance naked down Stephen Avenue in a snow storm and they'd be arguing it was a great bit of campaign strategy.

We didn't run naked down the hallways, but it was a nice 40-50 degrees without any heat source other than the pump, which was set at that temp.

A 5-year-old boy tried to kick out the windows in a bus, covered himself with feces and tried to run naked down the street after being given powerful anti-depressants.

In 1% of cases naked as is used

Now God says they are naked as well as blind.

Everett Krueger had been naked as the day he was born.

It's in public I'd restricted and go naked as a result.

They were kept naked as a mark of insult and a warning to others.

He was, in truth, now stripped bare, naked as a newborn without memories.

That are always with you even when standing naked as the day you were born.

Now Christ gives me his greatest grace, to allow me to die naked as a baby.

Hellllo, Did anyone see Steph Platinum and Zuleka naked as the day they were born.

Send it Sim! Kinesis UK Crosslight CX Disc wheelset Naked as the day they were laced.

Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed How to Look Good Naked as well as Miss Naked Beauty.

In 1% of cases naked under is used

Of course being naked under the sun feels wonderful.

It was like a Backstreet Boys video (Nathan, naked under a shower).

He is a young, handsome man who sits naked under waterfalls, playing the fiddle.

If she could dance naked under palm trees and see her image in the river, she would know.

I had piled up stones beneath her bathroom window and got to see her naked under the shower.

Zhukova brought over the ironic, giant rabbi of Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic lying naked under a skeleton.

By the end of 2010, he had outgrown the 8XL clothing - the largest possible size - and had to lie naked under a sheet.

On the weekend, he'll wear underwear but he gets some kind of rebellious satisfaction from going naked under a fancy suit.

He was naked under the hospital covers for technical reasons and he told me: I spent all my life dressed, even wearing important robes.

She stood naked under the waterfall, praying, for a hundred days, and when she returned home after that time she found her father cured.

In 1% of cases naked around is used

I'll be naked around a bunch of gay dudes.

I have no issues being naked around either.

I'd just not cool with getting naked around family.

I don't mind being naked around my friends but would never make them uncomfortable.

Funnily enough I don't have such hang ups when it comes to being naked around a man.

I think it's alright to be naked around each other till about teens, then wear underwear.

She lost her clothes, and as she wander naked around S? vatthi, people pelted her with clods of earth and rubbish.

And for additional entertainment, James Beatty and Tony Pulis ended up chasing each other butt naked around the showers.

Surveillance tapes later reveal top ranking officers and rabbits dancing naked around a gum tree stoned out of their brains.

So he has to run naked around the garden for sometime after showering until we deem him sufficiently dry to let him back into the house.

In 1% of cases naked after is used

They were naked after a long, warm session of lovemaking.

Moses ran naked after the rock calling on it to give him his clothes.

You will soon be tempted to walk around naked after a fresh morning bath.

The breach was leaving HMP Perth naked after finishing a previous sentence.

It was cold and gray, trees naked after a recent storm whipped through and stripped them bare of their foliage.

The noble intention really is to prevent buyers caught up in the frenzy right now from being left standing naked after the tide recedes.

Have you seen the movie A Knights Tale? Wonderful shot of Chaucer trudging down the road naked after having lost everything in a game of dice.

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