Prepositions after "muslim"

muslim in, from, by, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases muslim in is used

There are all sorts of Muslim in PAS.

She was the youngest Muslim in Islam.

Have any Muslim in the world having 1.

May be its because there is no Muslim in science and tech who can inspire other Muslims.

I know I am a Muslim in my heart and my actions, not in my beard or the niqab face mask.

I am proud to be an Indian and a Muslim in India where one is free to pursue and education and fulfill one's dreams.

In their lyrics, many of the concerns are about being Muslim in the West and the current civil liberties environment.

Where will you live in 20 years? America made a statement when they voted a Muslim into the office of the Presidency.

Mohamed Abdul Gafoor 15-Nov-2006, 05:21 PM I think there are pros and cons for me as a Muslim in India and Australia.

In 10% of cases muslim from is used

I am an Ahmadi Muslim from the.

Muslim from Abu Jafar Muhammad b.

Yaqub from Marwan b Muslim from Ammar b.

Azeez of the CCS (Ceylon Civil Service ), a Muslim from Jaffna, as AGA (Emergencey).

A Muslim from the Pakistani Army kills a Muslim from the Indian Army (or vice versa).

An example of this is the hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Hurayrah (r.

It has been the law that nobody (there are exceptions) can eat or drink in front of a Muslim from sunup to sundown.

However, there are strong common factors that would make a Muslim from Iceland feel at home with a Muslim in India.

To achieve this goal, it prohibits a Muslim from being involved in something that represents a threat to his religion.

Many people can't tell a ' traditional ' Muslim from one who's fallen into the traps of destructive groups or individuals.

In 8% of cases muslim by is used

She knew I was Muslim by my hijab.

He never cursed any Muslim by name.

Yet he was called a Muslim by everyone.

This clearly indicates that Guru Nanak was accepted as a Muslim by his contemporaries.

Personally I am a Ceylon Moor by race, a Muslim by religion and a Ceylonese by nationality.

We ordinary citizens all over the world do not want to identify a Muslim by his dress code.

I am asking why a proportion of Malays who are 100% Muslim by definition continue to vote for known corrupt criminals.

Dear Mita, I am Muslim by birth but my education, knowledge and surrounding environment has led me to become an atheist.

Similarly a Muslim by the name Mohideen Beig became the symbol of Buddhist popular cultural revival in post indepedence era.

I am a Pakistani National and Muslim by birth and even i am afraid that one day they will ask me to turn into a Muslim or die.

In 8% of cases muslim for is used

However, I have been Muslim for 30 years.

Albans, has been a Muslim for more than 20 years.

It seems to me as if I have been a Muslim forever.

You ask any Muslim for info regarding Islam, again, your response will be a bias one.

Read the Sirat Rasul Allah and the sahih ahadiths of Bukhari and Muslim for yourself.

She has been Muslim for 25 years and is actively involved in various da'wah activities.

Sister Noor has been a Muslim for over a year and a half and is currently in her second year of undergraduate study.

One of the Dua that has higher chances of being is the Dua of a Muslim for his brother without the latter's knowledge.

I have a close Muslim friend who has reverted from Christianity and has now been a Muslim for over 20 years, Alhamdulillah.

Sister Noor has been a Muslim for over a year and a half and is currently in her second year of undergraduate study in the.

In 6% of cases muslim with is used

Dear Atty, I married a Muslim with 2 daughters.

I associated hijab with hate, and Muslim with murder.

They are 100% Muslim with no known followers of Jesus.

I'd pick a Muslim with tolerance (and I know many) over you as a fellow citizen anyday.

At the election before that, he had endeavoured to link every Indian Muslim with Pakistan.

I got into a fight with a particularly stupid Muslim with his two sign-toting kids in tow.

Lateef? s partner was a bearded Muslim with an artificial foot from Kattankudy, who was a patient at the Hospital.

It has removed all distinctions of caste and community and permitted matrimony of any Muslim with any other Muslim.

There are some more narrations in both Al-Bukhari and Muslim with very minor differences in wordings and in details.

In 6% of cases muslim on is used

There are rights of a Muslim on his Muslim brother.

Christian: (Patting Muslim on his shoulder) We are real men.

Bukayr's sword hit Muslim on his mouth and cut his upper lip.

Ahmed Javed Canada Congratulations to every Pakistani and every Muslim on this planet.

Most are Christian on Sundays (or Muslim on Fridays) and animistic/tribal in work life.

New Delhi reflects some fear of terrorism, presumably based upon Muslim on Hindu violence.

It is the most significant deed that can be placed in the balance of the Muslim on the Day of Judgement, as we have seen.

If I am still alive, I will contend with him on your behalf; otherwise Allah will take care of every Muslim on my behalf.

Rasulullah offered one particular sword to any Muslim on condition that its use was confined to kill only the enemies of Allah.

Razan Saffour I would like to see more Muslims outraged about the injustices of their own rulers and Muslim on Muslim violence.

In 4% of cases muslim to is used

There was zero Muslim to Steve Jobs.

You should not hide that you are Muslim to your parents.

I don't have to prove my credentials as a Muslim to you.

Kemal Ataturk is a Muslim to most of us (though he adopted a secular version for his country).

When we see this form of the verb the linguistic relationship of Muslim to Islam becomes clear.

Restricting a Muslim to following the four schools went far in closing the door of following desires.

We are saying that there is a mechanism and procedure provided under syariah law for a Muslim to become an apostate.

And a person who hears the voice of a man who calls the Muslim to his help but he does not respond him, is not a Muslim.

Republican candidate Herman Cain is on record as saying he would refuse to appoint a Muslim to any post in his administration.

If you want to compare Muslim to something else, compare it to Conservative, or Communist, or Kylie fan or Christian, onto black.

In 4% of cases muslim at is used

His wife was a Muslim at heart.

Were you a Muslim at that time? 3.

Muslims believe that everyone is a Muslim at birth.

How does one be gay and Muslim at the same time? At least try with a personal response.

Ibn al-'Ash'ath came with seventy soldiers to capture Muslim at dawn while he was praying.

Were you also a Muslim at that time? When after 1998 did you abandon the Nation of Islam? 4.

The following principles of honourable behaviour should be followed by every Muslim at all times when in Makkah or Madinah.

He decided to become Muslim at the hands of Messenger of God, Mohammad (peace be upon him) and declared his submission to Islam.

Speaking to Citi News ' Shamima Muslim at the party headquarters after a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting on Tuesday, Mr.

It is also not permissible to bury the dead body of a Muslim at a place which is disrespectful, like places where garbage is thrown.

In 3% of cases muslim as is used

What is takfeer? It is labeling a Muslim as a kafir.

Of course, both Jewish and Muslim associations protested.

Worried about terrorism, treat every Muslim as a suspect.

It also does so by suggesting a certain kind of Muslim as a ' good ' Muslim in the media.

Some elders even pretended to be Muslim as a way of keeping their icons from prying eyes.

We did it for abiola who was a yoruba and a Muslim, even though he had a Muslim as a running mate.

Which governor was it that appointed a Muslim as a judge and had no problem with it? Oh yeah, that was Chris Christie.

India paved the way many years ago when the people had voted a Muslim as a President and a Sikh as their Prime Minister.

The Government made the first move by appointing a Muslim as the Chief Minister since the post was previously held by a Tamil.

It is markedly different to Bali -- more arid than lush, and the population is mostly Muslim as opposed to predominantly Hindu.

In 2% of cases muslim without is used

And they can be Muslim without being clannish.

I have never heard of a real Muslim without an Arabic name.

You can not be Muslim without the latter, even if you are a believer in God.

No one can be a Muslim without believing in Moses and Jesus as great prophets of God.

No one can be a Muslim without believing in Moses and Jesus as great prophets of Allah.

A person can not be Muslim without believing in these prophets and accepting them as messengers of God.

What is the order about the animal which has been slaughtered by a Muslim without uttering the name of Allah? A.

Q18) Some Mujtahids say that it is allowed to marry permanent or temporary a woman whose father isn't a Muslim without consent of her father.

CECILLA CANNOLY Rashida (Austrian) Why did I become a Muslim? Let me tell you sincerely that I became a Muslim without even noticing it myself.

Ibn Mas'ud says: I heard the Messenger of Allah observing: He who took an oath on the property of a Muslim without legitimate right would meet would be angry, with him.

In 2% of cases muslim after is used

No one can become Muslim after this.

Read why Sasha married to a Muslim after dating a Hindu.

She became Muslim after the migration (hijrah) to Medina.

This video has interview with a Lawyer who became Muslim after studing Islamic Law.

He became a Muslim after witnessing the character and humility of the Messenger of Allah.

Researching About Islam ): Jewish And Catholic Women Women Become Muslim After September 11.

His grandmother (father's mother) had turned Muslim after having abandoned the Parsi religion to marry Nawab Khan.

Can he go back to her if he becomes Muslim after the? iddah ends? There are two scholarly opinions concerning that.

If a non-Muslim becomes a Muslim after the sunset on the night of Eid ul fitr, it is not obligatory on him to pay fitrah.

He put an end to this practice, and many hundreds of thousands of Dhimmis became Muslim after the promulgation of this order.

In 2% of cases muslim according is used

Anyone who doesn't have faith in the Imamate is not a Muslim according to the Shi'as.

You can be as good as you want but youre not considered a Muslim according to traditional Islamic Belief.

Thus this protection is a religious obligation of every Muslim according to his capacity (Rahman 1996: 75).

Bukhari, Muslim According to some commentators, Allah means that the reward for fasting is Himself, meaning that those who fast will get their.

Muslim criminals in Pakistan, where the population is more than 95 percent Muslim according to Operation World, tend to assume they will not be prosecuted if their victims are Christians.

In 1% of cases muslim during is used

The Hindu has converted into the Muslim during liberation war for the sake of life.

The Muslim during this process is obedient to Allah Who does not demand what burdens His slaves.

And it is commonly held that if she becomes a Muslim during her Iddah, her marriage remains intact.

Not including the few basic rules mentioned above there are many other issues and questions faced by a Muslim during fasting.

Eating on the same table reminds me of the good old days when we could share a table to eat pork, mutton, beef &; chicken with the Hindu, Chinese, vegetarian and Muslim during the 70? s.

In 1% of cases muslim due is used

Walhamdulilah **30;9512;TOOLONG People who became Muslim Due to 9/11 (i.

At this point in his life he is not sure if he can be Muslim due to pressure from his mother.

Therefore, at minimum all rights that fall upon a Muslim due to the general brotherhood of Islam are also due to one's spouse.

From the beliefs of the Salaf is that they do not make takfir 21 of anyone of the Muslim due to a sin, even if it is from the major sins.

It is not permissible for a Muslim to purposely go more than three days without speaking to another Muslim due to bad feelings, or the like.

Would they define Razib as a Muslim due to ancestry or merely self-reporting? If it not self-reporting, then many people who are from a Muslim background wouldn't make the cut into survey.

There are other neutral scenarios, like if you remember when the Muslim who gave 40$ as charity to the thief who wanted to steal from his shop, and the thief became Muslim due to the Muslims mercy.

In 1% of cases muslim before is used

No Muslim before him was bestowed these honorable posts.

He named you Muslim before this, and in this book as well.

Ablutionary is compulsory for every Muslim before worship of Allah.

I have lived my life as a Muslim before and I found it was not for me.

The ritual bath given to a dead Muslim before burial is also known as ghusl.

Abdur-Rahman became a Muslim before the Prophet entered the house of al-Arqam.

Any member of the Quraysh who was a Muslim before this would necessarily have made hijra.

Here, writer Eve ahmed, who was raised as a Muslim before rejecting the faith, explores the reasons why.

Finally, in order to save his life, he became a Muslim before the Prophet when Mecca was going to be conquered by the Muslims.

And it is commonly held that if her husband becomes a Muslim before the completion of her Iddah, their marriage remains intact.

In 1% of cases muslim because is used

I love Muslim because of brotherhood.

Does not make her a NON Muslim because she sins.

And Neil Armstrong immediately became Muslim because of this experience.

He was registered there as Muslim because of his stepfather's nominal religion.

Her name sounds Christian and Muslim, right? Many people think she is Muslim because of her last name.

Your family may think that you have become a Muslim because of someone else, and not because you really believe it.

Mahmood said that NADRA had mistakenly identified him as a Muslim because of his name and then refused to rectify the error.

WHat is difference? I want to be Muslim because Muslim respect Jesus Christ (SWT) more than evil Jew, but Muslim also love Mohammed (PBUH).

These are the words of a new convert: I like being a Muslim because of the unique code of dressing, which is also set down by Allah for us to follow.

From this interview it seems that she is only claiming to be a Muslim because of the non-materialistic teachings of Islam and that she was simply born in to it.

In 1% of cases muslim into is used

Allowing any professing Muslim into our country is a horrible decision.

And not all Sinhalese fall into the category Sinhalese or Tamil into Tamil or Muslim into Muslim.

Where will you live in 20 years? America made a statement when they voted a Muslim into the office of the Presidency.

Again, the wrong of 300 years made to deceive Muslim into conversion to Christianity by intentionally mistranslating the word Allah as tuhan can not be justified.

In 1% of cases muslim like is used

They wanted me to become a Muslim like them.

She is not a Muslim and has no implications to be a Muslim like Mr.

We are not in this world to convert each and every person to become a Muslim like ourselves! Live and let live.

If a Muslim like PM Najib is so loved by all, Muslims aside, shouldn't the PM always be a Muslim? So would the political system.

In this war of propaganda, we should show resemblance of Malik Mumtaz with a Hindu extremist and not with a Muslim like Ghazi Ilm Din.

And the example, how minorities (be they Muslim like the Kurds or Christian like the Copts) are treated, is before the eyes of Israelis.

The small number of conversions was mainly due to the lack of incentives for becoming a Muslim like the exemption of converts from the poll-tax.

It is when Christians like myself debate Muslim like you who have no respect for truth or for your audience's intelligent that we end up wasting time.

Pas is trying to chase out the non Muslim from Kelantan by installing a law that not convenient to the non Muslim like no female hairdresser can attend to male client.

Even a Muslim like Umar (Raziallah Anho) hesitated to accept the treaty with the non-believers of Makkah but Hadrat Abu Bakr fully supported the Holy Prophet's decision.

In 1% of cases muslim of is used

In the great family of mankind, Muslim of the present day has also acquired his share of this extra-inquisitiveness.

The broadly Indian of January was rapidly and unquestioningly transformed into the narrowly Hindu or finely Muslim of March.

Kataragama is a regionally popular place of pilgrimage of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim of Sri Lanka and South India, where the god Muruga is the main deity.

In mid-1970, he called a meeting in Arusha of all religious leaders of all faiths in TZ: RC, Protestant of all kinds, Muslim of all sects, Hindu, Buddhists etc.

In 1% of cases muslim against is used

Fourthly: warning a Muslim against some evil.

No one can be forced to remain a Muslim against his will.

So yes, it is not exclusively a war of Muslim against Christian in Darfur.

Wrong is wrong, whether it is done by a Muslim against a non-Muslim, or vice versa.

It pitted Muslim against non-Muslim in Holy War, and fathers against sons in civil strife.

The second is that it matters not one iota that it's in a Muslim country and it is in fact, Muslim against Muslim.

Many Burmese Muslim against those Bangali (Rohinjar called themseld) because of attacking their Burmese native Rakhine people.

United Ummah is the latest incarnation of Al Muharjiroun, a group which over the last few years has also been called Islam 4UK and more recently Muslim Against Crusades.

In 1% of cases muslim over is used

This is the smallest right of one Muslim over another.

If some thug beats up a Muslim over the poppy thing, that thug is to blame.

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Six are the rights of a Muslim over another Muslim.

They wrongly preached the superiority of the Muslim over all others, and misinterpreted the meaning of jihad, generating animosity against the majority community.

In 1% of cases muslim under is used

No person became a Muslim under compulsion.

Even for getting promotions, one still had to be a Muslim under Tipu Sultan's regime.

My qadiani friend says I am happy in India because India accepts us as Muslim under Muslim personal law.

Due to the power struggle, the society was divided in different stream of tribal, non-tribal, Hindu, Muslim under the leadership of different political parties.

And this calls for a call to the mods of this forum - why don't you add a flag simply called Muslim under Madhhab? Trust me, you ain't gon na do anything wrong with that.

All ethnic Malays are considered to be Muslim under Malaysian law, but there are numerous Malay-speakers, especially in northern Borneo, who are Christian and not ethnically Malay.

In 1% of cases muslim upon is used

Anyone can be a Muslim upon accepting Islam is n't? Everyone should carry the burden of their own.

Inoki, who converted to Islam in 1990, said that he decided to become a Muslim upon his visit to Karbala (the site of Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) grandson's shrine) and the holy mosque.

In 1% of cases muslim vs is used

Tahiri neglects to mention the increasing Muslim vs.

They tried to make it is about Muslim Vs Rakhine problem since there are billion muslim people.

Most common people in India look at it like Muslim vs Jew conflict than an Occupier vs native conflict.

Can such reluctance be understood as promoting tolerance? More importantly, the fixation with Muslim vs.

There is no space for Shiites vs Sunniites, Muslim vs Christians, Pathan vs Mahajir, Baloch vs Punjabi or any other conflict.

There are even difference marriage certificates for Muslim vs Christian weddings (I just recently found this out with one of my weddings).

Iran didn't play chicken with the US recently because it wants a war, whatever the simplification of our media will tell you about the rivalry of Muslim vs Christian ideals etc.

Look whats happening now, its Muslim vs Muslim whether these conflicts are amongst the Sunnis themselves or against Shias and plight of other minorities is also well known to be mentioned here.

In 1% of cases muslim about is used

There's not much Muslim about this.

So there is nothing Hindu or Muslim about them.

Almost all the traditions in Bukhari and Muslim about Jesus ' return are narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah.

We have a similar problem with being blown up by a Muslim about as likely as Eric Pickles winning slimmer of the year.

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