Prepositions after "muse"

"muse about" or "muse on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases muse about is used

He then mused about finding a cheaper way.

He muses about his high school sweetheart, Sally, who is married.

She began musing about how a narrative could be shaped to engage viewers ' sympathies.

But aren't blogs just something that teens use to muse about their gossip and favorite TV shows? Not anymore.

Roger Daltrey, 38 at that point, mused about how no one would want to see the Who when they could no longer move around on stage.

I was musing about this once - I believe it was during when the prequels were coming out - on what did balance really mean for the Force, what did light/dark side mean.

David Cameron was musing about the prospects of a referendum pledge he was about to make spiralling so badly out of control that it led to Britain leaving the European Union.

He was musing about the potential of the Google face recognition software the company has evolved, whose effects are so far reaching the company can't quite yet decide what to do with it.

Several friends have even heard him muse about whether he would have gone into politics if not for his father; he might have continued his early career as a journalist, or become a professor.

In 34% of cases muse on is used

I genuinely have mused on this issue and so I thrown it open.

And through it all she maintains her own inimitable style, mixing musing on mortality with wanking.

After musing on it forever, I finally wrote my own today, about finding my place in the milksharing community.

The Maui Street item posted above, by the way, mused on whether Maanu's connections to the Maori Party had anything to do with his expulsion.

In 4% of cases muse to is used

Ann's Gichocho I often can't help but muse to myself that much of our work here at Dignitas involves playing the long game.

In 4% of cases muse upon is used

Then he would go away hating and cursing the whole sex, and she would calmly add his scalp to her string, while she mused upon the bitter day that Col.

In 2% of cases muse at is used

I've seen Slash at the Manchester Apollo in October and Muse at the MEN last week.

In 2% of cases muse for is used

People in technology circles have been musing for months about how Obama would use his list, said Peter Daou, who oversaw Internet operations for the Senate campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.

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