Prepositions after "multiply"

multiply by, in, like, with or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases multiply by is used

Remember anything multiplied by zero is zero.

From (37 to 97) the primes can be multiplied by (.

It would be a driving term multiplied by a constant.

Similarly y is the nth root of b if when y is multiplied by itself n times gives b.

Manufacturer's specifications of performance should be multiplied by a factor of 0.

Load Duration Factor Nominal design values should be multiplied by the load duration factor CD specified in Art.

It can even be multiplied by an arbitrary positive constant C (independent of T) without affecting any inferences.

We couldn't use calculators, so we learned to multiply by doing worksheets with triple multiplication and like that.

This reveals the riders frontal area in metres squared which can be multiplied by a drag coefficient to estimate CdA.

In 4% of cases multiply in is used

To be pathogenic, a bacterium must be able to multiply in host tissue.

Peterson's Law: History shows that money will multiply in volume and divide in value over the long run.

The weights; in case of un-equal importance of different decision makers, will be multiplied in the terms of calculation.

The scientists found that more than 10 per cent of these genes appear to be multiplied in the 270 people who took part in the study.

The virus enters the body through the mouth and multiplies in the intestine and then invades the nervous system, causing paralysis within a matter of days.

In 4% of cases multiply like is used

This principle multiplies like frisky rabbits do when we bring our illusion of control and apply it to goal setting: I will make a million dollars in a year.

In 3% of cases multiply with is used

After all, per capita consumption levels multiply with population size to determine our total resource consumption.

In 3% of cases multiply to is used

This multiplies to 1000 trucks per month.

By then they had multiplied to over 70 Blacks and even more Whites of original stock imported from South Africa.

In 2% of cases multiply due is used

Wrong decisions can multiply due to DRS quite easily, as the first ODI between England and South Africa shows.

In 2% of cases multiply across is used

This dynamic, multiplied across tens of millions of lives, has more than offset the absolute increase in the number of housing units.

In 1% of cases multiply without is used

Doesn't that mean that the light has multiplied without extra energy input? That's impossible though.

In 1% of cases multiply within is used

It then multiplies within the bacterium and escapes to infect other V.

In 1% of cases multiply since is used

In the case of food trucks -- which have multiplied since city council made it easier to open shop in August 2011 -- even a critical health violation rate of 75% is only an issue if it persists.

In 1% of cases multiply on is used

This special case is important when RunList entries occur multiply on different imposition Sheets.

In 1% of cases multiply beyond is used

Examples of the governmental Midas touch which have had less than sterling results could easily be multiplied beyond necessity.

In 1% of cases multiply before is used

That calender wouldn't be blank for long, hundreds of pretty stickers which they provide seemed to multiply before my eyes as lessons, birthdays, holidays and more ran thought my mind.

In 1% of cases multiply at is used

If this were an isolated incident it would not be cause for concern, but these natural disasters are multiplying at an alarming rate.

In 1% of cases multiply as is used

This work help resolve the problem of how species multiply as well as providing a more clear definition of a species for biologists to work with.

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