Prepositions after "modest"

"modest in" or "modest about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases modest in is used

Tanchangyas are modest in nature.

He was modest in everything he did.

Growth was more modest in Japan (2.

You should not expect miracles, but rather should be more modest in your expectations.

Highlands Florida's highlands are modest in elevation compared with elsewhere in the U.

Unless you are wearing skin-tight jeans or pants, skirts are less modest in my opinion.

While the markets at the top of the list are modest in size, the list also contains Kansas City, Detroit, and Tampa.

Women who profess the Christian religion, must be modest in apparel, not affecting gaudiness, gaiety, or costliness.

Guarded in my speech and modest in the use of food, these self-restraints serve as a fence around my field of Dhamma.

Though the old church grounds are modest in size, it provides adequate space for the local children to learn and play.

In 18% of cases modest about is used

Yet he was modest about his talent.

Gilchrist was modest about the poll.

List them - don't be modest about them.

For Mattrick, there was no need to be modest about what Microsoft had accomplished.

At the time I formed the view that he was a modest man with lots to be modest about.

We pay for it as a valuable commodity! ' says Carolina, who remains modest about her find.

Though Flower is renowned as one of the greatest players of spin of all time, he was modest about his own impact.

While the company was modest about its offerings, they seem to have everything that is required to make it a success.

Be confident in your own abilities and don't be too modest about what you have to offer (within the limits of honesty!).

Reg says: 09:59am 02/03/11 Perhaps we should all be a little more modest about our superiority before the word gets out.

In 7% of cases modest for is used

Figures are more modest for trucking.

His declaration seems modest for a world leader.

It feels like it was too modest for such superstar.

All three were typically modest for their contributions of defeating the Axis powers.

The all-stock deal is modest for Google, given it's roughly $177 billion market value.

To top it off, our budget was pretty modest for the type of house we were looking for.

He is one of those talented artists whose skills by far surpass his fame, and as a result he is quite modest for it.

These plans are rather modest for the current year but we are very keen to expand the operations as soon as funding permits.

Fantastic ambitions bloomed in hitherto sober breasts, violent exhibitionism cropped out in families modest for generations.

If I am out cutting wood or painting the fences or something like that, my husband feels it is more modest for me to wear pants.

In 7% of cases modest to is used

It just seems over modest to me.

Athletics Brazier- produced for modest to extreme working out.

She too was a great performer, but modest to an awkward extreme.

An All-inclusive hotel in the Caribbean will provide you with modest to luxury service.

Depending on the region, Canada? s habitable land has modest to high population density.

Modest to a fault, he never sought any recognition for his ideas, quotes or contributions.

If you have a modest to mid-sized business and want to lower internet hosting costs, you ought to go with a shared server.

Happy to help, however i i am too modest to rate myself as being the best Australian agent Your website is simply fantastic.

Though modest to a degree, those who knew him best describe him as having been one of Nature's gentlemen in every sense of the term.

He never ever disappeared up his own ar se with his playing, modest to the core with a real sense of integrity in what he was doing.

In 5% of cases modest by is used

A gifted man, Ahsanullah was modest by nature.

He was right, but he was also too modest by half.

His own personal assets are modest by any standards.

The state revenues in the High Middle Ages were extremely modest by European standards.

Resources are relatively more expensive at the senior levels, but still modest by US standards.

Despite the heated rhetoric they have produced, these cuts would be modest by historic standards.

A three-bedroom house may sound modest by some people's standards, but it is the ultimate dream home to many Kenyans.

From what we've reviewed, they are modest by current standards, but preview these just in case it is a concern to you.

Here it's clear that inflation has been modest by historical standards, and that the Fed has been a good steward of the dollar.

Arthur was extremely modest by nature, so much so that in future life he rarely if ever spoke about himself or his achievements.

In 5% of cases modest of is used

He was the most modest of all the Companions.

Or was it? Once again he did not know, which was modest of him.

We were joined by Eric, who at usual was very humble and modest of his running ability.

I am tall, lean, broad-shouldered and very modest of boob, and I loathe shopping for bras.

A revelation to the world of the true measure of one of magic's greatest and most modest of people.

Household in the food crop sector have experienced only modest of poverty reduction compared to those dealing in cash crops.

In the three games, he completed a modest of 47-of-78 passes and his three interceptions outnumbered his two touchdown passes.

Still, even the most modest of presidential wives can help a president or candidate seem more human and less a political machine.

I like how it takes even the most modest of modern feminists and turns them into Zulu Warrior women from the pages of National Geographic.

In 3% of cases modest at is used

My model is modest at a factor of 1% in 20 trading days in a month.

What is modest in the office and modest at the beach are not the same.

The one I outsmart is modest at interest annex achievement fortunately.

For Nissan Leaf, the popular pure electric car, sales have remained modest at around 500-750 per month.

Although how someone can be arrogant and modest at the same time, as you have eluded too, I do nt know.

The projected gain in employment in the sector over the same period however, is a little more modest at 2.

What may be seen as modest on the beach or while participating in sports activities, may not be considered modest at a formal occasion.

Let us note however, that it always makes sense to pool resources, as explained further below, even if they would be modest at the beginning.

Erm, what? Modest at spending over 1billion for re-election, modest at printing endless cash, modest at not repelling George Bush's war strategy.

Erm, what? Modest at spending over 1billion for re-election, modest at printing endless cash, modest at not repelling George Bush's war strategy.

In 3% of cases modest with is used

Start modest with something like a to-do list.

A religious woman and a modest with high morals.

Be modest with your adjustments, and watch for clipping.

Advantages for farmers will be modest with a savings in the range of one to five per cent.

According to a reliable source, reveals that the label is being modest with the statement.

The machines were very modest with 550mhz processors, 256mbs of ram, and a 20 gig hard drive.

Harvest-witches have been not full-on druids per se, they ended up modest with the scope of the things they could do.

No uncivilized idiot would have been able to say stupid things to you if you are a little modest with your dress code.

In the other two countries, Italy and the United Kingdom, population growth was more modest with increases of about 2.

For this scalping system your profit goals should be modest with and emphasis on making several quick and small trades.

In 1% of cases modest as is used

Sadly, this has made the revenue growth look very modest as the 7.

Still, growth remained modest as the world's largest economy headed into the fourth quarter.

Those falling into the first category can make a living, albeit fairly modest as a general rule.

Fortunately his financial needs were modest as the public grudgingly donated the necessary funds.

New construction levels, while higher than that seen in the other property sectors will remain modest as a percentage of inventory and will not exert a major negative influence.

There is no complacency, only huge respect - I wish our media (and I don't mean the intelligent element like Phil or the likes Telegraph/Guardian) were half as modest as the Germans.

Unlike Human Nature, which is spectacularly high concept as well as a damn good book, The Also People is relatively modest as a concept: a more or less straightforward lift of Ian M.

In 1% of cases modest before is used

The one that feels modest from one's self, will surely be modest before others.

GDP growth in 2013 is projected to be very modest before firming somewhat in 2014.

I fear at in doing so, I may be disowned (at least temporarily ), but I am still eager to do it, because I long to be modest before God in the manner ordained for women.

In 1% of cases modest despite is used

If, on the contrary, he remains modest despite his merit, he makes himself beloved and wins the support necessary for carrying his work through to the end.

Furthermore, the rate of decline in this ratio has been modest despite sustained per capita annual GDP growth of over 3 percent per year over the last two decades.

In 1% of cases modest from is used

The one that feels modest from one's self, will surely be modest before others.

Although very pretty, clad in its Victorian pink granite, Aberdeen Art Gallery does look somewhat modest from the outside.

The back of the light components have been relatively modest from the past to drive the power level of 1 or 2 CCFL increased to 30W or 60W of power for up to 12 (or 16) the root tube.

Myself as a coach, I changed Alphonce Modest from playing as a wing attacker to wing defender and Christopher Alex from a striker to a defending midfielder and all became great players.

In 1% of cases modest on is used

To each their own Messi is not so modest on the pitch, mind you.

The space required for X is relatively modest on modern hardware.

The rooms turned out to be pretty nice and cosy if not modest on space.

What may be seen as modest on the beach or while participating in sports activities, may not be considered modest at a formal occasion.

Three seem to be standard modest on unknown, bailey johnson tripplet around in depth atlantic ocean, together with the blailey device kimono for kiwi.

But it also struck me during the movie that, compared to celebrities today, his life seems fairly modest on the outside -- then you get to all that foie gras.

The main element to this summer's look will be adding, which usually contributes any relaxed top quality to elements that will look as well reserved or perhaps modest on their own.

The official &; public frenzy surroundn d Dana disaster is CRASS MATERIALISM! Ziza; you need to be modest on how you aportion blames our president have nothing to do with this misharp.

The viability of EMU very much depends on whether both the economic arm and political union will follow the monetary lead, even though the existing treaty is very modest on both fronts.

In 1% of cases modest through is used

Trade's effect on jobs and income, which was probably modest through the 1990 's, now seems to be growing much larger.

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