Prepositions after "miss"

"miss from" or "miss in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases miss from is used

But there's something missing from THE WAY.

He went missing from Islamabad on May 29 evening.

I'd gobsmacked by how they miss from the BBCs out put.

Her grace and sophistication embodied what is missing from my generation of singers.

Also missing from the podium, and the convention as well: Former President George W.

The thing missing from too much of the link economy is the prominent citation of source.

Damage assessment report of the district authorities lists 248 dead and 76 people missing from the whole district.

The courrier advised us that it had gone missing from their warehouse and are happy to refund the cost to studios.

French media report a 30 year old Russian male passenger went missing from the ship in the Mediterranean near Toulon.

Six newly commissioned pilot officers were missing from this group for reasons which I have never been able to determine.

In 26% of cases miss in is used

There's lots missing in this guide.

He was sorely missed in Coliste Chaoimhn.

She went missing in the Palmerstown area.

For me this is part of the core element missing in PC racers of the day, from day dot.

It's the constant measure in the private sector, but it is missing in the public sector.

She hints at what has been missed in a one-sided, patriarchal culture, church, or psyche.

Gary Condit And Murdered Intern Chandra Levy After congressional intern Chandra Levy went missing in May 2001, Rep.

But a vital chance to strike a sane medium between traditional and modern Ireland was missed in the 1960s and 1970s.

Thanks for the comments! Seems to me the biggest thing missing in all this is honest people who practice integrity.

Often we are looking for someone to fulfill our needs and make us happy, to satisfy what we feel missing in ourselves.

In 11% of cases miss by is used

The deadline was missed by less than an hour.

She was reported missing by a friend about 9 a.

Afraid what I'd missing by holding onto comfort.

Arewethereyet: 20 Sep 2011 1:47:33pm I guess the whole point of the article was missed by you.

Wally was surely one of a kind, and I'd sure he will be greatly missed by all of your readers.

The New Balance Real Run is an event not to be missed by serious runners! Kudos to all runners,.

Persevering passed away on September 10, 2012, at the age of 42, and is deeply missed by both our members and our staff.

While he will be sorely missed by the political class, the masses who regard him as their friend will miss him even more.

But the opportunity to see them all on the big screen, in one day, should not be missed by either dedicated nor fleeting fans.

Ford thanked the waiter for his kind indulgence, attempted to tug his forelock, missed by six inches and slid under the table.

In 6% of cases miss for is used

The only thing missing for me is a.

The earliest records are for 1782 but they are missing for 1786 to 1806.

West Brom have just two players confirmed missing for the visit of Chelsea.

Sri Lankan journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda has been missing for over a year and a half.

The sign went missing for a few weeks in the nineties; we felt we'd lost our North Star.

You'd like to play that board game in the closet, but its dice have been missing for a decade.

There were a few wafts from him and his footwork went missing for a while after being roughed up by Andrew Flintoff.

That's what was missing for me: an experience of being in a club that was playing music I wanted to endorse with my body.

A London which has recently re-claimed its soul, regained its sense of humour -- things which have been missing for a long time.

Crazy! We missed that sparkle in his eyes badly that has been missing for some time &; during this Cri Show, we got to see it again.

In 5% of cases miss on is used

He will be missed on this end as well.

Their steamed eggs dessert can't be missed on the list.

Only thing I feel I am missing on EWT is the timimg part of it.

Officially over 10,000 men were killed, wounded or went missing on November 11th 1918.

Furthermore, liberals have made a lot of hay about Nate Silver predicting 49/50 states (missing on Indiana).

Half the time, once you miss on the first shot, the birds are already out of range and you are just wasting ammo.

Of course, Sedin, the concussed winger who led the NHL in scoring last season, is brutally missed on the power play.

To bloggers who missed on a finalist place, do keep blogging and we're looking forward to your applications next year.

Like so many tracks I love it is so simple sounding but in concept it complex in a way that is missed on first listen.

Because our KMS server was on a dedicated VM, it somehow got missed on our patching cycle (we basically forgot it existed).

In 3% of cases miss with is used

All that we will miss with your departure.

He couldn't miss with his straight left hand counter.

Only Greek defender Kyriakos Papadopoulus is missing with the flu.

No problems at all, although my target is 90X90cm so little chance of missing with my compound.

And there are people I miss with a searing pain and I want them back but they don't exist anymore.

If one talks to anybody in the NDC family, to tell you about the qualities that would be missing with Prof.

The driver of the white car can count him/or herself incredibly lucky after this unbelievable near miss with a massive white truck.

So for this reason, there was never a need to declare the obligation of making up prayers missed without an excuse, and Allah knows best.

So to cut a long story full of debauch short, the dudes woke up the next day to find the notebook missing with material for their new record.

I gave it 5 stars but like the other reviewer found a lot of spelling mistakes as well as complete words just missing with only a letter as a placeholder.

In 3% of cases miss at is used

The woman was reported missing at 8 a.

He went missing at sea on the 19 December 1922.

Meireles ' presence is what we are missing at times.

Since 2000 over 500 people we know about have drowned or are missing at sea.

She was reported missing at 12:15AM by her husband, a manager onboard the ship.

I also appreciate what you say about the writing cos I can be very hit or miss at times and a hopeless judge of my own work.

Twitter: Derek Pringle - Pitch gone to sleep nary a play and miss at the moment? OVER 9: ENG 23/0 (Cook 12* Compton 11*) Ojha back on.

Strictly it falls under the remit of dance, but we don't like labels, so Akram Khan's Desh shouldn't be missed at Sadler's Wells from Tuesday.

NBC6 in Miami and Coast Guard News report that a 46 year old Indian crew member failed to show up for work at 6:30 AM and is presumed missing at sea.

Though Cartagena in the late 19th Century is beautifully evoked in director Mike Newell? s visually sumptuous film, there? s something missing at the core of this love story.

In 2% of cases miss about is used

There isn't much I miss about being single or childless, but I do miss dancing.

One of the things I miss about the Uk was the amount of vacation time we were allowed.

On Growing Up, Not Old The only things I miss about my 20s are my thighs and my ovaries.

What do you miss about him? I don't want to talk about that, because I will start crying.

That's one thing I miss about Uruguay, all of the Ferias (a cross between a farmer's market and swap meet).

When Claudia was asked what she most missed about not being a man she talked coyly about not being able to pee standing up.

Complete a PhD program in Comparative Literature I finished my MA in ' 04 and there's something that I really miss about academia.

There's only one thing I miss about my Saturday job, and that is the travelling through Cardiff while most other people are asleep.

Kluwe totally GETS IT! And, he is the example of the RAGE missing about the ongoing discrimination in this nation - not just from straight allies - even within our own LGBT community.

In 1% of cases miss without is used

Recently many people have gone missing without any trace upon being picked up by law enforcing agencies.

So for this reason, there was never a need to declare the obligation of making up prayers missed without an excuse, and Allah knows best.

Whoever claims that a prayer missed without an excuse is an exception to this rule, then he must provide his evidence, for the default is that this is not an exception.

In 1% of cases miss to is used

One member even lost a sock in the process (still missing to this day).

Funny, gregarious, decicated, talented guy with unquenchable determination and courage - and someone I miss to this day.

During the design of the specification, and the implementation of the reference encoder and decoder, we aimed for high performance by keeping memory allocation counts and cache misses to a minimum.

You can volunteer to add something that is missing to your life, perhaps in your career, but you should never start helping others due to being lonely, because one should spread love, not consume it.

In 1% of cases miss throughout is used

Marianne Faithful's body of work has been hit or miss throughout her career.

The only thing I can think of that you may have missed throughout this blog, is.

As of May 24, 2012, Canadian citizens have the option of signing up for missingkid alerts, which can be issued for any child reported missing throughout Canada.

In 1% of cases miss since is used

Her daughter Putul, a worker of the factory, has been missing since the November 24 blaze claimed 111 lives.

Two workers have been missing since the accident Friday, but Coast Guard spokesman Carlos Vega would not say if the body found is that of one of those two people.

Also, the man is honest, smart and astute but obviously does not project a charismatic presence or speech; but that's exactly what's been missing since Kwame Nkrumah.

Babatunde Edu, has explained how the agency recovered the abandoned vehicle of the missing popular television presenter, Alhaji Rasak Gawat, who was declared missing since last Wednesday.

In 1% of cases miss out is used

That means we'll miss out Monday but come up smiling Tuesday morning.

There is absolutely no shame in doing so; the only shame is missing out of life.

In 1% of cases miss during is used

However, this consideration gets almost no attention when allegations are made about the number of dead and missing during the conflict.

In the questionnaire that was used, the issue of people who died and went missing during the Humanitarian Operation was specifically addressed.

In the aftermath of the Humanitarian Operation, various people started making various claims about the number of civilians killed and missing during the last stages of the conflict.

A muslim wife if she is FASTING SUNNAH, and not a fast that's fardh like in ramadhan or paying back a fast she missed during ramadan, it is REQUIRED OF HER to inform her husband that she's fasting.

I don't remember the whole sermon, but I do remember Luis beginning by summoning all of that theological heft we've been missing during his sabbatical, all of that gravitas Luis has when he preaches.

In 1% of cases miss due is used

In addition, players will lose approximately 20 percent of their 2011-12 salaries -- a result of the games missed due to the lockout.

Some hospitals will allow us into the OR, whether they do or not, we are there to follow baby to the nursery to capture everything mom will miss due to being in recovery.

Linebackers: 1 Same as above regarding Jones for Dont'a Hightower, who had about as much impact on this game as he did on the ones he missed due to injury earlier in the season.

In 1% of cases miss as is used

Several people have been reported missing as the coroner identifies the dead.

Sunny Kalsi: 22 Jul 2011 11:05:20am I think part of a sentence was missed as a part of the editing.

A 28 year old Chnese crew member went missing as the ship approached Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale).

Concussions played a role in his limited action, but it was the inconsistency in between that resulted in 10 games missed as a healthy scratch.

In 1% of cases miss against is used

And lest we forget he has scored in the only cup final he has played in, and was badly missed against Birmingham city 18 months ago.

Loh's first run in the cage was three 3-minute rounds of submission attempts and misses against Shoyidor Jurabekov that led him to a decision win.

In 1% of cases miss after is used

Coast Guard joined the hunt Friday for a cruise ship passenger reported missing after employees of the Norwegian Pearl failed to find her.

Of course she heads to the same club Oliver is going to be at, but her friend seemed to be missing after being the one who talked Laurel into going.

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