Prepositions after "miserable"

"miserable for" or "miserable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases miserable for is used

I was miserable for five years.

Most of 2008 was miserable for me.

He can make life miserable for them.

I hope you can forgive those who made life so miserable for you especially Jackser.

Disciplinary processes are inevitably controversial and miserable for all involved.

All they accomplish is to make life harder and more miserable for ordinary citizens.

Others are too happy to ignore such warning signs as long as the Supreme Court makes life miserable for the PPP.

How wretched to be a republican at a time like this The past three days must have been miserable for republicans.

With a lot of time on her hands, Maggie decides to make life miserable for Wong for messing up her reincarnation.

I felt miserable for her kid so just mentioned to her why they were putting the poor soul under so much pressure.

In 18% of cases miserable in is used

Adam Dunn was miserable in 2011.

He faield miserable in bollywood.

It's just grey and miserable in the mind.

I'd be miserable in my brother's house in the suburbs, which costs the same as mine.

Unfortunately, some ' invisible enemies ' are making my day miserable in the office.

Many countries, particularly in Asia, were equally miserable in 1950 if not more so.

It wasn't pace alone; he could also had a sharp away going ball that made batsmen's life miserable in the middle.

She seems to make everyone else miserable in the place, with her bad moods and wanting everything done perfectly.

These people are miserable in the extreme and notably do not spend, probably because many of them can not afford to.

He continued:? And you will always be miserable? miserable in life and miserable in death? if you do not obey my text.

In 8% of cases miserable with is used

I was mostly miserable with him.

I was miserable with the people in my life.

I used the word miserable with reference to sin.

If you are still miserable with Carlos as your bartender, I consider you helpless.

Some of these are minor and just make you miserable with digestive upsets for a day or two.

The world would be so much more miserable with all these negativity being circulated online.

Ranjit was certainly miserable with the sudden distance that had opened between himself and his beloved father.

When you've got the flu, you probably feel miserable with it, but many of these people have been sick for years.

She detested us, she was miserable with us, she couldn't bear it, she wouldn't bear it, she was determined to go away.

In 7% of cases miserable about is used

Don't be all miserable about life.

She's so miserable about everything.

Sorry to sound so miserable about it.

I do nt know if this will work out of not, but I am so miserable about this situation.

I consider myself a patriot, yet I have been feeling pretty miserable about my country.

You have to laugh at it, otherwise, you will cry and be miserable about it even longer.

Complicated, I spent last summer feeling anxious and miserable about the MM, I won't be doing that this summer.

I know it sounds like a lot to cope with but all I feel is frustrated and miserable about my physical symptoms.

And let me tell you, being passionate about writing has gotten me a lot further than being miserable about life.

I've been feeling miserable about my pay even with the great people and supportive kakis at my current workplace.

In 7% of cases miserable at is used

I'd not completely miserable at my day job.

Or he looked miserable at a press conference.

In the meantime, I've grown miserable at work.

I can't imagine leaving him but on the other hand I am truly miserable at home with him now.

I found myself feeling utterly miserable at the thought of being so far away from loved ones.

Friday, 18 January 2008 Let's face it, the weather in Blighty is miserable at this time of year.

As an undergraduate at Oxford University, I can say that many students, like Tanya Gold, are miserable at Oxford.

Just because a schoolyard bully made your life miserable at the age of 10 doesn't mean the world is out to get you.

Almost everyone we meet has absolutely no idea what they want to do, they just know that they are miserable at work.

Unfortunately grounded by Doctor at the moment and no alcohol allowed either, life's pretty miserable at the moment.

In 5% of cases miserable by is used

You make me more miserable by saying this.

I like all of them, and I'd not miserable by any stretch.

Hence, man is miserable by possibility of falling into wretchedness.

Without the help of Maik or Manfred, my stay would have been miserable by comparison.

A bad tenant can make your life miserable by not paying rent, damaging the property, etc.

By doing this, it enables us to stop being miserable by worrying about the future or even thinking about the past.

SPEAKING PERSONALLY, I grew up in a home made miserable by betting -- football pools, raffles, dogs, horses, the lot.

So if you think that you can fix whatever is making you miserable by focusing on the external, you're going to stay sad.

But the front was a long one, recurving into a deep salient north of the road, and the night was made miserable by cold, driving rain.

In 3% of cases miserable without is used

I would be miserable without it.

Now she thinks I'd miserable without her.

Right now I'd totally miserable without him.

Don't you see? When we are apart, we feel empty and miserable without each other.

But if you're miserable now, you'll no doubt still be miserable without your current husband.

And when we break up, we'll both kill ourselves because our lives are so miserable without each other.

I had a choice, it was to tell her that I loved her and to have a life with her or to be without her and miserable without her love.

Of course good clients help us to have what we need to live a decent life, but business would be miserable without the friendship that it brings.

You're a happy little person making others miserable without even realizing it with your half-thought words - do the elegant thing and apologize.

Chapter On the Recommendation to take a middle course in clothes and not to confine oneself to what is miserable without need or legitimate aim 803.

In 3% of cases miserable on is used

Earlier in his career, Dirk was miserable on defense.

Fernandez further; I think she's quite miserable on her own.

Whereas Lazarus, who was miserable on earth, is now in heaven.

Being a jerk is fine, but don't make other people's lives miserable on this internet website.

THey may make you miserable on the outside but are not normally causing any damage internally.

You need to be able to watch a little bit of someone being miserable on Christmas Day, I think.

His life is miserable on all fronts, he fantasizes about escaping it, and he loathes himself for it, at great length.

In fact, your life is not miserable on account of this, because like any religious figure, you are surrounded by yes-men.

It was so bad that I was even miserable on weekends coz I couldn't stop thinking about it and dreaded monday from friday morning.

She has become frail and miserable on Venus, and almost has a nervous breakdown from the anxiety of living with the relentless rain.

In 3% of cases miserable of is used

Those months were the most miserable of my life.

The most miserable of English paupers was better fed and clothed than the most prosperous of Irish laborers.

Those 7 years (yeah -- do you believe /7/ years?!? crazy!) were some of the hardest and most miserable of my life.

Forgive me, my dear! I ask your pardon with the greatest sincerity; I am the most miserable of men, in having deluded you.

Autumn! But don't be glum if it rains, because HugoFox News has a host of things to do on even the most miserable of days! 1.

The goal made this Wales ' worst result since the 7-1 loss to Holland in 1996, on the most miserable of nights for the visitors.

Socrates replies, that if they are both criminal they are both miserable, but that the unpunished is the more miserable of the two.

In some of the rocky hills we found water, and occasionally small bands of Indians, who appeared the most miserable of the human race.

The club lost its way a long time ago and, in a desperate attempt to find ' itself ' ', resorted to the most miserable of acts: cheating.

There I would look out at the sea at the boats bobbing in the calm waters and wonder if in them sat someone who was miserable of the sea.

In 3% of cases miserable because is used

And they're miserable because of it.

Don't become miserable because of that; it is natural.

We were miserable because of our failure in Copa America.

Many people were miserable because of the Olympics but nobody as much as we were.

She could have said that was always XXXing and it made her feel miserable because of it.

I spent many, many years of my life miserable because of what my mother taught me about me.

People are miserable because of the way management manages the business (short staff, low pay, crappy product).

But now I don't have times in my life when I'd sick and miserable because of withdrawal; hope to never go through that again.

Because of the relationship in part and the heartbreak in part, and also just miserable because of like just carting that around.

You are lucky that at least you find out some of this information, as I never can and I am miserable because of not knowing things.

In 2% of cases miserable to is used

The left seems miserable to me.

He just seemed miserable to me.

This is simply un islam causing untold hardships and miserable to all concerned.

This will take you from where you are -- alone, lonely and miserable to wedded bliss.

The prison is divided into eight sectors and facilities range from miserable to luxurious.

Ronnie, is married to controlling Veronica (Julia Stiles) and is miserable to the point of crazy at times.

Life is not miserable to all, but for some, for some unknown reason, without exception and not peculiar to one Religion, a race or colour.

Since the David Headly's surveillance for Mumbai attack Indian government has made life miserable to all genuine Tourist and foreign visitors.

Without going into too many details about the back story, this person really made my life miserable to the point where I wanted to get lawyers involved.

Lisa says: 02:16pm 13/08/10 You're exactly right, i've had friends over the years with terribly high standards who are still lonely and miserable to this day.

In 2% of cases miserable as is used

Dhoni is miserable as a Test Player itself forget about Captasincy.

This makes you look miserable as well as weak in the eyes of your ex.

The expression ' miserable as a bandicoot ' was first recorded in 1845.

Seeing Mary day after day, he had become more and more miserable as the days went by.

Clara continued making Mara's life miserable as what she was planning to do in her life.

The last time I felt so miserable as a Chelsea supporter, we'd just replaced Jose Mourinho with Avram Grant.

Trying to only have good stuff is a sure way to be miserable as the bad stuff will surely come -- it's a fact of life.

All of us can choose every day to be as negative and miserable as the next person if we want to shuffle through life as part of the herd.

Projecting forward from those lies, it would be no exaggeration to say that, millions of lives have been either shortened or made miserable as a result.

Yes there is a grievance procedure however I know going this route will only make the workplace more miserable as non unionised staff are in the minority.

In 1% of cases miserable from is used

I was MISERABLE from the moment my eyes opened in the morning.

Feeling already miserable from exam, he made his was back home and clean his room.

It wasn't always miserable from a fans ' point of view having Michael Owen at United.

The person who makes us angry will not have to be miserable from having to hear our telling off.

She said if they got married, she would make their life? s miserable from the moment she said I do?

Make sure to re-write the history of your marriage so that you can say that you were miserable from the first day.

For once, every time I walked by someone they didn't seem miserable from all the exams and midterms they were studying for.

But I had committed myself to becoming miserable from reading something, and in the idiotic hopes of providing that misery, I proceeded to the comments.

It's better to leave as early as you can in the morning, as the weather in the afternoon at the top of the mountain can turn wet and miserable from about 3pm onwards.

In 1% of cases miserable like is used

Get a dog and be miserable like us.

And River seemed so miserable like all she wanted to do was runaway and hide.

If he makes them sinful like himself, he will make them miserable like himself.

The Sneering Introduction Something miserable like Nationwide had just finished.

I am glad Bourdain has fun on the job because it sure beats the hell out of being miserable like some of you are.

Every time the club I supported lost, I was not only left miserable like any other fan, but also hit in the pocket.

The good times were over, college was long gone and I was just prepared to admit defeat and accept the fact that I was going to be miserable like everyone else.

I should have faith in her, right? After sleeping on it during the weekend and cooking peria and have all the 5 perias for myself, I am not that miserable like last week.

In 1% of cases miserable during is used

It was hot, humid, and miserable during the day.

Shaw looked pretty miserable during the bulk of the Vanderbilt game.

He is usually miserable during the summer, when only baseball season is on.

This you make your life miserable during your journey o become specialist doctor.

I wasn't miserable during the entire 19 years that it took me to reach my dream job.

I get a bit miserable during the day sometimes, because we have no adult interaction.

In contrast to my happy Bryn Mawr years, I was miserable during my junior year at Stanford.

You will likely be miserable during the entire flight, as every bit of turbulence renews your panic.

I really think there are three groups of people who'd be most miserable during long term power outage.

You need to remember that in case, for any reason, you commence feeling miserable during the date, make justification and leave.

In 1% of cases miserable over is used

To be so miserable over something inane as this.

But dad and stepmom on a six week summer visit evidently made her miserable over it at 18 months.

Don't spend these years being miserable over something that well over 95 percent of the human population has.

You're scaring yourself and making yourself miserable over things that aren't true and aren't going to be true.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets November 2002 Harry is lonely and miserable over the summer with the Dursleys, who banish him to his room.

It has always put me in a bad mood, and learning to recognise this recurring pattern made me more aware of it -- which in turn has made me even more miserable over the years.

In 1% of cases miserable through is used

We can go complaining and miserable through life or we can go laughing.

Every human being has the RIGHT to make their lives less miserable through honest work.

Every human being has the RIGHT to make their lives less miserable through HONEST work.

Every human being has the RIGHT to make their lives less miserable through HONEST WORK.

Funny how 7 billion see certain things in the same way: Every HUMAN BEING has the right to make THEIR OWN LIVES less miserable through honest work.

He said that the life of the poor had been made miserable through corruption and even friendly countries like Turkey and China had been made target of corruption.

He said that the life of poor people has been made miserable through loot and corruption and even friendly countries like Turkey and China have been made target of corruption.

In 1% of cases miserable after is used

I was miserable after that loss in Paris.

I have never been so miserable after a loss.

I was upset, feeling miserable after each game they lost.

Fantastic! Amazing! Brilliant! You made me feel so miserable after watching.

Really miserable after whats happened with him and Song and especially after our draw today.

And if you think your life have become more miserable after getting one, you should stop using a maid too.

The story narrates how life of a Pandavani Actor Budhiya turned miserable after getting into the fold of Christianity.

Everybody was pretty miserable after Lalitha's death, for she had lit up the place with her beauty, charm and conversation.

She looked miserable after her first piece, stepping off the landing strip as she landed her vault, and stalking away grimly.

This seems to be necessarily implied in the supposition that they will continue to live, and to be happy or miserable after death.

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