Prepositions after "minor"

minor in, to, for, at or under?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases minor in is used

Cons (all minor in my view ): 1.

Minor in General Linguistics III.

Major in art, minor in computer science.

I am a double major in English Literature and Russian Studies, with a minor in History.

It may referred to prosecutors, just like if you were a minor in possession of alcohol.

Is it possible? When u r a minor in an ethnically oppressed society no one will bother.

He graduated from the University of Houston in 2001 with a major in business finance and a minor in creative writing.

Ditto Darien-Me thinks the same and by the way, I have a minor in Political Science from a Morehead State University.

I wanted to use my 2 years experience and my minor in psychology during university to get credits towards my diploma.

It occurs therefore quite regularly, that an Opponent opens with a minor in which you have a quality 5+ card holding.

In 9% of cases minor to is used

Switch your minor to your major.

This may seem minor to some people.

Select minor -- to add a minor to your program.

The sentencing judge then sentenced Minor to 10 years imprisonment (the head sentence).

I don't care about Colin and strongly support the returning of the minor to his parents.

You should belong to a good drama group and work your way up from minor to leading roles.

But without forgetting the NONSENSE we are weak to hold that wealth! Lets work for minor to major UNITY for survival.

Minor to major layout issues users are reporting that the layout of some websites is either partially or wholly broken.

All of the wounded suffered from gunshot wounds, which ranged from minor to critical, spkeswoman Jacque Montgomery said.

Loss of habitat I got, although it seems rather minor to me, as it will happen anywhere, including the new Askew's site.

In 6% of cases minor for is used

That is minor for children or adults.

I already read his complaints are minor for me.

From the larger picture standpoint, all the changes are pretty minor for my playstyle.

During this period, he also composed the Concerto in G minor for piano and orchestra, Op.

Baulne-Charland was given a minor for boarding, while Reese was taken to the dressing room.

A booking for an unaccompanied minor can not be confirmed until an unaccompanied minor form has been fully completed.

Environmental Science already includes a broad range of science subjects, so you do not need a minor for this degree.

If the first group was in a minor key, the second group and codetta may be shifted into the minor for the recapitulation.

The Act clearly states that an individual can open an account in his name OR on the name of a minor for whom he is a minor.

In 4% of cases minor at is used

You can then choose a major or minor at another time.

These differences were minor at 1 month and absent at 6 months.

Hardly makes this unusual, like say, blowing a minor at a rest stop.

Whether or not it was rape or consensual, she was still a minor at the time.

Adjustments should be minor at this stage because the image has a lot of contrast.

I took French as a minor at university and then did all of the DELF and DALF exams.

Since yongest son was minor at the time of division his did not get any share of land.

If you are taking a minor at an affiliated university college, you may take a maximum of 2.

Other policy, which appears minor at first glance, is also set to create immense challenges for people with mental illness.

In 3% of cases minor by is used

Kennedy seem minor by comparison.

All other influences are minor by comparison.

Funding matters are minor by comparison, and easily fixed.

But these differences were fairly minor by comparison to today.

To disregard one as minor by comparison to the other is offensive.

Someone may deny the minor by objecting that the soul is the form of the body.

Berton/Hotarek (won bronze ): Adagio in G Minor by Giazotto/Albioni (last year) vs.

These two errors are minor by themselves and do not affect the rest of the lecture.

Abandonment of minor by person entrusted with his custody; indifference of parents.

Major, according to available information a war hero, has become a minor by surrendering to a thug.

In 3% of cases minor of is used

You can perform the most minor of updates - going from 2.

I feel guilty and responsible for even the most minor of things.

Paper cuts are classically painful yet are the most minor of traumas.

People honestly get offended by the most minor of things and its getting worse and worse.

The dedication and attention to even the most intricate and minor of details was extraordinary.

It is the most minor of procedures, a tiny nick with a scale, drain it, dress it and away you go.

Perhaps the internet has prohibited us from being able to erase even the most minor of those transgressions for good.

Almost everyone these days know you need to complete a security check when dealing with DoD even on the most minor of things.

At intersections, even the most minor of cross roads, pedestrians will stop and wait for the ' walk ' light before they proceed.

The A minor of 1827 rivals the Octet and Midsummer Night's Dream overture as the greatest instrumental work ever produced by a teenager.

In 3% of cases minor on is used

We should neither major on the minor nor minor on the major.

This may seem minor on the surface, but consider the benefits.

Who knows?! And when I do touch up, it just minor on my t zone area.

Like that expression goes, one must be careful not to ' major on the minor and minor on the major '.

It has to have a minor on both sides, or at least have been instigated by a minor against another minor.

I started with a C# minor chord, to F# minor on my guitar -- and I wrote the words while I was singing it.

But ring Cambridge major inside, when I can barely limp through a plain course of minor on a very good day? Forget it.

But the impact of tuition fees are relatively minor on universties high up the performace league table: Oxford has a 0.

If I bet on a race I need to assume that teams work for themselves, outside of minor on the road allegiances (work together to hunt down a break, etc).

In other words, the use of if here is good for precisely the same reason that it was bad above: we want to major on the majors and minor on the minors.

In 3% of cases minor under is used

It's pretty minor under the law.

Offences considered minor under vinaya may be serious under law.

A parent or guardian must accompany a minor under the age of 16.

Both parents must provide consent authorizing passport issuance for a minor under age 16.

After all, a minor under the age of 16 can, within certain limits, enter into a contract.

However, prefectures can have ordinances that prohibit sexual activities with any minor under 18.

New written consent from the non-applying parent must be obtained and submitted with any future passport application for the minor under age 16.

According to section 305 of the Criminal Law of South Korea, it is a criminal offense to engage in any sexual act with a minor under the age of 13.

In 3% of cases minor with is used

But it was really minor with only some zits and bumps.

Without me they could ring doubles or minor with the seventh sitting out.

I think it is in A minor with some funny modulation that has a G# (maybe).

Just recently an Aboriginal minor with mental health problems was strip searched in public.

Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA Personal appearance of minor with either parent.

The song sounds in Eb minor, but the guitars could be playing in E minor with a half step lower tuning.

To get that carbon back in per-mile savings if you replaced a Morris Minor with the Honda could take more than 20 years.

Your article is really well written; You tackle these minor with humor, sarcasm and just the right amount of seriousness.

By registering on the website, you are stating that you over 18 years of age or a minor with parental consent to use our website.

Yes, any person, including staff, is liable for the offence of supplying liquor to a minor with maximum court penalties of $11,000 applying.

In 2% of cases minor as is used

There are also those with minor as well as major cases.

It will aim to solve the minor as well as the major problems students have.

Change management processes should be developed to deal with minor as well as major changes.

They maybe minor as a media outlook but it makes one feel as if you are in a foreign land and unwelcome.

Some clergy choose sex with a minor as a way of satisfying themselves, while maintaining their clerical status.

Furthermore, all these funding give entry to properties for those who have minor as well as today cash decrease.

Further, any solar differential effect becomes increasingly minor as the temperature of the atmosphere as a whole rises.

In reality though, their losses were fairly minor as a majority of Chinese companies there were only working on contract projects.

Claude Debussy (1862-1918) Tonight's duo also played this composer's Magical Violin Sonata in G minor as well as Allegro Vivo, and a.

Most problems were very minor as the men were still quite young, most men under thirty, and their main goal was still for a bit of adventure.

In 2% of cases minor from is used

It's A minor from beginning to end.

Michaels pull back a minor from play.

We score a minor from a Kenneally P ground free.

As I remember it, the differences were generally minor from one to the next.

For example, the chromaticism in the Prelude in C sharp minor from Book One brings Wagner's Tristan und Isolde to mind.

After putting much thought into ' Should I switch my minor from violin to contemporary piano ', I decided to go for it.

Nana Brempong holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Political Science as a minor from the University of Ghana, Legon.

A quartet in G minor from Opus 32, written around 1780, it proved very much worth the journey, opening with a gentle insouciance, seeming to promise twenty minutes of charm and musical inventiveness.

In 1% of cases minor after is used

So I guess it's not so minor after all.

I added an Asian Studies minor after taking the first class.

Baker performed a sex act on the minor after his request, while the older teenager -- above the legal age of consent -- had sex with her.

Lim Guan Eng, currently the chief minister of Penang and the then MP for Kota Melaka, spoke out against the rape of a minor after the girl's.

A teenager was sentenced to the maximum sentence for a minor after running over and killing a 41-year-old father and his nine-year-old daughter on April 7.

In 1% of cases minor like is used

Also heard of ppl failing to get their license becos they hav past records, from criminal to less minor like traffic fines (No relationship but still rejected).

Can't we all get along? Maybe we can, but it's so dispiriting that all it takes is something relatively minor like some unacceptable tweets to expose deep resentments.

It drives us crazy watching our drivers get suspended for something minor like not completely filling out a manifest, or failing to notify the Inspector of the outcome of a traffic ticket.

In 1% of cases minor such is used

However, a few things could be done, in my opinion, but these are minor such as: 1.

It may be something minor such as did you put gas in the car or it may be major such as a life threatening disease.

This could have been something minor such as cutting your finger when preparing dinner or knocking your head on a cupboard which left a bruise.

If there's no structure on the area, or if it's only minor such as a fence or a flower bed, the simplest thing might be to move anything in that area.

For example, empowerment can involve something fairly minor such as allowing employees to replace broken or worn-out tools without management approval.

While many of these might seem minor such as note passing or calling out answers, these can quickly escalate to become classroom management nightmares.

New Zealand New Zealand is completed of two major islands appropriately named the North Island and the South Island plus a lot of minor such as Stewart Island.

In 1% of cases minor without is used

I personally would not do a reading for a minor without parental consent.

My question is, can they write a prescription for a minor without a parent present? My mom can't get off work.

In fact no animals should be advertised or sold over the internet, nor should any animal be sold to a minor without parental consent.

In a suit proceeding, the next friend or guardian ad litem can not enter into any compromise on behalf of a minor without the leave of the court.

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