Prepositions after "mind"

mind in, about, at, to or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases mind in is used

Investing in properties is one alternative that comes to mind in a low-interest environment.

The internal psyche, which we generally call Manas or mind in ordinary language, has four functions.

Make sure you have regular meals and coffee or tea breaks to keep the body and mind in tip top shape.

More important than an oasis may be to clear ones mind in a way of judging the importance of tasks and just writing a to-do list.

In this case soul equates to mind in the broadest sense, what it may be, how it may function, and how it may contribute to the human character.

Without a doubt what comes to mind in an instant is the paramount importance of not mixing justice with politics, that is to say, the judiciary must remain independent.

Do you think Bassons never shared with anyone on Festina? The fear against speaking out occurs in day to day life, never mind in the mafia-type Omert in professional cycling.

The question of recounts comes to mind in connection with presidential elections only because the current system so frequently creates artificial crises and unnecessary disputes.

In 14% of cases mind about is used

Am I completely wrong? Never mind about God.

So much so, I feel rather double minded about him.

I don't mind about what would have been my inheritance evaporating in this way.

Never mind about the different hair extension prices as long as it can satisfy you.

We need a change of heart and mind about who we really are and what our lives are about.

Clarke is very focussed and single minded about the team becoming successful and sets a high standard.

Never mind about the 25% interest - you pay off the balance every month, right? And those late fees, you don't have to worry about them, either.

In 11% of cases mind at is used

But, I don't mind at all--he loves to cook and I appreciate it.

In short, there was no operational or logistical reason for him to descend into this difficult environment at all, never mind at speed.

I live on a national speed limit road that is hilly and windy, and tbh I rarely go much above 40 on it even in the daylight, never mind at night in the rain.

Similarly, while vegies aren't the first thing that comes to mind at breakfast, cooked tomatoes, spinach or mushrooms can help you reach the daily target of five serves of vegetables a day.

Pure Pamper -- Spoil your body and mind at rejuvenating spas, indulge at traditional or contemporary Japanese onsen, enhance your well-being at The Farm or concentrate on healthy-aging at Chiva-Som.

In 10% of cases mind to is used

God has granted brain and mind to us.

But you can do something if you you are minded to.

It can be poetry, messages of peace, whatever comes to mind to the participant.

With all the crap they see everyday that would make me a little narrow minded to.

It was through this introductory program that opened my eyes and mind to the world of architecture.

He doesn't change, he opens his heart and mind to qualities that he has been ignoring within himself.

In 9% of cases mind as is used

MCAS Miramar near San Diego immediately comes to mind as a prime example.

MCAS Miramarnnear San Diego immediatelyncomes to mind as a prime example.

Hardly the first branch of medicine that springs to mind as the cutting edge of macabre experimentation.

In 6% of cases mind of is used

Debtline, My Money Steps and CAP are organisations that sprint to mind of the top of my head.

Never the less, I still feel sure that the less open minded of you will pour scorn on that Blair story.

C Sherritt, Alouettes Kyries Hebert and Anthony Calvillo, and many others come to mind of players who achieve the personal zone to perform.

Entropy and the conservation of linear momentum are the first examples to spring to mind of fairly simple concepts which are nevertheless known.

PS if you are worried about the pilot letting the auto pilot do some work - then don't fly, take the train, bus or boat and allow the more open minded of us to make constructive comments.

In 5% of cases mind from is used

That's just narrow minded from a different perspective.

So clean your heart and mind from negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Here are three that come to mind from this one: 1) Injustice is a part of life.

Aesthetic activity is the spiritual activity in freedom, in which people enjoy themselves in both body and mind from the activity.

In 5% of cases mind for is used

With that being said, here are two questions that come to mind for every business owner who either using or contemplating using social media.

In 4% of cases mind With is used

But most of all for me it is simply unacceptable for any woman to consider herself a failure (never mind with all the other adjectives) only because she does not have a man next to herself.

In 2% of cases mind without is used

In fact, he says, it may be impossible for humans or any other animal to bring a memory to mind without altering it in some way.

In 2% of cases mind by is used

When telling a story, paint a clear picture in the readers mind by describing the characters, or surroundings.

They can also understand the negative feelings that comes to people mind by the oppressive measure they are taking for the sake of their.

In 2% of cases mind against is used

Though probably he'll play a bit more defensifly minded against a side like United.

Only a lucky 1 per cent feel able to fortify body and mind against the afternoon with a glass of wine.

In 1% of cases mind following is used

Things have changed somewhat since then and today, Raja Nighat Aman, a deputy superintendent of police, with a decade-and-half of policing career behind her, doesn't mind following SRK like a shadow.

In 1% of cases mind into is used

Collecting the power of the body and mind into scrutinizing one certain thing - that collecting is sila, the looking is samadhi, and the seeing of the truth of that thing is panna-vipassana.

In 1% of cases mind on is used

Someone that does not know when the legislative branch intends for something to be a penalty vs a tax should not be a judge, never mind on the high court.

In 1% of cases mind towards is used

Also, the majority of fans of ALL teams (well bar one) are fairly positive and open minded towards the proposals.

In 1% of cases mind within is used

See clip from former interview below, which in itself is VERY interesting for what it says about his perceptions of his audience, both open minded and closed minded within ITM.

In 1% of cases mind across is used

Nowadays, there is seldom consistency of decision-making within games, never mind across them.

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