Prepositions after "military"

military in, for, to, as or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases military in is used

The most expensive military in the world.

Spokesman of the military in the area, Lt.

The US Military inquiry clears US soldiers.

In reality, US-UK military interventions are state-corporate military interventions.

You have no legitimate interest in ' crimes ' of the UK military in the Midfle East.

Siddiqi The Military in Pakistan: Image and Reality, Vanguard Books Pvt Ltd, 1996, p.

However, excessive involvement of military in every nook and corner can not be accepted as healthy a healthy sign.

They have the advantage of having their assets protected in foreign country's by the largest military in the world.

It was something special, designed by the US military in response to the Soviet Union's first nuclear test in 1951.

Currently retainability is what makes our military the strongest military in the world and keeps are enemies at bay.

In 11% of cases military for is used

Military for self-defense purposes.

I was in the military for eight years.

I have been in the military for 21 years.

But for very obvious reasons the US could not send in active military for this job.

Many men in the military for generations have gotten tattooed as a rite of passage.

Hey guys!!!! My fianc was in the military for 19 years and got hurt and can't work.

Gabriel, his other brother, had a life much like Heriberto Lazcano 's, and he joined the military for some years.

I oppose the recruitment to the Israeli military and any other military for conscience and nationalistic reasons.

He served in the military for four years, before receiving a purple heart for saving the lives of his crew mates.

Tim understands the importance of the military for our national security, as he was an Army Ranger for five years.

In 7% of cases military to is used

From the military to civilians.

Hu to hand the reins of the military to Mr.

Unite together to resist the military to the pressure.

We do have military to military relationships now with Vietnam, with Laos, Cambodia.

The United States holds its own military to the highest ethical and legal standards.

Rajoelina gives various benefits to the military to ensure their support and loyalty.

El-Rufia, what has the north sacrificed for Nigerians ' sake? You guys used the military to ONLY northern advantage.

Solutions can now be transferred from the poor to the rich, men to women, the young to the old, military to civilian.

I am not surprised at Agwai's statement; he has an enviable record in the military to back up for his present status.

He wants to move the locus of power in Turkey from the military to his party and the class forces which it represents.

In 6% of cases military as is used

If you choose the military as a career path,.

I served in the British military as a young man.

Of course, there are military as well as financial incentives in doing both of these.

I'd like to echo what several posters have said about the military as a career choice.

This seems a bizarre oversight: Clearly, Hezbollah would have military as well as political roles in the conflict.

Here is the historic lesson for mankind referred to above, and it is not so much a military as an economic lesson.

In the Military as a Vietnam vet infantry soldier I had to do some quick thinking to help soldiers with panic attacks.

Maybe I wasn't really in the military as you claim, I'd a coward and am lying about my DD 214 and honorable discharge.

In 5% of cases military with is used

How dare you compare your military with us.

He equipped military with rather new technology.

I am in the military with Tricare for insurance.

Slo90 IBM lost no time in providing the military with all the computers it needed.

S military with thousands of troops passing trough it on their way to the Middle East.

In July 2002, Congress approved of the largest expansion of America's military with a $34.

Canada is integrating our military with that of the Americans in a manner that ties our foreign policy to theirs.

Again, that couldn't be kept secret, nor could it just be transferred over to the military with the drop of a hat.

I pickup up man in a uniform and looks mid 20th century 1930-40's and it looks military with a hatJ A Hornby Reply:.

Have been travelling to US since 1985 and again in 2008, i work in Iraq supporting the US military with KBR company.

In 5% of cases military on is used

Arshavin has gone all military on us.

We have the greatest military on earth.

Details Military on Alert Over Shari'a.

The military on Friday placed a N50 million ransom on Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau.

In March 2012, the military on the Texas/Mexico border was placed on HIGH ALERT due to 0.

The clear voices among the Fathers condemning participation in the military on apparent pacifists grounds are few.

Co-operation is key, but so is looking beyond the lies and duplicity of politicians and the military on all sides.

If this allows peace enforcement out-of-area, in the future Switzerland has to prove its military on a large-scale.

There will always be a role for private contractors in helping supply the country's military on the field of battle.

In 4% of cases military at is used

Look, we love the military at the show.

And they're building a military at a rapid rate.

He also was serving in the military at the time.

I debated it and asked advice from several active members of the military at my work.

This is especially true for those of us who were serving in the military at the time.

You see, I like more than a hundred thousand other Americans was in the military at the time.

Even if it means sustaining a ravenous military at the expense of everything else in order to do all of the above.

We are, with Pakistan, one of only two countries to have such regular talks with the Chinese military at this level.

What have happened to those handed over to the military at the final phase of war are the queries from the relations.

In 4% of cases military from is used

Military from 1898 to the war in Iraq.

Convince India to withdraw Military from Kashmir.

No military from either side was allowed in the area.

They would have cleansed the military from their land and they could have won the war.

ZERO military from any country will be allowed to cause war in the Middle East or elsewhere.

Hillier recounts the rocky recent history of the Canadian military from the perspective of the ultimate insider.

The raiders, demonized as ' baby killers ' for causing civilian casualties, diverted the military from the Front.

The United States plans to buy 21 Mi-17 helicopters for the Afghan military from Russia's Rosoboronexport by 2016.

They are also exposed to dangers from sea pirates and rough seas and hostile military from neighbouring countries.

In 3% of cases military by is used

BUILD-UP: Of the military by Beijing.

The Filipinos are not military by nature.

We got rid of the military by electing dictators.

In May, CSX was also honored as a Most Valuable Employer for Military by CivilianJobs.

Pearl Harbor was actually an attack on our Military by the Armed Forces of another Nation.

The Sri Lankan government boosted the moral of the military by unequivocally supporting the war.

In August, he sidelined Egypt's once-powerful military by sacking its longtime leaders and taking away many of its powers.

He was also charged with looting assets and property of innocent people who were handed over to Pakistani military by him.

President Truman started the modern move to equal opportunity when he removed segregation in the military by executive order.

If elected president, Romney will review transition to the Afghan military by holding discussions with commanders in the field.

In 3% of cases military during is used

I served in the military during peace time.

Shagari failed to engage the military during his tenure.

I went to Japan with the US Military during the Vietnam War.

But, the park became a centre for the occupying SL military during the war decades.

Only about 10% of people who served in the military during the 60s served in Vietnam.

John 's, Gander and Stephenville had been built by the military during the Second World War.

The ruling of the Supreme Court was apparently ignored by the President and the military during the civil war.

For example, the current Queen of Britain served in the military during World War II as a driver and mechanic.

It's main roots lay in the research and development groups set up by the government and military during the war.

The PDP is widely believed to have received heavy financial assistance from the military during the 1999 elections.

In 2% of cases military after is used

Bales, who enlisted in the military after the Sept.

Mike Mullen is retiring from the military after 43 years on Sep 30.

Their sons signed up for our military after 9/11 just like many others.

Watson joined the military after being laid off from his job in the auto industry.

I left the military after 14 years because it simply wasn't what I wanted to do anymore.

Same as Spain's courts didn't prosecute the war crimes of Franco's military after the civil war.

Sgt Robert Bales, who served as an Army sniper, joined the military after the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Bureau of Labor Statistics in June 2012, the unemployment rate for veterans who served in the military after 2011 was 12.

The 2 nd Republic parties were all disbanded by the military after the 1983 coup which brought the Buhari/Idiagbon junta to power.

In 2% of cases military under is used

The town of Weymouth put its military under arms.

Especially those who have served in the military under that flag.

Then the Sirimao Bandaranayake government sent in the military under the command of Col.

Turkey's civilian leaders are a good example of how best to keep the military under control.

It is your military under whose watch the Kalashnikov and drug culture took root in Pakistan.

He was the first Sri Lankan Combatant who was medically discharged by the military under the diagnosis of PTSD.

The received wisdom from the west emphasises an apolitical military under the control of a civilian government.

I favor allowing gay men and women to serve in the military under the existing ' don't ask, don't tell ' policy.

The CNDP was integrated into the DR Congo military under a 2009 peace deal, but the mutineers say they rebelled.

In 2% of cases military into is used

Either way Ottawa will continue to send Canada's military into harms.

The long march had started to integrate the military into Tanzanian society.

This reintroduction of the US military into the Philippines has not gone unopposed.

The US has changed its tone and is now pushing your brave military into North Waziristan.

Steps were also taken to influence the Chilean military into moving against the government.

At the same time, now the Government should be cautious not to drag military into politics.

It is the WH attempt to scare the military into not resisting his idiotic orders in a crisis.

It's sad that people want to pull the military into extremely poor trolls/rhetoric like this.

When you turn the American military into another on-the-ground militia, you get people killed.

Remodelling the military into a modern, thoroughly professional peacetime force is one of them.

In 1% of cases military like is used

How can you dress a military like Mr.

Think of the mighty US military like this.

Especially few in the military like Musharaff.

It is good to know that there are still honorable officers in the military like Col.

In October that year, he entered the military like any other ordinary male of his age.

I hope Obama can get a grip on his military like Cameron is getting a? grip? on the BBC.

It had nothing to do with honoring current and former members of the military like Veterans Day is celebrated today.

Four motor cyclists dressed in black with their faces covered in black helmets carried out this attack with military like precision.

One would have thought you have learned your lesson by now and become a mature politician, and not a pawn in the hands of the military like Imran Khan.

And no guerrilla movement that has had a set of sanctuaries -- let alone the active help of a powerful military like Pakistan's -- has ever been eliminated.

In 1% of cases military of is used

Both military officers and defense contractors were frequently implicated.

Locals accused police and military of harassing them and burning the area's main market.

Tuus, there is a heavy burden on the government to justify retaining a military of this magnitude.

The federation will allow for a military of both states with federal cooperation between them both.

It recommended expanding power of the cia director and stripping military of its authority to recruit spies.

Sigiriya always had an important role in politics and military of Sri Lanka and holds a very interesting history.

Obama scored zinger after zinger: a decade wants its military policy back -- a military of cavalry and bayonets, and on and on.

The Hansa seems to have been rather successful for 350 to 400 years without maintaining a military of it's own like a national military.

Foreign relations and military Main articles: Foreign relations of Mali and Military of Mali Malian President Amadou Toumani Tour with former U.

In 1% of cases military before is used

We also learn that Kiera was in the military before becoming a Protector.

He was harassed by the US military before the charges against him were dropped.

She spent 12 years in the military before developing her career as a photojournalist.

I've dated guys in the military before and it really is nothing like dating a linguist.

Its construction was begun under the Soviet military before the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Of course, for those old enough to be in military before 1940, they had to be in perfect shape and mentally able.

The convoy was intercepted by the Israeli military before reaching Gaza and clashes led to the deaths of nine people.

China, Russia, and Iran all ultimately helped arm the Sri Lankan military before the last phase of the Sri Lankan Civil War.

In Wisconsin alone this election cycle, at least 30 municipalities failed to send absentee ballots to members of the military before the 45-day election deadline.

In 1% of cases military out is used

In fact, I'd leaving the military out of this.

We all know who wants the Military out of certain areas of this country.

DeGaulle said he wanted all US military out of France as soon as possible.

NIMBY movements may someday finally push the US military out of Japan and off Okinawa.

Different people came together to form a party that would keep the military out of government.

The elections showed that Nigerians cherish democracy and want the military out of their lives.

There has also been a legal and political tradition of keeping the military out of domestic policy and domestic deployment.

So just put all those ideas about bein CEOs or doctors or lawyers or workin in the military out of your pretty little heads.

They demanded that the Government release the activists, put an end to abductions in the north and pull the military out of former conflict areas.

From 9/11 the Pakistani military out of fear of US retaliation as well as greed for dollars abandoned its Jihadist policy and Islam was no longer fashionable.

In 1% of cases military over is used

Do a lot of people leave the military over it? Sure.

Already, the idiot congress will fund the military over food stamps.

The cables showed the US would support the military over the Tunisian regime.

Each member of the military over the rank of Colonel or Naval Captain will have access.

Thousands of Nigerians have been killed by the Nigerian military over the past 20 years.

His father Kim Jong-il's policies had privileged the military over other sectors of society.

The timeframe may reflect continuing tensions between Cameron and the military over the scale of troop reductions.

Abdu speculates that the Brotherhood is in negotiate with the military over the future of presidency and the parliament.

September 2011: Gen Petraeus takes up his post as director of the CIA, after retiring from the military over the summer.

These are the frauds who define the rules of engagement that are killing our neighbors, children and spouses in the military over there.

In 1% of cases military rather is used

The PLA is CCP's military rather than the Chinese state's military.

I also attributed more to the military rather than the British though.

I grew up in the ' 60s, but served in the military rather than in Haight-Ashbury.

Talk to someone in the military rather than getting your current events from the media.

Cavalry could do infantry very great harm, using ' harm ' in a military rather than human context.

That betrayal is what causes the turmoil in the military rather than people being press ganged into it.

In addition, these new monarchs needed money, and they needed to establisha competent military rather than mercenaries.

There is little sign of fresh thinking on Kashmir from the Indian establishment, which sees the solution to its difficulties as military rather than political.

The decision to hold a military rather than a civilian trial remains controversial and follows a lengthy legal wrangle over where the five men would face justice.

Had Romney's background been military rather than corporate or political, the public might just have had a substantive debate and a real lesson on defense statecraft last night.

In 1% of cases military through is used

Also stay involved with the military through your recruiter.

This pants style remained popular for the military through the Second World War.

You must also take care to prepare our military through a rigorous training system.

That's why when Caeser brought a triumphant military through the city the Senate was appalled.

Obama said he wouldn't repeat the mistakes of past administrations by crippling the military through post-war cuts.

These are basic guidelines for all those candidates who are willing to join Pakistan Military through PMA Long Course.

All the subsequent states that were created after 1963 in Nigeria were created by the military through military decrees.

The same treatment must be meted out to those who have contributed to the debilitation of the military through other means.

Part of this political barrier is due to coercion tactics of the USA itself that wants Europe to be reliant and to fund its Military through procurement and subsidies.

In 1% of cases military because is used

We are about to see a mass exodus from the military because of it.

But if anybody suggested we should get rid of the military because of that.

Kathleen, several people do not serve in the military because of that reason.

Authorities suspected he might have been in the military because of his tattoos.

But based on your logic, Russia (USSR formerly) not a top 5 military because of Afghanistan.

So, they should not be discourage in the field of military because of their physical appearances.

Command and control cultures are used in the military because of the nature of the job and the size of the units.

Posted By: tacomoon Yes, women should be in the military because they have more of a pain resistance then most men.

In fact, to a large extent, China has had to modernize its military because of external pressure, especially from the US.

She and her family have been targeted by the DRC military because of her work as the coordinator for women's human rights.

In 1% of cases military against is used

By force? Using our own military against us? MI: No.

Not when it's an armed military against unarmed civilians.

War is no longer two nations pitting their military against each other.

William Berkeley led the military against the colony's remaining Native Americans.

Laos denies accusations of abuses by the military against the ethnic minority Hmong.

The spy ring - US military against the White House - was discovered at the end of 1971.

This is a film about the war within, the one fought by the women in our military against a male-dominant culture.

The accused have filed complaints before the military against Pestao's classmates for allegedly covering up his suicide.

There is a deep disgust, a fury, growing in the ranks of the military against the indifferent incompetence of this president.

The mounting pressure of the military against LTTE has also brought countless deaths to the rank and file of the LTTE groups.

In 1% of cases military about is used

BTW I was in the military about this time.

Thus, the greater good requires that the state can order its military about as it sees fit.

The International Labor Organisation is training the military about the legal implications of forced labour.

The International Labour Organization is training the military about the legal implications of forced labour.

But there's something meticulous about their placement and military about their bearing, almost like they're sentries on watch.

The concern with in the US military about the performance of US air strikes is being taken more seriously the I had previously been told.

The findings of the UN special representative for children and armed conflict echo concerns expressed by the US military about insurgent tactics.

What will the wingnut Akin do now? Advise the military about the pregnancies in the military due to rape! Take care in the midwest land of red state crazies.

Israeli jets were dropping loads of announcements for the people of Gaza to stay at their homes and to call the military about anybody shooting rockets on Israeli towns.

In 1% of cases military without is used

Gays can serve in the military without hiding their sexuality.

It was carried out by the military without lawful authorization.

You want to send in the military without increasing the violence.

That is why its best to have a balanced government and military without religion.

It has a military without peer, and capabilities that most do not even comprehend.

We can responsibly reduce the size and cost of our military without undermining U.

It sounds like you may have went into the military without direction and fell victim to the company you kept.

Off the top of my head - for rightwingers - we rebuilt our demoralized military without resorting to the draft.

So, it will not be correct to put all the woes of the country on the military without looking at their function.

You can not dismantle Social Security, Medicare, every Federal agency, and our military without destroying America.

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