Prepositions after "migrate"

"migrate to" or "migrate from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases migrate to is used

A good number migrated to Corinth.

Many people want to migrate to Australia.

Usually flocks of storks migrate together.

Clara then tells Gary that the Del Valle family are going to migrate to Dubai already.

Some of them are now migrating to Nepal and other regions in search of a better life.

In the winter, thousands of guest birds migrate to this island to add more to its beauty.

People migrating to the United States came with a tradition of using May Day celebrations to call for labor rights.

If not treated, these bacteria may migrate to the bone support of the teeth and it can eventually result in tooth loss.

It was unfortunate that the graduates and artisans from costal region migrated to Hyderabad in search of jobs, he said.

When he migrated to Madinah, he prayed towards Jerusalem for 16 months, but he hoped it would be changed to the Ka'bah.

In 17% of cases migrate from is used

I just migrated from Vonage to Voip.

People migrated from all parts of Indi to Pakistan.

They migrated from Tibet once it was invaded by China in 1950? s.

A blunder, you may not even realize till it is too late to migrate from the product.

It is much better to migrate from the place and serve the motherland from adapted motherland.

Meath, a property which he received when he migrated from Leicestershire to Ireland in 1641.

As the IMAP server I was migrating from was Cyrus-IMAP, I was able to list all her folders via the cyradm system.

The Oxbow People are believed to have migrated from Saskatchewan to Alberta bringing with them the medicine wheel.

They are the new home for the vast portion of the information world that has migrated from the physical to the digital realm.

Just like Nana Jan had to leave everything behind when he migrated from Amritsar, a high price that millions of people paid in 1947.

In 3% of cases migrate in is used

They hadn't migrated in generations.

Most of the men migrate in non agricultural season to earn a living.

Government policy By the 1960s families had also begun to migrate in significant numbers.

Clara is so mad at Alvira because she is not going to take her with them migrating in Dubai.

Everyone has their reasons for migrating in the first place whether they happen to Muslims or Christians.

Mara is saying her good bye to the ones that is close to her because her family is planning to migrate in Dubai.

Valtures Zebras migrating in the Serengeti Serengeti cheeter They spend tie here crossing forward and backward of Mara.

Other high risk groups will also be targeted, including women who migrate in search of work and orphaned girls who have resorted to exchanging sex for money or food.

In 3% of cases migrate into is used

Between January and April each year enormous numbers of wildebeest migrate into the area following the.

One of the main reasons is that vehicles can only pass during the dry season, whilst the game tends to migrate into these areas only in the wet season.

Such speakers, she says, will range from people who have gone on to set up their own company, to people who have migrated into other fields, to social innovators.

In the same year, 248,000 people migrated out of London (about 3% of the total population) to other parts of the UK, while 167,000 (about 2%) migrated into London.

Located on the south-east coast of Ireland, they are the closest point for birds migrating into or out of Ireland from Britain and the Continent from a southerly direction.

In 2% of cases migrate out is used

In Jamaica in the 1970's many in the middle class migrated out of fear of communism or because of the policies of socialism.

In particular, for professionals looking to migrate out of slow economy countries, Singapore has emerged as one of the top destinations worldwide.

In the same year, 248,000 people migrated out of London (about 3% of the total population) to other parts of the UK, while 167,000 (about 2%) migrated into London.

In 1% of cases migrate between is used

Legions of wildebeest and zebra migrate between Kenya's Nairobi National Park, Maasai Mara Game Reserve and Tanzania's Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro conservancy.

According to him, these birds migrate between the black buck habitats of Rollapadu and Adoni in Andhra Pradesh and Siruguppa, Chelugurki, Koppal, Gadag and Rannebennur in Karnataka.

In 1% of cases migrate through is used

The Indian Ocean is rich in fish, with tuna and pelagics migrating through the Pemba Channel every year, with continual supply of snapper, grouper and sharks.

Striped Marlin The Striped Marlin (November - March) It is the most prolific of the Marlin and they seasonally migrate through the natural corridor between Zanzibar and the mainland.

In 1% of cases migrate toward is used

Don't worry, though, just as in 2010, the rest of the crowd will migrate toward Rasmussen's view before the votes are cast.

The surface low migrates toward the western edge of the cloud mass, near where the inflection point and the jet stream are located.

In 1% of cases migrate towards is used

Some industries will stay clustered around the city center but more jobs, especially service-oriented ones, will continue to migrate towards the suburbs.

In 1% of cases migrate with is used

Many of his followers would have become scattered with some migrating with Jesus himself out of Judea.

The reducing groundwater environments form poisonous arsenic compounds that would migrate with the ground water flow through the sediments.

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