Prepositions after "mid"

"mid to" or "mid of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases mid to is used

It is best on a mid to high tide.

During mid to late gestation (E10.

Things here are mid to high class.

In mid to late August of 1888 she ran into her brother Fountain Smith on Commercial Road.

Onset of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia usually occurs in the mid to late teen years.

We have broken our guide down into free, low to mid cost and mid to high cost activities.

I always believe that Irelia has a very strong early game advantage before the nerfs, and scales down mid to late game.

In the mid to late 1990s, the curriculum changed a lot to suit communicative teaching, and CLT became popular in China.

Ireland was the only country in the developed world to practise this discarded surgery in the mid to late 20th century.

Preliminary results will be announced from mid to late December, and the complete report will be released in March 2013.

In 18% of cases mid of is used

From mid of 1986 to May of 2009.

He worked there up to mid of 1997.

First we met in the mid of 1967-68.

Nail Tropics recently opened a branch at Trinoma Mall in Quezon City mid of March this year.

For the Obama administration the timing was hardly helpful in the mid of election campaigns.

In the mid of 2006, after more than a decade of clan fighting and destruction, the people of.

The Hotel is in the mid of the town and is an old Hotel built around early 19's but even then its maintained very well.

Jefferies has estimated that 170 million of global subscribers will be coming out from agreements after the mid of 2012.

There will not be any applications for DX11 technology until the beginning to mid of 2010, so what makes the difference.

By the mid of the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the renovation of both PVG Terminal 1 and SHA Terminal 1 will be completed.

In 4% of cases mid on is used

Sehwag flicks the third ball to mid on for two runs.

He clips a lazy single to mid on to complete the over.

Now Cook pushes to mid on and they canter home for a single.

People are always quick to forget his extraordinary ability at short leg/silly mid on too.

Length ball, outside off stump on the back foot working, to mid on for 1 run, fielded by Best.

Sehwag sat back, waited, and flipped his wrists over to direct the ball wide of mid on for four.

But he scored 12 off just 4 balls in the second innings and also scored the winning runs with a pull shot through Mid On.

As a practical drill, get a partner to throw to you, over arm or underarm, and work on stroking the ball up through mid on.

However, the decisive moment came at the start of the 18th over when Kasparek was run out trying a very risky single to mid on.

Little danger that -- -- -- the bailout but divorce should offer a useful snapshot of the mid on what is a very sensitive -- up.

In 2% of cases mid for is used

Push lane and go mid for a countergank -No.

I've played solo mid for about 5 years in total.

We have needed a centre mid for season and yet again we are being let down.

Under Mourinho, at 2-0 he would've brought a defensive mid for Torres and called it a day.

Treble has decent extension, but exhibits similar quality as the mid for being further away.

I've always liked AP champions even back in the NA server days and I've been playing mid for that reason.

Results This paper describes the MID for the SF-6D from seven longitudinal studies that had previously used the SF-36.

Me heard a bird tell a gnat it had just ate that if all stays as now one of the STARTING mid for Barca will be Ramsey.

Interestingly at mid for Dublin that day was the son of a Mayo native Thomas Mulligan RIP, a great fielder of the ball.

We found no reliable statistical evidence that the magnitude of the MID for those who improved and deteriorated was different.

In 2% of cases mid in is used

I started UNICOM mid in 2004 with Mr.

And now he is probably the best mid in the prem.

No doubt he ll b d best mid in england in future.

They told mid in june and the people who advanced before me are getting the cars these days.

I came in about mid in process just in time in choosing paint colors, finishes, fixtures, tiles, etc.

These economic herbs normally ultimately or mid in the thirty days for those who have no money with you.

Just fyi as of May 30, the PMCID appears in that record now too, so I do see the MID in the MEDLINE format or the record.

What you claim is akin to the stock market always trading at mid in a share rather than a usual bid offer quote of +/- 0.

The MID in the US has zero effect on Canadian decisions about taking on debt no matter how much trade Canada does with the US.

Sure Scotland would rank mid in the EU in terms of seniority, but for some of us in Scotland rank and status are not everything.

In 1% of cases mid at is used

The MID at 3? months was approximately 6.

What's the rest of the state saying? posted by Mid at 8:14 PM on February 19, 2011 4 favorites.

In 1% of cases mid with is used

Hyhy decided to solo mid with Alchemist.

Before Lucas arrived, he was an attacking mid with great promise.

Attack is yellow peach, firm tannins in the mid with little oak influences.

Kennedy is a silky, quick goal kicking mid with some inside game to go with it.

Maybe you know that Nightstalker just left mid with an Invisibility Rune in his Bottle.

A center mid with a physical/aerial presence would do wonders (basically Diaby when healthy).

It is very easy in pubz, u can just buy a chick and go mid with no items, and compensate early harassment from enemy with early bootle.

For me he is the perfect holding midfielder My point is that *before* he came to Liverpool, he was an attacking mid with great potential.

This is a set up at its most basic, but equally this scene could work with just the exterior wide or just an extreme cue of my face, or a mid with a voice over.

For example resting Gillett for a few games and bringing in Moussi to link in centre mid with Guedioura may see both the latter mentioned players find a return of thier previous form.

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