Prepositions after "mention"

mention in, by, on, to or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases mention in is used

This is only mentioned in passing in Dr.

He was not mentioned in the Jain diaries.

However, not a single word in mentioned in it.

PLEASE check out the resources I mentioned in my above post in this comment thread.

Just discovered the blog today after it was mentioned in the Daily Muse newsletter.

You've mentioned in the past your belief that there would be young men lining up to volunteer to be firefighters.

She described the developments in the country as a coup and mentioned in the context the coup attempts against R.

As mentioned in a newspaper the former NSB chairman is charged and not the bigger fish for the previous scandals.

It is mentioned in the PF act that one can take 36 times his monthly salary as loan towards constructing a house.

In 9% of cases mention by is used

This is mentioned by many historians.

As mentioned by just about everyone here.

Two mothers are mentioned by name in the Qur? an.

Armenian MS ascribes the passage to Aristion, the presbyter mentioned by Papias (ap.

Gilda Palma are indeed his clients with respect to the cases mentioned by respondent.

As already mentioned by the Good Cogito above new poll out to day gives Tories 17 point lead.

There is a chance that he might seek change in at least some areas mentioned by the author during his presidency.

But I have friends who have all of the bikes mentioned by you and none have any major complains about those bikes.

In Mortal Kombat (2011 ), Kabal is once again good, although his past as a Black Dragon member is mentioned by Kano.

As mentioned by a great Wali of Allah, Look at the Greatness of Allah with regards to the sinners and transgressors.

In 6% of cases mention on is used

No trauma is mentioned on the skeletons.

This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jojo Agot, Jojo Agot.

Files mentioned on the command line will be parsed individually.

Which I now see I missed you mentioning on my first read, so apologies but hnnnng.

Again, this has not been mentioned on a single mainstream news outlet since that day.

The voucher must be used before the expiry date mentioned on the face of the voucher.

There is one drawback however, which is not mentioned on the website: access to the room is via the owners ' living room.

I hope you enjoy it -- and if you know of any old hoaxes that I haven't mentioned on the site, send me an email and let me know.

But how well I remember so many of the DJ's from back then! I saw Lolita and George Nix mentioned on your site, but also Jack E.

I think this meme has actually worked in that it got you to write this post, which was mentioned on Twitter and retweeted by many.

In 6% of cases mention to is used

Ghadiry Imam Khomeini mentioned to him that Ayt.

Mention to somebody that the glass cleaner is great.

I might mention to those who always seem to leave this out.

I've also mentioned to Yuki and Rocket's mom that Miga was badly hurt by her owner.

There was the time she mentioned to MTV that Beyonce's BFF ' loved ' her debut album.

The idea was, in fact, mentioned to me over ten years ago by my then editor Ian Gittins.

I should not get male child Expert mentioned to me that after removal of it my family will not have any problems.

Seek her, and mention to her the name of Arbaces; she fears that name, and will give thee her most potent philtres.

As i mentioned to Manna on the other thread, I firmly believe everybody should give/receive credit where credit is due.

Losing your hair isn't something you want to talk about or even think about, but it is worth mentioning to your doctor.

In 5% of cases mention about is used

You mention about playing your natural game.

You mention about Israel bombarding schools.

I see someone in the comments mentioned about Hippocampus.

BTW most of the things you mention about VirtualPC actually work for VirtualBox, e.

He even mentioned about the interesting stuffs that had happened in his everyday life.

Allah SWT mentioned about dust in al-Quran do have His highest knowledge about mankind.

Responses to this review I would be interested in the release note you mention about the cure for door problems.

Now we know that one of the key drawbacks customers mention about the current BlackBerry range of smartphones is fluidity.

Your first article mentioned about a piece about Australasia not being affected so the migratory bird argument didn't work.

In 2% of cases mention at is used

PINKER: Regarding bias: as I mentioned at the outset, I don't doubt that bias exists.

Reduction, actually sliced also by possible tablets, mentions at only 6 daily in the roll.

I think your progression that you mentioned at the end is more similar than different than mine.

Again, although not mentioned at all in the talk, the issues of privacy and security are not being overlooked.

Much of the world's content remains inaccessible even to the local population, not to mention at a broader level.

The Set Variable script step does not actually mention at any point that these are script variables, they are local variables.

Could I just mention at this point that Oxford have droppped the ball on this one with theoir ongoing refusal to merge dictionaries.

In that regard, the sentiments mentioned at the gathering ' The future of Tamils and the Timely Approach ' seems very encouraging.

Imran says: 01:10pm 29/05/10 Brad, If you really want to know what Islam is all about, go to the website mentioned at the bottom of this post.

It's important to mention at the very least on the call before the last call before vacation that their account coverage will be changing for a bit.

In 1% of cases mention above is used

I mentioned above the ' empty chair '.

Like I mentioned above this phone is gorgeous.

Also as I mentioned above Delicious wants to get out of the technology ghetto.

The bull dies in the end -- how could it not be? That said, most of the other propaganda you've mentioned above is nonsense.

However, as you have brought personal issues into it let me be completely honest: As I mentioned above -- I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and think your style of writing is fabulous.

If you drink the full sugar variety, you will be getting the same sugar spike we mentioned above that can lead to problems with your glucose insulin system the same problems that we mentioned above.

In 1% of cases mention as is used

It was mentioned as the movie started.

Queen Latifah has been mentioned as a casting option.

I wondered why this was mentioned as a requirement that's all.

Again, reciprocity is not mentioned as a factor in the current ICA.

Perception of safety is mentioned as a major deterrent from cycling but helmets are not mentioned at all.

And the second clue is that this incident is mentioned as an introduction to the story of Nicodemus that comes next.

In some extreme cases the Doric was mentioned as a Portuguese mansion and the palace of a legendary queen Dona Katerina.

At the center of these skills are the four Cs (critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration ), which Wagner also mentions as a set of core competencies.

I think the points you have mentioned as to how to find a purpose and what we derive from it, is really very well explained and I have got ta learn and adapt a thing or two from this.

In 1% of cases mention before is used

But sadly as many have mentioned before me, it's not so easy.

Just like you mentioned before, it all boils down to our priorities.

X Xthis has been mentioned before, but apparently it's been forgotten.

Making a cabinet As mentioned before the cabinet is usually a big wooden thing you stand at to play the games.

Toward Worker Takeover I mentioned before that, in the 1930s, one of the most effective actions was the sit-down strike.

So that's indeed a very healthy return, though as mentioned before this is risking your full capital as there're no safe guards.

In 1% of cases mention during is used

John the Baptist in a place of honor on the iconostasis, and he is frequently mentioned during the Divine Services.

Also, as we mentioned during the last round of talks, our principals will be confronted with issues that will require difficult decisions.

He had never been to the Al-Furqan centre, which was also raided yesterday, and did not know Sheikh Harun, the Muslim preacher mentioned during the operation, she said.

In 1% of cases mention for is used

Something he had forgotten to mention for two years.

I have known almost all of the persons mentioned for years and from close personal contact.

The evidence from the Qur'an and Sunnah that we will now mention for you will show this clearly.

As mentioned for arthritic patients, when taken three times a day, any chronic cholesterol is cured.

Entertainment -- museums of sorts that were mentioned for KU are also at PU if that is called any entertainment: / 5.

If rugby can have the benefit of a transformation ofballweight, the equivalent can obviously be mentioned for soccer.

These terms are here mentioned for the reason that confusion continually occurs owing to the incorrect usage of them.

This includes a complete sense of control, handling, comfort, power and most importantly sustainability of all characteristics mentioned for the rider.

As mentioned for the toe of the bat a thin smear of raw linseed oil over the face and edges helps the bat to retain its own moisture and reduces the rate of cracking.

In 1% of cases mention from is used

The one you mentioned from Software Patch is actually for WMP 10, and I have WMP 11.

The Swahili culture, to mention from so many others, includes within its rich language this African ideology26.

In 1% of cases mention of is used

I have mentioned of DINESH CHANDRA.

And the question will almost certainly not be debated in this thread due to mention of Gilad Shalit.

These people were upon apostasy, so leave this man who spoke well of them and whomever he mentioned of them.

Having mentioned of which, don't assume all businesses provide this so it does be determined by who you decide.

The amount of times I have officiated at a funeral of a suicide victim and not heard one mention of suicide beggars belief.

And as for what you have mentioned of people freeing themselves (from the Maktabah ), then consideration is not given to abundance in numbers.

Actually, all in all there are just too many to mention of what you can get from this product and definitely you will miss a lot if you are not going to take the advantage.

In 1% of cases mention with is used

Collections A collection may often be mentioned with an entry also.

Domains A domain is mentioned with most of the terms in the database.

Regular readers will note that it is something we tend not mention with any great frequency.

Muehlenberg, and George Weedon will always be mentioned with honour, among those who established the liberties of the country.

No group is mentioned with the seal of God only on the hand because nobody will be forced through intimidation to do God's will.

Could you identify most of the 8 people I just mentioned with just one name? Then -- you are a marketing geek and YOU 'RE NOT NORMAL.

Tongs who need advances, not rags during or after wine, slightly grill milder defeat and can be mentioned with their insomnia for statement.

The semi-autonomous nature of the states and the fact that the federal government or more populous states should not be able to steamroll them are mentioned with much more frequency.

Not much else has been mentioned with regards to price, however from the images we can also see that the Beast will come with a triple slot, triple fan design that is likely to give ASUS.

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