Prepositions after "meet"

"meet with" or "meet in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases meet with is used

In an earlier meeting with Gen.

Boyd is meeting with Limehouse.

Rice is scheduled to meet with Sen.

Tributaries meeting with the Vartry River flow from the east side of the mountains.

After that first meeting he had me meet with his chief of staff to talk more about it.

Question: Had you met with them earlier before recording their deposition? Answer: Yes.

I so much appreciated your willingness to accommodate my personal needs and schedule in terms of meeting with me.

Because once you've met with a lawyer, they will tell you that you need to engage their services to get legal advice.

The same is the case with the reports met with in the commentaries of the Holy Quran which are still more unreliable.

Somaliland will not meet with a government or parliament that includes individuals claiming to represent Somaliland.

In 21% of cases meet in is used

First we met in the mid of 1967-68.

Last summer, Inuit met in Nuuk Greenland.

It has two main streets that meet in a T.

The general assembly shall meet in session on the second Monday of January of each year.

In fact, if they had met in privacy and solitude, even then the? iddah will not be wajib.

The final three meets in the 14-leg series are staged in Stockholm, Lausanne and Zurich.

Those I've met in the real world after time online with them, after a few minutes it's like I've known them for so long.

Leading members of the Taliban, President Karzai, and his advisors met in October to negotiate an end to the 9-year war.

But the people I have met in this journey are good, responsible, hard-working people who have been outfoxed by the TBTF.

In 10% of cases meet at is used

They met at the same Communion table.

IMPORTANT: the riders meet at the farm.

Met at this restaurant called Karate Kid.


I still run into his mother who was the foulest mouthed woman I had ever met at that time.

Also been busy with this one guy I met at work, we let our frustrations go away very well.

I look forward to follow up meetings with all the interesting people we met at Indaba and even more so, I look forward.

We met at Ah Tong Tailor, Contractor C took more notes, we shook hands and he promised to get back to us within a week.

It seems a bit much to expect or demand patriotism from athletes when their needs as athletes aren't being met at home.

Nannies who work near one another often form social networks, setting up joint play dates or meeting at playgrounds.

In 7% of cases meet on is used

Karunanidhi holding TESO meet on Wednesday.

The Senate first met on the 11th December 1922.

Congress met on Thursday, as Roosevelt had asked.

This really hurt me, because we met on my birthday aswell so it was a special day for me.

Riding along the up-country roads, we often met on his rounds the doctor of our district.

The current cycle is due to bottom right around the next Fed meeting on September 13.

A year is way too long to be talking without committing to meeting on his part, hence his emotional unavailibility.

She likes taking pictures, loves telling stories, and sleeps with a one eyed cat named Wink whom she met on the Internet.

It was also one of the early ' we met on the internet, now we're meeting properly for the first time ' moments I'd guess.

Swansea Deafblind Group This self help social group for Deafblind people meets on the third Tuesday of every month from 2.

In 6% of cases meet by is used

Other costs are met by levies on pupils.

Finally this demand has been met by KSAC.

Ne5 in the opening was met by ambitious 8.

Met by our Tanzanian representatives and transferred to Mountain Village Hotel for lunch.

Currently it is estimated about 40% of total market demand ($ 6 billion) is met by imports.

Thomson tried to ensure that these conditions would be met by grounding his shielding electrode.

Met by our representative and transferred to your hotel for check-in and overnight stay at the Nairobi Safari Club Hotel.

Can not leave in care of helper, obviously our expectations and requirements for raising a child can not be met by a helper.

The children's father, Kevin Krim, was returning from a business trip on Thursday when he was met by the police at the airport.

They follow the tracks into the reputedly-haunted Fangorn Forest where they are met by a wizard in white -- Gandalf (McKellen).

In 5% of cases meet for is used

He said he wanted to meet for coffee.

Participants meet for registration at 8 a.

Is where youths meet for their future life.

There are far more criteria that must be met for a legal separation of marriage to occur.

I want to meet a Female with age from 25 to 35 and I want to meet for Romance and Other.

I am determined to ensure that ambitious targets are set and met for this important initiative.

Compress meetings: The reason most people meet for 60 minutes is because Microsoft Outlook has 60-minute appointments.

The next rendezvous was set to meet for dinner at 8PM, at a spot on the far side of this huge park overlooking the city.

I shuffled towards the door and Shilpa said: ' Good luck with future travels, ' like we met for ten minutes at a bus stop.

In 1% of cases meet after is used

Tuesday, May 15th Meet after breakfast at 9:30am to head to the studio.

Wednesday, May 16th Meet after breakfast at 9:30am to head to the studio.

A royal proclamation sets the date the new Parliament will meet after the election.

Government officials will meet after the games to come up with ways to stop this from happening in the future, he said.

So the Sunday Divine Liturgy becomes the means of gathering the parishioners who meet after the service over coffee and drinks.

Thursday, May 17th We meet after breakfast and travel to Marstrand as a group and spend the day sketching, collecting and exploring.

Meanwhile, the Governing Council of the IPL will meet after the Working Committee meeting, and Shetty said it will also discuss routine matters.

Charlie got married one afternoon, and that evening was heard by his new wife, on the telephone to his lover, arranging to meet after the honeymoon.

Matthew and Grant's clash will be the third all-English second round meeting after Peter Barker and Tom Richards also survived their opening round matches.

In 1% of cases meet as is used

Why is this? The Buddhas are as difficult to meet as the udumbara flower.

We meet as an offensive staff, defensive staff, and then I travel in between there.

Banks is the guide dog in training that i met as part of the official matching visit.

The mother of two cited the pain of losing her job 18 months ago and having to make ends meet as a result.

These groups meet as part of the Sunday School hour and prepare music and drama to be shared in the worship service several times a year.

This week - tomorrow in fact - European fisheries ministers face a crunch meeting as part of the process of reforming Europe's fish laws.

In 1% of cases meet before is used

In addition, certain requirements must be met before a gun licence is issued.

These two criteria (UTME and ' O ' Level requirements) must be met before candidates can be considered.

I have to say I've been wondering why the two women meeting before deciding to go to the police should raise flags.

Amory found it rather fascinating to feel that any popular girl he met before eight he might quite possibly kiss before twelve.

The product acceptance criteria outlines the standards that must be met before acceptance of the completed product can be made.

Ian Traynor reports from Brussels: Merkel and Hollande, the twin poles of conflict at this summit, are meeting before the full session gets under way.

G, Aaron and the Doc had never met before the saturday at The Imperial but I've never been on a trip where there was so much conversation and piss taking and laughter.

The NHS in Greater Manchester and Oldham are refusing surgery for mild varicose veins and strict criteria must be met before removal of warts or tonsils will be considered.

In 1% of cases meet during is used

Perhaps the most focused person I had ever met during my time on this planet.

Now the faces of the people I met during these long years keep coming back to me.

Especially thanks for all the people we met during this journey--Chris, Daniel, Mike, Drek, Sue.

They met during Dickens ' 1842 trip to America where Irving supported Dickens ' views on international copyright.

The panel exchanged emails from January to April 2004 and some of them met during an ENSP meeting in Krakow in May 2004.

Stay away from premises in the vicinity of very busy streets and even locations a lot of us meet during specific era of a single day.

In any case it is certain that, if Stauffenberg and Rommel did meet during this period, news of the Jewish genocide would have been no news at all to the Desert Fox.

In 1% of cases meet from is used

Jot a list down of highlights and topics or people you've met from the event.

This is where the members of the Bilderberg-group is going to be meeting from the 24.

This will inevitably lead to increased costs which will have to be met from the Legal Aid Fund.

Everyone I have ever met from Essex has always been fun, full of energy, classy with an extraordinary personality.

Introducing legislation to ensure decommissioning and waste management liabilities will be met from operational revenue.

Our mandate is to ensure that five percent of Pakistan ' s energy needs are met from renewable sources over the next 10 years.

Since 1994 it has been that MPs ' expenses ' wholly and exclusively attributable to the recall ' are legitimate and met from the public purse.

Demand in this market is currently being met from internal production, inventory withdrawals and tonnage via rail, but additional requirements are anticipated.

It meets from October 1 to 5 and will consider a number of issues related to handling, transport, packaging and identification of living modified organisms under the Protocol.

In 1% of cases meet through is used

I know a few couples who first met through CouchSurfing.

Most of my best friends are people I've met through the game.

They continued to meet through their relief work in the following months.

Nick and Jimmy met through an advert that Nick made in an American cycling magazine.

Undoubtedly the needs of the soul or spirit are met through contribution and growth.

The President said that future challenges can be successfully met through brotherhood.

Staying in touch with other new mums you may have met through antenatal classes can be a valuable way of socialising.

Traxx: The rest of the guys are just are massive group of mates we just all met through a mixture of skating and DJ'ing.

My partner and I met through Twitter, by virtue of him being massively popular (7000 followers and counting) and me being.

You already know there will be questions! My greetings and love to Peter and Eleanor, because we met through their stones.

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