Prepositions after "mediate"

"mediate by" or "mediate between"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases mediate by is used

This may be mediated by a direct or indirect effect.

The rate of fluctuation is mediated by neurotransmitters like GABA and glutamate.

Some of this correlation may be mediated by cultural differences or socio-economic status.

Politics is the struggle between conflicting interests mediated by the degree of power each interest commands.

What is more EVERY-thing that people now do in their lives is created and mediated by the advertising industry.

The effect of obesity on risk of developing Type 2 diabetes is probably mediated by its effect of worsening insulin resistance.

Source Abstract The Ran protein regulates nucleocytoplasmic transport mediated by the karyopherin family of nuclear transport factors.

Astringency perception is much less well understood: the common understanding is that it is actually mediated by the sense of touch rather than by taste.

So whatever choices of initial condition that A and B observers make in the measure space is mediated by what choice * nature * makes in the physical space.

At its most competent, for example in Osofisan's plays, the vision is realised through carefully woven plots mediated by limit- credible characters and situations.

In 20% of cases mediate between is used

The Dutch embassy or consulate can assist you by: mediating between you and the hospital.

The conference may mediate between the child and the victim (where appropriate) in accordance with the terms of the programme.

Several actors, including the Pakistani government, the Afghan Taliban, and al Qaeda, appear ready to step in and mediate between factions.

We problematize the process and manifestation of mediating between the experienced landscape and its representation as archaeological data.

The two following diagrams show the ways in which pipes mediate between the Process producing the Resource and the Process consuming the Resource.

America is blamed for intervening everywhere, and expected to save Mexico from default, protect Taiwan from China, mediate between India and Pakistan.

In a very real sense, democracy can only function if this civil society can mediate between increasingly partisan governments and wholly commercial markets.

The programme allows for a conference(s) to be held which can mediate between the child and the victim, if appropriate, and draw up an action plan for the child.

At home in the city of Homs, Naser tried to mediate between warring factions, seeking out the Salafist commanders he resented for trying to turn the struggle for democracy into a holy war.

In 13% of cases mediate through is used

In the case of the employee level, the effects were mediated through environmental teamwork.

Whoever it is though, that idea of hearing from a journalist on top of having their thoughts mediated through words, has.

Therefore it is unlikely that, even if defective alleles were protective against developing ND, this association is mediated through symptoms associated with early smoking.

In 11% of cases mediate in is used

He said since the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) had offered to mediate in the APGA crisis that he would sheathe his sword and wait for time.

Following Campbell's attempt, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, backed by the elite, sent his special envoy Kiat Sitthi-amon to Washington to condemn the US attempts to mediate in the conflict.

In 5% of cases mediate on is used

Having lived in any of these Bokoharam strong do not pass for a reason for which FG should allow you mediate on their behalf.

In 3% of cases mediate to is used

Paul's understanding, is mediated to the individual through participation in the community.

For instance, bread and wine used at the Lord's Table mediate to us the presence of the loving and living God who makes all things new.

In 3% of cases mediate via is used

Regulation is mediated via many different mechanisms; it is when these mechanisms fail, and regulation is lost, that cancer can result.

If airlines could directly negotiate their own security policies with the customer without having to mediate via an airport business or government, then you might get an interesting spectrum.

In 3% of cases mediate with is used

It is designed to clear up your thinking as you mediate with it.

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