Prepositions after "meaningless"

"meaningless to", "meaningless without" or "meaningless in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases meaningless to is used

His stats are meaningless to me.

It was meaningless to me, honestly.

So, the Bible is meaningless to them.

It's the ' stranger ' part that makes it meaningless to anyone but the list maker.

They are, however, meaningless to women under the control of pimps or traffickers.

Like many errors, it included some hexadecimal numbers that were meaningless to 99.

As a non-religious person though, I could care less who gives the invocation so this story is meaningless to me.

The inner strength and creative mind of a human being are also meaningless to the person that forgets he has it.

The fact that I suffer in the meantime seems to be utterly meaningless to most of the doctors I've met in my time.

The fact that there are other NLEs that may be better for episodic TV or film editing is utterly meaningless to us.

In 24% of cases meaningless in is used

All meaningless in the big picture.

The stone is meaningless in itself.

But it's meaningless in the long run.

Here I find his strategy either meaningless in intent or inadequate in execution.

Indeed, the whole notion of beginning is meaningless in a time-symmetric universe.

These same critics argue that independence is meaningless in the context of the EU.

Fire, flood, hardware failure (raid array ), thief can all make data redundancy meaningless in terms of backup.

In any case, legal prohibitions become meaningless in the face of increasing availability and public acceptance.

And of course that possibility would be meaningless in the case of an author who already was a member of the MWA.

In 16% of cases meaningless without is used

Faith is meaningless without love.

Size is meaningless without grace.

It is meaningless without the report.

All that piffle about the universe and life being meaningless without a God.

Freedom of expression is meaningless without an equivalent freedom to filter.

Personal liberty is meaningless without quality of life for the most involved.

Intonation and left-hand ornaments are important, but they're meaningless without a solid feel for bowing.

It has function and direction but is meaningless without interpretation from the human agency outside itself.

However conversion into NZD is fairly meaningless without considering the relative cost of living in each country.

In both cases, the right is meaningless without the thought process and the willingness and ability to exercise it.

In 9% of cases meaningless for is used

But this is meaningless for two reasons.

In a way, her wife becomes meaningless for him.

In a way, her wife becomes meaningless for your pet.

We live in a time where the value of money has become meaningless for most people.

They're meaningless for any other purpose other than to show something needs to be done.

But blaming who's right or wrong is too late and meaningless for those who is suffering.

The Buddhist path of wisdom is meaningless for those who ignore this principle; they turn it into something else.

A few: pointless and meaningless for me personally, but I do not consider my own opinion supercedent to all others.

More TRPs or circulation are meaningless for an India that is still waiting for a mirror that reflects its real image.

Apart from voting rights, which are relatively meaningless for small stockholders, shareholders have no explicit rights.

In 5% of cases meaningless by is used

That interest relief will be meaningless by then.

The single spectrum is basically meaningless by itself.

Such justifications have been made meaningless by the web.

Recording reflects the actual teaching performance, but it is meaningless by itself.

I fully expect SS to be gone or meaningless by the time I retire in another 15years at age 65.

Any subsequent achievements that you may accomplish are rendered meaningless by the fact that you got poked in the chest.

The very idea of British citizenship has been rendered meaningless by the twin malign forces of the EU and mass immigration.

Put another way our individual discontents are not somehow suddenly erased or rendered meaningless by aggregate social trends.

In 4% of cases meaningless as is used

It is meaningless as a political term.

Hits are meaningless as a measure, by the way.

The name is meaningless as to what the study is investigating.

As you said in the post, the arbitrary figure of 10,000 hours is meaningless as a figure.

Meaningless as a conversation at a rave, a forgotten night or a lost day, only continual.

By the way, the NT is meaningless as a story of Jesus fulfilling prophecy if the OT is not also true.

Their ideas of Patriotism and Spirituality are about as empty and meaningless as an American flag decal on an SUV.

But in the context of surging price inflation, ' making ' money becomes meaningless as the value of money diminishes.

In the opening chapters Ferris makes our reading experience as irritatingly meaningless as the superficial lives he describes.

What it's attempting to measure and differentiate is meaningless as a factor when a very high percentage of all websites are EMD.

In 2% of cases meaningless at is used

National polls are meaningless at this point.

As I just said, these results are meaningless at this point.

Life can seem meaningless at times, but it is what you make it.

Which is to say it's all meaningless at some level, even science.

However, statistics tend to become rather meaningless at this level.

I don't want an apology from her, because it would be meaningless at this point.

This is because, while it is symbolic, it is essentially meaningless at the practical level.

Rotation will be a huge risk as their Premier League matches are fairly meaningless at this point.

The time is meaningless at this stage so soak in the atmosphere, people are cheering and high-fiving all the way in.

So as much as we can all throw out names, it is largely meaningless at this point (which doesn't mean we can't talk about it though).

In 2% of cases meaningless of is used

So: Frum may be right, but only in the silliest and most meaningless of ways.

She actually shares my view, and thinks that Valentines Day is the most meaningless of them all.

The rendering nearly meaningless of the right of a Party to become more protective of the environment (Art.

Which means the real issue isn't whether Spanish football is boring or not; it's the meaningless of the question.

I can question absolutely the deepest depths, like the heavy meaningless of suffering, and it doesn't threaten God.

I think that if a person were to truly comprehend the utter meaningless of life, they'd just give up, stop eating and die.

FP1 times are about the most meaningless of the entire weekend, especially when one session is occupied by a reserve driver.

Repeat offenders like the Serbian FA get the most meaningless of fines, then ban their offenders for two years -- but only for internationals.

The meaningless of local standardized testing is now accepted with New York State honestly admitting that tests were watered down and worthless.

This explains when I find Larry David so unsatisfying in the long run: he abandons himself to the meaningless of life with a complete lack of anything positive.

In 1% of cases meaningless after is used

The instructors repeat the same script which becomes meaningless after a while.

It has been said that the Old Testament became meaningless after Christ, but even the first pontiff of the Church condemned such a false opinion.

For those that subscribe to the NFL's popular Sunday Ticket, the package becomes nearly meaningless after the early games, as there is just one out-of-market game.

In 1% of cases meaningless because is used

He had a big run that resulted in a touchdown that is now rendered completely meaningless because of the final score.

The law provides that Sheriffs/County Registrars may not seize certain goods but this is effectively meaningless because of the amounts allowed.

As much as I agree with the point you are arguing, the above chart is meaningless because of the vast differences in years the earth was at the various concetrations of CO2.

In 1% of cases meaningless from is used

Yes, it's meaningless from physics standpoint.

So, that is meaningless from a practical perspective.

This table, however, is meaningless from a genetic point of view, in that all age groups are combined.

She may allow re-rolls until the key is found, thus making the actual rolls meaningless from a story point of view.

As a result the work became meaningless from the spiritual standpoint, because for religious growth it is not only religious action that is necessary, it is religious thinking that is more essential.

In 1% of cases meaningless on is used

While both figures are correct, they're meaningless on their own.

Seems like Labour's bellows were as meaningless on education as they were on the economy.

Everything in this life is utterly meaningless on the time scale of eternal and immortal beings.

Not really a lot to go about today as I'd to bloody sore to be getting deep and meaningless on some topic.

The number of people one follows is quite meaningless on Twitter, as one can pay absolutely zero attention to them (as Obama does).

All such experiences, quite paradoxical and meaningless on the production-theory, fall very naturally into place on the other theory.

All the conflict resolution lessons, community organizing, soaring rhetoric and transformational images are meaningless on the world stage.

If things go according to plan, we could have two thrilling (albeit meaningless on official records) T20 matches and have the crowds roaring again.

Each bullet point should consist of an intelligible phrase, rather than merely a word or two that is meaningless on its own or conversely a complete sentence that is better delivered orally.

In 1% of cases meaningless with is used

I think that life would be meaningless with out it.

It becomes more and more meaningless with every passing moment.

Invest the meaningless with meaning and it starts to matter, even if it actually doesn't.

That is meaningless with out the RATE -- per hour??? per day? Converting to US units (sigh.

That is meaningless with regard to whether he was a Baller, but it is interesting to note anyway.

The Triangle Shirtwaist atrocity was meaningless with respect to the treatment of employees in the US in your eyes.

When a foreigner killing happened here in the Philippines, or Manila at least, the victim is the one blamed! Crime statistics are meaningless with one exception.

Firstly, the Government is constantly moving the goalposts so comparison with previous years is meaningless with what was once a crime statistic being disregarded for some obscure reason.

The SEC will either examine offshore advisers, seeking to enforce their compliance with certain provisions of the Act, or the new Rules will be rendered meaningless with respect to offshore advisers.

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