Prepositions after "mean"

mean for, by, to, in or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases mean for is used

What does that mean for your U.

Consider what that meant for Adam.

What this means for the pumps is 1.

The owner reiterates that his shop is meant for ' convenient and pleasant '; not cheap.

Dive bombing, stealing food, picnics, unattended bags of chips, fish meant for sealions.

That was Obasanjo's regime and what human dignity meant for that regime for eight years.

What does that mean for GlobalMojo, though? Dan says it's shocking how much suffering is going on all over the world.

Not stopping at that, it tells you to go away if you are awesome, since this site is not meant for the likes of you.

At the moment it sounds like you're using a lot of things (wordpress) to perform jobs they weren't meant for (APIs).

In 23% of cases mean by is used

I'd not sure what you mean by that.

Not even sure what she means by it.

First, what do you mean by colonies.

Now what do the non-Chalcedonians mean by the mia physis, the ' one incarnate nature? '.

To understand Ro 11:17-24, we must have a clear idea of what is meant by the olive tree.

I'd not sure that's what you meant by ' way of life ' but it's what is actually important.

If you mean by article ur comment, ya I read it and if you think that's a lot of tax you should try running a business.

What is elemental awareness? I don't have a problem with that expression except that I do not know what you mean by it.

What I mean by that is that there are no standards, measures, accountability and traceability to make those claims today.

Other scholars say that what is meant by the implicit verses are the letters found at the beginning of certain chapters.

In 21% of cases mean to is used

What does freedom mean to you? A.

I didn't mean to keep you so long.

No offense meant to fresh teachers.

Lets stop being mean to each other and start to be more tolerant, understanding and kind.

Allah Ta'ala mentions that those who do not find the means to marry should remain chaste.

In other scenes that are meant to be more glam, the lipstick becomes darker and glossier.

Most dance people need to be educated in the ways of normal living and learn what body movements mean to other people.

As an actress and TV presenter, what does style mean to you? For me, style should not be defined by a group of people.

I mean to me personally the build quility from iphone 3 to 4 was the biggest thing, which is the EXACT same case here.

Stress what it means to the company, such as a more resilient workforce, more creativity, and more knowledge sharing.

In 10% of cases mean in is used

I often wonder what this will mean in the furture.

Thanks to the layers of meaning in each canvas, his.

I mean in the period of shooting for sure, somewhat in editing.

Finding meaning in suffering Sometimes our suffering seems pointless and unnecessary.

Belief systems can provide us with a sense of meaning in an apparently chaotic world.

Jones once said that he'd be disappointed if anyone found meaning in any of his lyrics.

Consider getting some of the staff to look them over and feedback what that might mean in terms of how they will work.

We all know what that means in WWE's world of pass the parcel booking, Cena's the one getting pinned on Sunday night.

Wish I have enough courage to look him into the eyes and I say what I am saying right now, I meant in the other post.

You're an integral part of the performance (we don't mean in a participation way) because at this point it's very fluid.

In 3% of cases mean about is used

Not sure what you mean about conditioning.

I know exactly what you mean about reading.

I know what you mean about the lawn fabrics though.

I don't understand why/ what you mean about filing your GST as you tell me this is a job.

I appreciate your advice there! I know what you mean about getting stuck in a pattern rut.

Kabul is 6,000 feet (1,828 meters) above sea level, which means about 20-25% less oxygen.

What I meant about Lucas is that we needed another player to play in one of the two defensive midfielder positions.

I know what you mean about the soullessness of the global megacorporation's products, starting with their buildings.

There were about 10K domains transferred before yesterday, which means about 20K were transferred on the day of the boycott itself.

I don't know why mine came on so suddenly and strongly, but I understand what you mean about wanting to be able to just get up and go.

In 2% of cases mean as is used

Anyway, religion is meant as a guide to human.

So that means as a program intervention, it is not enough.

More importantly the coffins are meant as a reminder to President Benigno S.

It's just meant as a way for us to get a sense of something happening that people can tangibly see.

I could feel what the journey I was about to embark upon meant as the time drew nearer, to me and to them.

The addition was meant as a tribute to Lennon, who sings the song, and who had been murdered two years earlier.

If, on the other hand, the term is meant as a mandatory prelude to being prosecuted, then yes, Mr Assange is charged.

The picture Le Peril Juif was meant as a provocation, obviously a succesful one! Micheal, claque is not rare word in French.

SMALL PRINT: All views expressed on this blog are those which I believe to be true and meant as a commentary on the issue discussed.

Therefore, the Prophet? s response was not meant as a general rule of an Islamic teaching revealed from God, but a personal response to a political incident.

In 1% of cases mean at is used

By town I mean at my parents ' place so we all trooped back there.

That's okay, as long as you still feel good about what it meant at the time.

I mean at the end of the day, if an artist dislikes me, I don't mind because the artists aren't fans.

I mean at a certain point you would think that other heroes (Jedi and non Jedi would take up some of the slack).

The development community is an ambitious one, constantly asking each other what this means at grass roots level.

What does that mean at work? What does that mean in litigation? What do we do about it as legal professionals? Paul is going to enlighten us.

I mean at the end of the day, anyone with a couple of braincells to rub together can get it for free as soon as it's out, if not beforehand anyway.

Similarly, the NES of each booster training was defined as: (( booster mean - non-boosted mean at timepoint n) - (booster mean - non-booster mean at baseline) ) /I ntra-subject SD 2.

In 1% of cases mean from is used

This usually means from the waist or chest up.

I mean from my personal story, that's really what happened to me.

A representation of the form X-Y means from X to Y ' or between X and Y '.

It's what motivates us and helps us extract meaning from new experiences.

For the Jews of the time a day meant from sunset to sunset, not from midnight.

Delivering the Lines Audiences make meaning from the way the text is delivered.

What this means from a practical perspective is the subject of much debate - our iOS expert gives an impartial overview.

As a result, Darwinian materialism confronts us with an eradication of meaning from the phenomenological experience of reality.

The second comma is wrong as it hinders the flow of meaning from the subject, ' gestures ', to the verb part, ' should not be used '.

Stage III: Try to find meaning from whatever study aids or teachers you may have, and go through stage II, steps (8-14 ), with their help.

In 1% of cases mean like is used

You mean like podcast feeds? I noticed that.

You mean like Wigan did when Rooneys muggin went unsanctioned.

Mac MacGuff: You mean like couples? Juno MacGuff: Yeah, like people in love.

What browser are you using? monkeyluis 11-30-2011, 06:13 PM You mean like podcast feeds? I noticed that.

I made one using half of a ball i mean like the health balls i don't know the name, but it was a nice and smooth outcome.

You mean like when the NSW player held Slater back in the second half - you don; t need to wonder yeah they got away with it.

I use NewsRob and it works great with Google Reader integration and ALOT OF FEEDS:) You mean like podcast feeds? I noticed that.

Coiler, you mean like how Aria keeps shoving W8 down peoples ' throats? Advertising is there for a reason But yea Adblock pro ftw.

In 1% of cases mean on is used

You'll see what I mean on Friday.

SCION 11-22-2011, 11:03 PM I meant on his Fire.

Which means on a steadily diminishing proportion of the population.

Perhaps you could say that knowledge is our imposition of meaning on the world.

I mean on courts like this, if he serves big he s going to be a tough guy to break.

I have always wondered what the little blob of rain just North of Harrogate meant on the BBC weather maps.

And secondly imposing of structure and meaning on what one experiences is not the same as having innate knowledge.

You ought to also try to go to sleep at the very same time every night, and naturally this also means on the week ends.

I don't mean that there was a little bit of a flame inside of the first story space, I mean on fire, as in, the windows were being melted.

I don't think these doctors had acted mean on purpose, or I hope so, but I do think it has something to do with the country's health care system.

In 1% of cases mean with is used

And I don't just mean with my cell phone.

This is what I meant with relearning stuff in my previous post.

I guess that is what the author means with the risk that it backfires.

Students reshape and add onto their understanding as they construct meaning with other readers.

NOC 2011 coding system As indicated previously, the first two digits of each code convey meaning with respect to the group's skill type and skill level category.

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