Prepositions after "mature"

"mature in" or "mature for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases mature in is used

You are mature in your thinking.

He looks so mature in these photos.

When we serve, we become mature in Christ.

What is the hidden wisdom spoken of among the mature in Christ? As referred to in I Cor.

Jaejoong is the sweet talker but that doesn't mean Junsu is not mature in handling media.

I was mature in a lot of ways, but not mature enough in my love life, as I soon discovered.

When such a child becomes mature in age and does not own wealth to the value of Nisaab, he may then be given Zakaat.

Those who were beginning to grow old had an air of youth, while there was something mature in the faces of the young.

After a time and you two get to know one another, than you can turn to topics that are a little more mature in nature.

When one is mature in devotional service and is a realized soul, he can know his own eternal relationship with Krishna.

In 22% of cases mature for is used

Narrator's too mature for that.

She is very mature for her age.

The people are not mature for it.

Kyle is doing extremely well, though sadly in some ways too mature for his young age.

On the contrary, these kids seem mature for their age when they hold their own plate,.

I guess the themes were just too mature for a young Scottish boarding school attendee.

Yes, I am young, but please do not refrain from saying anything you would normally say, I am VERY mature for my age.

AJ is probably the best all around performer of the trio, but I fear she might sound a little too mature for the role.

I think it might go a bit too mature for secondary school girls so I would say the age range would probably be from 21.

I suppose everyone has an age limitation but you are certainly very mature for your age in your writing and observations.

In 10% of cases mature about is used

He was way more mature about it.

Just try acting mature about it.

You were both very mature about it.

Tough it out, you're pregnant and you need to be mature about this even though you aren't.

We can only try to encourage you to be mature about your situation and realistic alternatives.

For the rest of Nathan's time aboard the Lamvidia the senior crew were very mature about it all.

We need to take one step at a time, sit back, think, and try and be a bit more mature about how these matters play out.

Personally, I have no problems talking to people about sex -- so long as they can keep an open mind and be mature about it.

Fair play to you for having the strength of coming out and being so mature about it and thinking of others and not yourself.

Anybody got any solutions??? Answers (5) Answerer 1 If I were you I would try to be as mature about the situation as possible.

In 8% of cases mature at is used

PCM is the most mature at the moment, said Park.

Females become sexually mature at approximately 1.

A seed is programmed to be mature at a certain season.

Females are sexually mature at 16 months, but first breeding is commonly at 28 months or so.

Also you need to be mature at a young age because making the wrong decisions can really set you back.

Weaning takes place at around three months of age, and pangolins become sexually mature at two years.

Before that, you need to do your best to separate the males and females since they become sexually mature at 3 months.

However, when the ideas became mature at governmental level meetings, it became hard to examine and consider the two in parallel.

In 6% of cases mature of is used

Thats real mature of you David.

Anyway, I know it's not very mature of me.

Real mature of you! Nate Heh, I'd not afraid.

This has improved since last year but is the least mature of the main governance systems.

It was immature of them when they decided to continue to torment Boo Radley after Atticus's warning.

And I thought it was quite mature of Sarah to turn down the offer because of all her parents were already doing for her and her kids.

As the cultural leader of Citadel Space and most mature of galactic civilizations, the asari are a species evolved for interstellar life.

It's difficult to gauge the market for music discovery services, but Pandora -- the most mature of the bunch -- had revenue of $274 million last fiscal year.

In 4% of cases mature with is used

I am stronger and more mature with decisions.

There are more track athletes more mature with a longer proven record.

Emotionally, I'd still the same person, but yes, one does become mature with time.

You will change your mind In Shaa Allah once you get more mature with more knowledge as well.

We have to admit, the 18-year-old definitely looks a lot more mature with her dark brown hair.

Try to stay mature with your answers even if it is probably the most difficult thing in the world to do.

In my opinion, it's certainly a progression from the previous two albums - more mature with more going on musically.

I've met and enjoyed life with many close friends over the years and have grown stronger and more mature with every year.

I think it should be mature with a good IDE and all the good quality support / librarys / tutorials you'd expect from Google.

You become wiser and more mature with every passing year as you add to a wealth of wonderful memories that add depth and meaning to your life.

In 4% of cases mature beyond is used

She is mature beyond her years.

He's mature beyond his years as far as football-wise.

A child at heart, yet told I'd mature beyond my years.

A young Nepalese guide Yadib Itni, who was mature beyond his years, accompanied me.

People who take ownership, fight the situation till the end and always mature beyond the expected level.

The sand-based inland links layout is mature beyond its years, and the greens are worthy of a Tour stop.

You may find your entire outlook altered by a young person whose life experiences have made her mature beyond her years.

In the end, what must have clinched it for me were two teenaged girls of Project 6, who proved to be mature beyond their years.

A lot can be said about Mller's aggressive personality and hard working character and at such a young age he is mature beyond his years.

Years on, the site has been sculpted with USGA specification greens, tees and approaches, making the course seem mature beyond its years.

In 3% of cases mature by is used

Young women do not become mature by being cut, but by education.

I could go back to blogger's own commenting system which became mature by then.

Jinyoung: To become more mature by 3 times than this year! I feel that I'd still very young.

Show her you're mature by talking about your goals and interests, and showing interest in what she has to say.

With this long struggle, I was quite mature by the end of student life, with our political background and due to the jail when I read a lot of Marxism.

This technique was mature by the 1920s, and Edwin Hubble himself used it to measure the distance to the Andromeda galaxy by observing the Cepheids there.

Suso's handling of his rise to fame has been heralded as very mature by Rodgers, and the playmaker says he has big plans for the long-term future with Liverpool.

Personal computer software and industry standard protocols for secure, secret, authenticated communications and funds transfer are likely to be mature by early 1997.

Thankfully, real world rules no longer apply; fourteen is mature by After the Wall Crash standards and although there are some juvenile aspects, this is not a teenaged tale.

In 3% of cases mature as is used

He is the one who has helped me mature as an artiste.

On the contrary, it has deepened and has become more mature as the years sped by.

Kwame Nkrumah's children - and certainly far more mature as a politician, than Dr.

That makes me mature as a person and as a cricketer as well, so it's going to do me only good.

As you advance and become more mature as a student of Knowledge, you will see the great value of this.

But just coming to a club like Arsenal and training with the players I am training with makes you more mature as a player.

They are relatively easy to sex when mature as the hen has the dirty white band across the chest while the male's chest is far whiter.

I think that Duran showed many how he became more mature as a person and a far better human being than he might have shown previously.

I am a lot more mature as a person and an athlete and this being my 5th major international championship, it is becoming old hat for me.

In 3% of cases mature on is used

Anyone who knows him will tell you that he is mature on and off the pitch.

The rut spells the beginning of new new life in one sense and death to the mature on the other.

Teodross Avery, a few days shy of turning 21 at the time of his GRP release, sounds quite mature on his debut as a leader.

It is expensive therefore I do not go often, but when i do i have a blast!! Submitted for This Is London Nightclub by To Mature on Nov.

In Other Words (1994) 3 Scott Yanow Teodross Avery, a few days shy of turning 21 at the time of his GRP release, sounds quite mature on his debut as a leader.

In 2% of cases mature to is used

Lets hope the team is mature to enough to handle it and bounce back.

When we are mature to that level, we will definitely call for the creation of state police.

On 20th July 2005, the ESRB changed the rating of GTA: San Andreas from Mature to Adults Only 18+.

It would be too late to correct a poor and unsatisfactory nebari once the roots have grown mature to some extent.

My mom makes me dress more mature to school People think im 20's something and people at my school think im a teacher.

We (my peers and I) thought that smoking cigarettes gave us a certain gravitas, and made us appear more mature to young ladies.

Advertisers are also more open to shifting big ad budget from mature to emerging markets, a movement no doubt fuelling the online economy.

In 1% of cases mature due is used

The game is rated M for mature due to blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, suggestive themes and use of drugs.

In this case it is so one can tell if they are sexually mature due to the inability to see the secondary sexual characteristics.

In 1% of cases mature before is used

They need to be mature before releasing a healthy egg.

Wait until something is mature before even thinking about using it.

Let your child remain a child and not mature before time to serve as a prop.

Nothing in particular happened that made me mature before my time, I was born this way.

Puberty in boys is a year or two later than for girls, who are often sexually mature before sixteen, and more or less socially mature soon afterwards.

It is obligatory on a boy who has attained 15 years of age and on a girl who has attained 9 years of age or when both have become mature before this age limit.

Mixed emotions of familiarity and contempt, admiration and disaffection, came from a rather mature before its time childhood and were mirrored on my bottle of Gris Clair.

In 1% of cases mature from is used

Protecht will become more mature from this experience.

Keep up the amazing work! Perspective is what separates the mature from the immature, the sane from the insane.

When they became pregnant, the young lady would go on holiday for a few months and return much more mature from an unknown destination.

The average litter size is between 2 and 4 pups however there can be as many as 7! The female guinea pig can be sexually mature from 4 weeks of age.

In 1% of cases mature into is used

Hopefully we'll see it mature into a must-watch series.

But, only three to 10 percent will go on to mature into full fruit.

In 1% of cases mature like is used

Man becomes mature like that, develops and returns to etrnity.

In 1% of cases mature among is used

I learned a lot from them and in the process got closer to Cupid, whom I considered the most mature among them.

Even though we may sense an evil presence, the mature among us need only to rebuke it and command it to go without advertising the evil presence and putting fear in everybody else's heart.

In 1% of cases mature through is used

I really love how you can see someone mature through his/her blog.

The Lib Dems claim they have grown up, become wiser and more mature through the experience of government.

Throughout the story, we are able to see Jem and Scout mature through events occurring to the protagonist's friends and family.

Chinese workers did not have complete class awareness from the beginning, but gradually became mature through the practices of production.

In summary, the events in Chapter 6 demonstrate how the children start to mature throughout the story and have a growing awareness of what is happening around them.

In 1% of cases mature after is used

Bamboo becomes mature after 4-6 years, unlike hardwoods that may take decades.

Let me teach you another lesson so hopefully you will be more mature after this.

Apart from becoming more mature after having kids, I have found that I am able to better empathize with people.

Some of them don't mind it with the thinking that the child will be stronger and more mature after the two year service.

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