Prepositions after "matter"

"matter to" or "matter in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases matter to is used

I don't think it matters to much.

But that didn't matter to me either.

These are what truly matter to me now.

Although this obviously matters to everyone except for the purposes of this example).

Comment for a reminder! (: Teaser: All that mattered to me was the boy I was kissing.

Make sure that the staff are informed about the little things that matter to your child.

If you're a DPP user and you're happy with the results that you're getting, then these probably won't matter to you.

Tell me how much I matter to you in a page-long email, will you? You want to know more about the person? Google them.

Ken, birth control pills may or may not be expensive nowadays; I'd well past the age when it matters to me personally.

Indeed, babies yet to be born are stakeholders in the health service and therefore it matters to everybody in Scotland.

In 21% of cases matter in is used

It doesn't matter in the slightest.

It does matter in MY right? (Example, 5.

It does not matter in which hand he ruffs.

And in fact, the event is broader still, showcasing ideas that matter in any discipline.

X% of the vote going to Gary Johnson or Jill Stein doesn't matter in a national election.

We are probably chasing the biggest let down of man kind with or without knowing what matters in life and what matters not.

She didn't manage to read a whole book comfortably till she was thirteen but that didn't matter in a home school environment.

Everything seems to be budgeted for except human dignity which is the only thing that really matters in the business of life.

They forget though that all who mattered in such delivery of freedom has been hounded and well secured behind bars and democracy.

In 8% of cases matter for is used

All of this matters for the future.

Please leave that matter for God to intervene.

Matter For 3 Month Payday Loan 3 Month Payday Loan of.

The catch truly doesn't matter for the poachers, the bigger the animal, the more meat to sell.

Of course, what matters for us is the prophecies pertaining to the time after publication of the book.

In domestic goods, the input mix also matters for cost-push inflation consequent upon depreciation of Taka.

Not that it really mattered for Team 2 because along with not eating, Victoria didn't really seem to know how to work an iPad.

In fact, taken literally, such a view is decidedly non-consequentialist since actions matter for consequentialists only because of their effects.

Feedbacks are a function of the dynamics and the subgrid models and the subgrid action and its chaotic details does matter for clouds for example.

In 4% of cases matter at is used

It really doesn't matter at this point.

Of course, this doesn't matter at all in the big picture.

It won't matter at all to the tortured whether they vote or not.

What matters at the end of it all is the result that comes out of it.

Whether that will change in the coming years doesn't matter at this point.

It still looks rubbish huh? All that matters at this stage is that you have four legs, a body, a neck/head and a tail.

My productivity theory is simple: do more of what really matters at work and then have a buffer to have a life outside as well.

Not because as a Californian, my vote for President will count 1/3 as much as an Alaskan (actually it won't matter at all -- I'd not in a swing state).

But it really doesn't matter at what age you really started investing in the market as long as you understand the principle of investments: - Temperament over-rule everything.

In 2% of cases matter about is used

What really matters about sea level rise isn't its effects on average low and high tides.

It would not matter about the calibre in my area too as I expect the Conservative Candidate to romp home.

In 2% of cases matter on is used

Write what matters on the Post Its and move them around.

But it doesn't matter on the numbers anyway -- you only need one correct scientist to tip the whole thing over.

Confidentiality also matters on their end, because often they can only do their job properly if you are giving them the full story.

It doesn't matter on what side of the debate you happen to be, you are very likely to have some pretty strong feelings on the subject.

People there are starting to realize that they should not miss out in the European elections as their vote will matter on IT issues which they care strongly about.

In 1% of cases matter above is used

What matters above all else are the jobs and that Sainsbury.

What matters above all else are the jobs and that Sainsbury's committed themselves to Basingstoke.

In 1% of cases matter as is used

Color shouldn't matter as the principles behind the election should.

He regards consciousness as fundamental and matter as a derivative of consciousness.

None of that seemed like it would matter as the two teams headed to the locker rooms.

In 1% of cases matter except is used

As our presider, Jozef, pointed out, for this great saint, nothing really mattered except the knowledge of Christ as our only true treasure.

In 1% of cases matter from is used

It does not matter from where we take anything but what we do with it.

In response to what ayatollah al-sistani said: It does matter from a shariah standpoint, whether or not a girl is a virgin.

Everything matters from strong GMAT scores to interesting stories that would spice up that exhilarating journey they all promise.

In 1% of cases matter with is used

Essentially, the size of al-Qaeda does not matter with regards to the scale of any given al-Qaeda attack.

The employee's computer may not have the right OS or adequate hardware, but that doesn't matter with the cloud.

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