Prepositions after "match"

"match with" or "match by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases match with is used

She has a spirit worthy to match with mine.

Courses will be matched with Upper Goulburn wines.

Then select the one that exactly match with your needs.

Compound interest at the end of the year method is not matching with the PF slips.

In 2000, I joined a cricket club and played 3 matches with hardball on cement pitch.

Yet we believe in our ability to choose the correct tool to match with correct campaign.

They have played only eight league matches instead of nine, since their August match with Sunderland was postponed.

In a space behind the bar, a solid timber, high communal table matched with dark brown leather upholstered chairs.

It is something that we need to mix and match with good education and an awareness of the dangers of investment, as well.

Beekeepers want greater education for Kiwis and our visitors matched with biosecurity vigilance and serious enforcement.

In 17% of cases match by is used

But the Blue Tigers lost that match by 2-0.

Its monstrous size is only matched by its enormous taste.

Borgs achievement has not been matched by many in the tennis world.

THe Sacrifice the General has made to this country cant be matched by Tiran or Arjuna.

Indeed the growth of these new ideas was only matched by the growth of industry itself.

But this was not matched by a commitment ' battles which are in progress, despite the lull.

Private investment will need to be matched by greater use of publicly owned land to get rental schemes off the ground.

Graduating with honours, his scholastic achievements were matched by his sports prowess, getting his blues in cricket and golf.

But together, a special chemistry developed that was only ever matched by that other equally irreplaceable duo: Morcambe &; Wise.

This was matched by years of commitment to both the Irish Universities Rugby Union and the Irish Universities Cricket Association.

In 9% of cases match against is used

Your details will be matched against those held on record.

Then check the numbers again matched against the actual invoices.

What this means for you is you will be matched against people of your own skill.

Su35 is a decent plane when being matched against many of the planes in the world.

If there is no match for the number-columns-spanned, it is matched against a span of 1.

The Hammers have failed to score in five of their last seven Premier League matches against Tottenham.

Match Fact: West Brom have won four and lost none of the last five Premier League matches against Sunderland.

When the Department receives this data, the student details are matched against the social welfare databases.

He has since played a non-ranking event in September and six ' Snooker Legends ' exhibition matches against Jimmy White.

The tour started with a one day game against Afghanistan, then three ODIs against Pakistan followed by three T20 matches against the same opponent.

In 9% of cases match to is used

Select the one best match to you.

Each digram exactly matched to what happened in my life.

And throughout the movie her lipstick &; blush are matched to the same tone.

This data may not be matched to data published in previous publications of Child Protection Australia.

Besides his playboy image and his life style do not match to the general culture prevailing the society.

He goes into a lot of detail about the core values and how they ensure staff are matched to their values.

Finding lost or stolen dogs -- if a beloved dog is lost or stolen, it can be matched to its owner instantly and reunited.

You can use the base score to confidently buy programs and other software that are matched to your computer's base score.

Flexible in a sense that, you need to make sure that the design, color as well as the motif can be easily match to any color.

We provide Reliable and Low Cost Web Hosting Service and Domain Registration Service for Sri Lanka which match to Sri Lanka customers.

In 8% of cases match in is used

Watch a Betis match in Estadio Benito Villamarin.

Kenya played Uganda in five T20 matches in September where they won 3-1.

Yuvraj made his international cricket comeback in Twenty20 match in September.

Fortunately (my wife) and I again are very well matched in many ways and that is one.

McCullum got the man of the match and man of the series as there was only one matched in the end.

These debates about art were conducted with an intensity and passion rarely matched in Australian history.

In the summer of 2009 there was an unusual group of qualification matches in Africa for the World Cup a year later.

The 2012 World Twenty20 final will go down in the annals of cricket as one of the oddest matches in the game's history.

We will leave aside the fact that even within this model there are different levels of economic mix and match in each country.

Even NZ and WI are also minnows, but he layed those 4 test matches in their home ground and scored his maiden test century in NZ.

In 6% of cases match up is used

TIP! When looking at company, carefully scrutinize how equity is matched up to the voting rights in the company.

Although I don't think it will match up to the previous hit show featuring Sheen, it still has potential to climb back up to the top.

I've been dining here for years, and there are few -- if any -- places that match up to the quality of 3B's Cantonese cooking (and otherwise).

If your demographics don't match up to the demographics you're targeting for your product, content and exposure tactics can be adjusted accordingly.

Then, as is becoming a trend at Anfield, Newcastle's midfield trio (similar to Stoke's and Reading 's) was set up in a way to match up to Liverpool's.

Does this mean both or just one of the two items that were given him? There is also the fact that this account does not match up to the other gospel accounts.

The reggae artiste noted that he is very inexperienced in the capacity as a father; however, he believes he can match up to any challenge that fatherhood may present.

My major issues have not been in finding men who do not respect that but in finding men who also match up to my other priorities, primarily being committed Christians and INTERESTING.

In 4% of cases match at is used

India lost 1-4 to South Korea in their penultimate group B match at the Riverbank Arena.

The draw means that we retain the Ashes and Australia go home with only one victory (the Twenty20 match at Derby).

Unless they're thinking of having them do another match at TLC, in which case Sheamus could win via disqualification.

Tonight's CB40 match at the Kia Oval between Surrey and the Welsh Dragons will mark the launch of the Tom Maynard Trust.

To us, it was a day of hope, strength and a sense of satisfaction that nothing else could match at the School for the Blind.

There was no place for you in the Indian eleven that took on Australia in the one-off Twenty20 match at Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.

The official opening ceremony is schedule for 1605 after Chinese Taipei have played Tajikistan in the second Group B match at Al Wasl.

And why should they? They are moving well, playing with a power in their game that few others appear capable of matching at the moment.

He could be most renowned for getting chaired the match at the Billie Jean King -Bobby Riggs Battle of the Sexes Match at the Houston Astrodome.

Their fate now in their hands after pulling off their first win Tuesday night, the Azkals face the Burmese side in their final group A match at 8:20 p.

In 4% of cases match for is used

When I recalculated based on above, it matched for last three years.

They were compared to families with an adult with Down syndrome, matched for gender and age.

Believe it or not, Fernando Torres has now made an appearance in 46 Premier League matches for Chelsea.

The Indians were seen using the flanks in their three group matches for launching the attacks and trying to take advantage of their height.

You should buy them just for their particular content material, therefore tend not to consider them as being things match for just a collection.

His hard yards have included two Twenty20 matches for South Africa with two years between them, and massive improvements in his first-class game over the course of half a decade.

The non-training control group served to match for the social contact associated with CogTr and to determine the net effects on cognitive function specific to our CogTr intervention.

In 4% of cases match on is used

Kaitlyn would get the better of Layla in a #1 Contenders match on Nov.

John B was in earlier and left his cigarettes and matches on the counter.

The first person has a no chance of matching on his own with anyone else.

And of course I watch all the live football matches on Sky Sports and ESPN.

She was supposed to punch out the cloths then mix and match on cut out figures.

I watched the Munster match on Friday night, figuring it would be a better match than the Ulster one.

He also works as a sports commentator for Grand Slam tennis matches on CBS, NBC, USA and ESPN as well.

The fixtures are set in such a way that maximum attendance is entertained on all the five days with some feature matches on each day.

Thanks jensis! ABC Tune Search A smart ABC pattern matching website, which does some intelligent, fuzzy search matching on input snippets of ABC.

All the flats in each block are the same except that the front doors don't match on account of they get kicked in as often as they get opened nicely.

In 3% of cases match between is used

Welcome one and all to the match between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

This match should be replay like 2005 match Between Uzbek and Bahrain.

Several times a year there are soccer matches between Severin Safari Camp and other camps in the region.

He told us of his, still clear, memories of several epic table tennis matches between himself and John Logan.

During the Euro 2012 match between England and Sweden, several dozen England fans attempted to invade the pitch during the 3-2 victory.

My money is on a Pipistrelle based mostly on the proportions, the look of the face and the fairly even match between topside and underside coloration.

Part of the night they were planning was a series of boxing matches between former rugby players and they were wondering would I fancy getting involved.

Welcome to India Today Online's coverage of the World T20 match between South Africa and Zimbabwe from Hambantota International Cricket Stadium in Hambantota, Sri Lanka.

Maybe something unsavoury happened last time out? Or maybe not? Anyway, I'd sure there's a very good reason for repeating the over 40(ish) match between Naomh Mairtin and O Raghallaighs.

In 1% of cases match according is used

Donors and patients are matched according to the compatibility of inherited genetic markers called Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA).

There is enough help here for you to play a standard darts match according to the rules and to set up your own practice darts board at home.

He suggested that patients and doctors should be matched according to their ' deep values ', so that patients could receive the medical care that suits them best.

In 1% of cases match after is used

Oh! the captain didn't bother to inform the passengers if the headcount did finally match after all.

I do nt think in a million years that anyone wouldve thought we would lose that match after being up 2.

He also opined that both teams are now evenly matched after this victory, especially since two of the matches the Irish lost in August were decided in the last over.

In 1% of cases match as is used

The third opportunity for gratuitous involvement in a police investigation would be the use of near DNA matches as a pointer to who might be involved in a crime.

She also mentioned that the NCCE had been organizing football matches as part of its strategy to engage the people to be tolerant and not consider their political opponents as enemies.

In 1% of cases match from is used

I want him back Respected sir, In order to search about remedies from Jaadu or tona I read your post I want complete cure from above coz many symptoms are matched from your post.

In 1% of cases match over is used

And its multiplayer mode enables face to face matches over Bluetooth.

In 1% of cases match within is used

Not all the lighting fixtures match within the the rooms but this had added further character to the interiors.

The visiting team headed by Sanath Jayasuria is all set to arrive in Pakistan on Thursday and it is schedule to play the two exhibition matches within Karachi's National Stadium on Oct 20 and Oct 21.

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