Prepositions after "market"

"market in" or "market to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases market in is used

DEC sent this machine to market in 1965.

Our team combines professionals of the media market in Moscow, St.

Many factors are driving the M2M market in the oil &; gas industry.

In 2010, Islamic banks held just 4% of the total financial services market in Egypt, 2.

In comparison to other countries around the world, the jobs market in Brazil is booming.

Again, I didn't once say she's not marketing, I said she's marketing in a unique way.

With so many new and interesting models hitting the market in 2012, Lytro's light field camera stands apart as truly innovative.

However, this segment is facing a strong growth potential at a rate of 20%, which is higher than the overall API market in China.

Providing a Cost-Effective Solution to the Customers The API market in China is highly fragmented with many participants involved.

The paid multi-channel broadcasting market in Japan comprises cable TV, satellite multi-channel broadcasting, and IP broadcasting.

In 19% of cases market to is used

Even in a doctor's office you are being marketed to.

It's going to be like any other product marketed to consumers.

Why? Because no one is going outside the market to get customers.

You can also market to people you don't know in places where it's appropriate to do so.

This chapter on Chinese women helps to explore what people want, and how to market to them.

For many things, the worst people to try to market to are your family, friends, and coworkers.

You can contact your prospect on a regular basis to build a relationship with them and market to them over and over again.

Although it was marketed to American voters as an engine of job growth and better living standards, just the opposite has happened.

Changing the name under which is Ceylon Tea is marketed to Sri Lanka Tea, believing that a change in name will improve its fortunes.

You can vary out of that to a degree but you really don't need to waste time marketing to someone who isn't within your target group.

In 9% of cases market for is used

Market for listed Envoy Textile Ltd.

We went to market for $300million and accepted three times as much.

It is to provide a roof for those without the means to go to market for a home.

I will never understand the need for releasing songs in English if it's marketed for KPop fans.

You need a few companies that you are marketing for, so make sure you pick a few that you can network.

With LTE going global, it means there will be less discrepancy between the time to market for handsets between countries.

Lots of cost is killer currently; you can certainly come across boots and shoes marketing for rates more than one an array of endless dollars.

The Waterloo Road entrance and the East and West Lawns (which will be marketed for special cultural events ), are slated for major landscaping work.

However, if the business you want to buy is not actively being marketed for sale there is nothing to stop you from approaching the owner directly and making an offer.

Without the existence of pharmacies to create such pills, and a lack of actual pills being marketed for such use, physicians could not prescribe them routinely even if they wanted to do so.

In 7% of cases market with is used

Entering that market with an English-only product is a recipe for failure.

Both print and TV dominate the advertising market with a combined share of 88%.

The BSE, the other market with national reach, has also set up a depository system.

Sony today holds just over 8% of the Television market with Samsung and LG having 30% and 15.

While the Nikon S800c was the first camera to come to market with Android on-board, the Galaxy Camera's use of Android version 4.

A lot of people like to own exclusive items, so marketing with words like this will tempt people to buy what you are selling rather quickly.

Japanese electronics companies took over the world electronics market with innovative products that have made life truly different for most people.

They are being marketed with a particular slant that would have people believe that they are buying oils that have lower in fat or calorie content.

A final mistake was to enter India without an efficient distribution network, forgetting that India is a market with poor infrastructure and logistics.

In 6% of cases market at is used

All of the properties on our microsite are marketed at our valuation.

There would be some machinery in the country still capable of sending the commodity to market at the reduced price.

Together with the host and our mission leader, we went to a local public fish market at 6 AM to get some fresh live fish.

However - unfortunately it's an employers market at the moment and some less than scrupulous employers take advantage of this.

Numerous substances overestimate the value of a residence at first to be able to record the sale, then reduced the cost afterwards as soon as the home breaks down to market at this price.

In 6% of cases market by is used

This is marketing by telephone.

From the outset, Spears's sexuality was relentlessly marketed by her handlers.

It then can be marketed by any of the leading surviving publishers for a reasonable amount or you can do it through social networking for free.

This is a former Bernard McNamara building which was latterly controlled by receivers Farrell Grant Sparks and was being marketed by Knight Frank.

It is available in market for USD 25 and USD 35 and is manufactured and marketed by Raspberry Pi foundation -- a non profit educational foundation.

Master of Wine students and business students continue to write academic papers on the subject that look at how wines are graded and marketed by scores with no clear resolution.

In 1997, Neil Meredith defended his PhD thesis at our laboratories on this novel technique to evaluate the level of osseointegration, today marketed by an international company.

The programme of the Serbian elite One of the main theses marketed by the Serbian elite headed by Dobrica? osi? is that the establishment of the two Yugoslavias was a calamity for the Serb people.

In 5% of cases market as is used

It's being marketed as a shoot ' em up meets rhythm game, which on paper is a horrific mish mash.

Think about when CDs first came out, and how many records we marketed as the new, improved, digital remaster.

But the Lumia 820 is marketed as a mid-range smartphone, and hence, its price will be critical to its success.

What can we expect from the Kindle Fire HD? Amazon is bringing the Kindle Fire HD to market as an improvement of its predecessor in practically every way.

In essence, if something is going to be marketed as an Evolutionary Biotruth, it should have originated in ancestral humans, from whom we gained our humanity.

Primarily composed of a cartridge, battery, and an atomizer, this electronic product is marketed as the best way to quit smoking or the best alternative to the traditional cigarette.

In 4% of cases market on is used

Next, the Whole Foods Market on Emerson Street.

Try not to market only extremely popular products.

Use online resources to help you figure out ways to market on the Internet.

In the case of this post, the author sells ebooks, so she markets on the web.

Been shopping a few times and I love Circular Quay and the rocks area, so I went to the rocks market on Saturday and often eat my lunch down that way to pass the time.

In 3% of cases market under is used

It was also suggested that goods could be marketed under a Jamaica brand, following the example of Ireland and South Africa.

But the best made-in-Malaysia products are mainly designed by non-Malaysians, manufactured by non-Malaysian companies and marketed under brands owned by non-Malaysians.

In 2% of cases market through is used

I often come across people who are frantically attempting to market through hundreds of different ways.

An Expedia representative discussed the importance of bringing Africa ' s products to market through social media, mobile technology, and the Internet.

In 1% of cases market instead is used

Think about the way bike helmets are marketed instead of sun lotion.

Glad to know you support a REGULATED? MARKET instead of a Free Market.

In 1% of cases market like is used

This is important if you need to be quick to market like f.

I didn't like having to struggle to attract new clients, and feeling like I was marketing like crazy and getting dismal results.

In 1% of cases market outside is used

A similar technique is marketed outside of NLP as EMDR (Shapiro, 1995).

On the one hand, you are totally correct that those in this circle should be marketing outside of this circle and thus there is no launch fatigue.

In 1% of cases market between is used

A mid-2012 Ingram Micro survey of 1,000 channel partners found that 61% marketed between two and.

Previously we have shared the function of B2B market between departments, but the time has come to get an expert in the field who has a passion to communicate with our customers.

In 1% of cases market towards is used

People who make handmade items are marketing towards a specific groups of people.

In 1% of cases market about is used

Raffles and contests will be used to increase the awareness of the people or market about CAREIF's Ed-Fund.

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