Prepositions after "march"

march in, to, on, into or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases march in is used

The political process and changing the reality have to march in lock-step.

Two hours march in the middle of the forest shall make every bodies was going bored.

I was young when I left, but I do remember we marched in the streets for Tiananmen Square.

We will march in solidarity with our sisters elsewhere, and we will march to raise awareness.

Marching in the Queens parade as well as the Fifth Avenue one also has been the way most major U.

The National Review criticized Blacks who marched in the Civil Rights Act including Martin Luther King.

The children march in order We arrived at Our Lady of the Assumption, the target of our pilgrimage, at about 11:00 am.

On May 23 rd last Bangla Bhai's storm troopers have marched in Rajshahi under police protection and displayed their arms.

Walk slowly and march in place for about five minutes, increasing your pace until you begin to feel your muscles warming up.

In 15% of cases march to is used

Armies train by marching to a beat, for instance.

Marching to the beat of her own drum feels impossible.

Aquarius needs distance, and marches to a different drummer.

My own drum beat is so loud, and so all-pervading it's hard to imagine not marching to it.

Therefore, the Samudri Benificeries have decided to go on a protest march today morning by 10.

She doesn't look stupid but she is nothing more than a woman in jack boots marching to the Obama lie.

Such innovators may come from any social, educational or cultural background but they all march to the beat of a different drum.

While the Israel/Palestine protesters stayed on the South side of the Royal York hotel, the Anarchists marched to the north side.

The African soldiers, armed with shields of hippo hide and long spears of steel, marched to the deafening sounds of African drums.

In 13% of cases march on is used

I'd ready to march on Canberra.

We need to march on Washington.

Within days their forces were marching on Petrograd.

Armies have marched on the dragons and been swep aside.

Marching on DC was not invented bu the civil rights movement.

Demonstrators attempting to march on Downing Street clashed with police.

Hitler now planned to march on Berlin and remove the national government.

I can remember worrying that a mob of vigilantes were going to come marching on our house.

The united rebel force -- called the Sudan Revolutionary Front -- would then march on Khartoum.

August 1919 witnessed riots in the city when nationalists demanded the right to march on Derry's Walls.

In 12% of cases march into is used

Castro marched into Havana on January 9,1959, and became Cuba's new leader.

If germany hadn't marched into Poland we would not have declared war on them.

Twenty women just marched into the US Senate, 81 in the House, one Senator openly gay.

I want to see us march into the Olympics with a smile on my face and not a shake of my head.

He marched into Paris triumphant and prepared to meet the quickly mobilizing allied armies.

It ends with the President being marched into a square and executed on international television.

Then they marched into the palace, visited all the halls and jostled to take pictures at the throne.

Year Zero After five years of bloody civil war, the Khmer Rouge marched into Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, on 17 April 1975.

Still, the Taliban didn't march into Afghanistan until 1994, which was long after the Americans had ceased funding any of the groups there.

Bonaparte's army marched into the Papal States who offered little resistance with the Pope signing a peace treaty at Tolention on 19th February.

In 9% of cases march through is used

Strikers marched through the city centre and clashed with police.

A crowd of about 4000 striking workers marched through the city to protest at the employers ' statement.

The infantry had shifted during the night, marching through his unit for the attack on Mount Suribachi.

Fresh confrontations erupted on Sunday night when settlers marched through a Palestinian village ahead of the father and son's funeral.

It's part game, part safety drill, because afterward, they all march through the chain-link gate and into the forest that backs onto Sangster Elementary.

Most of the company's recent releases start with a promo reel that features giant sharks eating airliners and CGI robots marching through city streets.

For the fifth night in a row, protesters were planning to march through Montreal's downtown core, while three other smaller demonstrations were held throughout the day.

The protesters holding placards inscribed with anti-Israel slogans marched through the main Jamrud bazaar and later gathered in front of the offices of political administration.

There was a neatly tied bouquet for each pupil, THE WAY IT WAS 7 to be carried, after the speaking was over, as they marched through the village and up the hill to the cemetery.

About 3,000 demonstrators marched through the streets with many onlookers coming outside their homes to bang pots and pans or wave red flags from balconies in a show of solidarity.

In 4% of cases march towards is used

In November 1257 Mongolian troops began to march towards Badad.

Step by step we were marching towards an improved civilization.

They began marching towards the temple, carrying burning torches in their hands.

In 1256, Hleg got rid of Ism? iiyah, then in September 1275 began to march towards Badad where the orthodox Catholicism was.

When the muslim army marched towards the place where archers were concealed the enemy opened the campaign with such a severe onslaught that the muslim army could not stand it.

In 3% of cases march with is used

The same people fought in the Civil War and Marched with Reverend King.

HWSNBN was a drum major -- he would have led that march with style points to spare.

In the third year of Hijrah they marched with 3,000 well armed solders towards Madinah.

We march with a Leadership united under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought.

Oates was horrified at the ' greatest lot of crocks I have ever seen ' and said: ' Scott's ignorance about marching with animals is colossal.

The shoe types can be easily used or marched with other apparels and accessories for women to help produce a stunning look and make it possible for them to develop a more remarkable look.

Sounds like several thousand people are currently taking part in the rallies organised by the two major Greek unions in Athens, on top of the 15,000-25,000 who are marching with PAME now (see 10.

In 3% of cases march from is used

That's why I'd currently marching from Jarrow to London.

Oh, marching from the Linen Hall there's one for every cannonball, And Vick's going to send them all, o'er the sea.

Amusing, because women at home in NZ were using a new cosmetic called Orient Morn! Marched from the ship to the train.

Most of the boys on the street went to Bohermore School until St Brendan's opened in Woodquay in 1920, and the pupils were literally marched from one school to the other.

The JI workers gathered in the main office of the party and marched from there to the Karnal Sher Khan Chowk, holding placards and banners inscribed with anti-Israel slogans.

More than 100 karitons representing different groups marched from the Ladislao Diwa Elementary School to Samonte Park to signify their support for the campaign for five consecutive days.

There was Viking raids along the coast and rivers and up to 2 days march from those water sources, there was also the collapse of the western Roman empire and the warfare of Tribe/faction.

In 3% of cases march against is used

Look at how may marched against the war inspite of arrests and persecution.

Soon thereafter on 23 May 1829 young Vallejo led a company of 154 men to march against the renegade Indian chief, Estanislao.

We will be marching against male violence against women, on the day nearest to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

But, more important, note the massive leap in non-sequitur reasoning: If I really love and respect you, there is no way I could march against anything you embrace.

Consequently, Alvarado and Vallejo formed a company of troops under the command of Salvador Vallejo, and they marched against and fought the Carrillo forces near Los Angeles.

So if I really love you as a Republican and respect you, there is no way I would participate in a march against your Republican ideas or demonstrate against your trickle-down economics.

But while trains and ships and even trucks might be excluded, there was no guarantee that large numbers of unfriendly pedestrians might not be concentrated by night marches against the beachhead.

In 2% of cases march down is used

The parade was great, with 55 fife and drum corps marching down the street one-by-one.

Sara, I reckon you and I should march down the street side by side for our right to wear what we like - you in your overly modest burqa - me in my immodest budgie smugglers.

Witnesses said that thousands marched down Zubairy Street, a main city thoroughfare, and were fired on when they reached a government checkpoint near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 2% of cases march up is used

The only way I can see your desire fulfilled is if someone marches up to you and offers a job.

Keith Sep 26, 2012 at 1:12 pm But as a Canadian/Irish dualler, I love the idea of Quebecers marching up to British embassies.

The company involved was sent as a relief for the regular unit and deployed outside the rural community building with a view to marching up to the police post about 135 meters from the border.

In 2% of cases march toward is used

He and his Platoon were then assigned to march toward Germany.

They both march toward the sentinels? base and Anasterian starts the conversation with Furion.

It's as if humanity has been marching toward suicide since it developed the means to carry it out.

In Newberg, George Fox is slowly marching toward its own return to the Northwest Conference football ranks.

Once he tracked on me and just as he started focusing on me, he was marching toward me, he was coming at me.

As the men were in platoon formation, one platoon marched toward the police post while the remaining two stood in formation.

In 2% of cases march along is used

With the Times Bihar is marching along with the times.

The parade of handsome Victorian houses marches along the seafront for three miles.

In 2% of cases march out is used

You just want to stay and go through all of it, right til march out.

We marched out of that airport with a renewed perspective and a greater determination to do good in this world.

Being able to stand out there in front of my kids and my family and march out of here, it's just a really awesome feeling inside, so proud.

I was arrested in Wanganui, Auckland and Gisborne, and marched out of Stratford, Te Kuiti and Tauranga by returned soldiers of the First World War.

In 2% of cases march behind is used

Returned service personnel wear their medals and march behind banners and standards.

We now think of what Sir Chris Hoy, the proud flag bearer and the 240 who marched behind him can achieve.

Number Two marched behind them barking the occasional order about not making any false moves or trying any funny stuff.

In 2% of cases march for is used

The thousands of people of all races who turned out at support marches for the national team bear this out.

Most of them looked as if they would be hard pressed to spell the word! What are they marching for? It isn't peace.

In 1% of cases march at is used

When they were on the move Roman soldiers marched at a steady pace.

Ed and Cho were marched at arrow point to the village where they had to apologise to the chief for not having sought permission to enter their land.

In 1% of cases march during is used

They marched during the night and rested during the day.

In 1% of cases march after is used

Exodus 14:10 As Pharaoh approached, the Israelites looked up, and there were the Egyptians, marching after them.

And when Pharaoh drew near, the children of Israel lifted their eyes, and behold, the Egyptians marched after them.

In 1% of cases march by is used

Just march by looking schitzy -- no eye contact, just confident, mad and dangerous.

Today, we must take the next step on that journey by affording the opportunity to marry to all Americans -- and we can continue that march by quickly enacting marriage equality here in Illinois.

In 1% of cases march upon is used

Armies still march upon their stomachs; problems of supply, though often hidden by the smoke of battle, are always governing; at Inchon their impact was more than usually immediate.

In 1% of cases march across is used

Arched windows marched across the facades.

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