Prepositions after "manipulate"

manipulate by, in, for, with or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases manipulate by is used

We will not be manipulated by force.

Their playlists are totally manipulated by the corporations.

The equation may be manipulated by the normal rules of algebra.

Nor just because you express it in a novel form which can be manipulated by computer.

After all, he was manipulated by Palpy, and that guy spent years sinking his hooks into Anakin.

Because of that and luck of awareness they have become victims and alien or easily manipulated by political regimes.

They assume that Google is stupid and can be manipulated by anybody with $10 to spare on submitting to 200,000 search engines.

What is HDR? High dynamic range (HDR) this technique is usually manipulated by photo editing software, or captured by a camera.

In 12% of cases manipulate in is used

Losses can be manipulated in balance sheets no less than profits.

But as in modern science changing DNA or manipulating in forms and sequence etc.

Reflow Reflow happens whenever the DOM is manipulated in a way it affects the layout.

Note to ASIC: AFI, ARG, SOL, DJW are all manipulated in a way that is trivial to prove.

The EMR, since it is on a computer, can be manipulated in all the ways a computer allows.

Historical archives are also manipulated in Amie Siegel's video installation Berlin Remake (2005).

Squeezed light put simply is light that is manipulated in the quantum level through the generation of photons.

The list is arranged and manipulated in the manner to keep in mind the stability and economical gross progress of these banks.

That the trip by Mr Windsor to Libya and the money he said received was stage-managed or manipulated in some way by the British intelligence services to smear Scargill.

The one thing I'd add is an exercise to put your two characters together and have them talk without talking to the point -- everyone manipulates in a conversation and that's what makes it fun.

In 8% of cases manipulate for is used

But it would seem that their plight is being cynically manipulated for ulterior political reasons.

In the next section, we will investigate how audio is created or manipulated for the purpose of amplification.

I made a mistake believing this man and I allowed my greed to be manipulated for nearly two years in the SRDC group.

The fact that the department's powers can be manipulated for the benefit of politicians brings no surprise to anyone anymore.

The sensitivities around the colonial divisions that created modern Africa are still manipulated for political gain in many African countries.

All including many posters here have been cynically manipulated for TV ratings: The NRL footyshow will be toppled as top sports show without Johns.

In 6% of cases manipulate with is used

You want to begin with balls you can manipulate with at least some dexterity and work on those first.

Reginald Increased by do an incredible task within discovering an outstanding screenplay along with an excellent list of scenarios to be able to manipulate with.

The culprit force be the pesticides hormones and antibiotics farmers manipulate with the intention of exit hooked on your corpus proviso you have their products.

A man untainted by us, a man we already manipulate with ease, a man whose smarmy charm will fool the electorate again, a man even more ideologically driven than the current Glorious Leader.

Now I've replaced half of my bank account with a spiffy new macbook, and in the process of moving my pictures over, I came across some of the first photos I took and manipulated with some intent.

In 5% of cases manipulate into is used

They, like the youth all over Nigeria, are easily manipulated into violence.

It assumes that people can be manipulated into short-term behavior because they will not think about the long term.

Tell her what your values are - hopefully to be nice to all people and to be strong enough to not be manipulated into taking actions that are hurtful.

The participants were not manipulated into providing their answers and this point only shows us that the golden ratio's attractiveness is inherent within the human mind.

In 3% of cases manipulate at is used

The judiciary system can be manipulated at will and even when exposed, nothing is done to rectify this or to punish the perpetrators.

You could also send robots that could be manipulated at a distance through radio signals to make fine-tuned repairs and adjustments to instruments.

In 3% of cases manipulate through is used

You are easily manipulated through the implication of affection being withheld.

In 2% of cases manipulate according is used

In the case of composition, different pieces are shot on medium or large format film and then digitally manipulated according to his vision of the final image.

Economy is manipulated according to Rajapakshe's whims and franchise (just before the election, the exchange control rules were changed to ease currency export).

In 2% of cases manipulate as is used

This makes me just as easily manipulated as the KONY/LRA particpants! I guess knowing is half the battle.

There is one argument that memory is object-centered and that the object can thus be manipulated as a solid model.

In 2% of cases manipulate without is used

And callous-unemotional kids are often extremely intelligent; they're able to lie and manipulate without remorse, making it harder to understand what they're doing and why.

In 1% of cases manipulate against is used

All the more reason for conservatives to build a media base and takeover jobs that liberals have manipulated against the core values of our country.

In 1% of cases manipulate under is used

If Prime minster helps system out laid to be manipulated under his nose to benefit few and cause loss to nation's exchequer then what do you call him if not corrupt.

In 1% of cases manipulate via is used

Anything that has been manipulated via computer technology is classed as animation.

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