Prepositions after "maintain"

"maintain by" or "maintain in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases maintain by is used

It is maintained by Uli Sattler.

That stability is maintained by the government.

The Domination Of The Draka, maintained by John B.

This site is maintained by the De La Salle University (DLSU) Web Development Team.

The EJC uses Honda CBR500s which are provided and maintained by the Honda Factory.

The tonus of the skin is maintained by the elastic fibres that restore extended skin.

NET library) I believe Tamir Gal originally created this library, however it seems to now be maintained by others.

The system is maintained by EEN staff who also vet posted information as well as the responses that are generated.

For surveillance purposes, statistics on the incidence of infection shall be maintained by the Department of Health.

Public property is defined as any movable or immovable property belonging to, used by, or maintained by the Government.

In 22% of cases maintain in is used

UOM will be maintained in such sequences.

Maintain in mind that much of your toss is simply dispatched non-verbally.

There after nursery should be maintained in moist condition for about 5 days.

The alligators were marked individually and maintained in two identical outdoor pens.

Likewise also order is called bad when order itself is maintained in an inferior degree.

Pakistan acquired the ship in 1993 and since then has been maintaining in its best form.

Bond The seriousness of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace is maintained in Skyfall by Craigs portrayal of Bond.

The diversity of the country is maintained in both its old buildings and the elegance of its ultra modern buildings.

Bieri stated that the specimens of Glaucus in his experiments - maintained in jars with running water - could not swim.

This is maintained in several key currencies and are presumably invested in highly liquid and safe short-term foreign assets.

In 9% of cases maintain at is used

Students ' attendance is strictly maintained at RTCs.

Kremlins are made by man and maintained at immense cost.

The ceiling reflectance value should be maintained at 0.

Similarly, it is advised that the pH is maintained at 6.

The Business Times ' hardcopy readership was maintained at 2.

Ignition batteries have enough capacity, can platinum wire loop heated and maintained at the orange-red.

However, because of the -- ic -- > -ically rule, the distinction in form is not maintained at adverb level.

A Murrah buffalo herd is maintained at Livestock Development Farm of Department of Livestock Services at Pokhara.

Her intense concentration and absorption in the music she performed was maintained at the same high level throughout.

Police also write on these Information Books maintained at the station, and when things start going wrong against them.

In 8% of cases maintain for is used

It has not been adequately maintained for many years.

Pressure reduction is maintained for at least 24 hours.

This site is maintained for research and historical purposes only.

The blood pressure reducing effect of Resv was observed after 3 weeks and maintained for 10 weeks.

He's be maintained for that mega-event after series victories over Nz and Zimbabwe, and the form will get him.

Ironically, the Right to Education Act does provide for a log to be maintained for all the children of school-going age and.

An environment had to be maintained for them which was of no use to the Juggernaut itself or the systems-maintenance androids.

The exterior of the unit and lovely gardens are all maintained for you so you can enjoy the change in seasons with no work required.

The wealth you are not consuming in the here and now but want to maintain for the future can thus be held in the form of money or investment goods.

Once improvement begins, it is maintained for as long as the drug is given, but MG symptoms recur 2 to 3 months after the drug is discontinued or the dose is reduced below therapeutic levels.

In 6% of cases maintain on is used

The collection is updated and maintained on an ad-hoc basis.

Very low level of hygiene could be maintained on the bamboo platforms.

She sang Christina Aguilera ' s Something's Obtained A Maintain On Myself.

Maintenance Claims are maintained on an on-going basis in the relevant Social Welfare Local Office.

Tay also expressed the hope that the building would be maintained on a regular basis to ensure its longevity.

My point is not ignoring that players need to be maintained on an individual basis regarding having a heavy schedule.

Life in this village hasn't been completely harmonious as a result, but the impasse has been maintained on both sides.

This is why so many individuals feel that they are constantly fatigued- their bodies simply can not maintain on heightened alert.

The general public can exchange notes / coins at this branch of Bank of Ceylon which is maintained on behalf of the Central Bank.

Some organisations retain records in files known as meeting files, in preparation for upcoming meetings (and the files may be maintained on an ongoing basis).

In 5% of cases maintain with is used

Rooms were always clean and well maintained with helpful staff.

The beautifully simple and delicate balance can only be maintained with little disturbance.

There are no restrictions on physical activity, as long as the body is correctly maintained with nutrition and consistent insulin.

The main residence is very well maintained with an emphasis on good views from all rooms, the guest house is independent and user friendly.

In other words, there is a vast pile of mutually exclusive and contradictory propositions - all of which are seized upon by denialists and maintained with equal vigour simultaneously.

In 3% of cases maintain through is used

Its function is maintained through payments as regulated by member states.

Animals were gathered and slaughtered if they could not be maintained through the winter months.

It is a society formed through immigration and the colonization of an already populated land, a society whose internal unity is maintained through conflict with an external enemy.

In 2% of cases maintain over is used

More importantly, such benefits were maintained over time.

It also seeks to determine how well these effects are maintained over time.

These improvements have been maintained over time, and show evidence of transfer and generalisation to other areas of learning.

Their ability to unearth modestly-priced transfer targets and extrapolate maximum impact proved impossible to maintain over time, however.

The house has been well maintained over the years and boasts classically proportioned bright accommodation extending to approximately 350sqm (3,782sq.

Them build quality seems quite good (although Justin hinge design, will be well maintained over time ), I appreciate the fact that they have a built-in microphone, phone calls.

In 2% of cases maintain to is used

Body Corporates: Maintain to Profit always respond promptly to queries and reply to all emails.

Mark and Maintain to Profit are my go to guys for all property maintenance work my clients need assistance with.

My country, Malaysia which I maintain to this day has the best beaches (although you say yours are the most beautiful) in the world included.

Regardless of hard evidence to the contrary, this is the position to which the Scottish Government has held and that the ferry campaigners maintain to this day.

Food prep is messy but as long as hygiene is maintained to a reasonable level you're very, very unlikely to become ill eating at any of these establishments, even the red-noted ones.

In 1% of cases maintain without is used

Nursery should be maintain without any moisture stress.

In 1% of cases maintain within is used

Having your furnace maintained within summer and spring, or alternatively original crash, as great price.

This, indeed, is the great irony of British democracy -- that an ideology of individual mp accountability is so fervently maintained within what is in effect a wholly partisan political structure.

In 1% of cases maintain until is used

It is thought that the situation could be maintained until the end of the 2013 season.

The rice import quota scheme was maintained until 2003 when it was relaxed to some extent.

In 1% of cases maintain till is used

This tradition has been maintained till today.

Existing divisions and districts maintained till altered.

In 1% of cases maintain throughout is used

The medication must be taken at regular intervals so that muscle strength is maintained throughout the day.

She started off with great self-assurance which was maintained throughout (Bach, Prelude and Fugue No 7 in E Flat Major).

In 1% of cases maintain of is used

The moment once more, a person getting up the program must have the proper mixes as well as in addition they have to do them from the suitable collection to acquire maintain of your great outcomes.

In 1% of cases maintain from is used

Try to run at the fastest pace you can maintain from start to finish.

In 1% of cases maintain as is used

However, the hinged lid was maintained as for the majority of people it represents the main characteristic of a tools chest.

Nonetheless, there is growing concern that this distance will be increasingly difficult to maintain as the conflict spirals on.

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