Prepositions after "mainstream"

"mainstream in", "mainstream with" or "mainstream for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases mainstream in is used

Start ups are mainstream in US.

Racism is mainstream in today's GOP.

He shifted the mainstream in one interview.

Electric bikes are already mainstream in one Australian company -- Australia Post.

So it matters that Gonzalez is bringing pansexual into the mainstream in this way.

In an interesting development, grassroots innovation is becoming mainstream in India.

A primary consideration is that the Internet -- including broadband and Smartphones -- is mainstream in society.

In fact, many innovations that engage the poor have come from players outside the mainstream in their industries.

Were you not tempted to go more mainstream in the second album? Pontus Winnberg: No, that was not even a concept.

The character struggled his way into rebellion, questioning and quibbling away from the mainstream in small ways.

In 11% of cases mainstream with is used

Online MLM is going mainstream with social media.

It has also entered the mainstream with high-profile hijinks.

Some of those children will cope in the mainstream with support to help with reading.

Apple has become increasingly mainstream with the success of the iPod, iPhone, and now the iPad.

Anotherwords, mixing mainstream with unique, beautiful aesthetic is the perfect business strategy.

I-502 is strictly politically mainstream with Republicans, Democrats and law enforcement on board.

Benga One of the first Dubstep artists to break into the mainstream with his track ' Night ' in 2007.

But then Van Sant entered the mainstream with successes for the masses but disappointments for many fans.

Phoenix comes roaring back into the mainstream with a magnificent portrayal of the deeply scarred sailor.

But this year he crossed into the mainstream with studio hits Crazy, Stupid, Love and the Oscar-tipped Drive.

In 11% of cases mainstream for is used

Ian Harris is mainstream for many of us.

The mainstream is mainstream for a reason.

It's too mainstream for that, there are even Labour MPs who support the proposal.

Going big and visible right away, she says, seems to be mainstream for the first time.

My hope is to continue the Polyamory conversation into the mainstream for another season.

Over 90% penetration amongst teens for a technology that has only been mainstream for ten years? Powerful stuff.

In that sense, the computer has broader appeal to well-heeled creative professionals than to the mainstream for now.

Must be made by someone who only been to Western countries or countries that are mainstream for westerners o travel to.

That is typical of the intellectual void at the heart of the Republican party - and mainstream for the Republican party.

In 6% of cases mainstream by is used

MT will be mainstream by the end of 2015.

Desalination will become more mainstream by 2020.

Its principles would generally be considered mainstream by Catholic standards.

I have heard this definition elsewhere though I don't think it's mainstream by any means.

People who write business applications are generally pretty mainstream by geek standards.

By 2007, brands will know what works, and mobile advertising will become mainstream by 2008.

Not only were the hobbies and habits mainstream by that point, but the look and behavior became popular culture.

I can remember the strange feeling as a 15 year old that I was somehow stepping out of the mainstream by buying this.

They need to be absorbed in the mainstream by providing avenues for progression in which they can compete with others.

It could have been ideally positioned to make this type of music more popular and mainstream by promoting the genre itself.

In 4% of cases mainstream to is used

The evolution from a mainstream to Latin market was gradual, Jordan said.

That is a myth maintained by Israel's supporters, from the mainstream to NJA.

As I said ds1 moved from mainstream to special school aged 5 and hasn't really looked back.

If you think the AIP would be considered mainstream to most Americans, I'd not sure what to tell you.

In 2010 and 2011, Polk found that when Saab died, owners went right up the middle of the mainstream to Honda.

It is used by men, women, singles, couples and groups, and there are many different types -- from the mainstream to the niche.

The company's three 300mm fabs and five 200mm fabs provide the full range of process technologies from mainstream to the leading edge.

Generally understood as a social process by which vulnerable groups are moved out of the mainstream to a powerless position in society.

From comedy to horror, mainstream to arthouse, I love any quotable flick that has a large following, and I've been geeking up on them since age 10.

This was seen as one of the most significant factors in ensuring that they could progress among their peers in mainstream to the best of their ability.

In 3% of cases mainstream on is used

Buchanan is mainstream on immigration.

Mainstream on ceasefire and decommissioned.

JS to make them mainstream on our platform.

The virus of churnalism is infecting the mainstream on all platforms, but especially print.

There isn't one dumb idea that has the stamp of mainstream on it that they will ever not bow down to.

The farther from the mainstream one ventures, the more precarious the financial situation of the creator.

From the moment TCP/IP became mainstream on the mainframe, network workloads have been quickly lured away from SNA.

It's great to see reo hitting the mainstream on its own terms -- neither simply replicating stereotyped Maori sounds.

This has created the conditions for a new media boom on the one hand, but a contraction of the mainstream on the other.

But this isn't some Tinchy Stryder crossover, oh no - instead, the pair want to tackle the mainstream on their own terms.

In 3% of cases mainstream as is used

That seems like a decidedly mainstream as opposed to fundie concern to me.

Well, not really secret or hidden but just not mainstream as a popular go to island destination in the country.

Performance Marketing has grown in popularity and become mainstream as a result of the current economic climate.

Read the top five bestselling books for your intended genre and age range in the mainstream as well as Muslim markets.

Morphsuits have hit the mainstream as a great costume idea for any occasion where an injection of colour or humour is needed.

Cruising is becoming more mainstream as a holiday option, and with that you are also likely to get more mainstream demands and expectations.

So whilst I do agree, I don't see it happening mainstream as the controller market is so lucrative with people swapping and changing every year or less.

There is small indicate angry about a being of a digitally-driven times, though a multiplication in in in between mainstream as well as amicable media is value preserving.

So dominant is this discourse that those who dare to question it can be readily dismissed as lunatics, so far outside the mainstream as to appear out of touch with reality.

Their accomplishments and successes are quickly putting BIM in the mainstream as the de-facto construction industry standard, and those who can not provide comprehensive BIM capabilities (i.

In 3% of cases mainstream at is used

Apple are in serious danger of becoming mainstream at the moment.

You have no argument that anything like this exists in the mainstream at a national level.

Barack And Michelle: The Love Story by Christopher Andersen is published by Mainstream at 11.

Twitter started to go mainstream at a previous SXSW event and evidence of this was everywhere.

But it does seem to be getting more problematic for them, and more mainstream at the same time.

Can you believe it? I've been blogging religiously for one year already! And mainstream at that! Time sure flies when you're having fun.

In fact, every couple of years the amount of memory address space needed to run whatever software is mainstream at the time just about doubles.

They recorded all the songs for the album Big Brother & the Holding Company for Mainstream at a studio in Chicago in three days; December 12 through 14th.

Even in taking such a sharp right turn into the mainstream at such a late stage in their journey, the move was still true to the spirit of Midnite in being impossible to predict.

In 2% of cases mainstream without is used

The likely way we will see ammonia hit the mainstream without giving it a nudge is through fuel cells and a shift to electric motors.

The same way African Americans can now be accepted in the mainstream without a second guess, that's what we hope will someday be the case for APAs.

How many women in popular culture get the space that Ephron had? How many Nora Ephrons are coming up who can entertain in the mainstream without insulting us? Maybe Lena Dunham.

Brown never argued policy, and, since it worked so well for him, and Ed's his biggest fan, it'll work for Ed, surely? Ed has put ideas into the mainstream without people noticing.

While this is shocking and in most cases unjustified, the truly subversive art that questions the status quo is simply rejected or quietly censored by the mainstream without fuss or fanfare.

In 2% of cases mainstream of is used

The most mainstream of these theories is of course the one being floated by Palin and Co.

With IRON MAN, he's the more mainstream of the two books, between that and YOUNG AVENGERS.

Fox News can not have the biggest audience and the highest ratings and not be the most mainstream of all media, by definition.

But on your average weekend, it tends to be the first choice of call for the most mainstream of types imaginable (think econ students and wannabe WAGs.

In 2% of cases mainstream from is used

They scare the mainstream from the movement.

I think the data should separate mainstream from GEP.

I don't think you can even see the mainstream from where he is.

If you look at it this way, i think is says more about the representation of the mainstream from marketers perspectives.

It would take you 2-3 years to position yourself correctly but if you started now you would be miles ahead of the curve when this stuff really hit the mainstream from a marketing perspective.

This prevented the mainstream from breaking into the infrastructure, which worked well in the last few years (Avatar, Inception, and Toy Story 3 all receiving nominations because of the ten slots).

In 2% of cases mainstream within is used

With companies like FeedBurner, RSS feeds have become mainstream within blogging circles.

There wouldn't be any more of those ad's online cause such a product would be mainstream within days.

On the other hand, the mainstream within the Muslim Brotherhood remained anti-violence and inclined to social and political activism within the existing system.

For example, while network virtualisation is now mainstream within many organisations, relatively little has been done on application and storage virtualisation.

In a number of countries, global and development issues are becoming more mainstream within formal education programmes, although there is still a long way to go.

In order to create this space for bhikkhuni ordination to take root and flourish, there had to be a countercurrent to the mainstream within the river of our tradition.

This enables the business to move selected and appropriate new technologies through from proof of concept to mainstream within a consistent framework, which minimises cost of adoption.

In 1% of cases mainstream through is used

Android market kept its worth on the mainstream through out the year.

Singers such as Boy George and Adam Ant brought the look to the mainstream through MTV.

Kalpana Lajmi empathised with a hijra forced to live within the mainstream through her film Darmiyaan.

Already in 2012 we have seen how the legacy of reggae infiltrate the mainstream through the cutting edge sound of dubstep.

If it can keep making headway on niche products it can make headway in the mainstream through the same means as Subaru has, arguably.

Crossover has now become mainstream through such projects as Aliens Vs Predator which exists as cartoons, computer games, movies, a TV series and a series of novels.

In 1% of cases mainstream since is used

The IVRS/IWRS systems have become mainstream since then.

An avid bow-tie enthusiast, he has been trying to bring whimsical neck wear back into the mainstream since 2008.

In 1% of cases mainstream into is used

The magneto system was in place until the 1920s however its use dwindled from the mainstream into private networks.

More importantly, and unlike so many other similar books, it does not separate women's history from the mainstream into its own quaint narrative.

In 1998, Reproductive Health (RH) was a bland program that 2 former Department of Health (DOH) cabinet Secretaries wished to mainstream into the health system.

In 1% of cases mainstream rather is used

They both thought big: hip-hop heroes for the mainstream rather than the cognoscenti.

Sure that's a problem, but I think the real change and challenge is going to be with the mainstream rather than those at the edges, like people driving around under the influence.

Teenage/young adulthood years 1990s and the noughties - fashion and music: mainstream rather than niche, swarmingly popular effects, fuelled by social networking and referral technology.

I feel this is what makes the extreme transgendered people of the west to want to totally fit into the mainstream rather than regarding themselves as one of the spiritually gifted people.

In 1% of cases mainstream over is used

Two-Factor Authentication has jumped into the mainstream over the last few months.

We think quantified self is something that is going to become mainstream over the next year.

This shift in behaviour among young people will mean MOSHing is tipped to become mainstream over the next decade.

Standard setting and regulation have helped to transform organic agriculture in the European food market from marginal to mainstream over a period of less than 20 years.

Thanks for your comment -- you're absolutely right, although I have the feeling that ORM is going to become mainstream over the next couple of years as people realize they have.

Supercharged Pastels The vogue for loud flashes of colour in menswear has been a long time in development, and, unusually, even managed to hit the mainstream over the past years.

As these activities move from the fringes to the mainstream over time, other noted behavioral failures associated with adoption may reduce, such as endowment effects and bias towards the status quo.

In 1% of cases mainstream like is used

Others have not come into the mainstream like personal fuel cells and nanocomputing are still on the horizon.

Patrick Daniel Well I miss script reviews but I also realise that 12 years ago geek culture hadn't gone mainstream like it has now.

Whether he was Mankind, Cactus Jack or even the wacky Dude Love, Foley bought hardcore wrestling to the mainstream like no one else.

Taiwan-based manufacturer Shuttle has got closer with its toaster-sized PCs, but they've never made a challenge for the mainstream like Alienware's console-inspired product.

In 1% of cases mainstream about is used

Tell me what is mainstream about RP's foriegn policy.

I don't disagree with the mainstream about where the money has gone, I'd just of the opinion that it has been created and definitely does exist.

What I have found out is that the emphasis on the mainstream about urban sustainability is mainly on energy consumption, GHG emissions, transportation and buildings.

In 1% of cases mainstream due is used

Meanwhile, touch interfaces and speech recognition have become mainstream due to consumer adoption.

God has certain groups, I suppose somewhat isolate from mainstream due to a spiritual learning curve.

A lot of people speak of the caliber of work, but it is difficult to break into the mainstream due to the corruption of the music industry.

In 1% of cases mainstream before is used

We should have been mainstream before that anyway, that kind of music.

But here are five futuristic technologies that will surely go main-stream before 2030.

But your growing penchant for hip-hop would take a sharp turn for the mainstream before long, heralded by vivid MTV assaults on your senses.

In 1% of cases mainstream because is used

Now it is very much in the mainstream because of the new developments in endothelial grafting.

As you will know with Windows vs Linux, Windows is still the dominant platform for the mainstream because of program and device support.

Why? Is it simply because they can merge with the mainstream because of their looks? There are people who call north-easterners Chinki and this is offensive to them.

In 1% of cases mainstream among is used

Pentecostal belief as a mainstream among Protestantism demands a more accurate definition from us.

It's completely mainstream among Republicans, and it's not exactly uncommon among Democrats, though sometimes more subtle.

It's practically common knowledge that the Playstation with it's more adult-themed games made gaming mainstream among teens.

I soon realised that my views, which are mainstream among fellow economists, were contrary to the groupthink view of the other participants (there were very few economists, for better or for worse).

In 1% of cases mainstream after is used

This generalized usage began to go mainstream after the Internet population explosion of 1993-1994.

A perfect example of this is the infiltration of UK Funky House into the mainstream after Donae'o's ' Party Hard ' blew up here.

Dredd 3D has gone a long way towards bringing a fringe property back into the mainstream after the infamous sins of its predecessor.

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