Prepositions after "magical"

magical about, in, for, to or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases magical about is used

There's nothing magical about it.

There is nothing magical about it.

There's something magical about him.

There is nothing magical about the federal budget, compared to a household budget.

You're going to think it's cheesy, but there's something magical about patisserie.

There is something magical about seeing your images appear on paper in a darkroom.

There is something magical about large forests, taking us back to fairytale memories of childhood and adventure.

There is nothing magical about this, because the real truth is, the One greater than you already did forgave you.

But there's something magical about being inside while the wind is howling and rain is beating down relentlessly.

There is something magical about being on safari with your family away from all the distractions of everyday life.

In 14% of cases magical in is used

Christmas is magical in the city.

There's nothing magical in this stuff.

It was purely magical in Puerto Vallarta.

The big ' W ' day truly gets magical in the astounding environment of Hluboka Castle.

The place looks magical in lighter shade of green, even without any computer effects.

The schoolhouse still looked magical in the snow but felt empty without the children.

All kidding aside, Caillou is a snake charmer when it comes to Emma and we hope it still remains magical in the car.

And there is something incredibly powerful -- almost magical in it's power -- when you stop saying someday and set a date.

It was practically as if there was something magical in the fire that created everybody funnier when they had been near it.

In 10% of cases magical for is used

This year has been magical for us.

It's especially magical for children.

Truly magical for slippy yarns (not quite.

We soaked in beautifully warm water for a half hour or so- magical for aching limbs.

He would surely have been magical for Liverpool had he joined them three decades ago.

Our energy changes and this is magical for us, and for everybody who comes in our lives.

I've written about Disneyland quite a few times before, but each time we visit, it grows even more magical for us.

A magical number The number ' three ' has always been magical for the basic fact that almost everyone can remember three things.

So I know it would have been magical for some one to help us out, and I'd want to give that too other families if given the opportunity.

While GPS has come to say that the 30 meter tall stone landmark is displaced 240 m from the actual spot, it is not any less magical for us.

In 9% of cases magical to is used

The film was just magical to me.

Certainly e-books seem magical to me.

That in and of itself is magical to me.

I secretly love it when Zan hasn't mown our lawn for awhile, it's a bit magical to me.

But nothing feels more magical to a little girl in NY than a horse drawn carriage ride.

The cliffs, islands, and rocks we used to climb as kids, those things are magical to us.

This may sound really childish, but hope is magical to me, it's something you have to believe in and it's not always easy to see.

The fact that the car knew when the door was open was as magical to me as travelling on a plane or Santa coming down the chimney.

Christian's way of juggling using local fruit We have brought something tangible, something unique and something magical to them.

If you were to transplant someone from 100 years ago into the year 2000, the things we do now would certainly seem magical to them.

In 5% of cases magical with is used

It's probably more magical with dry socks.

They have done something magical with him, at the Cecil yard.

It is hard for him to be magical with so few effective touches.

End the day with a beautiful sunset There's something magical with a sunset view from the mountains.

If the paper on which the letter was written was colourful then the letter even gets magical with this.

Of course, we can't do something magical with one week training, but Mahram's core is strong and right.

I loved all the little details about your neighbourhood, and the beautiful photos (especially magical with #nofilter).

I'd grateful that my parents made the holiday season so magical with decorations, baking cookies, Santa and all the other traditions.

The sound quality was excellent and the content was only magical with a mixture of all of the old favourites blended with some more modern tunes.

A unique site, magical with a hidden charm which will make you stay in Dinan and have an unforgetable souvenir in one of the prettiest towns in Brittany.

In 3% of cases magical at is used

They look especially magical at sunset.

Comments in series 1 paying off 3 seasons later was magical at the time.

Trite sounding, but the movie was quite well done and the images of HK were magical at times.

It zig-zags down the cliffs, and seems rather magical at night when you can only see the lights.

Walt Disney used to pull on my heart strings &; relationships that develop between human &; animal are magical at times.

And while a moment of improvisation from an actor seemed magical at the time, if it doesn't serve the story it has to go.

The garden was magical at this time of day and for a moment, Jessica wondered whether she had an oversized elf on her hands.

I nurse the baby in bed in the morning and its our very special time because I work 3-11 and my husband works 11-7 so around 8:30 is magical at our house.

My days started early in Varanasi not because of the unbearable heat that didn't allow me to sleep much, but mostly because Ganges is most magical at dusk.

In 3% of cases magical of is used

Most magical of all though was the moment that I saw a family being born.

They were thoughtful and put in the most magical of wizards to oversee the shrine.

It is the most magical of cities and we are sure that you would be enchanted by it too.

I was born and grew up there, and i knew the most magical of childhoods by being there.

These elves are in charge of the workshop and are certainly the most magical of us all.

New Zealand was part of the itinerary too, but we had no idea how magical of a place it is.

Then, there is the legendary nightlife of Bangkok, which is the most magical of all delights.

But I am here just to write down some appreciation and the magical of the feelings towards someone.

So what better excuse than to create a halloween feast based on that most magical of foods, the humble pumpkin.

Speaking of risk, reward, and heavenly bodies, let's turn our attention to that most magical of celestial spaces: The Cloud.

In 2% of cases magical by is used

Make your grandchild's Christmas magical by sending a Letter from Santa.

The storm hit, the power went out and the event was made even more magical by candlelight.

In his book, even the most trivial product of consumerism can be rendered almost magical by its owners.

Its code is very liberal, and allows for the use of techniques that might be described as magical by those used to more traditional languages.

In 2% of cases magical on is used

The Black and Gold is magical on Valentines day.

You and Jagjit Singh together were magical on stage.

They are delightfully human, yet magical on many levels.

This kind of thing isn't as effective or magical on a weekend.

Fabulous by day, but magical on a clear night any time of the year.

Is okay to not understand things and mark them as magical on good times.

Can we actually pull off something so grand and magical on stage? I'd not doubting our actors.

Because in a world that treasures brilliance and perfection, there is something magical on the 3rd chromosome in the 21st pair.

MARGARET: Yes, well, I think I'd rather it remained a fantasy but at the same time I don't think it's a great film but she is magical on screen in just about everything she does.

In 1% of cases magical as is used

Now, the landlord had spied the stick and he thought it must be magical as the cloth and the ram had been.

The feeling was rather magical as the curtain of trees suddenly open up to reveal this lonesome building on a slope.

Next to this clump of communal protest lay the ambient forest which was just as eerie and magical as the name suggests.

In the evening, the setting is magical as the sun sets over the Congo Mountains in the distance, and tiny lights from fishing boats flicker across the lake.

What worries me here is that the Osama and Saddam images are not as transgressively magical as the earlier Dodi and Di, because they never feel convincing enough.

Making your own bread IS therapeutic, almost magical as a I am still amazed that a gloop of wet dough can be transformed into something that smells wonderful, looks fab and tastes great.

In 1% of cases magical because is used

And it's all the more magical because of that, all the more enigmatic and beautiful.

I used the word magical because of the amazing flexibility offered by the div element with respect to the layout of a website.

Entalula Beach Club One of the most romantic spots in El Nido, Entalula is magical because of its pristine beach with bent coconut trees, and the colorful marine life in its coral reef.

In 1% of cases magical from is used

The holidays are magical from some and stressful for others.

In 1% of cases magical like is used

I do not expect brendan to do anything magical like rafa used to do.

Mickey Mouse wants to be creative and magical like the great wizard.

Still quite ok, but nothing magical like Seungmidang I believe it could be because of the gochujang here doesn't taste as good.

Its not anything magical like the OG Blade, its very light, but it shouldn't make too much of a difference considering almost all good heads nowadays are within 1 ounce of each other.

I think YOU have something magical like this in you that's going to manifest and get the people around you to realize that we just can't keep Barack Obama in office another four years.

In 1% of cases magical out is used

Human beings have the capacity to create, innovate and make something magical out of nothing.

TO HAVE &; TO HOLD Posted by Tim Sumner It all started out as a project at University, lured in by Andy Bainbridge to create something magical out of it all.

In my observation, sometimes we have a tendency to look for something higher, mystical, magical out of the religious texts at the peril of missing/ neglecting the practical utility of the message.

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