Prepositions after "lurk"

lurk in, behind, on, within or around?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases lurk in is used

It was pure tension that lurked in the heart of this film.

Couples can be seen lurking in the sea as ferries sail by.

Tremendous amounts of information lurk in these basic numbers.

When we're kids we're scared of the monsters under the bed or what's lurking in the dark.

These are the real things, lurking in the bushes on the way home, waiting to make their move.

The native Evenk and Yakut people have always claimed an underwater creature lurks in their lake.

Sinister design lurked in the woman's features, a concentrated purpose of revenge on the other sex--so it seemed to him then.

A tempting narrative now lurks in every journalist's keyboard: the idealism of 2011 has been smothered by the realpolitik of 2012.

In order to fix the Standard Model, supersymmetry posits that all known particles have a much more massive superpartner lurking in the subatomic world.

In 8% of cases lurk behind is used

The outside looks pleasant but I can only imagine what lurks behind these prisons ' walls.

He appears to be big and powerful but lurking behind him is the Satanic Swan who is the planet Saturn.

I am especially fond of the website's footer and what lurks behind those trees (go and see for yourself).

He invited journalists to share their research materials and data for others -- there might be more than one story lurking behind all that data.

Lurking behind each individual chiropractic home office software is a superb guidance staff to help you together with mastering plus enacting the item used.

In 7% of cases lurk on is used

No ladies, TD is not a Spaniard lurking on dating sites.

Many similar slabs of ordure still lurk on the electronic ether.

It lurks on some webpage, but most URL content lures you away from it.

And the Finn was called into action again on the hour mark after Anderson picked out an unmarked Rooney lurking on the edge of the box.

So, she installed video cameras, has new locks and cut back the landscaping so any characters lurking on the property would be seen clearly.

If a scholar of fiqh is lurking on Naseeb, letting us know what is in the books of tafsir about these verses would be of some help to our community.

This washes the nose and sinuses clean, and clears away any debris, allergy material, bacteria, viruses etc that may be lurking on the nasal lining.

For those of you that are bored of reading ' similar ' threads from excited/nervous newbies, I advise avoid lurking on the wannabe &; newbie biker forum, or failing that just ignore it.

In 6% of cases lurk within is used

Still I wonder of what danger lurks within this jungle at night, and how would I deal with them if I ever had to.

I could always see the game lurking within the tangle, and it's nice to see it finally doing what I wanted it to from the start.

Working through my memories, I do recall hearing the old druid talking about the dangers that lurk within this forest that is perfectly lethal if one was not careful, and sometimes even if one was.

In 6% of cases lurk around is used

You will mostly find her lurking around Goodreads or MDL in search of her new prey.

In the Premier League, there are tougher tests than Reading lurking around the corner for Laudrup's men.

In the first place, a ring is not going to keep you safe from whatever danger may lurk around the next corner and in the second, I think it creates an aura of paranoia.

Little did I know that lurking around the dunes and already surfing were the original Coolangatta kids, Michael and Tommy Peterson who I ' d work with years later as a board builder in Merimbula.

In 6% of cases lurk at is used

Something lurks at the bottom of our garden.

I only wish the Woman-who-hated-the-hat could read these responses and the other grinches that lurk at craft fairs too.

Where were the guys lurking at the back of the box who would have had the goal at their mercy? I think with Crouch in the game longer England might have produced on the crosses.

It was as if Mike Tyson &; Holyfield were in the ring and just sat in the corner the entire match lurking at each other and whomever gave the most menacing look was declared the winner.

In 5% of cases lurk beneath is used

Tar, that lurks beneath the ground, Uproots and kills without a sound.

I know the lie that lurks beneath the dream, and choose to live elsewhere.

Although the extent of which remains unknown, there's a bounty of other untapped mineral wealth likely lurking beneath the soil.

Things don't get much better for the Skoda when you fling the technical notes open and compare what lurks beneath their wildly differing skins.

In 3% of cases lurk for is used

I've been lurking for years, but glad I could share this with you.

I've been lurking for a while, and I guess it's time I actually posted something.

This is the first time I am posting on your blog, though I've been lurking for a while.

In 2% of cases lurk amongst is used

But will Frankel be able to stretch his unbeaten run to ten races, or is there a surprise package lurking amongst the Lockinge entrants.

But be warned, there are dangers hidden in the least likely places and we aren't talking about the Red Backed Spiders lurking amongst the scattered piles of used tyres.

In 2% of cases lurk under is used

I imagined him fighting monsters, keeping his previous owner safe and sustaining a few battle wounds as he bravely took on the creatures that lurk under beds when it is dark.

In 2% of cases lurk with is used

What if someone really was lurking with a gun? Maybe it wasn? t just his imagination that the house had whispered Stay away.

Like a red top headline, my hyperbole is personalised, provocative, turning a complex issue into a news-worthy drama, lurking with animus, betrayal, passion and anger.

In 1% of cases lurk during is used

Even though Slender Man is more terrifying, ambitious and skilled at night, he's still lurking during the day.

In 1% of cases lurk outside is used

Creepy Guy shows Tawale as a man lurking outside of a window.

In 1% of cases lurk along is used

The negatives are that a visit from Manchester United lurks along with having to face Shakhtar in two weeks ' time in an immediate return at Stamford Bridge.

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