Prepositions after "lure"

"lure by", "lure to" or "lure into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases lure by is used

So what can the existing borrowers do? Those who were lured by teaser loans at 8-8.

My first day at the store, lured by the smell of mesquite, I found myself in line at the barbecue station.

Did we learn our lesson? Lured by the possibility of a Little Scops Owl we returned the next Sunday as well.

But neither Wisdom nor Renunciation are attracted or lured by Desire who is not only turned away but also disfigured by Lakshmana.

The Olofsson brothers, who were born in Boras, Sweden, and grew up playing hockey in the Denver area, were lured by archrival Colorado College.

Lured by the city's immense inventory of inexpensive, beautiful housing stock, Torontonians started buying up heritage homes like half-priced penny candy.

We now take it for granted, too, that clinical expertise for our hospitals or vice-chancellors for our universities can only be lured by stratospheric salaries.

Tempting swimming pool just 2 mins away from office! Lured by the location and peer pressure (so many of my colleagues signed-up ), I finally signed-up on 2nd April 2012.

According to Canadian CBC News, during her video the teen explains in handwritten notes that she was in Grade 7 when she was lured by the unidentified male to expose her breasts via webcam.

In 24% of cases lure into is used

Even nine-year-old girls are lured into sex by the occupying state forces.

Investors were lured into the business with the promise that emus presented a good return.

She ends up lured into a dance-off with Vijay, which is actually one of his more practical schemes.

Investors who are lured into jumping on the backs of these monkeys will usually end up in real trouble.

You never know, when a loved one will be lured into something that may take or waste his precious life.

We are not about to forget this dark chapter in our history, or be lured into ' governing ' our southern cousins.

My spirit was being lured into Yoga, and what made me see how good it was for me, was the effect it had on my body.

It seems youths have not learnt from the recent murder of Cynthia who was lured into her death through the social media.

Do not be lured into making an impulsive switch from a compact to mid-sized car based solely on a good sales pitch from the dealer or the bank.

In 20% of cases lure to is used

She was lured to that room by one man.

These are people who have been lured to bed with whiff of money by top politicians and bizmen.

When seagulls are sighted at the horizon, the fleet of vaaalo races to the scene and drop their pearl lures to the school of tuna.

In 2007 to 2009, the country saw the assassinations of Ethiopian security officials some of whom were lured to their death by women who led them into traps.

Two days later, 13 Israeli soldiers were lured to their deaths in a nearby alley by a series of booby trap explosives, and then picked off by Palestinian gunmen.

When I walked into the centre, with my wife, who like any other woman is lured to all sorts of beauty treatments, I had enough time to make so many observations.

In 8% of cases lure in is used

Once she lured in someone, the Pontianak would then turn into something hideous.

The specifications are luring in comparison to the price and no doubt it's a good buy.

This year was no different but I did feel highly skeptical going into it about the hosts that had been selected in an attempt to lure in a younger demographic to watch the show.

When you're lured in the store to acquire some thing you don't absolutely need, take into consideration how much greater it could be to make use of that cash to spend down your debt.

In 6% of cases lure with is used

But the chumming goes on daily, with big toothy fish continually being lured with food to cages filled with nervous human beings in wetsuits.

It captures the heart of the Old West, an open space of Manifest Destiny that lured with a siren's call and rewarded those who answered with greatness or madness.

In 3% of cases lure away is used

Closing in on 20 caps for Germany and could probably only be lured away from the Signal-Iduna-Park by the truly greatest sides in Europe.

In 3% of cases lure from is used

Both Ramsey and Martin said they believe the missing intern was probably lured from her house by someone she knew.

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