Prepositions after "lucky"

"lucky for", "lucky with" or "lucky in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases lucky for is used

Joey: Well, lucky for you, Jen.

Lucky for me he was persistent.

LEY Lucky for people in the EU.

The looking-glass was unlucky for her, all right; but rather because it wasn't broken.

Not so lucky for the owner who had to face the bill for a new phone and the vets fees.

The whole experience humbled me somewhat and I feel very lucky for my life in Ireland.

I found this little yellow stone which must have been a golden topas a semi gem and I felt very lucky for that gift.

Lucky for them maori values of manaakitanga, wairuatanga and aroha allowed them to stay rather than wiping them out.

Lucky for his fans, John Farnham was true to his word, and in December 2003 he performed at Twin Towers for 3 shows.

Lucky for me an employee of the car rental company was passing by and recognized the car as belonging to his agency.

In 25% of cases lucky in is used

We were lucky in this election.

We got lucky in a lot of games.

I have been lucky in my career.

I was lucky in that my friend had had panic attacks before and knew how to reassure me.

Relatively speaking, my mom was lucky in terms of both clinical and financial prognoses.

Overall, we've been lucky in that respect as the support has been there when we need it.

Q: How do you unwind? A: I am lucky in that my work is also my love, so relaxation and work are often the same thing.

Posted by RandyOZ on (June 13 2012, 09:44 AM GMT) Bresnan truly isn't that good and has got lucky in his test career.

I feel lucky in a way, to have the time now to do all those other things like baking, gardening, and learning to sew.

I am lucky in the fact that I have already had 9 months off and hope to have off until January when my son will be 1.

In 18% of cases lucky with is used

We were lucky with this result.

Lucky with that penalty appeal.

Didn't get lucky with it though.

I love my country but we have not been lucky with the system we have in place so far.

But if he's lucky with a good monsoon, there may be a business cycle recovery anyway.

But we? ve been pretty lucky with the producers that we? ve been working with so far.

He also chose to go with the approach he thought would give him the highest chances of getting lucky with the girl.

At this stage Im thinking if I'd lucky with the winds on the way back I'll actually have a decent time on the bike.

So far we have been very lucky with the weather, it being generally calm (good for science and sleeping! ), if grey.

Some teams are lucky with a couple solid Running Backs, like division rival Buffalo Bills RB 's, Fred Jackson and C.

In 4% of cases lucky on is used

Hope I'll be lucky on that day.

You were lucky on the food front.

I was relatively lucky on my tour.

As for being lucky on that day, Chelsea certainly had their fair share in North London.

One can also get lucky on these types of gigs and something quick could come out of it.

I passed my Theory exam on the first try, but wasn't so lucky on my first Practical exam.

No GM/front office is that good and lucky on draft night, not even Joe Dumars;) Really, it's just a random, weird fact.

Also, if your lucky on Sundays you can hear the rag time tunes as a guy with piano and another with drum set will play.

I would counter that the team got incredibly lucky on Ellis, which does not excuse the fact that they missed badly on Diogu.

We were lucky on the one where they hit the post, as well, and then we had a good chance at the end, where we could almost steal it.

In 3% of cases lucky at is used

Have we been lucky at times? I guess.

But I confess that we were lucky at times.

Lucky at that time I only have six clients.

Five of us have been feisty, plucky but we have been incredibly lucky at the same time.

Your chances of getting lucky at anything are proportionally a lot higher in a big city.

The only thing special about those on top is that 99% of them were very very lucky at birth.

Lucky at the top of the mountain there were caves full will 1st BC drawings of Buddha 's, there must have been 1000's.

Those of us knowledge-worky types who are engaged with our profession are an exception and actually pretty lucky at that.

And after a few months of diligently monitoring most online stores that would ship internationally, I got lucky at E-Bay.

I would've gladly walked out with the entire Fall/Winter collection at Maje if I'd gotten lucky at last Saturday's lottery.

In 2% of cases lucky as is used

Miliband has been lucky as well as astute.

I think I got lucky as the greens are tricky.

We were lucky as the service was good for us.

Financially, We can make money to support our trip, especially, we are lucky as a music couple.

After the break Sunderland was lucky as the ball hits their bar and just after that they scored.

Cork, he said, was lucky as a region to have the integrated services where other regions did not.

If that were the greatest threat to freedom of speech in the Western world, then I would consider us lucky as a whole.

We were not that lucky as the restaurant we wanted to dine was packed and the availability was one and half hour later.

He was not that lucky as none of the people Jideonu approached for financial assistance could come to his immediate aid.

I'd very lucky as a designer that I'd in a position that I don't have to compromise, I design clothes that I like to wear.

In 2% of cases lucky to is used

I am so lucky to call you my friend.

Ramsey was lucky to stay on the field.

Such a car would be lucky to better 15.

I guess I was considered lucky to born as a tin miner daugther and to visit this mines.

I'd going to put a timer on and you've got, sorry, Jason, you're just lucky to the draw.

More we were so lucky to arrived the day before the maid of the mist opened for the season.

I was so lucky to knowing him and to be her close friend, although physically we've never been one next to the other.

I was lucky to tour with Foreign Beggars in 2003/4, and there was a real excitement for something new and interesting.

A lot of people said I am so lucky to born on this day cause it is HOLIDAY for everyone and I will get double present.

Last year was a perfect example of this as we were very lucky to of got into 3rd and in truth we did nt really deserve it.

In 1% of cases lucky about is used

I was very lucky about when I grew up.

Obviously there's nothing lucky about that.

Nothing lucky about the winner, a minute later.

Somehow I've managed to return and as you can imagine I was really lucky about that.

I think he should feel very lucky about the fact that you tolerate him for your sons.

I feel very lucky about all that is happening and to have such fine and supportive friends.

But there was nothing lucky about former Crewe midfielder Powell's effort as the 18-year-old belted home from 20 yards.

Early in the novel, Dix describes his apartment and how he got it: He liked the place he had now; he? d been lucky about it.

I guess I do feel I am lucky about the slow progression, although I am noticing more changes and I am having to paddle much harder and faster.

I see you are so lucky about Knefe, you had a chance to eat it from it's masters hand:) ) i loved Knefe so so much but not eat it so much because of cals.

In 1% of cases lucky after is used

So maybe he is lucky after all.

You may not feel lucky after all.

The native becomes lucky after marriage.

Though I suppose since they're Prince Yi Gak's line of defense, maybe not so lucky after all.

Things do change quickly alright, so its great to see people getting lucky after the hardship.

Feeling somewhat lucky after taming Savage yesterday, I thought I'd do some questing in the Valley.

The driver of the white car can count him/or herself incredibly lucky after this unbelievable near miss with a massive white truck.

Secretary of State William Seward wasn't so lucky after a simultaneous attack saw him receive multiple stab wounds at the hands of Lewis Powell.

He was lucky after that and, in Kolkata and Bangalore tests he scored centuries and double centuries and since then he became a permanent fixture in the team.

And feeling even luckier after being in touch with a number of friends in Chch and being told some of the damage their houses or neighbourhood have sustained.

In 1% of cases lucky by is used

In fact, they're lucky by comparison.

So then the Valanciunas pick was lucky by BC.

We just got lucky by having the ' world language '.

I got lucky by the grace of God and because I went in early (Within 1 hour of ingestion).

I got lucky by late afternoon when a friend told me that she had an extra Lower Box ticket.

If you listen closely you'll notice the tune is basically I Should Be So Lucky by Kylie Minogue.

Dead Lucky by by Pierre Rommelaere Last up for the night we had the pleasure of some sweet Rude Rock Reggae by 7th Son.

GET OUT of your friend's shadow! A friend that makes you feel that you are lucky by hanging out with her is not a friend.

Similarly, a lucky clover isn't lucky by definition, but because that's the meaning we (some of us, anyway) have assigned to it.

Nigeria has also been lucky by another natural factor, sheer good weather in the last decade which has helped our agricultural output.

In 1% of cases lucky like is used

They've been lucky like that all season.

I'd just lucky like that at the moment:).

Not everyone would be lucky like Jeyadeva!

And then, if you're lucky like me, you can buy the rest of your review copies yourself.

In WAITING FOR GODOT there is a mean man named Pozzo who treats his servant Lucky like a slave.

Sometimes you get lucky like when you're on a holiday at Peggy's Cove and you get the ONE sunny day.

Don't get sick, or, get lucky like me and have a wonderful spouse who is quite literally my path to, well, not dying.

But if you're lucky like my friend, Sassy, you'll find good buys like the vintage Adidas jacket she bought for Php10.

The snowballers should feel lucky like some have said, that this guy was a cop and kept his head before laying down some gunfire.

Yes you may have to throw away or if you are lucky like me with three friends with new babies give away formulas that don't work.

In 1% of cases lucky of is used

The luckiest of girls got eliminated.

A bugler in the army is the luckiest of men.

The luckier of them will have to play challengers.

Luckiest of all: a copy of that vinyl will eventually be sent to us here in New Zealand.

After the match, which has been the luckiest of all escapes, I felt embarrassed as a United supporter.

The bad news for other exporters is that Australia happens to be our biggest customer and is starting to look less lucky of late.

I have never believed in accidents coming out in 4D but you have proven me wrong! How lucky of you! RM 1,000 is nothing to sneeze at.

There was a raffle for a Smart phone and the luckiest of them all was NPC Past President Modesto Sa-onoy who won a Smart phone kit.

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