Prepositions after "low"

"low in", "low for" or "low on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases low in is used

This is a new low in the debate.

Looked to be quite low in the sky.

Jerry's guitar very low in the mix.

In Pakistan financial access is very low - 14 percent - which is lowest in the region.

After 1945, GUD incidences became extremely low in urban settings 47, 48, 70, 72, 73, 75.

When the moon is lower in the sky its light has to pass through more of the atmosphere.

A man in a convertible drives in what he thought was a shallow stream, but his car gets lower and lower in the water.

As Minister Quinn conceded at the MacGill Summer School, perhaps we need to debate on our low investment in the sector.

This trend spells doom for individuals and families from the lowest income groups who have no pockets to begin with.

An cr! Low in the tree or high in the tree? Ennis doesn't say on the video what kind of thrush was singing in the tree.

In 14% of cases low on is used

Tip ripped shawty low on this!!

This seems to be low on the list.

Animals eat low on the food chain.

He is unaware that, being the newest guy on the block, he is lowest on the totem pole.

As for Labour their support is also lower on Health than it has been -- in the mid-30s.

But that registers pretty low on the political Geiger counter compared to the latest news.

They also look very low on the side of the ship Many people seem to be concerned with the safety features of this ship.

This morning, however, the pre-opening futures are lower on rumors that Deutsche Postbank had failed the stress test.

I can't fathom why she's low on the score board unless it's purely because there are too many girls splitting up votes.

A solid mist hangs low on the ground, fed by bubbling pools of silvery-grey mercury which erupt at irregular intervals.

In 12% of cases low for is used

I wanted to lie low for a week.

I could lie low for an episode.

We'll just lay low for an hour.

Operating costs are lower for GSHP than gas, but higher for ASHP due to its lower COP.

So the low for the day seems to be done and we are somewhere in the middle of the range.

I find the fact that the bar is lower for people of black descent than that of whites.

The Glamour Corselette The Glamour Corselette will sit perfectly under that 1950s dress you searched high and low for.

Those five points were the lowest for a fourth quarter in the shot-clock era for a team that actually won the game.

Yes, the effective tax rate (after reliefs and allowances) will be lower -- but it will be lower for both countries.

Because the barrier to entry became lower for software makers, smartphones now have access to hundreds of thousands.

In 9% of cases low of is used

Markets tested a low of $ 8214.

Obama is the lowest of the low.

They are the lowest of the low.

All they managed in 2012 was to win the Shield -- the lowest of the trophies in offer.

In 2011, the proportion of seniors in Canada was among the lowest of the G8 countries.

The signal in this stream is the lowest of the three in terms of monetizeable traffic.

Inventory is typically carried at lower of cost or net realizable value; again a prime example of exercising caution.

Over the years Congress has passed various acts to change this number, fluctuating from a low of five to a high of ten.

Asked how successful they thought they would be in life, students rated their prospects from a low of 1 to a high of 7.

The place is filled with thieves and bandits, and is considered the lowest of the low in terms of living conditions.

In 7% of cases low to is used

The bear was low to the ground.

Somewhere in the low to mid 30.

Low to high 20s during the day.

In 2006-07, 20% of first-time buyers on a low to middle income bought with 100% mortgage.

The higher spirituality, when it associates itself with the lower to give it Chesht (i.

Several formulae (see Howell) follow to illustrate where some of the numbers in Output 6.

At that moment a cat came in from outside and as it passed me it pressed itself low to the floor and ran up the stairs.

Non-caking coal has extremely weak caking due to the oxidation during coal forming, and the coal rank is low to medium.

If these studies are comparable, this would indicate that chelation has dropped from low to very low in use by parents.

Smaller adult frames could cause the child bike to ride lower to the ground without the proper front wheel clearance.

In 5% of cases low at is used

Next time you feel low at work.

The rupee commenced lower at 54.

Corp tax is relatively low at 28%.

No refund for changes will be available should the fare be lower at the time of change.

At 13:22 GMT EUR/USD has moved from being slightly higher to being slightly lower at 1.

In contrast, the rate of smoking in women in 1960 was very low at only 80 in every 1,000.

ICICI Bank, in fact, trades nearly 2 percent lower at Rs 888 a day after the bank's result numbers had pushed up the.

If this projected figure is low at age 65 and their retirement age may now be 68, this highlights the potential problem.

The crude death rate (the annual number of deaths per 1,000 population) was quite low at 6 per 1,000 population in 1985.

Pakistan's internal security is at an alarming low at the moment and it can not afford these types of attacks any longer.

In 3% of cases low by is used

This figure is lower by around 0.

Dry hole expense was lower by $22.

The overall market was lower by 0.

Nominal interest rates were very low by historical standards during teh Great Depression.

Despite this, BMW claims that the kerb weight across the range is lower by about 40 kg.

Gas prices are higher than they used to be but they are still very low by world standards.

Violating common sense and rules has been a practice and everyday traffic sense is going lower by lower among public.

However, the overall enrollment ratio of boys and girls in secondary school is still low by even sub-Saharan standards.

Some facts about abortion include the following: Australia's abortion rate is reasonably low by international standards.

Enrolment rates in early childhood education, senior secondary and higher education are still low by regional standards.

In 2% of cases low with is used

Feeling low with tears in eyes.

He backed up, his eyes low with lust.

Down low with the pedal to the metal.

Posted by: Lizzie May 2, 2012, 1:50 pm 1:50 pm ABC has sunk to a new low with this one.

Foles also went high or low with it, depending on what was best for that particular play.

The standard of journalism has reached an all time low with this poorly researched piece.

Think I, the round world over, What golden lads are low With hurts not mine to mourn for And shames I shall not know.

It means that the Aussie dollar is looking like it is going to fall lower with the AUD/USD trading at 7 month lows.

Since then it has become even lower with new designs of helmet, but some people still refuse to comply, even today.

The report shows that the Australian-manufactured Ford Falcon has fallen to a new 50 year low with its sales numbers.

In 1% of cases low during is used

Interest rates were not low during the 1920s.

Might be able to buy it lower during this period.

Blood pressure is at its lowest during sleeping hours.

That's just 75 basis points above its historic low during the worst of the recession.

Allahabad Bank fell lower during Tuesday, closing nearly 1 percent lower at Rs 203.

Rates are lowest during off-peak periods - all weekend and weekdays from 9pm to 7am.

We also know that the number of sunspots was low during the Dalton minimum, and global tempertatures were also low.

The number of other people looking around is generally lower during the week but then so is the number of vendors.

The Fitch Excess Spread Index (Fitch ESI) was slightly lower during the first quarter of the year, and stood at 2.

The background music automatically becomes lower during a dialogue scene so none of the words are ever drowned out.

In 1% of cases low since is used

That was its lowest since 1980.

They haven't been that low since 1950.

Politics has sunk rather low since then.

It was also three and a half years low since December 17, 2008, when it was recorded Tk 1.

Outlook: His 32 goals were still productive, but his 67 points were lowest since 2005-06.

Growth is at its lowest since 2003, and foreign investors are complaining out loud about hazy rules and red tape.

Restrictions were due to last until Christmas after two dry winters left water levels at their lowest since 1976.

They have only been low since 2005 and whatever effect they might have is subject to the same delays as CO2 warming (e.

In 1% of cases low over is used

Planes sweeping low over Gaza City.

The lap belt must be low over the hips.

Let us leap low over the candles ' glow.

There is haze upon the distant hills, spreading Acacias bend low over reflecting pools.

The pale blue sky was cloudless, but filled with swallows swooping low over the fields.

Prices for generating wind power are expected to drop even lower over the next decade.

Meanwhile, modelling that assesses sea ice volume suggests that 2012 has also seen a new low over the same timescale.

He restored US relations with the Arabs and Muslims after this had reached an all-time low over the past half century.

Other threats Kereru get injured or killed when they fly into windows or get hit by cars as they swoop low over roads.

We were heading towards Jaflong and a black rain cloud hung low over us, swirling slowly, and then it started pouring.

In 1% of cases low from is used

Can we go lower from here? Sure.

A new low from the people in charge.

A new low from the Office of the President.

For example as an indirect finesse leading low from Dummy to Declarer's Queen and Jack.

Very quiet the 2nd week -- it was like the bucks were indeed laying low from exhaustion.

Output will therefore definitely be low from me for the rest of this year, unfortunately.

Perhaps real estate will sink all the way back down to the natural low from which it should never have risen to begin with.

Holly is yours lower from when you had your first? My midwife told me that weight can play a role in the results you get.

A corner came in low from the left, Ari flicked the ball on at the near post and Dmitriy Kombarov fired over from 12 yards.

For months (and, in some cases, years ), you've seen their share prices cut in half -- only to drop even lower from there.

In 1% of cases low after is used

But the traffic still low after that.

Lower the flame from high to low after 2 minutes.

Mortality in this study was lower after LC (0 vs 3.

Crude oil futures prices are yet trading sharply lower after hitting a 5-month of $93.

My mother was low after the divorce and I knew she wouldn't cope well with my experience.

The players were low after Saturday but those who have visited him feel a lot more upbeat.

We here in the Northeast start to relax as chances for tropical systems drop very low after the middle of the month.

Sydney Service Litter Syringe counts in immediate local area were generally lower after the centre opened than before.

I mean, mathmatically why pay off any debt whose interest rate is lower after taxes than an alternative retun on investment.

In 1% of cases low due is used

My confidence gets low due to it.

Cost is lower due to very few oil changes.

Every thing is low due to the lack of something.

I am a survivor of Pulmonary Embolism (in India survival rate is low due to unawareness).

They claimed that the number of passengers was low due to the spread of panic amongst them.

They did not cover even the production cost as the yield was very low due to early flowering.

The attendance at schools and government offices was noticeably low due to immobility of public and private transport.

As the interest rate on those loans are lower due to the fact the threat of the lender is secured by your Residence.

The cost of driving will go up a bit because my gas mileage will be somewhat lower due to the heavier weight in the car.

The mining company tax take has also been much lower due to a crash in commodity prices but no one blames Swan for this.

In 1% of cases low down is used

Twitter only secret low down info.

Her house is lower down the slope.

Maybe he will do better lower down.

Shame on law enforcement for taking America just one inch lower down the toilet bowl.

He doesn't like batting lower down these days, but he has the goods to deliver at No.

It was overcast, with the clouds settling lower down the mountains as the day went on.

Because of the low down payment, these mortgages are classified as higher risk to the bank and the insurance company.

We try to get closer to the people, we try to get lower down the command structures and we try to be more embedded.

This one was so low down that he was tapping to get his aim almost on the rounded crease where bottom becomes thighs.

The 7/7 bombers were on the radar but remained unidentified and low down the priority order for the limited resources.

In 1% of cases low because is used

Property values will be lower because of this.

Thus the price is lower because of less demand.

Visibility was low because of the dense undergrowth.

The bonnet can't get any higher legally, and can't be lower because of the engine.

So I was developing a poor self-image, my self-esteem was going low because of that.

The successful birth rate in packs of feral street dogs is very low because of this.

Consequently, interest rates are low because of ongoing economic weakness that has decreased the demand for credit.

There is absolutely no doubt that this figure was so low because of the affects of illegal striking in South Africa.

Growth is now likely to slow because of policy tightening in China and export demand / foreign investment weakening.

Japan's have increased significantly, though the interest rate burden has stayed low because of very low interest rates.

In 1% of cases low as is used

I've been laying low as of late.

So he is feeling low as a man now.

Their costs are lower as a result.

If awarded against public interest groups, they have been much lower as a general rule.

The cliff of Bridport Sand Formation here is lower as the top slopes down to the river.

Ayush The capacity utilization looks low as the co expands during the last qtr every year.

This is going to go even lower as the fund rolls maturing, high-yield bonds into bonds that pay a lower interest rate.

This will mean that you will repay your mortgage over a longer period so the monthly payment will be lower as a result.

Almost all that he gets is pure gain, and their price can scarce be so low as to discourage him from feeding this number.

Large, complex incentive schemes can also be difficult for participants to navigate and take up is often low as a result.

In 1% of cases low among is used

That would be lowest among Canadian teams.

It is low among Blacks, and highest among Jews.

The signal-to-noise raito is pretty low among them.

Morale has been reported to be generally low among security forces based in the north.

Poverty is lowest among the crop and fruit farmers and highest for livestock herders.

Consumption tends to be lower among younger adults, children and people on low incomes.

But the rate of adoption for this kind of thing DOES seem to be pretty low among most of the mainstream news outlets.

For women 60 years and older, sex dropped off significantly overall and was even lower among those without partners.

The proportion is lower among older age groups such as those aged 35-54 (16 per cent) and the over-55s (19 per cent).

In 1% of cases low against is used

Round white clouds hang low against a blue sky.

The US dollar fell to a new low against the Euro.

The rupee too traded lower against the dollar at 54.

The crisis that is (psychic) illness is the freedom of the lower against the higher.

The Indian rupee is trading over 10% lower against the US Dollar in comparison with the.

The pound fell to a 10-week low against the greenback as data showed UK retail sales slid.

The pound fell to an 18-month low against the Euro last week, which makes a trip to the continent less affordable.

In the week before he died, I actually zipped him up inside my hoodie, and he purred deep and low against my chest.

The euro fell to a 10-year low against the yen, and investors poured money into German bonds in a flight to safety.

Resultantly, the euro ended the year at a 10 year low against the yen and a 16 month low against the US dollar, although.

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