Prepositions after "lovely"

"lovely in", "lovely with" or "lovely for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases lovely in is used

You are so lovely in every way.

The hotel is lovely in every way.

Saba looks lovely in the lehenga.

The pizza is lovely in a very Roman way; thin crust, with some slightly salted salami.

Posted by: MEPace May 2, 2012, 12:09 pm 12:09 pm I think Ann looks lovely in that shirt.

The Rothko murals at Tate Modern are lovely in their oppression, erotic in their cruelty.

This is so lovely in itself but I have been having a really hard week with chemo, last week was the worst chemo yet.

Seemed right down to see my own boot styles, we were holding far more lovely in my foot than in your present window.

I'd a student, girlfriend, thrift hunter, gamer, avid reader, and a firm believer in finding the lovely in every day.

Nicole, 37, looked lovely in a black and grey strapless dress as she joined family and friends at the trendy shindig.

In 14% of cases lovely for is used

The terrace is lovely for groups too.

Whilst I am sure it is lovely for Mr.

They're lovely for several reasons: 1.

That is lovely for your brother to have such a great experience of the foxes so young.

Went there for food tasting and must say, the place was lovely for a Chinese Restaurant.

It'd be lovely for them to be able to be independent and finally see eachother face to face.

This will allow you to run games as necessary, and on-disc games are lovely for those with limited hard-drive space.

I think there's something so lovely for an audience just watching two very talented people come together and playing.

Well, the key I liked the vocals in was C sharp major, a very lousy key for the harp to play in; lovely for keyboards.

The night is too lovely for that, and the moon, if she heard us, would put more ashes on her face than are there already.

In 11% of cases lovely with is used

Would be lovely with mushrooms.

And would be lovely with babies.

It's lovely with an ice-cold beer.

The breakfast was lovely with loads of variety and we ate at the Sirocco as a treat.

The surroundings is lovely with very typical quite atmosphere of a balinese village.

The inside of the restaurant was lovely with a very unique type of glass lodge decor.

Our quiet immaculate room facing the courtyard was lovely with a very comfortable king-size bed and great pillows.

It's really lovely with some good quality vanilla ice cream but whipped or pouring cream are both equally as good.

They're also lovely with a slice of mature cheddar -- though I wonder what Good Queen Bess would have made of that.

Our area of the Charente is lovely with lots of places to visit and on the main route through to the South or North.

In 9% of cases lovely of is used

It was lovely of her to bother.

How lovely of you to post on here.

Oh, how lovely of you to say that, Mel.

And as for thinking of Gary's bithday, well that was so lovely of you - a real surprise.

Sue, how lovely of AB, you've obviously made a big impression on him, have a great holiday.

I told him about the Blue Palace, the Green Palace and, most lovely of all, the Pearl Palace.

I met the loveliest of people there, made some good friends, and I am sure the friendship will continue till end.

At its best it is quite the loveliest of seasons and this years autumn colour is the most vibrant I have seen in years.

It was lovely of her, but realised I am now officially decrepit! Ali I hope your scollop gets to do the subjects he wants.

But most lovely of all was the skill with which they flew, their wingtips moving a precise and constant inch from his own.

In 9% of cases lovely on is used

She sounded lovely on the phone.

The girls are lovely on reception.

Looks lovely on! Hopefully it will.

They are so lovely on here you and your sister will get support and help that you need.

There are three pools arranged in an attractive design which look lovely on first sight.

Food was lovely on board the boat and there was always plenty of it and plenty of choice.

Worra everyone is being kind and lovely on those threads but it puts all the other insignificant crap in perspective.

Everyone is so lovely on here and it is such a positive place I am grateful to have found your site and have your book.

The navy sequined one would look lovely on a woman with an hourglass figure, or a mannequin figure, but makes her look boxy.

It is the perfect product for people who find they usually go a bit cack-handed with blusher and it feels lovely on the skin.

In 7% of cases lovely to is used

Lovely to heard from you Sunni.

He was lovely to me as a friend.

Hi Suex, lovely to see you again.

Please be lovely to Harry because we here in village regard him as a national treasure.

It would seem that yellow coloured clothing was particularly lovely to the ancients eye.

Oh lovely to hear the review from last night, glad to hear Auds and Suex had a great time.

Anyway it was lovely to be out of the city, breathing in fresh air and admiring snow-capped peaks up close once again.

Scrummy, delighted to hear all the numbers are going in the right direction and how lovely to have seen your bean's hb.

She dated one not long ago, and he was lovely to her, until one day he said to her he was not ready for anything serious.

I am, in some ways, understanding, as you say, but I am also like a child, &; it is lovely to me to be able to be like a child.

In 4% of cases lovely about is used

Aw, how lovely about the proposal.

Phew! Everything's lovely about it.

There's something lovely about their relationship.

So this is what is lovely about our humanity: we can experience this joy of giving.

I think there's something lovely about getting to that point -- a phase of marriage most do.

What's really lovely about this book is that it looks at North Korean life on a micro-scale.

The staff put me at ease and were so lovely about making sure the image was positioned exactly where I wanted it.

What can be lovely about this game is nobody hardly ever knows what will work, so it's almost always worth trying.

It is a celebration in the middle of all this coldness and bleakness and there is something warm and lovely about it.

Still, there's no question this change comes at a cost; there was something lovely about the dream of a seamless world.

In 4% of cases lovely as is used

Lovely as an introduction to poetry.

I think its lovely as a boys or girls name.

House Held Up by Trees is lovely as a work of art.

I'd sure these would be lovely as a boozey adult version for summertime BBQ season too.

TREES by: Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918) THINK that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree.

This is the room that you visit to freshen up and must look lovely as well as be convenient.

Then suddenly again one morning it would be fair, lovely as a morning in Paradise, everything beautiful and flowing.

Making golden apples -- these feature in several different Greek myths, and would look lovely as a Christmas ornament.

They usually want to see their girl without makeup-if she passes that and is lovely as a person, most men will be happy.

Lovely as the blossoms are, they must eventually fall with the passing of time, as suggested by the white hair of the watchman.

In 4% of cases lovely at is used

It is especially lovely at dusk.

I mean my parents are lovely at this.

The view was lovely at every direction.

By: Lovely at Jan 11, 2012 - 17:56 Good day, Im working here at Hk as Domestic Helper.

As I end the call, I felt a feeling that was both strange and lovely at the same time.

And yes Enya once again singing in a vocals so low it sounds eerie and lovely at the same time.

The problem with those days seems to be that although they are lovely at the time, they don't half break concentration.

Between June and August it can be very cold at the Ngorongoro Crater, but Mnemba Island is lovely at this time of year.

I should have explained that St James ' Park is lovely at dusk when the many water birds are settling down for the night.

The half-indoors half-outdoors style dining is lovely at night, and the proximity to a main road is quite novel in Colombo.

In 2% of cases lovely by is used

The sausages were lovely by the way.

Vindoo looks lovely by the way! Thanks for your comment.

I am already, 58 but very healthy, lively and lovely by God's grace.

It was a speech made lovelier by its contrast to the impressive formality of the evening.

Integral shade, model and other people are becoming more lovely by amending our attire outlook.

For perfumes, I like Marc Jacobs, Victor and Rolf, Lovely by SJP, Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger.

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr is quite excellent, again another book aimed at teens, but I think more grounded in real life.

At which point with a camcorder pointed at the two of them, they started talking about the weather (which was lovely by the way).

Oh but the make-up by Nani was lovely by the way!!! It was really light and breezy, which was a perfect contrast again the brightness of my outfit.

In 1% of cases lovely without is used

Life in the urbane capital of Victoria is lovely without a car.

Paris was lovely, too, although it would've been lovelier without the constant rain.

That being said, I didn't use any extract, and I think the pudding is lovely without it.

Of course roasted nuts are lovely without salt as well so by all means give the sea salt a miss if you're concerned about your sodium intake.

And o Alexander K says: December 3, 2012 at 3:14 pm Alaxander K And isn't it lovely without Brandoch and his ilk bombing this thread with their nonsense? Yes.

The cake looked lovely without any frosting, I know I am quite capable of messing up things when it comes to frosting and decorating a cake, it is not difficult to imagine how ugly it will end up.

In 1% of cases lovely through is used

The Cabinteely's midfielder played a lovely through ball to the small blond striker.

Kak then gave Sergio Ramos a lovely through ball at the right side of the penalty area.

City did go one up, Micah Richards split open the midfield with a lovely through ball to James Milner.

His goals were good, especially the first with a lovely through ball by SB and a nice dink over the keeper.

Simon Cox wrapped up an assuring win, slotting under the keepers ' legs from Chris Cohen's lovely through ball.

With West Brom staring at defeat a lovely through ball from Youssuf Mulumbu to John Fleck which cut straight through Bristol Rovers defence.

Arshavin's artistry meant Russia remained a threat at the other end, but once again Kerzhakov failed to hit the target from a lovely through ball.

Fernando Torres was lazily caught offsides as David Luiz played a lovely through ball, and Chelsea would earn a pair of corners in the games opening minutes.

Dan spread the ball across the field to James, who played a lovely through ball over the top to me, but I mis-controlled it and the defender tracked back in time to force me wide.

He got one back for Arsenal at the end of the first half by breaking away on a lovely through ball from Arshavin, but also went on to play a massive role in the remainder of the match.

In 1% of cases lovely over is used

Look, the morning star is lovely over there.

It also looks lovely over a dining room table.

I think it will be lovely over your lace dress.

Hema just grows lovelier over time and I was just the biggest Shashi fan during his filmimaking days.

The airy two-arm version would be lovely over a desk or library table, while the four-arm style would buoy any dining room dcor.

Back when I was editor at NZ Catholic, a very nice gentleman -- well, I never met him, but he was lovely over the phone -- from Rhode Island once called me and said he had a story idea.

JH: You never miss your native New Zealand? SW: It's lovely over there, but our problem in New Zealand is that we only have the one comedy club, and a very limited number of places to tour.

In 1% of cases lovely like is used

Florence was very lovely like Sadie, and Mrs.

When watching TV, she is lovely like a walrus.

Your last photo there looks so quaint and lovely like the beautiful chicken coop it is! xo wendy You know.

I have never thought that a Korean historical drama can be so romantic and sweet and lovely like this before.

Virgil is serene and lovely like a marble Apollo in the moonlight; Homer is a beautiful, animated youth in the full sunlight with the wind in his hair.

In 1% of cases lovely from is used

Although it does nt have sea views the views were lovely from all rooms.

We stayed half board, the food was lovely from the salads to the meat which.

Looks lovely from the outside but when you get into it you see it for what it is.

I was hitting it lovely from fairway to green but couldn't get the ball in the hole.

Everything was lovely from start to end!! Personally, I had more contact with Lance, Alan, Dave and Luke.

It looks lovely from the outside (thank goodness!) but there is definitely a huge very sore bump on the inside.

For that reason you will need to receive quality printing services to ensure your own personal products are lovely from the term go.

But do continue to straddle your fence, I'd sure the view is quite lovely from up there where you're looking down at the rest of us.

Don't use the poorly paid management people, who are simply trying to get by in life (and lovely from my perspective) to grind your racist axe.

This one has a yellow cab, and Brendan dressed as a hotel porter, and Victoria wearing a dress that's lovely from the waist up, but has a bottom half that looks like roadkill.

In 1% of cases lovely along is used

Each time there is a new addition of something lovely along the waterfront the cyclists are shafted.

Solar powered water features will certainly help to make a unexciting lawn lovely along with a lovely yard remarkable.

Stay away from intense exposures to toxic compounds along with pollutants as a way to retain lovely along with complete hair.

In 1% of cases lovely after is used

So lovely after a week of rain.

I'll always feel fresh and lovely after.

Lovely after all that nasty drizzle yesterday.

If nothing else it will give your skin a bit of a detox from excessive ingredients and your skin will look lovely after using it.

In November 1959 she reported, the mountain looks really lovely after all this rain and the trees are going to flower well, and the garden is rather a dream.

We arrived early and had to wait a while for our room to be ready but they still managed to have us in our room by 10am which was lovely after our travel up from Luxor.

The air was filled with a delicate floral scent and it felt relaxing and calm which was lovely after walking off the busy street outside with car horns beeping and car engines roaring.

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