Prepositions after "lost"

lost in, of, on, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases lost in is used

It does get lost in the detail a bit.

But he was far from lost in the bunch.

But that will get lost in the shuffle.

Acting in the long-range US national interest seems to have gotten lost in the scramble.

It's hard to find such good first chapters without getting lost in too much information.

The truth is that it was there all along, but it got lost in the fog time and time again.

After six years of friendships, study, leadership, and volunteering in Oregon, I felt pretty lost in unscheduled time.

I am sure that can be easier fixed than any other problem, but sometimes people can get lost in the woods, as it were.

Thank you Minal and the Lost in Kaos team and we look forward to working with you in the future as our company expands.

I had no real goal in mind which can always be dangerous for time management and getting lost in the details of the web.

In 7% of cases lost of is used

Second time is a lost of point.

Cheers! ' the lost of audience '.

To blame him for the lost of EPL is.

Their greed was assumed to be responsible for the lost of the Holy Land by Christianity.

If there is any lost of quality due to BT compression, it is too subtle for me to notice.

The lost of a friendship over a relationship always discourages me to make the first move.

Given that wind is already an unreliable source, this lost of efficiency is going to reduce the energy output further.

I am Algerian and before the game I was hoping our player would save our pride and finish the match with a lost of 4-0.

It could save an awful lost of wasted money, not to mention the months and months of angst endured by many of the cast.

When Liow refused to pay, the government via RTD has to pay through a lost of revenue through another successful bidder.

In 6% of cases lost on is used

Difficult to get lost on a grid.

I am at a lost on what to do next.

He sometimes get lost on long runs.

A bad Omen? Then I feared I might get lost on the way or a sawa might be waiting for me.

Talk to your child about stranger safety and what to do if they get lost on the way home.

Bad news stories lead, good ones tend to get lost on the farming pages and rural reports.

His hobbies include drawing, writing, fencing, weightlifting, and getting lost on the subway and ending up in Brooklyn.

Ahhhh! Where did November go? All my good intentions of getting organised seem to have got lost on the way to December.

As for getting lost on your own after a while, it is true, it is critical to have a goal in SL for educational purposes.

That probably explains why we got lost on the Berlin Transit road -- which took you through East Germany to West Berlin.

In 2% of cases lost at is used

I'll still get lost at Dhoby Ghaut.

Even dust doesn't got lost at this place.

And getting lost at the Pirate Park! Noah.

Nkrumah and his post independent leaders started out well but they got lost at some point.

This was like when I first got lost at the Natural History Museum in London, which is huge.

He has read names of the lost at the memorial and for him that was part of his healing process.

While the music is excellent, the story's narrative gets lost at times, and it can be hard to follow what is going on.

It's 15 months since my first hospital referral (my records got lost at one point as well) and I'd no further forward.

Our Lost at Sea exhibition provides a fascinating insight into some of the legendary maritime disasters through the ages.

After Mizuki falls from running from Sano's help, she falls and Sano helps her, but they both get lost at the bottom of a cliff.

In 2% of cases lost for is used

I get lost for a couple of hours.

I was actually at a lost for word.

On the way he got lost for a year.

If she doesn't accept who you choose to be with, then that's her lost for being so stubborn.

The goon needs to also be able to lost for 17 minutes, or suspended without hurting the team.

Some even like playing videogames or re-watching episodes of Lost for the Star Wars references.

We play better against sides that attack us, while often getting lost for ideas against those that defend in numbers.

We ask him to give us more details about his current single ' Lost for Words ' featuring the magnificent Amba Shepherd.

Therefore, if Fox failed to attract mainstream audience in the US, thats no lost for a sport that already is number one.

We meant to post this review months ago but something obviously went hideously wrong and it kind of got lost for a while.

In 1% of cases lost along is used

Got lost along the way a few times.

Yes, some things have gotten lost along the way.

I think some of the facts got lost along the way.

Aspects of the associated human decision making and human actions get lost along the way.

Amazing how the papers they had in Indonesia get lost along the way, but the cash doesn't.

Knowing how reliable Royal Mail can sometimes be, we wonder if they got lost along the way.

There are tons of bright children out there who sometimes get lost along the way because no one notices their potential.

There are a lot of bright children out there who sometimes get lost along the way because no one notices their potential.

Did I mention that I don't know what happened to my submission, I can only assume that it got lost along with a host of others.

At the end of season one we probably have legendary war the megaforce/gosei powers get lost along with all past rangers powerrs.

In 1% of cases lost among is used

She was worried he would get lost among the sea of people.

Plus, my stuff no longer gets lost among hers and vice-versa.

You don't want your small item to get lost among other things.

Petr is not a second Koldun and the song might get lost among the entries in the first semi.

Ensure that your website is SEO compatible, lest it gets lost among the millions of sites around the world.

So, the moment we lose consciousness, we get lost among the various unnatural thoughts that come every second.

This point gets lost among ideological concerns in the leaky conception of the state that beleaguers Badiou and other contributors.

My e-mail program sorts incoming messages by date, so their messages get lost among the old ones I haven't yet deleted from my in-box.

We spent hours roaming the sacred grounds, talking to the people who worship there, and getting lost among remnants of the distant past.

Get Lost It's easy enough to navigate the streets of Prague, but we suggest making an effort to get lost among the picturesque Fairytale streets.

In 1% of cases lost amongst is used

We all made mistakes, got lost amongst all the screens and buttons.

I did announce it but I think it got lost amongst the activities of the area.

Chances are that your release just got lost amongst the reams of other emails.

But it's more and more the case that the sane reviews get lost amongst the angry boys.

Without a business plan in place, even the greatest song will get lost amongst the clutter.

Helsing's Fire is one of those budget games that can so easily get lost amongst all the other $0.

LLS and similar acronyms are OK, the only thing is they get lost amongst all the other LLS's out there on the web.

Estate Agents have started advertising on gumtree so any private landlords seem to get lost amongst the adverts by agents.

The iPad is fine but it's likely to get lost amongst all those Faile and Banksy prints (or daresay, originals) on the wall.

That the deal? You can move out here, get lost amongst the wild, and make it pay? That what you're after? I tried to reassure him.

In 1% of cases lost as is used

I was at a lost as to what technology has cost us.

We are really at a lost as to why it is 11:30pm that she wakes.

The ones that use a lost as an excuse to go out and start havoc.

Also note that we are at lost as to the past you are re-faring to, before I can ans you.

I at a lost as to why you can use the collar to let him know to ignore a command is wrong.

Even the brand gets lost as the magic of creativity takes control and everything else gets subjugated.

That means I will minimize the odds of getting lost as well as reduce the need to take a taxi or other transportation.

And in some places Marie almost gets lost as the dialogue takes over, but those spots make for the most fascinating reading.

So much will get lost as all the money goes around in circles will all of the public servant, administrators, financiers etc.

Running out of memory on large pages, or simply getting lost as the page layout was too complex for the tiny screen you were using.

In 1% of cases lost during is used

If you get lost during the movie, don't worry.

All our work got lost during the last recording.

On occasion luggage gets lost during international travel.

It will save you a good bit of time and grief if it should get lost during transport.

Me and my boss were on one shift, and one day we watched Land of the Lost during the downtime.

This was one of the emails that got lost during the web-host changeover and I only copied the text.

Third, I wanted to condition him to wearing a radio transmitter, just in case he got lost during his first flights.

In the movie he would have gotten lost during a family trip and joined up with a sarcastic ventriloquist dummy in a search of a home.

Ariel Rivera who played Georg Von Trapp and who suddenly had an Austrian accent that got lost during the course of the play, joined her.

Local people, both adult and child, are very helpful in aiding visitors to find their way, and there are no dangers as long as you're getting lost during the day.

In 1% of cases lost from is used

Obtain Tablet of the Lost from it.

Before I inform police get lost from here.

Jesus rescues the lost from going their own way.

If the sun is going right into your lens the background might get lost from the photo.

It was during my time when I got lost from my mother in the store that my faith was tested.

My childhood friends who planned on helping and sleeping over got lost from driving at night.

It's with such ease to finish as, in an thoroughly but also named course, you might not transform into lost from at any time.

How did this get lost from the public eye? Humankind has made a habit of ignoring problems until they become annoying enough to solve.

But by doing so the contact information and so on got lost from my phone, so be aware of this! Fortunately I had recovery files in the nokia suite (3.

Except, I wasn't anorexic, I was just capable of getting lost from one end of a room to another and of forgetting about what hunger was and stuff like that.

In 1% of cases lost into is used

It's a nice place to get lost into.

It brings the fear of lost into your ex mind.

As he did, he got lost into the sweetness of the honey.

Too many restaurants get lost into here's what the chef's serving tonight, here's what we're doing.

Kristen Stewart has one of those quite and thoughtful eyes anyone can get lost into if given a chance.

If people don't like the film as much, they don't get lost into it and they start noticing all the flaws.

Meanwhile, we get lost into it and we forget about our time, we forget about our death and we forget about our graves.

While all the other kings were lost into the luxuries of the kingdom, I always thought about the future and planned for it.

And another day (Independence day) I got lost into the night in the forest at the bamboo zone! When I got back at around 21.

In spite of this all the hopes and aspirations of the newly independent nation got lost into the nightmare of AWAMI-BKSAL miss rule.

In 1% of cases lost to is used

There's not a cent lost to a middle man.

Half had been ' lost to medical follow-up.

Lots of culture gets lost to every community.

The lost to the Spurs 84-82, but had maybe their best defensive performance of the year.

We were left pretty lost to how could we fully capitalize on the number of skills available.

Some of it gets lost to the universe in the form of waste heat no matter how careful you are.

They were to preach of repentance of sin, true new life in Christ with everlasting eternity and retrieve the lost to God.

Every moment, however seemingly haphazard and casually presented, is keyed to the progress of a young man from lost to not so lost.

Mental Health conditions and the lost to the Countries ecomony (including lost output) has been put at at high as 180 billion a year.

If the giants take anything from the lost to reds it should be that a pitcher doesn't have to be throwing flamethrowers to beat a team.

In 1% of cases lost with is used

I felt pretty lost with myself.

Scott said get lost with his visor.

Never get lost with GPS coordinates.

None have ever got lost with me on board, and I find the drivers pleasant and helpful.

You can build brand recognition before your listing gets lost with thousands of others.

They did not get lost with their death; they put it in writing, and it became the Vedas.

The seaweed wrap, which is called nori, is rich with vitamins and minerals that get lost with many other kinds of foods.

The plot is universal, but many overseas audiences will get lost with the kiwi accent (but at least it was kiwi and not USA).

I personally wonder that if RDM decides to deploy Luiz further forward, he may at times get lost with the game passing him by.

To avoid unnecessary work, it is important to link to pages that will exist in future, otherwise link power will get lost with time.

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