Prepositions after "lose"

"lose in" or "lose to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases lose in is used

The island of Sardiniawas lost in 1016.

And in Euro 2008 they lost in the final.

It's as if he is lost in maize of streets.

I am an amateur and am completely lost in the numerous schemes offered by all companies.

Mind you They forget Barca have lost in the group stage before and gone on to win the CL.

I can say that once I was lost in the dark, looking for directions aimlessly and Gothere.

Distance means that some of the day-to-day details or even some bigger situations in life can be lost in conversation.

He had accomplished some economic objectives by creating four million of the eight million jobs lost in the recession.

It might be your candidate thinks your company has lost interest or they do not fully understand your company culture.

Since then, this undeclared schism in the Church has undermined her authority and has seen millions lost in confusion.

In 23% of cases lose to is used

Especially if they lost to Fulham.

It still rankles we lost to Spurs.

The Bulldogs lost to the Vikings, 4-1.

The Flyers would go onto the Stanley Cup Final, losing to the Blackhawks in six games.

Put the beret on and he looks like he's ready to lose to Michael Phelps and Jason Lezak.

Small wonder that hundreds of thousands of Germans have been lost to the Catholic Church.

The weather is the only drawback as South West to West winds would be the norm leaving many days lost to the elements.

The initial projection a couple weeks ago showed Mitt Romney very close to overtaking Barack Obama in electoral votes.

In the First District, Representative Frank Guinta was unseated by his predecessor, Carol Shea-Porter, who lost to Mr.

After losing to Djokovic in 6 finals, including Wimbledon and the US Open, Nadal's ego is been battered and bruised.

In 8% of cases lose on is used

And that irony is not lost on Murray.

All this was not lost on the Sinhalese.

That way you lose on new opportunities.

His influence is not lost on Craig Fisher, founder of social media consultancy Fishdogs.

Of these, more than 500 were lost on ten ships that either sunk or were reported missing.

The irony is not lost on Steve Emerson, director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

I know he saves Johnson in defense and all, but concede one and score two - that is better than losing on penalties.

The distinction between the two sets may end up being lost on BP's shareholders in the uncertain and volatile years to come.

Ireland's local banks had gambled and lost on real estate loans, and had been bailed out with comprehensive state guarantees.

That is our target market and I think that point has hitherto been lost on many people, which is why I wanted to raise the issue.

In 6% of cases lose by is used

A state the former Governor lost by 23 points.

Sri Lanka managed only 293-3, losing by 21 runs.

Here the self is lost by being altogether reduced to the finite.

So how did he manage to win all but the great state of Missouri (which he lost by only 0.

Being a parent is full of unwarranted worries but there is nothing lost by checking it out.

Perhaps they think they have the most to lose by admitting that embarrassing? And stop swearing.

The UK Universites will lose business / fees as students go elsewhere - its estimated that 25BN could be lost by 2015.

That, of course, is mere formality, since Proposition 2, the merit pay law, lost by a margin of close to 104,000 votes.

Other new countries were created -? Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland were formed from land lost by Russia.

In the race for governor, Democrat Roy Barnes, who had been leading Republican Sonny Perdue by eleven points, lost by five.

In 5% of cases lose at is used

Everything may be lost at Read more.

I also have a MC angel I lost at 9 weeks.

Also, Jones looked lost at RT the other night.

Because if Labour loses at the next election it will be unrecognisable by the next one.

The fact that grown men care about winning and losing at a video game, but we all do it.

It's actually a different feeling to lose at home because we haven't lost for quite a while.

United had won, a little fortuitously, having come back from two goals down to Braga, but Chelsea lost at Shakhtar Donetsk.

The officers to whom I owed the money lost at play began to look coldly upon me, and I was reduced to a state of desperation.

Yes I think we need a big thread to share apps that work with the Kindle Fire and help some of us who are lost at what to use.

Oh well, losing at footie today probably did me more good in the long run and only cost 2, the Pizza after didn't help mind.

In 4% of cases lose for is used

It would have been a lose lose for Mitt.

I'd lost for an adequate terminology to describe the disgust I feel.

All hope is lost for Africa after the hottest decade on the global record.

It's actually a different feeling to lose at home because we haven't lost for quite a while.

Here's our handy cry tick list to go through when crying times hit and you're lost for ideas.

It is also estimated that man hours lost for each episode of malaria per household is about 8.

The Los Angeles Kings, who were shutout 2-0 to the Phoenix Coyotes on Sunday, lost for the first time since April 18.

Argh! What I found myself doing was sitting for extended periods on the bike with lots of silence, completely lost for words.

But who's to say 4, 5, or 10 Billion years ago there wasn't **MORE** to see? Alas, those possible observations are lost for all time.

Posted by: Commonsenseparty October 4, 2012, 10:02 am 10:02 am Obama looked lost for words at times, this is supposed to be the President.

In 2% of cases lose with is used

Unfortunately, SYDNEY was later to be lost with all hands.

How many votes did Obama lose with the Left? We'll never know.

I'd almost certainly have lost with them longer term but that was it.

This was why Labor lost with a swing of about 16-17 per cent of the vote.

Speak english here and urdu seems to have been lost with my grandmums generation.

Too much time spent with friends, either hanging out or on the phone, means time lost with a husband/wife.

It would take many generations to replace the lost forests, and the cultures that have been lost with them can never be replaced.

It remained obscure for centuries because important literary evidence was lost with the assimilation of Etruscan into Roman culture.

We also celebrate survivors and carers with the opening ceremony and pay tribute to those lost with the candlelight ceremony at night.

Difficult to define and even harder to measure, the word's meaning has almost become lost with overuse, and is often used synonymously with education.

In 2% of cases lose as is used

We should ride a horse bridled, but not lose as to trample upon us.

Sometimes the introduction was lost as the President welcomed an old friend.

Any benefit the drop had was entirely lost as the cane crashed down across her fingers.

No amount of Turbine Points can make up for the time lost as a VIP with the new expansion.

These will steer you in the right direction if you're a little lost as to where to go next.

Several hundred thousands of those were lost as a direct result of the artificially high U.

It is for this obvious reasons that the present generation of youth are at a lose as regards widespread poverty in Africa.

If the protocol is not efficient, there is a chance of packets being lost as the user roams from access point to access point.

As it stands now the project can not continue and Ghana will lose as the project fund will return to the donors in a month's time.

Read the SPICES handbook but we are lost as to how the whole SPICES program works in terms of lands, activities and gaining the badges.

In 2% of cases lose due is used

Chandler may have lost due to left-Dems staying home.

In that year, over 10% of sales were lost due to electrical outtage.

The basic skills are being lost due to these skills not being taught in schools.

When CO 2 is lost due to temperature changes or escaping from water drops, the reverse reaction takes place.

As Gerry noted several GOP congressional seats have been lost due to their imposition of fruitcake candidates.

These two trials could make up for what the Tribunal lost due to the incomplete proceedings against Slobodan Milo s evi?

It is also the leading cause of mortality in children under five years and a leading cause of workdays lost due to illness.

Although quite some is lost due to the compression of the PDF the file gives a pretty good idea of what to expect from the SD1.

They should ask themselves ' How many lives have been lost due to religion? ' Ashlee Milkins Cradle of Filth is NOT death metal.

Protection Against the Loss of Data Important emails can be lost due to technical glitches or because of accident or intentional deletion.

In 2% of cases lose during is used

You'll also be able to calculate the energy lost during the collision.

This figure takes account of empty ewes and those lost during the year.

Maybe something of Korean society has been lost during industrialization.

He is so sweet about it though that you don't mind the gallon of sweat you lose during class.

It was said, for example, that not a single soldier under his command was lost during the war.

According to Bloomberg, 95 percent of the jobs lost during the recession were middle class jobs.

Since they are very low cost, it's a good idea to get a few extra in case one gets damaged or lost during assembly.

Exercise enhancing food 7: Trail mix Nibbling on trail mix is an excellent way to top up on the minerals lost during exercise.

The company also told users that no data was lost during the outage because the issue was a failure to connect devices to servers.

The amount of blood a woman loses during her menstrual flow is really insignificant because that is how God has designed it to be.

In 2% of cases lose from is used

No energy would be lost from such an orbit.

No opportunity was lost from Trevor's grasp.

What I'd trying to explain is what we lost from these old people.

It will not stop the sadness that a world-class player could be lost from our national side.

And it's possible that what you gain from his greater ability you lose from his lesser diligence.

Q: Item(s) I ordered using a Christmas Clubcard Exchange voucher are missing/ lost from my order.

The sad thing is most people drive to work and all that lovely heat is lost from the radiator, and it is a lot of heat.

Residence time, dilution factor due to precipitation, water table fluctuations and addition or loses from other sources.

To lay the blame of this child's death on the people who have the most to lose from it is both heartless and short-sighted.

Early on, it appeared the plan would work; Barrow had been projected to lose from the onset of the election season until now.

In 1% of cases lose without is used

Instead, we are afraid of losing without fighting.

I would be lost without it! There is a free version (http: **34;7970;TOOLONG.

So the nations of the world realize that they would have been lost without the Jews.

Now, he's opened himself up to ammunition from his detractors if they lose without him.

It is just so scary to love people as there is so much to lose without them x Jessica Amey recently posted.

Cindy, you are my world, I am lost without you, I am a rudderless ship floating on stormy seas without you in my life.

That is why a trader should work with the relevant volume of capital, that can be lost without damage to him or his family.

I know of some people who would be lost without books, or could not carry on with the knowledge that literature could not be read by anyone, including themselves.

I think the service you provide is wonderful! Thank you for everything you did in arranging my arrival and stay in Ao Nang, I would have been so lost without you! Susan R.

The investment was broadly welcomed by national umbrella group Mental Health Reform, but it warned the money could be lost without the appointment of a directorate of Mental Health Services.

In 1% of cases lose about is used

I literally lost about $136,512,456.

Unfortunately we lost about 20% of those pups to distemper.

That is, during locking the Egyptians lost about $ 110 million.

The first film, released last year, was panned, and lost about US $3 million.

Now, has lost about three-quarters of the market value of the scale of the Groupon about $ 3.

The last tiime the KKK got violent they were proscuted then the organization was sued and lost about every trhing they had.

Losing about a kilo (up to 2lb) a week should not affect the amount of milk you make (Strode et al 1986; Dusdieker et al 1994).

He estimated she had lost about a half-pint of blood, and immediately noted a major traumatic injury to her right arm; it had been almost completely severed at the elbow.

In 1% of cases lose through is used

The same applies to any money lost through fraudulent bank transactions.

Traditional skills are lost through years of war, followed by years in camps.

In the United States over 9% of all water transported is lost through leaking pipes.

The ice lost through Nares Strait was some of the thickest and oldest in the Arctic Ocean.

So the key balance in any safety intervention is to make sure it provides more benefit than is lost through increased risk taking.

Because of the limited fresh water available in salty intertidal soils, mangroves limit the amount of water they lose through their leaves.

Around 175,000 people on 40,000 a year will see a doubling of their marginal rate of tax -- the amount they lose through tax and benefit changes on every extra pound of income.

In 1% of cases lose over is used

He lost over 5,000 leads for his company.

Since moving I have lost over 5kgs and keen to keep losing weight.

She thought that her organization was in fact restoring true Christianity which had been lost over the years.

Vedas which means ' knowledge ' contain a good deal of scientific knowledge that was lost over millennia, which needs to be recovered.

According to the report, the nation had lost over N16 billion in the last ten years from avoidable deficits and criminal poaching of material resources in the oil industry.

Own garden - An obvious note of caution is that sooner or later the family will sell the property and control would be lost over the spot where the remains are buried/scattered.

The app is in about three weeks and in the App Store before the end of its April! Before reading this book, I fumbled with programmers and lost over $ 2000 to do things the wrong way.

In 1% of cases lose of is used

And the heat lost of the waste gas accounts for 30?? 50? of the heat capacity.

They have not gave the our money then we have bear the risk of the lose of the our money.

The high import tariffs have only achieved massive smuggling of rice, lost of revenue to the state and hardship to consumers.

Yet at this event supposedly honoring indigenous people there was absolutely nothing remembering the life lost of this innocent man.

In the whole world, over 10 percent of coral reef colonies have been destroyed and lost of disease, coral bleaching, pollution and overfishing.

This is the sort of thing that many were advising Japan from overseas in the mid to late 90's when so many people mistakenly lost of lot of money betting against the Yen.

This can result in the lose of soil fertility and adversely affect output levels if measures are not put in place to retain the soil fertility in the course of continuous cropping.

In 1% of cases lose between is used

No love was lost between the two men.

Most people lose between 5 and 10 pounds by taking these drugs.

It was estimated that Germans had lost between 7,000 and 10,000 men in the fighting.

David Campbell, a double agent lost between the forces of law and terror, takes the job.

This should be the most interesting of the events as there's no love lost between the pair.

Why it won't play for the BCS national championship: If Oregon and Kansas State don't lose between now and Dec.

There was no love lost between Lalith and Gamini, yet they never, ever attacked each other in public, nor did they fight in private.

This group of edited out belongs nowhere; lost between cultures, happy enough to lick any arse and treat our people, our values with contempt.

There is no love lost between the two riders and they have barely spoken since Meares cut off Pendleton in a race in Bordeaux over five years ago.

It's estimated that between 50,000 to 100,000 lives were lost between April and August 2011 in the Horn of Africa, more than half of them children under the age of five.

In 1% of cases lose because is used

I think he lost because of that.

Bush didn't almost lose because of that story.

Were any lives lost because of Y2K? I doubt it.

Q Will the Red Cross replace groceries or food lost because of a power outage? A No.

This is the world view that we have lost because of our separation from nature through technology.

Of course then she enters the TARDIS and any sense of viewer identification is lost because of her background.

Data may be lost because of natural disaster, human error, theft of data is main problem and to prevent these is an important task.

Again a great place to sit outside having a coffee but the potential is lost because of the parochial atmosphere and the poor standard of staffing.

However, many of these lessons are being lost because of the tendency to simply personalise the problem as being the fault of one man - Tony Hayward.

The presence of the Guv had to be comforting to the dozens of people who were worried that their right to vote was going to be lost because of ineptness.

In 1% of cases lose against is used

And they lose against portland.

King looked lost against Mexico.

If Ireland lose against either Spain or Italy, are they definitely out? Yes.

American currency strengthened against the euro again and lost against the pound.

It's revealed that the Cell Medal caused Kamen Rider #1 and #2 to lose against Shocker.

Unfortunately, it's more likely that he'll run and lose against fellow clown Stan Lee that year.

Feng Tian Bai lost against Chen Yang by 2:3 in his first match too, but he recovered against Tosic and beat him by 3:1.

I actually thought he lost against Daniel Ponce De Leon (Broner unanimously won on points over ten rounds in March 2011).

Gelfand -- Kamsky 0-1 Gata Kamsky chose Leningrad Dutch as he noticed that Boris Gelfand didn't play it quite successfully land lost against Nakamura in this particular line.

In 1% of cases lose after is used

I hope the HD will be archived and not be lost after some years.

Germany claimed that it was only repossessing territory it lost after WWI.

He's also regained his sense of smell, which he had lost after the accident.

Instead Genneva can sue Bank Negara if they cry foul over the loses after the raid.

A banana smoothie is a great way to replace potassium that you lose after exercising.

Posted by: denny13 September 16, 2012, 3:24 pm 3:24 pm Arealvoter- Obama will lose after this.

Users have reported a tolerance to the drug which develops within two or three weeks of continual use, but is lost after a few days of abstinence.

In the individual event, the College had one representative in the finals, Chan Tsu Chong who lost after putting up a good fight against his counterparts from other competing teams.

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