Prepositions after "loom"

loom in, on, over, as or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases loom in is used

But additional challenges loom in parallel.

Once the present goal is achieved, there is another ambition looming in the horizon.

At this stage, five to seven billion years from now, the Sun will loom in our sky as a blazing ' red giant '.

The castle loomed in front of us as we came to the end of our walk and the girls were so excited to go inside and explore.

You won't see a giant football stadium looming in the distance like you would in the larger college towns a few hours to the south of here.

With a total body length of only 3 m, Janjucetus would have been dwarfed by its present day relative, the blue whale, which looms in the background.

You see the cloud-capped foothills of the coast range, rather than a stadium, looming in the distance and realize there are generations who have taken to those hills to hike, hunt and fish.

With so many restrictions to its operations it is unlikely that the corporation will be able to respond quickly in the face of a more severe crisis, such as what looms in the Spanish horizon.

In 18% of cases loom on is used

But today a new menace looms on the horizon.

The third life-altering event loomed on the horizon after that.

The Usambara Mountains loom on the left, and they are tall and wooded.

This split would put the Church beyond the reach of the activists that are currently looming on the legislative horizon.

But I am back! Orders are piling up, last show date is looming on the horizon, Rachael arrives shortly, and the chickens.

When you approach it from the east the Rift Valley escarpment looms on the horizon forming an impressive backdrop to the lake.

With Pro Tour Return to Ravnica looming on the horizon, Elias shares two promising and fun Modern decks that are flying under the radar.

But if, for whatever reason, the Begin Doctrine fails, the far more important question looming on the horizon is how to live with a nuclear Iran.

It has loomed on the schedule for weeks, a mid-September showdown with the only team that still had a chance to overtake the Nationals in the NL East.

The match against Wigan will go a long way in determining whether Blackburn stays above the drop zone as a trip to Stamford Bridge looms on the last fixture day.

In 15% of cases loom over is used

The social and economic disaster that's looming over the next four years would incorrectly be blamed on capitalism.

With such uncertainty looming over the economy, these dividend-paying stocks offer protection as well as strong returns.

This massive volcano stands in splendid isolation above the surrounding plains, with its snowy peak looming over Savannah.

Looming over County Clare's west coast, the Cliffs stretch for 8 kilometres and 214 metres over the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

Another question looming over the long-serving hosts is whether they can continue to compete on a playing field so altered by technology.

Government looms over the most ordinary activities, a hydra-headed dragon repelling common sense solutions with disgusting bureaucratic breath.

In 12% of cases loom as is used

Around the world, there are 70 plants now under construction, but shale gas also looms as a key factor in planning for the future.

It looms as the largest mistake in educational policy since World War II, even though higher education's expansion also ranks as one of America's great postwar triumphs.

In 4% of cases loom at is used

A giant LCD screen with the most advanced scoreboard loomed at the center.

With these simple planning steps on video content, success starts looming at the end of the video.

In 4% of cases loom before is used

An insurmountable number of steps loomed before him.

Another phase looms before us, in which alliance will once more be tested and in which its formidable virtues may be to preserve Peace and Freedom.

In 4% of cases loom for is used

Continuing weakness in the European economy, with little joy looming for the U.

Disaster looms for almost any relationship when only one person leaves your bed pleased with him or her self.

Some challenges have begun to emerge from the program as follow on investing is now beginning to loom for the earliest funded companies.

In 3% of cases loom about is used

He used to loom about all the time, but I got rid of him.

I've resolved a lot of them, but ' Dad ' still looms about every now and then.

Word of Hayes ' decision to seek execution comes while questions loom about whether those on death row should still face execution in light of the repeal last April of the death penalty.

In 3% of cases loom like is used

These trials will loom like great barricades.

There used to be thousands of ash trees in this place, looming like the setting for a fairytale; but now the clearing resembles an arboreal graveyard, with each stump a tombstone.

In 2% of cases loom to is used

A jungle of banana trees loomed to either side, leaves swiping the sides of the bus.

In 2% of cases loom into is used

The Western Breach - your route to the summit - with its stunning glaciers looms into view as we approach the camp.

It was a sensible outcome and one Pope John Paul II could be proud of, but he did not have much time to pause and dwell on it as other crises loomed into view.

In 1% of cases loom opposite is used

For outside distractions, Narberth Museum (**27;9150;TOOLONG ), which reopens in July, is just down the lane, while a ruined Norman castle looms opposite the B &B.

In 1% of cases loom off is used

Not only by the forbidding rocks looming off the coast, but by the culture that flourished there until 1953.

In 1% of cases loom from is used

You've got gunplay in the swamps, big monsters looming from the rivers, mad storms rocking the refinery.

In 1% of cases loom between is used

There will be a showdown looming between AB &; NL in the 13 th draw if both teams (AB &; NL) win there next games.

In 1% of cases loom above is used

A UNESCO WH site the old city testified from his medieval past and fortifications dating from different centuries are looming above a small river valley.

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