Prepositions after "lodge"

"lodge in" or "lodge with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases lodge in is used

The bullet lodged in Fati's brain.

He is lodged in the Taloja Jail, Mumbai.

On the way they obtained lodging in a Vih? ra.

Baba Ramdev accused the government of spending money on ' terrorists lodged in jail '.

When the particles lodged in their intestines, the resulting constipation was terminal.

Residues of wax, dirt or dust are lodged in small scratches and in the curves of carvings.

The finer of these particles, when breathed in can lodge in our lungs and cause lung damage and respiratory problems.

The widow and mother of two is lying critically ill at the National Hospital, Abuja with a bullet lodged in her brain.

Should the Will be challenged, a period of 12 months from a Grant of Probate is allowed for a claim to be lodged in a Court.

Edeney Wareham was a poor, widowed silk winder who lived in a one-room London lodging in George Street, Spitalfields in 1756.

In 24% of cases lodge with is used

A Caveat (Improper Dealings) can now be lodged with Landgate.

This case was lodged with the European Court of Human Rights in August 2005.

When the prisoner is to be confined in a jail, the warrant shall be lodged with the jailor.

It's a whole new world! He quickly found lodging with a Jamaican family in Harlem and got a job as a printer.

If you wish to delete a future dated payment, the request must be lodged with ANZ Internet Banking prior to 12.

The caveat can be signed and lodged with Landgate by the owners themselves, or a Solicitor acting on behalf of all the owners.

Lodge with the Registrar a notice of special resolution to change the statement of purposes or rules within one month of the general meeting.

Lodge with the Registrar notice of special resolution relating to the winding up of the association within one month of passing the resolution.

Addressing a press conference in Panaji on Monday evening, Deshprabhu said that complaints of this nature have been lodged with home minister Ravi Naik.

In 9% of cases lodge at is used

Overnight in shepherds lodge at Bolstad.

Overnight in a lodge at Landmannahellir.

Overnight in a shepherds lodge at Afangagil.

Overnight in a new built lodge at a place called Rjpnavellir close to the river.

Boarding and Lodging You will be provided free messing and lodging at the ISSB.

A copy of the Barring Order should be lodged at your local Garda Station immediately.

Overnight in a new built lodge at a place called Rjpnavellir which is close to the river.

The Withdrawal of Caveat (Improper Dealings) can only be lodged at the time of witnessing.

Climbing Lakegala We got there on Friday evening and managed to find lodging at a temple.

The results may not be a true indication of the rental market, because they only reflect properties where bonds are lodged at the Building and Housing Group of MBIE.

In 8% of cases lodge by is used

You can then head north and stop at Ohau, lodge by a stunning lake and tekapo with roundhill or Mt Dobson ski ares nearby.

But Davis dismissed the urgent application lodged by eight opposition parties, saying it was not for the court to dictate to Parliament.

Also not forgotten were the reports lodged by the female members of Parti Sosialis Malaysia who were detained and made to undress in the presence of male police officers.

This field was the only control field with a history of Bt maize but there was not apparent rootworm feeding as evidenced by an absence of lodging by maize plants (C1 in Table 1; Fig.

In 5% of cases lodge against is used

Bansal also admitted that some cases were lodged against Namdhari in Uttarakhand.

The cops have been investigating into the case, and FIRs have been lodged against the identified persons.

In the case of an offensive newspaper article, complaints may be lodged against the writer, publisher, printer and proprietor.

Contact your provincial medical licensing board to ensure that your doctor is licensed and that no complaints have been lodged against him or her.

He alleged that during the previous BSP government, fake cases were lodged against innocent workers, which were being withdrawn by his government.

It is the time for them to produce credible proof, if such there be, that the very serious allegations lodged against them by the Justice for Megrahi group are false.

In 2% of cases lodge within is used

The claims for prizes can be lodged within two years after draw.

The appeal must be lodged within 28 days and there is a fee payable.

In 2% of cases lodge under is used

An FIR has been lodged under sections 302 and 34 of Pakistan Penal Code.

In 2% of cases lodge for is used

DAY 3 A dawn game drive, returning to the lodge for breakfast.

The small A-frame buildings can accommodate up to eight people each and provide lodging for hikers ascending and acclimatizing.

August A separated building at the Weija premises, to be used as lodging for 3 volunteers, has been built by Ballast Nedam Ghana.

DAY 1 Safari briefing, depart around 08:30hrs to Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority with a lunch box, descend for crater tour, later in the evening ascend to the lodge for dinner &; overnight.

In 1% of cases lodge from is used

Will offer meals and lodging from the first to the last day of the program.

In 1% of cases lodge along is used

Lodging along this coast includes a wide variety of resort fashion lodges, seashore entrance chalets, and self catering flats to hire.

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