Prepositions after "locked"

locked in, into, down, out or up?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases locked in is used

Apple has the most locked in ecosystem/users.

Essentially it is a locked in savings account.

Your work is ' locked in ' to each SaaS solution.

Reid and his like thinkers need to be locked in the bottom of an outhouse for a month.

The content offered is never yours to keep, its locked in a server, so you pay for it.

What results is a juxtaposition of time in a space that remains locked in its own past.

This is obvious, but instead Washington seems locked in a debate about the total spending level and the total tax bill.

To those who judge, I do hope you have first hand experience of locked in syndrome or late stage motor neurone disease.

We also sell stocks in profit regardless of their future prospects in order to achieve the pleasure of a locked in gain.

However, no refund can be made for those pension contributions locked in to the pension fund under the terms of the plan.

In 14% of cases locked into is used

So they are ' locked into the environment '.

Overall: Don't ever feel too locked into one strategy.

It also gets locked into certain habitual movement patterns.

I'd a believer of ancient ' knowledge ' locked into the genetics of all living things.

If it's not stuck in the classroom, the essay often gets locked into a kind of bizarre time warp.

In my case, the financial emergency eased up, and I found myself with locked into a lower payment.

So it seems that if it gets locked into the wrong position, with a pattern of large waves, heavy rain is the result.

Your locked into just 2gbs and waiting to get home to use your WiFi to test out this great game that AC just reviewed.

We must do things differently and avoid getting locked into old habits and patterns which are no longer fit for purpose.

In the next book, the roles are reversed and Lola becomes locked into the search for a bizarre and brutal serial killer.

In 10% of cases locked down is used

A possible reason is the locked down chassis spec that MS mandates.

It sounds like they locked down the desktop to prevent customization.

Samsung hardware is locked down, the nexus 4 uses a Snapdragon which are not.

If the user had a locked down machine, the package manager should also be locked down.

When I function in a locked down environment, my first inclination is to click on anything.

Future Imperfect I dread the future where devices are locked down like American CDMA phones.

Of course if you have a locked down device that has no input peripherals then you are definitely at the mercy of the vendor.

The reason Macs are not as prone to crashes and viruses is because they are more locked down and only have 10% of the market.

The part that intrigued me was how Onavo would do such a thing on even a traditionally very locked down device like the iPhone.

The action takes place in a locked down version of the city -- you get to play in Fairhaven's Downtown and Four Bridges districts.

In 10% of cases locked out is used

Reimer skating with locked out Canucks? Big deal.

Or not, in which case you will still be locked out of the phone.

I keep getting locked out of my account when I try and connect in on my mobile phone.

Ovechkin is currently tied for second in points among locked out NHL players in the KHL.

You can get started immediately and you don't have to worry about getting locked out of your screen reader software.

The shantytowns in Caracas are still home to a huge concentrations of urban poor, many locked out of the formal economy.

Supporters of the locked out workers held their first national fundraising day today outside of McDonalds, a customer of ANZCO.

Whether you are locked out, or need new locks installed, these tips would be generally helpful in getting a reputable locksmith.

In 6% of cases locked up is used

Getting locked up for instance.

I get a kick out of locked up TV's.

While the House is locked up in a 25 to 25 tie, the U.

I mean we're fenced in, in a locked up house with a surrounding wall and gate.

Another zooms in on the bruised and blackened eye of a locked up 14-year-old girl.

Dead trees did not decay like they do today so the amount of locked up carbon zoomed.

Person wey see Jesus dissappear and reappear inside a locked up room and he still doubted.

So what? As the oxygen becomes locked up it leaves less free oxygen available for the free movement of the Etheric body.

They can send their agbero to locked up 1004 estate but can't inspect building for defects! I fee so sorry for the woman.

When I open the door, I am struck by the smell of locked up places, so heavy that I can scarcely see its outline in the void.

In 3% of cases locked for is used

Scores remain locked for most of the match.

It will remain locked for up to 30 days while we investigate.

Poses that had felt locked for the longest time were suddenly accessible.

Being on exclusivity, At &T; 920? s will remain locked for atleast 6 months.

At night, at home, in the face of locked for 7 years, can autistic son, she has to endure in silence, **29;7003;TOOLONG.

Numerous visits to the department's office near the local grain market revealed that it remained locked for most of the time.

The premises remained locked for almost ten years and was brought back to life again with the establishment of the Irish Jewish Museum Committee in late 1984.

So, maybe AT &T; doesn't have a strong brand, but it does have an ecosystem of millions of locked for all time iPhones that get handed down and used beyond the contract period.

A gate that remains locked for most by distractive entertainments, anti-depressants, high fructose corn syrup and other such multiple addictions commonly celebrated among the clueless.

In 3% of cases locked to is used

It click- locked to the ground and my knees went weak.

The iPhones which do not have a tick under ' Locked to carrier ' are the ones you are looking for.

Toubin asserted an or maybe percent, 000 these benefits embossed maintains locked to him uncertain cheaply.

But all phones locked exclusively to EE, and only Phones4u can sell u red and yellow locked to EE's network.

My HTC Legend to soft locked to Vodafone and I would like it unlocked asap, however because of not being able to access the keyboard, I can not unlock it using the website.

The northerly limit to rupture is selected to be the transition from locked to stable sliding of the Indian plate characterised by seismicity, uplift and a maximum in the geodetic convergence rate.

In 2% of cases locked at is used

Hurry up, the gate gets locked at 6pm and we don't have a key.

Each registration, you will be ' locked at one point or another.

A stunning break away try by the Rajans and an opportunistic try thanks to a penalty striking the bar and rebounding for the Greens left the scores dead locked at 5 all.

Bolted into the door frame of each of these rooms hangs a medieval-looking chain mesh that remains locked at certain times to protect the rooms from thieves and treasure hunters.

The series remains locked at 0-0 after Brisbane and Adelaide, and South Africa's status as the top-ranked test side will be re-examined in Perth when the final match begins on Friday.

Scaling these resolutions typically produces more pixel crawl on PS3 as a result, and looks a world away from the sharpness what we're seeing on 360, which remains locked at its own resolution.

In 2% of cases locked inside is used

If the gel is then induced to shrink, the drug gets locked inside it.

At the start of the film she seems locked inside some private vortex of despair.

And the Apple TV becomes a receiver and conduit, sending the output to the television, rather than it remaining locked inside your device.

In 2% of cases locked on is used

I felt my toes being forced into the narrow toe box and the shoes locked on.

Everything was locked onto me and they kept the keys so I was stuck in this for as long as they wanted.

A 65 and 68 year old locked on to the bulldozer in front of the log pile and a 60 and 64 year old locked on to the harvester.

Reporters working in Homs feared the Army had ' locked on ' to their satellite phone signals and targeted the buildings they were coming from.

Correspondents fear that satellite telephones have been locked onto by Assad security forces, who then target the buildings from which the signals are coming.

DB: Hey again, can you tell me: did ' Locked on the Low ' stem from the vocal? How did it evolve? L: The track actually came first then Naomi Pryor's vocals were laid down afterwards.

But Israel remains locked on their ever-present strategy that is questionable from a moral standpoint (if that matters to you) but is also increasingly questionable from a practical standpoint.

In 2% of cases locked with is used

All picks locked with the first kickoff on Friday, June 11, 2010.

Secondly, place all knives in a drawer, possible locked with a key.

If Tor sells you one of my books for the Kindle locked with Amazon's DRM, neither I, nor Tor, can authorise you to remove that DRM.

Now the hall remains locked with absolutely nothing done for the maintenance of the old pomp and the fear of its destruction also looms large.

Very disappointed with the lack of 4G with the S3, like mentioned I will not consider to get locked with a 24 or 12 mths contract for a 3G phone.

Depending on the length of their respective erections, the Paradise's inhabitants may remain locked with their partners for an indefinite period of time.

In 1% of cases locked off is used

It is shot on a tripod and with a locked off camera.

That was a great opportunity -- to sit down in a locked off street and learn to strum a guitar.

These clips are shot in a domestic environment, most often in the privacy of a bedroom by the performer with a locked off camera.

In 1% of cases locked within is used

When she tried to scramble off his lap, he tightened his arms around her, keeping her locked within his embrace.

Venerable and calm, with all its treasures safe locked within its breast, it sleeps complacently and will, so far as I am concerned, so sleep for ever.

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