Prepositions after "lock"

"lock in" or "lock into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases lock in is used

Primo locks in the front headlock.

Locking in another $106 of profit.

In the above trade we locked in $116.

Baba told me no one should come in, and the Mothers were actually locked in their rooms.

He keeps himself locked in his room, because he wants, poor fellow, some time to himself.

The best thing that be asked of people locked in conflict is to remember that people on the other side are human too.

The drugs, which include stimulants such as Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Cylert, are otherwise locked in the health clinic.

The difference this time may be that, temporarily at least, they may exert enough political power to lock in their gains.

In 16% of cases lock into is used

Instead you'd be locked into (If you stayed.

I did however lock into the marathon pace running.

Fine Gael would not be locked into commitments with public sector unions.

You'll feel firmly locked into the groove on the dancefloor and feel happy and confident.

If the market slows, organizations aren't locked into expenses their budgets can no longer support.

Buy caster wheels that you can lock into place to prevent your counter from moving when you are using it.

When others get locked into -arguments, you're likely to be the one who tries to think of a way to sort things out.

Moreover, US imperialism was locked into an intense rivalry with Britain and France for influence in the Middle East.

Also once he's started the RAF, he's locked into the RAF for 12 years (unless he goes A-Wall, but that goes into a load of problems).

If a majority of those in rural areas get locked into subsistence level agriculture, they will get locked into poverty for generations.

In 8% of cases lock to is used

Your girl's locked to Drakeford in the bath.

If the Earth were tidally locked to the Sun the currents and winds would be different.

It's the same crap that we have to deal with like phones that are locked to specific carriers.

Quite impressive, but doesn't mean the class sucks because it's locked to soloing a few bosses.

It still exists, and the great majority of Blu-ray machines sold in Australia are locked to Region B.

Unlike earlier iPhone releases, Apple stores are now only selling phones that are locked to carriers.

Unfortunately, although attached to itself with a sturdy Kryptonite lock, my bike was not locked to a wall bracket.

All mobile phones in the market were locked to a specific carrier and would only function on that carrier's network.

For example, the Rogers-sold Nokia N8 was locked to the carrier, but when unlocked worked across all available networks in Canada.

To top it all, the phone you get is locked to one network and sometimes crippled in some way, so it's not even as functional as a SIM-free model.

In 6% of cases lock out is used

Locked out of the house? Go to a cafe.

The old Executive was locked out of the Conference.

And has suggested that I be locked out of Wordpress.

If somebody is locked out of their vehicle or home, you're the person that they are going to call.

Check the Welfare of a child locked out of his residence in the 200 Block of North Milpas, an ongoing problem.

With computers taking care of things like hearing, driving, and more, we really can't afford to be locked out of them.

These App Stores started as a matter of necessity because many Android tablets are locked out of the Google Android Market.

Millions of children grow up unable to read and write and are locked out of a life of knowing, enlightenment and human development.

If you find yourself locked out of a room that isn't yours, politely asks the front desk to help you get in touch with the reservation-holder.

What happens if I lose my key or get locked out of my room? The Nido key card provides you with access into the building, room and cashless vending.

In 3% of cases lock at is used

Sure they were locked at the time of the Famine too.

The thief or thieves got inside even though the bike store has an alarm and is locked at all times.

The top continuous drive speed is a blazing 10fps, with focus and exposure locked at the first frame.

The tiers for each metagame are locked at the time of this post (and will be posted below for clarity).

Both sides were locked at 2-2 after 85 minutes and then the Dutch stuck a dagger deep in the New Zealand side's heart winning the shootout 3-1.

In 3% of cases lock from is used

After hitting him, the terrorists started to kick the main gate of the hostel which was locked from the inside.

Bharti Mandal had told the court that the main doors of the Talwars ' house were locked from inside on the morning after the murders.

So, needless to say we were stuck outside in the freezing cold-with a running car that was locked from the inside along with the keys.

On Monday, the part-time maid, Bharti Mandal, had told the court that the main doors of the Talwars ' house were locked from inside on the morning after the killings.

According to the safety manual, all doors of a dormitory should be wide enough, at least five feet wide and should open outwards and should not be locked from outside when the students are inside.

In 3% of cases lock on is used

It will often lick with its eyes locked on your face.

His blue eyes, watery and dulled, locked on me and wouldn't let go.

We moved away, and then began to cut back towards her: she remained still, tense, eyes locked on the party of two-legged strangers.

They are vicious animals which can jump twelve feet from a standing start and, once their jaws are locked on you, you can forget the ' nice doggy ' routine.

The Robins were determined to bring positivity and potential into Ashton Gate and it did not take long for their sights to be locked on St Johnstone's Derek McInnes.

This is why every one of these opportunists has his jaws firmly locked on crude oil allocation and bunkering; gun smuggling and all manner of vice; especially in the Niger-Delta.

In 2% of cases lock by is used

Despite the fact that the location is now free, it can not be given back to the OS since it is locked by the other 9 objects.

To realize this is the first step towards salvation, towards emerging from the maze in which we have been locked by our pride.

What remains to be seen is just what will be open and what will be locked by the various carriers and whether international LTE compatibility truly means international LTE usability.

Why do people buy locked phones? There are many reasons why people buy phones locked by phone network operators, but the chief one is that customers are being misled on many different levels.

Corrective action: Check that a message was locked by an earlier MQGET call with the MQGMOLOCK option for the same handle, and that no intervening call has caused the message to become unlocked.

In 2% of cases lock for is used

Stewart was already past the point of no return with Sanders when their lips locked for the first time.

Topics may be locked for many reasons and were set this way by either the forum moderator or board administrator.

They literally took off my gate doors because it was pad locked for others protection regarding my pool in the back yard.

All baggage must be tagged with your name, full address both inside and outside and should also be locked for security purposes.

In 2% of cases lock inside is used

He said that the aircraft are locked inside the hangar with armed officers keeping watch outside.

The only problem is, the mud slowly turned to rock, so the dinosaur is locked inside a giant boulder.

In 1% of cases lock within is used

Men For Change Editors Note: It is an ongoing struggle to separate the wheat from the chafe, to find the truth locked within the pain of men's experience of violence.

In 1% of cases lock with is used

The owl's intelligent tawny eyes locked with his, and an unspoken wish to be safe was passed between them.

In 1% of cases lock onto is used

The woman's eyes opened and locked onto Duane's.

Everything was locked onto me and they kept the keys so I was stuck in this for as long as they wanted.

Testament to the power I was getting out solo was the fact that I saw four lad working together and locked onto them, then powered by.

In 1% of cases lock off is used

They were the pre-ordained promptings from the dark and locked off parts of his mind.

He did know that there were better reasons than these, but that they were buried in a dark, locked off section of his two brains.

Except that the old me cared so much that he actually got inside his own brain - my own brain - and locked off the bits that knew and cared, because if I knew and cared I wouldn't be able to do it.

In 1% of cases lock behind is used

Fegan stood with his hands locked behind his head as a cop pulled at his clothes, probed his pockets, felt between his legs.

In 1% of cases lock away is used

The most recent result of the relentless pressure tactics resulted in the Flathead valley being locked away from mining and exploration.

In 1% of cases lock against is used

USA: Yes, but in that instance Rapinoe's hand was low and locked against her body, whereas the handball against Marie-Eve Nault was called with her hands and arms up.

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