Prepositions after "local"

local to, in, as, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases local to is used

The songs on the CD are local to the area.

With our scale, we are always local to you.

It brings the local to an international forum.

This is the voice connection between the computers on the local to the global computer.

Folders are local to your mail client, and WebMail can only see the un-downloaded mail.

However, you can arrange a subscription with a specific newsagent local to each prison.

I have contacted some of the colleges local to me, they either do a two year level 2 or 3 NVQ, or fast track courses.

To my mind, Sikh Council UK is an expression of sangat representation, extended from the local to the national level.

Panellists discussed the need for creating better partnerships at all levels -- from the local to the international -.

In 15% of cases local in is used

The largest teachers ' union local in the U.

User can edit the objects local in repository.

Politics in Norway tend to be local in character.

Sometimes the wind is purely local in its reach, at other times widespread in its scope.

Its effectiveness is being well known especially among the local in Sarawak for centuries.

In order to get a visa, you have to show that your skills could not be done by a local in HK.

The plant, known locally as ' nibima ' local in Akuapem dialect, is also effective in reducing high body temperature.

And, in the work of a trueborn artist, there will always be the universal in the local, and the local in the universal.

The Way of Water is local in its setting -- a small coastal town in Louisiana -- but the story it tells is a global one.

If you've ever wanted to live like a local in another country and learn the language and customs then here's your chance.

In 8% of cases local as is used

All politics are local as the saying goes.

You can make local as well as international calls while in India.

He encouraged us to use the local as a window into the wider world.

For my liking, I think a local as the subject would have made this picture much better.

From press reports, local as well as American, the warmest reception he received was in Bangkok.

In the late 18th century, this fort was used as a prison mainly for the local as well as slaves.

For these reasons the total production and marketing system (local as well as urban) needs to be addressed as a whole.

This dominance has indeed earned the Super Junior an unmatched recognition on the local as well as international scene.

Los Angeles has terribly high local as well as state taxes, and probably the worst streets of any major city in the US.

Re going local as for states, you could also check the Melbourne Age web site and likewise for Brisbane, the courier mail.

In 7% of cases local for is used

It was very local for many HK investors.

I cried uncle and begged a local for help.

In the end, we decided to go local for imeemy.

This is not me going anti-foreigner because the driver might be a local for all we know.

While I don't like it I prefer to buy local for warranty, piece of mind and all that jazz.

It is apparently something the natives are hip to, and I thank this local for clueing me in.

Often, this would take presence by local iconic architecture becoming local for the good instead of the bad reasons.

This is one of my favorite spots in London! I used to work around the corner and this became my local for two years.

People may want to buy local for all sorts of reasons, not just economic and that should be a choice at consumer level.

In 5% of cases local with is used

Met a local with a couple of dogs.

Do buy: Go local with your greens.

So find a local with this pub guide and get drinking.

In fact I think it was at some point, so a local with a bucket was trying to stop it.

Please note: It is best to take a local with you to help guide you through the process.

You can spend the night dossing around your local with your friends any day of the week.

The other consideration is purchasing all the materials and finding someone local with some installation expertise.

On the way back, I was thinking about how awful Indian tourists are when I met a local with a small jewellery store.

He encouraged me to take the licensing test as it was a cinch for a local with an interest and enthusiasm for our city.

Or you could have a night out with them somewhere local with no hen stuff and still go on your night away with the girls.

In 3% of cases local from is used

Buy local from your farmers market.

Zainab Ansell, a local from Moshi/Tanzania.

Drinkers fight to save their local from a corporate makeover.

The Trooper pub on Bryants Hill was my local from 1989 to when i moved to Stoke Gifford.

The most sustainable approach is to make one's own, or buy local from smaller producers.

Tip: Drink something Local from St Tropez There are wonderful local wines from this area.

Played it on local from its own menu; didn't realise you needed to go via its own menu for standard multiplayer too.

None of these are names, but descriptors! Care needs to be taken to differentiate the local from the universal church.

This was actually extra satisfying as the guide was a local from Bordeaux, and knew some good hills, as long hidden beautiful spots.

Not only the ah neys infiltrate the IT industry, but also the PRC and pinoyos are also swarming and taking over local from jobs in IT.

In 3% of cases local of is used

Hartley, a local of Centralia, Mo.

So the circle is a local of points.

Why deprive local of job opprtunities/ There so many dayak unemployed.

It meant that anybody crossing the Afghan border automatically becomes a local of Balochistan.

The last pub we usually go in before the game is the official local of the Schalke Fan Club UK.

Even in the most local of digital conditions, jurisdiction and responsibility are hard to assess.

I was being chastised by my companion, Imtiaz, a local of Khaplu who made a living by driving tourists around the area.

As a local of Mumbai, our greatest fear growing up was the bandh's that the Shiv Sena would call for on the drop of a hat.

Why? Dayak can not cook food for dayak Children? Why deprive local of their job opprotunity? What can Bian baru do with this? 3).

And both the universities and their local offices are supported by NIFA, the federal partner in the Cooperative Extension System (CES).

In 3% of cases local on is used

Oh and our local on Kareoke Saturday night.

How? Simply vote for your local on the Facebook app.

Put all mails which are only local on the imap server.

It's also not provincial; Little Fish are local on an emotional rather than a political level.

I would love to see the local on the 8's radar show the expanded map or regional map more often.

They agreed, gave her a sedative and tested the local on her arm to ensure that she didn't react.

Bila pulak diarang overtake nih! Not only that, the ride will take us across the river where we can see tourist and local on bamboo raft.

With the trend of buying local on the rise, this is substantial money-making season for retailers who cater to these college-bound customers.

I have a very olive complexion, dark eyes, am told I dress well and am usually tanned but would never be accused of being a local on holiday.

So forget Amazon or eBay, the closure of Argos in Margate or even Westwood Cross and instead shop local on the Internet where the parking is free.

In 2% of cases local at is used

The guy sitting outside the local at 3.

Be international, but very much local at the same time.

There are five locals involved and Local 146 is the biggest local at the mill.

UPDATE: Our local AT &T; guy just left, having fixed the problem quickly and efficiently.

I went to my local AT &T; store today to try and pre-order this, did not want to do it at Best Buy.

And this warning took on a more ominous tone during our brief chat with a local at a shopping mall.

We headed down to Oxford Circus to join the rest of the local at the Boycott Workfare protest which went pretty well.

If your lucky enough to find real estate to watch the game, more than likely you make friends with a local at the bar.

Here Bob Robertson of Robertson Languages International explains the importance of being global and local at the same time.

This is the spot if you are 21 and a local at the shore (or just more preppy than guido and looking for a fun bar while on vacation).

In 2% of cases local by is used

UTC converted to local by **25;14513;TOOLONG.

Your a bit of a Facist yourself Local by the sound of you.

Consequently, think global and act local by embracing this latest concept of.

Eat like a local by browsing the city's finest farmer's markets Union Square Greenmarket.

Think local, act local by taking immediate, relevant and concrete action then fix and rebuild.

You can be the best spokesperson for your union and local by giving a testamonial to your faith in this fight.

Most of these demonstrations are occurring despite the threat of violent crackdowns of local by heavy handed police states.

People get to live like a local by staying in wonderfully unique homes, and hosts get to earn an extra income with zero hassle.

The Headmaster was a local by the name of Jacinto Graro who was also a Tombu-keeper or Registrar of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths.

These laws were local, which didn't matter much as they were primarily directed at real estate, a form of property that is local by definition.

In 2% of cases local rather is used

And all operators used local rather than foreign guides.

The only difference is the monopoly will be more local rather than national.

There was no sense of nationhood; loyalties were local rather than national.

That reflects the dominance of local rather than foreign elements in the synthesis.

The traditional orientation of police enforcement has been local rather than national.

The bus followed the local rather than the express route, picking up passengers along the way.

Islamic jihadists are not merely a tiny minority, they are divided, with most committed to local rather than global struggle.

It is empirically disingenuous to assume that producing for a local rather than a global market reduces overall standards of living.

It is apparent, then, that in most cases the choice of local rather than foreign law can not be regarded simply as a matter of parochialism.

In 1% of cases local like is used

The barmaids in my local like me.

Its not like language has to be local like say, milk.

It was nice to learn about the culture from a local like her.

All their demands are local like gas or electricity connection.

You do have to work for the respect of the team -- especially when you're a local like me -- I think some of them were hoping to get a model like Pippa O'Connor.

If all villages could have a friendly local like the Bell, busy with village life and and so beautiful inside that it warrants a listing in the National Inventory.

There was a danger this would develop into a food and drink festival, so we limit food and drink to 25 per cent of that and some of those are local like Rocket and Relish.

In 1% of cases local versus is used

Only those who don't understand football dwell on local versus foreigner ridiculousness.

These definitional tensions posit the duality between the local versus the global and the non-commercial versus the commercial.

In Models and Measures for Correlation in Cyber-Insurance, Rainer Boehme and Gaurav Kataria examine the effects of local versus global correlation on insurance markets.

Many people fear that tax breaks are mainly beneficial to larger corporations than to smaller outfits, and can lead to an imbalance in local versus international commerce.

In 1% of cases local over is used

But I often get a reply that they will prefer a local over an expat.

And that's going into the global atmosphere, it's not just local over there.

You can find better cheap car rental deals online than you can at local over the counter dealerships.

This is desirable to detect the local over heating condition of the transformer core before any major fault occurs.

There was a good variety of fish, although I was told not as many as there was even 5 years ago due to local over fishing.

As well meaning as the caf lady was, I decided to take the back road, and not to take the advice of a local over the age of 50 ever again.

Local heroes and sins forgiven The focus on the local over the national manifests itself as well in the application of standards in public life.

In 1% of cases local off is used

I don't know McKinnon, but I've seen him at my local off license a few times.

I picked up a copy of Le Monde recently, which is a French newspaper that for some reason is stocked by my local off licence.

Having said that, people were free to come and go from the festival as they pleased, meaning that the local off license had a bumper weekend.

There's the bustling High Street, with the quaintest of independent shops (even the local off license has the look of a boutique wine merchant).

Tash and Eastern Health Board specs were Thomas's only way during his rebellious mid-teens of getting the tins of porter from the local off licence.

Stan, best stick to your bacardi breezers mate, your local Off Licence should be able to get a couple of bottles in special delivery if you ask them nicely.

There are also tumblers and beggers, if you want to avoid all this then eat inside the restaurant or go to the local off the tourist track restaurants instead.

Steve (not real name) spoke to me once of the increasing trend following legislation of teenagers asking passers by to purchase cheap alcohol from a local off licence.

So, I tried Dungarvan Brewing Company ' s Black Rock Irish Stout and their seasonal Coffee and Oatmeal stout, which our local off license hid behind the counter for us.

In 1% of cases local about is used

Foreigners told local about the direction.

I find that if I ask a local about something I need, I will get more accurate and helpful information than I would get from a fellow expat.

Aside from the occasional gentle inquiry from a local about whether I was ok, I was left to my own devices as everyone went about their business.

If I never asked a local about other spectacular destinations other than what's on our list, I would have no inkling of how exciting South Cebu can be.

But Williams would reply that, even if we find the moral reasons for impartiality compelling, that does not show that they appeal to reason as such, as opposed to something more local about us.

In 1% of cases local into is used

Every team puts 31% of local into the pot in MLB and gets about $40 million back.

These high ratings encouraged the flow of investor funds, both foreign and local into these securities, which fueled finance and housing boom.

I also compressed and uploaded my entire site root folder off local into the publichtml directory in cPanel then I pasted the original wp-config.

Re-exchange of local into foreign currencies upon departure is possible up to 30% of the total amount imported and exchange with a maximum of TND.

He agreed to Passo's requests to put the local into trusteeship and later to fire the assistant trustee and then the trustee when they resisted the deal.

In 1% of cases local after is used

The more you eat local, the more you are going to want to eat local after the harvest ends.

A call was made to the police control room by a local after gunshots were heard in the area.

The oddest memory is of a polite enquiry by a young local after Gatting had played the new stroke, the reverse sweep.

English Teaching to Children -- The project has organized local after school clubs to teach Sri Lankan children English.

Any cuts that result in withdrawal of budgets at a local after that restatement are, inevitably, driven by neo-liberal ideology.

JulesG says: As an Australian citizen I would not be allowed to walk into a bank wearing a crash helmet or wear a hat at my local after 8.

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