Prepositions after "living"

living in, with, on, at or up?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases living in is used

More living in denial it seems.

Indeed, several living in the L.

How did you like living in the U.

Limit for a Muslim woman, especially over age 35 living in North America: zero husband.

Must admit the decision to try Australia was all about living in a better climate!! Er.

About 75 families are living in Gajabapura and 67 families are living in Monarawewa who demanded a shelter for them.

Sock I'd not too keen on the benefit claimants living in Buckingham Palace either but that's one for another thread.

Now it is the time for the Tamil Diaspora to support the government for the well being of Tamils living in Srilanka.

November 29, 2011 at 4:52 pm Jeannie I belong to a social media group online, a group of Americans living in Europe.

In 10% of cases living with is used

And finally, we have Living with a Superstar.

Living with a Superstar (Discovery Travel &; Living).

There are about 5,000 people living with MND in the UK.

Cleaning your home of these irritants can make living with asthma a whole lot easier.

Just like the case of one girl, who was living with a guy on campus as live-in-lovers.

Once you get your asthma under control, living with asthma is very simple and routine.

Well I am 21 living with my Nan and Grandad, me and my girlfriend are having our first child expected in 3 months.

Though asthma is a chronic and usually lifelong affliction, living with asthma doesn't have to mean living in pain.

To learn more about living with asthma, and living a smoke-free life, look for resources and tools on the Internet.

The transport problem not only affects expectant mothers and the seriously sick but people living with HIV/AIDS too.

In 8% of cases living on is used

We're a family of 3 living on one income.

We are a family of four living on Kefalonia.

Finding several boys below age 18 living on their own.

A family of 5 living on 32K annually should not be considered middle class in my opinion.

But many living on the camps have always considered themselves long-term permanent residents.

Is it the one who is usually referred to as living on less than a dollar a day? I don't know.

Difficult to go to bed but fantastic to wake up next morning and find that wee were more or less living on the beach.

Saturday, September 15, 2012 Living on the bottom of the ocean This note may be hard to follow, I will apologize up front.

But the difference between those who just write for the sake of writing and those who do living on writing is writing well.

Thank you for always living on the edge of your seat and pushing yourself and in doing so, pushing us to go that bit further.

In 3% of cases living at is used

I spent much of 2009 living at Hostel Hoff.

Elizabeth and her husband spent most of their lives living at 4590 71st.

The ordinary membership is limited to twenty persons 20 living at any time.

Dan, West Midlands I am a single mother with two daughters aged 17 and 8 living at home.

People who said they had children under 18 living at home were 36% of the exit poll sample.

Wansink and his team interviewed 500 mothers with at least two children under the age of 18 living at home.

Florence spent a year in Devon, Pa in 1993 living at the Hutchinson House, a retirement home near us and her grandchildren.

Parents with children under 15 living at home are most worried about energy bills putting a strain on their finances (56%).

Hey presto, no more cognitive dissonance no more living at disharmony, more living for experiences, no more limiting belief.

Since then, he said, he and the widow of his eldest brother, Nikunja Gharami, had living at the house of his eldest brother.

In 2% of cases living up is used

We like the Optimus Black despite it not quite living up to the hype, particularly where that super-bright display is concerned.

Unfortunately, The Elephant in the Room doesn't plumb this deep, in the process not quite living up to the potential of its premise.

Original projected numbers aren't quite living up to the reality of how much money is made and given out through scholarships though.

They haven't been quite living up to their moniker as there really wasn't much snow about despite the fact we are in the middle of winter.

And as I write this at 5am on a Sunday morning with only our designers for company, I don't think I'd quite living up to my legend potential.

Posehn's a really funny guy, whether on stage or just having a conversation, but is somewhat known for his written material not quite living up to that.

Then feel free to scold it for not quite living up to the expectations set by its made-of-plastic, nearly fantastic brothers and sisters as I'd about to after the break.

Spain's record goalscorer has been criticised for his performances at Barcelona, for not quite living up to the potency and potential which he showed with former club Valencia.

In 1% of cases living among is used

When 12 living among 78 it will have to be inlfuenced by the rules of natural justice.

In 1% of cases living below is used

Both the USA and Ireland have around 10% living below the poverty line for all different reasons.

There are by anyone's measure nearly 16 million Americans out of work with approximately 50 million living below the poverty line.

And according to a study by Jazairy and Pacuccio (1992) 60 per cent of Tanzanians in the rural areas were in 1988 living below poverty line.

In 1% of cases living by is used

I don't mean DP but rather living by the thoughts and feelings attached to it.

It explains how our lives are governed by certain principles and how living by them will.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Living by the sword In the old days, Kings and/or Governments who lived by the sword, often died by the sword.

In 1% of cases living for is used

But I am preparing to announce at home that we have living for spiritual life and for physical life.

That new woman, that hired performer, Mrs Creston? Mrs Creston had been more living for him than any woman but one.

Hey presto, no more cognitive dissonance no more living at disharmony, more living for experiences, no more limiting belief.

In 1% of cases living from is used

For many living from this power chakra is all about success and attaining ego power.

I was so living from pay to pay -- I'd not entirely sure where all the money went, but now I feel like I have heaps.

From a man that makes his very living from advertising dollars generated by our listening ears, the idea is as hypocritical as it is insulting.

In 1% of cases living off is used

Almost 70 percent of Bhutan's population remains rural, with most living off subsistence farming.

There is still a very long way to go; I just wanted to show you how living off less money gave us the freedom to follow our dreams.

In 1% of cases living outside is used

The total population is 850 members, with 340 living outside the reserve.

Child Visa If both the parents of a child under 18 living outside the UK are present and settled in the UK (i.

For most living outside of Belfast all the border is, is a imaginary line where the roadsigns change and you need euros in your pocket.

A person who has been living outside the UK in an unmarried partnership with a British citizen for at least four years may also apply under this scheme.

Statistics Canada said 90 per cent of children between the ages of one and three living outside Quebec had working mothers who temporarily left their jobs after giving birth.

According to UNHCR's statistics, by the year end of 2011, there were some 68,152 Sri Lankan refugees living in 112 camps in Tamil Nadu and another 32,467 living outside the camps.

Has living outside of Ghana changed your impression of your homeland? If so, how? Residing outside Ghana has possibly changed physical aspects of my life and the way I view things.

In 1% of cases living under is used

The sight of still many living under dismal conditions in subdivided units and cramped private tenements reminds us that we have a lot to do in realising our housing vision.

In 1% of cases living within is used

Today there are approximately 10,000 people between the ages of 60 and 90 living within the Zone around Chernobyl.

What would it take to be authentic? Maybe you're one of the lucky few living within a family in which the members feel free to be whichever way they are.

The three counties closest to the nuclear plant already had plans to evacuate their residents -- a total of about 25,000 living within 5 miles of the Island.

Let's make sure we tackle them; the economic recovery, unemployment and how living within our means is key for our country, the war in Afghanistan and public sector reform.

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