Prepositions after "live"

live in, with, on, up or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases live in is used

He lived in a cave upon a hill.

His friends lived in a volcano.

Blackhorse now lives in Canada.

She suffered a fractured cheekbone and extensive bruising and was left living in fear.

You are still from the ' city ' if you live in those boroughs - whether or not you need.

I live in United state too and i see how african americanS behave to people from africa.

R Sponsor a child in Romania, where over one third of the population live in poverty as a result of high unemployment.

Have an unusual niche? Live in a small town? Need to start part-time? Terrified of sales and marketing? It's all here.

After two years of living in Hong Kong with his family, his savings is exhausted, and he is returning to the states.

Living in cramped quarters (such as trailer parks) is one of the main causes of perverted behavior among christians.

In 12% of cases live with is used

My father did not live with us.

I went to live with my parents.

I don't live without pain today.

Everyone who lives with me is so warm, welcoming, and always ready to try new things.

I have lived with racial abuse and bullies all my life and made me a stronger person.

If Pakistan can't live with that, then it'll die without being able to live with that.

It is easy to say many of these offences occured many years ago, yes they did but the victims live with the results.

I really don't see how prosecutors and judges who participate in these sorts of travesties can live with themselves.

Looking back I'd a bit sad to leave these children who that I was teaching behind and also the family I lived with.

In all their dealings, the husband and wife should try and accommodate each other and live with love for each other.

In 6% of cases live on is used

You must live on another planet.

I practically live on the stuff.

I lived on a very tight budget.

I live on the top floor which it the attic to a 2-storey house, and I am pretty cut off.

Rhonda's advice to train yourself to live on one wage is good, and one we did ourselves.

Mr Hume served in Hamilton's bank building from 1878 to 1898 and lived on the premises.

Quran is memorized by over 10,000,000 Muslims living on the earth today - 90% of whom are not even Arab, by the way.

To say after the enormous USADA investigation that there is no evidence is a sign of a man living on another planet.

Taverner (a parent from Prep E) came to speak with us about what life was like living on a nature reserve in Africa.

No one else was living on the land because the Government had not sold the land to settlers as it had said it would.

In 3% of cases live up is used

Daily specials live up to their name.

We want them to live up to their name.

The author certainly lives up to her name.

They will give emotional performances to live up to the expectations among the audience.

TAN: Now you have it, does the gallery live up to your expectations? JK: It's fantastic.

To live up to the code we need to understand the ideas and principles behind these words.

There's a message here about how things don't always live up to your expectations, but it's especially true for Gilda.

If you end up with the higher score at the end of the game but didn't improve or live up to your potential, you failed.

It was about World Cup and I am extremely happy that we were able to live up to their expectations and lift the trophy.

Bassist John Myung lives up to his legend by being the silent one on stage, playing his complex bass parts with grace.

In 2% of cases live at is used

Living at warp speed is highly over-rated.

I couldn't be 30 and still living at home.

For example, the Gwawa'enuxw live at Hopetown.

After diagnosis, I performed various skits at the RV Resort where we lived at the time.

Written in rhyme, the father and daughter meet each of the animals who live at the park.

I was going from living at home, a big family-orientated house to living alone abroad.

Still, young adults living at home with mom and dad generally agree with their parents ' political views, Shea said.

Gary Bates writes: Posted on 12 Nov 12 at 01:39pm I have lived at 31 McLaughlin Cct and have been there for 12 years.

I'd glad that I live at a time and in a place when and where the things you have to say are seen as so much silliness.

Liverpool and United fans will stand on the terraces together and remember those who lost there lives at Hillsborough.

In 2% of cases live for is used

Something to continue living for.

She will live for until its written.

It can live for over a hundred years.

I too lost my son who lived for a glorious hour and 1/2 before the Lord took him home.

If I be worthy, I live for my God to teach the heathen, even though some may despise me.

There would be no one to live for during those coming years; she would live for herself.

How we used to live for those few weeks! I remember the last week of school before summer holidays being so exciting.

As part of my Latin American Studies degree, I lived for a year in Colombia, working with a local children's charity.

Humans live more than twice that long; if humans only lived for 1 billion heartbeats, we would all be dead by age 30.

Hear for yourself why generations of men, women, and children have lived for, sacrificed for, and died for that freedom.

In 2% of cases live by is used

Sometimes she lived by herself.

People live by myths and clichs.

I really can not live by myself.

I will put my spirit inside you and help you live by my rules and carefully obey my laws.

She lives by criteria that maximize impact rather than by the blessed trinity of academe.

Businessmen live by their code of honour, either through a handshake or a nod in agreement.

This comes from a horrible movie I saw recently, but it's a great theme to live by: Adapt, Innovate, Overcome I disagree.

It is ambiguous about what it sees: it can not live by the American standards it observes, yet paradoxically it wants them.

Like virtually all hospital leaders, UHN's leaders have mouthed those words - and indeed, had taken various steps to live by them.

In 1% of cases live like is used

Live like there is no tomorrow.

I thought every kid lived like i did.

He wants to live like a king in Kenya does.

They only stop living like animals when they choose to -- you can not do it for them.

When you have a portion of the population trying to live like celebrities on a fixed income.

Walking slower is the first step (pun intended, again) to living like a perpetual traveler.

They want to (Be) live like a rich, (Do) spend like a rich and (Have) buy to own big houses and cars and so on and on.

La Bande Salomon, by Kivu Ruhorahoza (Rwanda) Solomon, the son of an African dictator, lives like a rock star in Paris.

Now I have to preface this by saying we're not planning to live like church mice! We want to be comfortable and to enjoy ourselves.

In 1% of cases live near is used

Hall lives near Owen Sound, Ontario.

Like TimR, I chose to live near PT routes.

He lives near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with his.

People of the same economic class lived near each other and they drove the same cars.

There is nothing wrong with that, and I wonder how many non-Christians you live nearby.

I actually live near that restaurant and it is a very popular place throughout the week.

Now, I mean people living near food stores, who can afford vegetables, which are really much more efficent to grow.

Many workers no longer lived near their workmates but instead lived in huge housing estates with few social resources.

I live near Military Road in Adelaide and every weekend that road and the adjacent beachfront is a festival of cycling.

Pelagic fish prefer to live near the surface because the light makes the plant plankton grow, which feeds the food chain.

In 1% of cases live off is used

We was just living off the land you know.

I lived off of Little Caesars $5 pizzas &; $1.

I'd basically living off soya milk at the moment lol.

They are viewed as blood-sucking ambulance, chasers, living off the misery of others.

In other words, living off the grid is a different way of (bodily) being in the world.

Those Indians knew how to live off the land without leaving any evidence they were there.

If we are living off of taxes, due bills for forty years from now, where are we at? There is only one thing can happen.

When it comes to wealth, I am negative money, due to the fact that I am living off of school funds, which is minimal to begin with.

Including those written by independent developers with no corporate sponsorship, as they were expected to live off of the GROUP love.

Instead of helping the desperate, or people in hard times, people set up homes around the camp &; lived off the food &; water provided.

In 1% of cases live outside is used

Wow! My cousins living outside the US are right.

Some of those at Mass will live outside the parish.

I enjoy working and living outside Europe tremendously.

I thought it was just me, as I benefited from living outside US in Europe 8 years.

Is tough to live outside the funnel, but if that's the reality then we need to adapt.

James A says: 01:57pm 08/02/11 Spoken by someone that has never lived outside of Australia.

The following was shared with me by a female single Peace Corp Volunteer, who lives outside of the Kingston area.

About 30,000 of those people live outside of the United States, so they are probably neither Republicans nor Democrats.

Now that's quite a tricky posture because Indians living outside the United States have no locus standi in the matter.

And because the library is such a jewel, it has been popular for decades with people who live outside the City of Cte St.

In 1% of cases live through is used

What helps me to live through hard times.

She lived through the Belle Epoch in Paris.

I wish you'd never had to live through that.

You simply can not imagine what that was like in 1977 if you didn't live through it.

But Tel Aviv lived through the second intifadeh, where nightclubs were being blown up.

I have cycled to work since the 1980s, so I have lived through the change you describe.

Today he claims that we are living through a third technology revolution -- the age of information and computers.

He claims that we are living through an intense but narrow set of innovations in one important area of technology.

I've always been fascinated with the Jim Crow era in America, and eyewitness stories of those who lived through it.

Some day i will talk about all the good things i did prepare for myself to live through the 7 day regime rather well.

In 1% of cases live to is used

You may even live to see and seek your parting.

Coconut palms live to an average age of 60 years old.

Compare where you live to the city shown in photograph 1c.

All animals live to 1 billion heartbeats, with the exceptions of humans and some domestic animals.

However, he lived to the age of 90, and St Paul's Cathedral was completed 12 years before his death.

Baptism is the public way of saying we died to an old way of life; we're living to a new way of life.

We had a conversation about his past and he seemed a little awkward talking about how he used to live to excess (drugs).

Lyrics There is no greater love than this: to give up life for friend; No one can find a purer joy than living to this end.

He said the late President John Evans Atta Mills lived to his 2008 promise to establish a university in the region, and said.

But too bad, most people don't even know this, so they never use it while living so they never really did live to their fullest.

In 1% of cases live under is used

You live under terror all your life.

True, we are not living under Socialism.

The community of faith lived under death threats.

I actually lost money working in a Canadian orchard and ended up living under a tarp.

Today life in Greece has been likened to living under occupation during World War II.

In His humanity Jesus lived under the most severe conditions and died a horrible death.

Believe they grew tired of giants and heroes and know they believe in wise tiny creatures who live under the rocks.

Unlike illegal aliens who occupy foreign land like the Jews and Brits who live under fear and war threats eternally.

Firstly they were assured they were living under socialism thus over time discrediting the very idea of socialism.

If you're a football fan and have never exposed yourself to the vast management game then you must live under a rock.

In 1% of cases live as is used

After this, he could live as a free man.

So she made her living as a beautician.

If we want to live as a country, Obama has got to go.

Ronnie Bray recalls his family, and the living room of the house in which he lived as a child.

He wants all persons who are still living the life he used to live as a sinner to get away quickly.

Like a lion -- forceful, strong in fang, living as a conqueror, the king of beasts -- resort to a solitary dwelling.

I lived as a paying guest with Parsis, and that was how I probably got interested (in studying more about other cultures).

Benedict also believed that monks should live as a family and within a community with an abbot at the head of that community.

We need a revolutionized vision of what it means to live as a missionary-disciple of the crucified and risen Ruler of the world.

In 1% of cases live within is used

I will learn to live within my means.

Communities lived within their boundaries.

They taught me to live within my means, and 2.

That plan would have relocated all people living within a 50-kilometer radius of the plant.

His work involves teaching the bible to prospects who live within a radius of two-hours'drive.

Still, I won't deny that there is still that adrenaline junkie living within these old bones.

Don't put party ahead of country, communicate with the people, live within your means just like you would at home.

School Zone In order to be eligible for admission to Kennedy School, you must live within the school's catchment area.

This section is dedicated to the world in which Richard and Adam Bolitho live within the pages of Alexander Kent's novels.

Also, importantly, international investors and credit rating agencies are watching to see whether we live within our means.

In 1% of cases live without is used

I don't live without pain today.

Can you live without a data model?

I can not live without it, neither.

I don't care who you are or what you do: You can live without a goddamn smartphone.

Stories of how to live without glory are harder to tell, the most difficult to live.

We've never lived without water, which is one of the reasons it's taken for granted.

Kitchen accessory you couldn't live without Right now it's the bread machine my partner Martin gave me for Christmas.

All over the world there are an estimated one billion poor people living without adequate shelter or basic services.

Try telling a kid in Bosnia whose house is still speckled with bullet holes that you can't live without your smartphone.

For one if you can't live without light, water and telephone for a couple a days every month then you clear have no life.

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