Prepositions after "live"

"live in" or "live on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases live in is used

Only pigeons live in there now.

I live in Florida, got one too.

He was my live in tech support.

The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 200 countries worldwide.

I am so glad I live in America where differing views and religions are protected by law.

Mostly I don't have anything in common with my neighbors except the building we live in.

There was even a live insert into the Vanessa Feltz morning show featuring School Reporters from St Marylebone School.

Either decide to live in Dubai and miss Karachi throughout ur life or be in Karachi and wait for things to get better.

Tamils have to learn to eat humble pie and negotiate something which would allow them to live in Sri Lanka peacefully.

In 21% of cases live on is used

Price v Harrison is live on Box.

Your music will live on forever.

Haye vs Harrison is live on Sky.

In 2010, we saw breakthrough pop sensation Iyaz perform LIVE on the Shout! Awards stage.

It's wintertime, you live on the East Coast, and your old neighborhood has been leveled.

Follow 5 live on Twitter and Facebook for programme information, debates and highlights.

The World Bank estimates that some 1 billion people live on a dollar a day or less, the absolute benchmark of poverty.

This also means that web design and SEO is going to be even more important if this actually goes live on all browsers.

I am sure if you were a senior you wouldn't want to live on nothing and have to get help from the gov't for food, etc.

Jackson was still alive on BBC News 24, where they seemed to be reporting he was in hospital following a heart attack.

In 10% of cases live with is used

I mean i can live with it, yes.

Fine live with out medical care.

You're going to go live with her.

We have also helped her to trace her relatives who she is now going back to live with.

All we have to do is live with the story of Aleksi and participate in these exercises.

Right now I live with my mom, but the entire devorce I have wanted to live with my dad.

I go with this sentence that there should be place or city like Murghideen where anyone live with their vest-rights.

SHOULD I RUN AWAY OR STAY?? If you can live with a control freak then stay but if you can't its better to leave now.

We chose OrangeScape as it met all our criteria and have successfully gone live with a number of cloud applications.

Whether or not you give in and let her live with the other relatives is a personal decision for you and dad to make.

In 8% of cases live at is used

Recorded live at DragonCon 2010.

Site went live at about 11:45am.

His resignation, aired live at 9.

Your are and always will be still alive at the heart of music lovers all over the world.

That second semi-final will be live at 9pm BST with Hunter Felt liveblogging the action.

One thing they all share is that the music and worship leadership is live at each venue.

His Live at Umbria Jazz 05 album (read our review) recently won the Bell Award for Best Australian Classic Jazz Album.

The coverage is always Five Live at its finest and I agree Invers presenting is one of the best parts of the coverage.

S airwaves with a performance on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live at 10am as part of the Thanksgiving Holiday celebrations.

Come see DJ BabeyDrew performing live at the Black &; White Party taking place at the Garden City Rooftop on July 7th.

In 5% of cases live from is used

We don't report live from Somalia.

All content is live from this site.

Remember that Q &A; is live from 9.

The 8th Annual Live From the Rock Folk Festival will be held August 6th,7th,8th, 2010.

We'll find out tonight when the Juno Awards go live from the Air Canada Centre at 8 p.

She told Live From E!: ' It was hard to leave the little guy I'd not going to kid you.

Special Thanks to Live From Memphis and Andrew McCalla for making this happen! Hope you dig! Spread it! Tracklist 1.

Sadly for you, we'll be live from 10pm tonight, and the link will be posted on here and on Twitter at around 9:40pm.

The Richmond council are proposing to have the cameras installed and monitored live from the Richmond police station.

So ironically, I'd started writing it from my local shawarma place while UFC on Fox was playing live from New Jersey.

In 4% of cases live for is used

Watched this live for my b-day.

Too many live for far too long.

PayToo is Live for making payments.

The live for the moment generation have maxed their credit cards in more ways than one.

Possibly Columbia, although I have read they sang it live for their stage performances.

There would be no one to live for during those coming years; she would live for herself.

GMR 11/12/2009 Well thought out and written post! My blog has been live for about 6 months (give or take a few days).

And I can't wait to be back in the UK to perform live for my fans there -who have been some of the best in the world.

Patsy announced a song that the fans hadn't heard live for donkey's years, a special request from their sound engineer.

President Mahama tell us what you do to make live for the ordinary Ghanaian and stop reacting to whatever somebody says.

In 3% of cases live by is used

Proverbs 3:3-4 Words To Live By.

Patrick's live by his own words.

It's expected to be live by 2001.

Neelam Mankar The spirit of Keep Moving Movement was captured Live by Akashwani Solapur.

Love his edginess in gravitating toward stuff like The Town, and Argo and Live By Night.

Don't like Australia Anthony then go live in a Muslim Country that is the faith you follow so go live by your beliefs.

The tour will last 18 days, end with a rally in Des Moines on July 2, and be broadcast live by Tea Party Review online.

It was also ranked the #2 Place to Retire Young by Money Mag in 2007, ranked America's Best Place to Live by bestplaces.

He has primarily made his way in live by associating his crude paintings and photos with **32;7179;TOOLONG like this one.

In 3% of cases live to is used

She sang live to half a billion.

They report back live to us later.

Talk live to Mario and other Drobo.

He'll also speak live to Labour MP John Mann who serves on the Treasury Select Committee.

The GNA sources said October had been earmarked for the service to go live to the public.

We go live to Memphis, Tennessee and see Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler as the crowd pops big.

Our intrepid author finds himself on the Graham Norton show that is transmitted live to millions of late-night viewers.

Personally I use my APC40, MPK and iPad touch OSC live to make a performance and have my hands on something throughout.

This marks the first time in nearly two decades that the famed road race is being televised live to a national audience.

The entire event was being streamed live to the State Department and, in all likelihood, the White House situation room.

In 2% of cases live without is used

We cant live without eachother.

But just cant live without her.

Life should be live without regret.

They even move from things they love so much that can not imagine not live without.

Because I can't live without him and also don't want my kid to suffer without father.

Barney??! No I cant live without Barney! And of course Amiee, okay both! Wait, maybe.

During the Revolution, Patrick Henry said in his now famous speech that he would rather die than live without liberty.

Try to see it through CHORUS It? s the same way I feel about you It? s the same way Can? t live without you Hearing my.

And that removes the carbon that they have polluted with? Yep But CO2 isn? t a pollutant, we couldn? t live without it.

In 2% of cases live up is used

And he has a lot to live up to.

Voivod had a lot to live up to.

Shnyder has a lot to live up to.

The judges were very impressed with their idea and the next group had a lot to live up to.

If you end up with the higher score at the end of the game but didn't improve or live up to your potential, you failed.

There are other reputable companies (others that use African Walking Company too ), but ATR live up to their reputation.

So after all that build up, does the Lumia 920 live up to that PureView appellation? Well, that's a little harder to say.

You are correct, both have a lot to live up to, and both have failed, and been moderately successfully on so many levels.

In 1% of cases live off is used

Shut off all power and go live off the land.

Some of the wealthy live off their dividends.

All the investors profiled live off their money.

You might even want to pick up a copy of my new self study eCourse, Live Off Your Passion.

I n fact when I'd in Thailand I pretty much live off this but this was definitely the Indo kind.

I'd an entrepreneur, coach and author of Live Off Your Passion, here to help you build a career around work you Love.

Either the benefit is enough to live off and you do nt need all these extra handouts, or the benefit needs to be raised.

Help! I'd an entrepreneur, coach and author of Live Off Your Passion, here to help you build a career around work you Love.

Also, the live off the land approach is highly theoretical, and the technology required to do any kind of ISRU does not exist today.

In 1% of cases live over is used

The hearing was streamed live over the Internet.

The hearing was broadcast live over the Internet.

This hearing was also streamed live over the Internet.

A very unique way of support for those that serve in the military LIVE over Amateur Radio.

The entire Radio 1 service of RTE is now transmitted live over most of Europe on the Astra satellite.

Luckily it will also be streamed live over the internet on Parliament TV and probably on the TV news channels.

It's free and will also be streamed live over the Internet, so people who can't be there in person can still participate.

More recently, many hearings are broadcast live over the internet, and the webcasts are archived for viewing at any time.

Because the play-off went ahead on a Monday, most people were at work and watched the action streamed live over the Internet.

The conference call can be accessed live over the phone by dialing (866) 524-3160, or (412) 317-6760 for international callers.

In 1% of cases live through is used

The linky will stay live through Wednesday.

When I access Listen Live through my browser it works.

Courses delivered live through a video conference are acceptable.

Viewers will decide on which events are shown live through social media-based voting.

This code is live through December 31st and is worth 100 addition Swag Bucks for new users.

The event will also be broadcast live through video streaming on the official website of JFW 2013.

LIVE THROUGH THIS (the book) After the large, initial flurry of orders, sales of LIVE THROUGH THIS have settled down.

Skardu (AJK) and Kargil (Ladakh) continue the live through the tragedy of a completely irrational division of territories.

I might also add (again) that all copies of LIVE THROUGH THIS that are pre-ordered will come with an original, signed 5x7 print.

You need to have this type of live through this time very little and you simply desire find a process straight, what a bad thing.

In 1% of cases live of is used

The live of a writer especially.

I thank God for the live of our G.

We shld pray for live of unbellievers.

Instead they convert their capital into cashflow and live of the fruits of their money tree.

Any1 in your cabinet playing politics with these is committing murder with Live of Nigerians.

To your information, Wind of change Power Ministry is transforming live of thousands Ghanaian.

After this came my first hearing live of Bantock's extravagant tone-poem on Robert Browning's poem Fifine at the Fair.

G3 Global and OGN Group today announced the successful Go Live of the G3 SAP Business All-in-One Solution at OGN Group.

More attention has to be put on the live of the ballads that will be showcased for the first time on the concert stage.

But I had seen too many people trapped in a live of poverty who depended on the cab as their only means of transportation.

In 1% of cases live like is used

The homeless live like this everyday.

Islam does not say live like an arab.

I kept thinking, I cant live like this '.

Currently they are promoting a Live like Royalty package that makes you feel like royalty.

Brown, PhD, psychologist and author of the upcoming Live Like a Window, Work Like a Mirror.

Why should anyone live off social handouts? COLINB890: The homeless live like this everyday.

At London's Royal Court he starred in a revival of Live Like Pigs and was nominated for a Tony Award for the Broadway.

He talks a good game but once he gets in there with someone real and someone live like me then he will be on the floor.

I'd in my forties and still working on feeling like I live like an adult:) I also agree with the person who listed power tools.

Already been in his country, met his parents and well he come visit me almost every 3 months but we cant live like this forever.

In 1% of cases live via is used

Each talk was broadcast live via the Internet.

Play will be streamed live via the official website.

The hearing will be broadcast live via our satellite.

EDT we broadcast live via Slooh, showing some more transit of Venus art on display at the microbrewery.

Scheduled for the Bicentennial Park in Miami on Sunday, May 29, Kartel will be performing live via satellite.

However, in an interesting turn of events they've announced that the event will be streamed live via Apple TVs.

In addition to catchup programming, viewers will soon be able to watch Channel 4 live via their smartphone or tablet.

Not enough fans watched live via bootleg feeds or skipped the Opening Ceremony altogether to make NBC regret its decision.

Today we changed the game again with the first broadcast on the BBC News Channel of a guest being interviewed live via iPhone.

Each session of conference is carried live via satellite to meetinghouses throughout the world and is translated into many languages.

In 1% of cases live below is used

Live Below the Line involves living on $2.

He's also doing Live Below the Line this year.

Live Below the Line challenges people to live on $11.

THINKFIRST T 7/18/2012 - 11:15 AM While 1 million Jamaican live below the poverty line.

My Live Below The Line will last from Monday 30th April until Friday 11th May: 12 days.

Please remember you can still donate until the end of May on my Live Below The Line Page.

We have set up a Groove team to take on the ' Live below the line ' challenge; to live for 5 days on less than NZ$2.

We were heading out to Dom's place because the guys from Close Up are doing a little Live Below the Line story on us.

It is also the official campus launch of the 2012 Live Below the Line campaign, and is proudly supported by The Life.

This year, during the week of August 22-26, Live Below the Line will take place in New Zealand for the first time ever.

In 1% of cases live as is used

So to live as a Christian, you actually have to be one.

Please forgive me and help me to live as you want me to.

I would love to see this performed live as a theatrical piece.

I think it is totally fine to let her live as a girl, because that is after all how she identifies.

All classes are taught live as well as available via the private online Business Coaching Student Audio Library.

The meeting will also be webcast live as part of a year long pilot programme aimed at opening up democracy in the city.

Having never seen him perform live as a ' solo ' act, I'd intrigued as to how I'll take to his latest musical endeavour.

In this case, as it was filmed live as part of an hour-long presentation, it was necessary to cut it down substantially.

Performing live as a five-piece, the band will bring their gorgeous songs to life at the Art Centre's Hamer Hall on Tuesday.

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