Prepositions after "literate"

literate in, about, by, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 73% of cases literate in is used

It was completely literate in English.

Many are not literate in their native language.

They are highly literate in Swahili and English.

Feeling disenfranchised? Take some math courses and become literate in the new order.

I now have memorized around 5000 characters and hoping to be literate in chinese soon.

People won't need to be literate in HTML or Excel to make beautiful graphs and charts.

Apart from Dangme East, female household heads are more literate in a Ghanaian language than male household heads.

The high proportions of persons literate in only English in all the districts, particularly Shama-Ahanta East (29.

If you don't know the capital of Poland but can mensurate, calculate and are literate in English, you will succeed.

Becoming genuinely literate in Chinese characters takes up a significant portion of primary and secondary education.

In 4% of cases literate about is used

Jamaican people need to be more literate about life.

But we have a long way to go to become really literate about play.

I mean, I like John Coltrane and Miles Davis enough to be curious about them and literate about their work.

But this kind of work perhaps can be more sustaining if we were more literate about what to do and how to do it.

My belief is, when we do, we'll end up as enthusiastic and literate about the things that we play as we are about the things we eat.

In 4% of cases literate by is used

I send back my literate by sharper image, what a piece of junk and only holds a charge for a few hours.

Some 340,000 children in poor communities have been made digitally literate by Camara over this period.

Because the Macedonian language is spelled phonetically (as it sounds ), just about every student is fully literate by the third grade.

The prime minister has promised to make the country fully literate by 2014, but on this front also, no viable practical step has yet been taken.

The federal government has introduced Universal Basic Education (UBE) in an attempt to make edu cation accessible and to make all citizens literate by the year 2010.

Not only is the guide a fun read for an armchair traveler like myself but it's the ultimate weekend planner for the literate by the literate--where even Oklahoma City can be as alluring as Paris.

In 3% of cases literate to is used

These engaging young villagers are, to my ear, emotionally literate to an unbelievable degree.

If u are nt literate to a certain extent of knwin hw 2 read and write or computer literate, then 4get it pls look else where.

Icanread: 15 Feb 2012 7:31:19am All thecomplaints about tech ignores the fact that you need to be at least a bit literate to use it.

I know for instance that in the very late 90s a survey here in East Brighton indicated that only approximately 30% of adults were literate to any degree of efficiency -- that is up to GCSE standard.

In 2% of cases literate at is used

Province-wise, Punjab is the most literate at 59.

So we know that 25% are indeed literate at some level.

It is the only medium used to engrave the knowledge of a person as well as to show a proof that he/she is literate at the very least.

Some of the articles were written by established authors, but many contributions were from anonymous ones, and not very literate at that.

I can't tell you the number of times my professors have taken me aside to tell me how refreshing it is to meet a student who is literate at the college level.

In 2% of cases literate for is used

Suspect that the writing was too literate for Cllr Driver; what's more he probably could n't.

The unusual value of being literate for human beings is because the literacy helps them benefit from one another's knowledge.

Also almost inevitable that he would fail to grasp the direction of the piece for it is a little too literate for his understanding.

An individual is always literate for a purpose whereas a skill is not necessarily purpose-driven and can be well-defined and bounded.

The traditional idea of higher education was to train the literate for the Church, whether Catholic, Episcopalian or other Protestant.

The human race has, after all, only been literate for around five or six thousand years, which makes the task measurable, if not easy.

The same thing can be said about the illiterate merchant whose memory is usually stronger than that of the literate for the same reason.

You can't just be on Twitter morning, noon and night starting trouble and you dunce and jobless, you just ca n't, yuh barely literate for crying out loud.

In 2% of cases literate of is used

The entrepreneur class is affluent and it has generally recognized the importance of being literate of a very high order.

In 2% of cases literate on is used

I'd not very literate on economics, sadly.

Whatever the case I think it is safe to say that trying to prove that the Prophet (P) was literate on these grounds are quite unstable.

In 2% of cases literate with is used

At that time I was more numerate rather than literate with no idea of format or content so it was a stiff challenge.

Doing my first CV was difficult, I was numerate rather than literate with no idea of where to start of format or content.

Paulwell emphasised that in the 21st Century, it is going to be just as important to be literate with technology as it is to be able to read.

There has always been too much information -- far more than a single human brain could handle -- for the curious and literate with access to a library.

In 1% of cases literate among is used

Even today most literate among communities.

EDUCATION Sri Lanka's population enjoys the status of being one of the most literate among other developing nations, and boasts of a literacy rate of 92%.

One of the criteria of releasing the POWs devised by the Prophet was that those who were literate among the pris-oners could go free if they teach ten Mus-lim children how to read and write.

In 1% of cases literate as is used

He was very literate as a person and a musician.

Some would have become literate as a result of the literacy mission, which was a big movement in Kerala in the Nineties.

In 1% of cases literate from is used

Nevertheless Langland seems to have been at least a different kind of literate from Chaucer.

The kids are technologically literate from the manipulative sense and technologically illiterate from the process point of view.

We know that Jesus was very literate from an early age, surpassing the knowledge meaning of the written letter of his teachers, according to Gnostic texts.

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