Prepositions after "linger"

linger in, on, for, over or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases linger in is used

They can't go home, so they linger in transit countries, waiting.

To help us to answer that one question that today lingers in everyone's mind.

The question that lingers in many a mind is -- do we have in us what was in Wangari.

Roth was born in 1933, the year Hitler came to power, a historical fact that lingers in his books.

When she speaks, her soft golden voice always lingers in your mind like the sweet morning bird songs.

The echoes of people screaming when the water burst through their doors and windows still lingers in her mind.

A man lingers in front, eyeing the goods, while two others gesticulate with their hands, apparently caught in mid-conversation.

You let the sweetness linger in your mouth as the melting cold syrup makes up for all those months you've kept off sweet things.

Spring is the time to be above the bush line, when alpine fell-fields bloom even while remnants of snow linger in the south-facing gullies.

What are some of the issues that still linger in Himesh's music? For one, his flagship songs tend to follow a structure that is a bit old fashioned.

In 20% of cases linger on is used

Musk is in a chatty mood and lingers on the street outside.

The chocolate is smooth, intense, melts in your mouth, and lingers on your tongue.

You could taste the quality of the chocolate, had a nice bittersweet-ness that lingered on the tongue.

This is a wine that you can enjoy as you smell it, sip it, and as the complex flavors linger on your palate.

Best of all, all of this goodness just lingers on your palate for quite some time in what is a fantastic finish.

He did not linger on the page long, uncomfortable being anywhere in the proximity of the Dark Lord pencil sketch or not.

The up front fruit, the acidity, and the tannins all slowly combine and linger on the palate in what is a fantastic finish.

They enjoyed the lighthouse so much that they lingered on a little while there, making us nervous about the bus leaving them behind.

Frankincense adds its own complexity to the perfume, and helps the zingy citrus scent linger on your skin long after you've left the bathroom.

Having spent a lifetime wandering when I could in London, Paris, Stockholm, Cape Town, Kyoto, my feet linger on the old streets but avoid the new.

In 16% of cases linger for is used

He lingered for a couple of weeks in a coma before dying.

The smell lingers for hours in elevators, offices and taxis.

We lingered for a long time here, understanding with all our senses.

Yet he always felt compelled to linger for just a second on the doorstep, day after day after day.

Attacking unions at the end undermines union legal action and their defense of whatever may linger for the workers.

Many plants simply will not do well indoors, some will die quickly while other may linger for a year or more and die slowly.

Saturday, November 17, 2012 Usually, when I get a cold, it can linger for up to two or three weeks, and even then, I'll be left with the dry cough, sometimes for several months.

But you can't expect they can be all solved overnight, as if even the laws against the black people in the US was repealed, the social prejudice still lingered for a long time.

In 10% of cases linger over is used

I believe the anointing has lingered over Aimee's body.

A kaleidoscope of Indo-kitsch awaits, a maze of little rooms each beckoning you to linger over the curios.

Most of us are busy, and if we have kids, our chances to linger over lunch and a wine tasting are rare indeed.

The TV camera lingered over them as they shuffled through the remains of what was once their home; now a collapsed pyre of charred bits.

Her touch lingered over the braided hair and polished brow - over the downy and damask cheek - over the dimpled lip - the swan-like neck.

A kaleidoscope of Indo-kitsch awaits, a maze of little rooms each beckoning you to linger over the curios amassed from travels within India and across Europe.

In 4% of cases linger with is used

While my guides set up our camp, I lingered with her in the shade.

Last year's loss at Legion Field lingers with some Virginia High fans.

I finally wrote on something completely different but it has lingered with me ever since.

It's small, kind of dark and cramped, people are cracking wise, Boilerdowd and J are pouring out the tough spirits, and the vague smell of beer and popcorn lingers with you.

In 3% of cases linger at is used

Presided over by the house in which Marc Bolan had been born and brought up, it was not an area on which to linger at night.

In 3% of cases linger like is used

The trace of these lives lingers like the smelliness of the inhabitants, the tang of urine and soot left in the half-ruin.

The damage inflicted on the sport will linger like a dusty residue in your clothes and on your persons for much longer than a cancelled hockey campaign.

In 2% of cases linger of is used

Therefore the question still lingers of the origin of the person who started the Black Banners before the Kaabah declaration.

In 2% of cases linger within is used

After a crying jag in the cemetery something happens to her, which she can't remember, but the after effects linger within her, pieces of it infusing her with the girl she.

In 2% of cases linger to is used

Schwiensteiger is definitely not going to happen so it's best not to linger to that thought.

In 2% of cases linger around is used

Clouds of dust lingered around them.

In 1% of cases linger into is used

He desperately needs some rain to save the rest of it, and he's worried what will happen if the drought lingers into next year.

In 1% of cases linger due is used

No one really lingered due to the storm that was rolling in, so Hubby and I headed in to Portland where we were staying for the evening.

In 1% of cases linger as is used

Otherwise, the bulls we slaughter to celebrate the Obama victory will linger as the only testimony of fading ties that bind this clever American and the land of his ancestors.

In 1% of cases linger until is used

For unknown reasons, the matter lingered until November of 2007, when the parties jointly requested that the matter be held in abeyance.

In 1% of cases linger amid is used

At times, Chan lingered amid the hustle and bustle, the night still young.

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