Prepositions after "limited"

"limited in" or "limited to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases limited in is used

Venture Nigeria Limited in 1984.

Social time seems limited in England.

I'd very limited in what I can get done.

C law firm of Blank Rome LLP represented Sanford Limited in the federal court action.

I'd Gerson therapy although information is very limited in Spanish try to do my best.

At this point, with my limited information, all I can tell you is that there is hope.

You may think why do we get limited in this way? Believe it or not, this limitation is serving a wonderful purpose.

So, I am very limited in my experience here and therefore I come to this meeting more as an observer and a listener.

The matlab sim doesn't appear to be as limited in the number of mols, which makes me hope there is room to optimize.

Hence the birth of ScanCom (Gh) Limited in 1995, with the Investcom Holding Company of Lebanon as Principal Partner.

In 16% of cases limited to is used

The trend isn't limited to America.

Administration limited to suit 251.

I have to kinda keep limited to a degree.

This is a sweet deal, with limited to no risk for the dealmaker on the provision side.

I used to pick my entire face, but now I am more limited to the area below my eyebrows.

Luckily, these scams are more or less limited to Istanbul, so once you're out on the countryside, you can losen up.

Nor can war with Iran be limited to military action; it will extend to the diplomatic, economic and social domains.

Our economic base has been mainly agrarian limited to the production of raw materials with very little value added.

My voice seeking justice should remain limited to Chhattisgarh so that the naxalite problem could further aggravate.

In 9% of cases limited for is used

Their horizons are too limited for that.

It's too limited for the ambitions I have.

Water supply was very limited for a while.

Kulatunga of Neptune Connections Private Limited for undertaking to publish this work.

In terms of UI, the camera option and settings are very limited for today's standards.

Photography is important for me, and I also find phone cameras too limited for my needs.

Having no playbook can be a virtue when the structures of a playbook are too limited for the situations encountered.

Storage -- with many companies using the space at once we will be very limited for storage space for your set/props etc.

Payments are made by the Office of the Clerk to reimburse Radio New Zealand Limited for the cost of providing the service.

Therefore, sms scraps (with 160 charactter max message) or line tags is rather limited for scale and margin (read ebitda).

In 6% of cases limited of is used

Bomi Holdings Limited of Uganda with15% ownership of KURH.

He also served as a Director of Development Credit Bank Limited of India.

It could even be noted that the unjust limited of freedom is likewise an evil.

You will immediately notify VendorShop Limited of any unauthorized use of your Account.

This site is owned and operated by Peak Performance Limited of Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Abe Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Barbara Streisand or Nicholas Cage are merely a limited of them.

It certainly applies to anyone who believes in any kind of liberal economics even in the most limited of capacities.

In March 2008, Brand-Rex Limited of Scotland was contracted to provide blown-fibre-optic cable plant (BFOCP) technology.

Beyond the Net was originally created and sponsored for seven years by B P De Silva Holdings (Pte) Limited of Singapore.

Cork are the biggest winners, having pulled Roscommon who are the most inexperienced and limited of the eight teams left.

In 5% of cases limited by is used

They are limited by space and time.

It can be difficult not to feel limited by A.

When we do find any they are very limited by choice.

Once the notion of individuality comes, one sees oneself as limited by time and space.

Atonement becomes limited by logical necessity and salvation is removed from its core.

My perspective was very limited by the assumption of potential gaslighting on his part.

EV's are still seem very limited by batteries, which are heavy (bad for any car) and toxic (bad for the enviroment.

Of course, you are very limited by memory, but by editing what you can fit in memory, you can create a good, long tune.

At the same time, the development of media freedom remains limited by legal and practical access to quality information.

So efficiency in burning anything to get mechanical/electrical power is limited by (1 - Tcold / Thot ), which is about 0.

In 5% of cases limited on is used

My knowlage is very limited on this subject.

Something that is VERY limited on my Samsung.

Cheng (Chingtai) Limited on 23rd December 2005.

Don Wehby became Group Chief Executive Officer of GraceKennedy Limited on July 1, 2011.

He was appointed to the Board of GraceKennedy Limited on May 30, 1996, and is a member.

However, we are very limited on space and are forced to make tough decisions regularly.

Kindle is rather limited on text styles so if you want a fancier type face you will have to create it as a picture.

The contract was awarded to Stateco Nigeria Limited on 25 th April, 2007 with a completion date of 24 th April, 2009.

Meanwhile, cornerback Chris Cook, who was limited on Wednesday because of a biceps injury, had full participation today.

The Group was listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited on October 18, 2010 (Stock code: MC0.

In 4% of cases limited over is used

He is clearly not a limited over player.

Misbah is not eligibal in limited over category of this game.

Sri Lanka's limited over cricket in the world cup began in the year 1983.

He will forever be labeled as an effective limited over specialist like Sayed Rasel.

The fact is that he is not suited to being the captain or playing in the limited overs team.

They forced him out of the Limited overs game baying for his blood when he failed and succeeded.

Jacob Oram: A limited over specialist was recently unplayable in SLPL and will be their key bowler in middle overs.

IMO, if the SLC keep on postponing test cricket for limited over games, the ICC should ban or punish them for a year or so.

Her son and daughter, Jerome and Ada, describe her as a happy person yet very limited over the past few years due to arthritis.

With this backdrop my point of focus this week is on the new playing conditions the ICC has introduced to limited over cricket.

In 4% of cases limited with is used

I think they should add Limited with it too.

Limited with reference to sufficient cause as given by the A.

In 1998, Terry co-founded ServiceOne Limited with Daniel Wong.

But this time, the clock has run out and they're very limited with what they can do.

He has been appointed as the chairman of CITIC Limited with effect from 27 December 2011.

Again, if the literary volumes feel like a tough sell out of context, go limited with them.

PSAL achieves this via its local subsidiary, Pasico Ghana Limited with service bases in Accra, Tema and Takoradi.

Labour force immigration to regional cities remained limited with the exception of New Zealand and UK-born workers.

My name is Michael Doherty, a representative from FASTLINE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED with our head quarter in Hong Kong.

However no business or firm or joint family can add words limited, private limited or guarantee limited with its name.

In 3% of cases limited as is used

We are very limited as to what we can do.

Indeed, APM Terminals (Jamaica) Limited as a subsidiary of A.

After his graduation, he joined Hindustan Lever Limited as a Management Trainee.

Dabdoub began his career in 1963 when he joined J &; J Dabdoub Limited as a salesman.

The first is that you find yourself very limited as to what you can actually describe.

Geddes Grant (Distributors) Limited as well as a Director of the Musson Group of Companies.

He previously served Kuapa Kokoo Limited as the Finance Manager for five years and Accountant of KKCU for three years.

In the exit of circuit is presented, the limited as for the breadth of frequencies, signal that we apply in the entry of circuit.

It had plans to come up with a textile SEZ in that area along with a private party Ajanta Projects India Limited as a co-developer.

If LG chooses to go for a single carrier, their appeals and success potential might get limited as against the multi-carrier phones.

In 3% of cases limited at is used

Space will be very limited at a price of $6,395.

Actual business talk is quite limited at functions.

If think UT's budget was very limited at that time.

In April, Government acquired some of the assets of Reynolds Jamaica Limited at a cost of US$7.

We can't place adult expectations upon her -- her command of language is very limited at this age.

He was addressing officials and stakeholders of Olam Ghana Limited at a dinner in Accra to mark his two-day visit to Ghana.

Notices All notices given by you to us must be given to Universal Music Ireland Limited at 9 Whitefriars, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.

Because the pool of words is quite limited at the moment, you might find that you sometimes encounter words you've already had to draw.

This would certainly reduce the duplication of services as well as foster the delivery of resources that are quite limited at the moment.

In 3% of cases limited from is used

Glenn Dudley was the Managing Director of Metal Manufactures Limited from 1988-2000.

Users outside New Zealand Our website is operated by CricHQ Limited from New Zealand.

He was also Chairman of Creative Master Bermuda Limited from May 2011 to October 2011.

He was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Orica Limited from 2001 until September 2005.

As a result of this process the Company increased its share in Styrolution ABS (India) Limited from 83.

She was a member of the Listing Committee of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited from 2006 to 2012.

She was group legal counsel and company secretary of Sing Tao News Corporation Limited from 2003 to 2005.

After which, he was a senior marketing manager at Takugin International (Asia) Limited from 1993 to 1997.

Tham also held the position of Chief Executive Officer of CapitaLand Residential Limited from 2000 to 2005.

Mr Mohl was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of AMP Limited from October 2002 until December 2007.

In 2% of cases limited since is used

Varma has been a Board Director of Fermenta Biotech Limited since 2004.

He has been a Director of Berger Paints India Limited since July, 2001.

He has been a director of Asia Enterprises (Private) Limited since 1986.

He has been Non-executive Director of Bravura Solutions Limited since March 11, 2009.

Anupama Datla, has been an Executive Board Director of Fermenta Biotech Limited since 2007.

He has been a Non Executive Director of Exim Bank (Tanzania) Limited since December 5, 2008.

Mominul Islam is holding the position of Managing Director and CEO of IPDC of Bangladesh Limited since January 04, 2012.

He has been appointed as a vice president of CITIC Limited since December 2011 and a director of CITIC HK since May 2011.

David Turnbull Non-executive Director David Turnbull is Executive Chairman of Pacific Basin Shipping Limited since 1st July 2008.

He has been Chairman of the Board of Tata Steel Europe Limited since March 2009 and its Independent Director since August 1, 2003.

In 1% of cases limited because is used

In Germany the readiness is less limited because of our history.

Symbian Anna's touch screen navigation is very limited because of the lack of screen size.

Exploration isn't bad but it feels limited because of the small environments found during the game.

In this case, policy changes will remain limited because of the need to secure support from opposition parties.

The scope for growth in the independent sector was very limited because of the high quality of the national system.

It may be that your choices only seem limited because of your lack of imagination, but you can not visit that problem on other people.

Ren? Gu? non by Martin Lings As regards the early part of the life of Ren? Gu? non our knowledge is very limited because of his extreme reticence.

Money issues can cause divorce when people spend differently, when they lie to each other about bills, and when their lives become limited because of financial stress and debt.

Lin, however, says he still feels a sense of bigotry toward him, that people see his skills as more limited because of his unique status as the league's first Asian-American player.

In 1% of cases limited due is used

My access to the net will be very limited due to a flaw in my computer.

Advance bookings are essential as availability is very limited due to a high number of returning guests.

Obviously the amount of times you can go out and see the country is very limited due to security restrictions.

The capacity of the highway patrol police in Bangladesh is very limited due to the lack of manpower and resources.

Access to mobile phones in the region is very limited due to the lack of an information technology network backbone.

Access to mobile phones in the district is very limited due to inadequate of information technology network backbone.

What my thoughts on SM are very limited due to the fact I am new to the breed and have never met or seen a cavalier with SM.

According to Vigoroux, the impact of the arrival of Chinese cars in Saudi Arabia is still rather limited due to several reasons.

It should be emphasized that peripheral access may be quite limited due to vasoconstriction, and a central line may need to be placed upon arrival in the ED.

The baby's internal organs continue to mature, its hearing further improves and it moves more purposefully in the womb, although space is very limited due to its size.

In 1% of cases limited under is used

Changes that individuals can make, in the practical sense, are very limited under the present systems.

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