Prepositions after "limit"

limit to, by, in, on or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases limit to is used

This is not limited to Mormons.

It is not limited to politicians.

Consciousness is limited to my head.

This includes but is not limited to physical, organizational and technological means.

Again, the background light is limited to the smallest area possible to reduce flare.

UK research council-funded studentships are typically limited to EU/UK students only.

Must travel in and be exposed to all weather conditions to include, but not limited to, ice, snow, sleet, rain, etc.

Care within the community CGD's responsibility is not just limited to its ability to achieve good financial results.

It would be preferable, indeed beneficial, if questions asked in the Senate were limited to the same amount of time.

Speculation was no longer limited to the pre-sale market, but had spread to the secondary market for existing units.

In 11% of cases limit by is used

Freedom of speech limited by law.

Imported Oil Limited by Transport Shortages Mr.

The amount of data being limited by geolocation.

Pi: What are the use cases? Sony Joy: Use cases are only limited by your imagination.

Something to do with how the expansion of space-time isn't limited by the speed of light.

A consequence of this is that your short-term goals are always limited by your current abilities.

Every cake we make is sculpted with detail and care, and only limited by your imagination! If you can Dream it, we.

You are only limited by your imagination as most of the parks now have great camp kitchens as well as the usual bbqs.

It was incorporated in 1950 as a non-profit making organization, Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Act of 1948.

We have just seen that our forward speed is limited by the wind window moving behind us as the apparent wind moves forward.

In 9% of cases limit in is used

He is a little limited in that way.

The retina is limited in its structure.

He favored a strong government, limited in scope.

Mr Flynn was appointed Chief Executive of newspaper publisher Davies Brothers Limited in 1987.

They couldn't do this because digitizing the costumes ' characters was limited in 2D graphics.

Democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of association seem seriously limited in South Africa.

However, it is limited in undulating terrain or areas where it is an anomaly rich environment such as a wooded area.

They may feel an inexplicable desire to dive head on into risk, when perhaps their tolerance is limited in this pool.

The mystics believe that the human wisdom is limited in its ability to understand all the mysteries of life and death.

It is, however, not fine to have an 80 limit in Britain because then, the police will turn a blind eye to those doing 95.

In 3% of cases limit on is used

You can set time limits on how long a person can stay online.

The present road limits on the road is more or less outdated.

As some of the examples show, there are already limits on the limitless.

Jago High School, joined JN Fund Managers Limited on June 1, 2000 as General Manager.

Such joint motions are not subject to the time limits on other motions to reopen, see 8 C.

Many parents are now fixing spending limits on gifts and party bags, or eliminating them altogether.

Acted as legal adviser to the Initial Public Offer (IPO) of shares in Golden Web Limited on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Major focus of this afforestation was limited on land stabilization in the past but less addressed to climate change impacts.

I am limited on my sources of reading because I have found no one who is anti-gold who makes genuine arguments as per my list above.

This doesn't match with the present speed limits on most roads which are still using the outdated vehicle count percentile data as in the early 90s.

In 2% of cases limit for is used

We desparately need term limits for Congress.

I fully endorse exposure limits for all athletes at all ages.

They were well within the Ryanair weight limits for hand luggage.

The new law raises the income limits for homes purchased after Nov.

They are also limited for an real understanding of the pure generality.

Harm reduction in Uzbekistan is fairly limited for a population of 80,000 injecting drug users.

A credit letter is sent to all credit customers informing them of their new limits for the upcoming season.

Even in the country's most developed city, opportunities are limited for a single woman unable to walk on her own.

Prior to the formation of Seven West Media Limited, Mr Gammell served as a Director of Seven Network Limited for 14 years.

To see if the algae limits for the James are scientifically sound, McDonnell officials set up the multimillion-dollar study.

In 1% of cases limit at is used

He's term limited at the Budget Committee, though those rules could be changed.

CMS is produced by Pulse Investments Limited at its Trafalgar TV Studios and Editing facility.

There was only one price change, a two-cedi gain by Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited at 7,722 cedis.

The car listings are still a bit limited at this point, but the database is likely to populate faster.

The government can purchase using p-cards (procurement cards) most of which have spending limits at $3k.

High speed access provides much higher data limits at far more affordable rates, it's just not available to everyone due to the lack of infrastructure.

As such, space is limited at and it is highly recommended that you book ahead of time in order to guarantee you'll be able to dive when you first arrive.

You further acknowledge that we reserve the right to change our general practices and limits at any time, in its sole discretion, with or without notice to you.

In 1% of cases limit due is used

Since training time is often limited due to other commitments, players often look for improvement.

Dear Customer, Sensitive area to your US Bank Online Access has been limited due to a mis-match of access code between your security details.

Tighter credit underwriting standards and lower credit limits due to the economy have also reduced the amount of new debt that can be incurred.

Make the effort to keep in touch regularly, whether on Skype, e-mail, text messages or phone calls, but anticipate that your contact will be more limited due to the distance and differing schedules.

In 1% of cases limit since is used

Iqbal Alimohamed has been the Director of National Foods Limited since 2008.

Lim Jit Poh is Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited since 2003.

He has been a Non-Executive Independent Director of Van der Horst Energy Limited since April 16, 2007.

He has been an Executive Director of Yeo Hiap Seng Limited since November 1, 2005 and previously served as its Non Independent Director since July 22, 2002.

Er has been an Independent Director of China Oilfield Technology Services Group Limited since August 31, 2007 and also has been its Lead Independent Director since May 1, 2010.

Mr Voelte has been a director of Seven West Media Limited, and prior to the formation of Seven West Media Limited, West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited since December 2008.

In 1% of cases limit with is used

The Jets backup tailback had three-straight practices this week in which he was limited with an ankle injury.

Disclosure continues to become even more limited with respect to information related to international affairs and defence.

However, Michelmersh found they were limited with the level of control and visibility they had over their energy consumption.

Before lending companies were available on the World Wide Web, people were limited with their loan options and from where they could get a loan.

The defilements that show themselves then can be restrained and limited with the aid of the Uposatha discipline, which includes the Eight Precepts.

Notice that in the cases of structures 1 and 2 where the heights of the asperities are limited with respect to structures 4 and 5, these peak values are significantly smaller.

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