Prepositions after "likely"

"likely to" or "likely in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases likely to is used

It isn't likely to stop though.

Likely to garner broad support.

Nov seems much more likely to me.

Pacific young people are also least likely to have an internet connection in the home.

I find when I don't have money in my pocket I'd less likely to by anything on impulse.

Asian-Americans are more educated, more likely to value higher education, and more likely to be in STEM occupations.

Younger youth are less likely to report trust than older age groups, but more likely to feel close to their parents.

Will entrepreneurs sell to Yahoo now? They will be much more likely to because of her background and qualifications.

Upsetting them is more likely to mute their enthusiasm at a time when we should be doing all we can to encourage it.

In 18% of cases likely in is used

But that's not likely in the cards.

It is even less likely in a crisis.

Most likely in the village of Strth.

Wednesday 21/11/12 It remains windy with gales likely in the northwest of the country.

Most likely in a hired conference room in some motorway hotel, as Suarez and Evra had.

It further indicated that an agreement on terms of trade was likely in the near future.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that a variety of mechanisms render inbreeding less likely in the natural world.

Once you got broadband, the lag time in reaching a site was likely in your PC (not enough ram, slow processor, etc).

Upton are most likely in their final season as integral parts of the Rays, but their trade strings will live on and.

Most of the arguments presented against CO2 have some merit and the answer is most likely in the combination of all.

In 8% of cases likely due is used

The reason is likely due to security.

This is likely due to my high metabolism.

This is likely due to maturity redemption.

This was most likely due to the lack of a proper OS as well a limitation in hardware.

These high income suburbs tend to fluctuate, likely due to middle class women voters.

This is most likely due to her eating pattern but nonetheless was a noteworthy trait.

If your woman has left you heartbroken, then know it is most likely due to you violating at least one of the above.

Miscarriages most often occur because the embryo is not developing as it should, likely due to chromosome problems.

Ran a diagnostics and the conclusion was that yes there was some pinking and it was most likely due to fuel issues.

I'd a scientific atheist, likely due to the fact that I am studying biology, with spinkles of the other catagories.

In 8% of cases likely for is used

And not likely for much longer.

That is likely for two reasons.

More snow likely for the Scottish mtns.

Seneca was Nero's tutor and Nero had him strangled-- likely for making such comments.

But unfortunately I also see it as a place I won't be at likely for more than 5 years.

How likely for the system to move its smart, honest and hard-working folks to the top.

Although discrimination was more likely for the most severe offences, and qualifications barely reduced this effect.

While I'd sure that she was carrying water for the former governer, it's just as likely for her to be that clueless.

One scene from the book, however, has always stuck with me -- and not likely for the reasons intended by the author.

That being the case, it is likely for the foreseeable future that the pattern of the past 25 years will be repeated.

In 4% of cases likely at is used

So we are likely at 60-65/35-40.

Something highly likely at her age.

Sun is likely at 7-6 and ACCCG loss.

An upside breakout is less likely at this time, but if it occurs, the target is a $54.

I believe this was always on the cards, Cav is only likely at Sky as prep for Olympics.

Where's the money to fund this coming from? The public purse - not likely at the moment.

Nokia Lumia 920 Availability: Q4 2012 Carriers: Likely AT &T; and Verizon Operating System: Windows Phone 8 Size: 4.

Japan is the place where you are most likely at the moment to hit 100 with neither the US nor the UK health systems.

Or are they allowed here now?? The polls are an indicator of whats likely at a particular moment in time, a snapshot.

There's no real indication of what Giroux will do, but it seems nearly likely at this point that he'll decide to take.

In 4% of cases likely with is used

This extra likely with a WIFI module.

They are more likely with a slow pulse.

It's a book reflecting what many have experienced, although likely with less success.

In midfiield, Anderson and Carrick seem likely with Cleverley and Giggs in contention.

Don't see why puncture is any more likely with strong/weak material below the membrane.

Because the ship's propulsion system is brand new, the problem is most likely with the integration of the boilers.

Weather conditions (lightning storms, blizzards, solar storms) will affect Xplornet, but less likely with Yourlink.

Follow this all the way to the end and you will see an open grassy area, likely with cows grazing and men sleeping.

On the other hand, if only 3 or fewer perceive you that way, then the issue is more likely with the critics themselves.

In 4% of cases likely from is used

Here again, it is most likely from Yiddish.

Then back to data likely from the Barometer.

Ethiopean) or more likely from the North (e.

Today and most likely from today on - our economy will be part of the world economy.

The bird, a juvenile likely from a nest in North Carolina, had been tagged by the U.

He or she is most likely from the new collection agency which your debt was sold to.

Laboratory tests in Victoria confirmed the hens had contracted H7 avian influenza and most likely from wild birds.

The patch piece comes from the crest of the jersey, and is most likely from the glove of the penguin's right hand.

What use is a goal when you're far likely from reaching it? That is where effective tips for goal setting come in.

LOL Lame! 8th grader? Please look at your 6:30 post and mine above and tell me which is likely from an 8th grader.

In 4% of cases likely on is used

It depends likely on the source.

A verdict is likely on Thursday.

He's likely on a very short leash.

There are definitely individuals cheating in China, but not likely on a systemic scale.

In these short, thoughtful essays they outline what they feel is likely on their patch.

At least a portion of reductions since nov 1 are likely on account of agreed opec cuts.

Visiting the pristine Islands of Haida Gwaii is likely on your lifetime To Do list (and if it is n't, it should be).

Removal of pre-owned? Very likely on the software side but very much alive and kicking for hardware and accessories.

Not to be confused with the Enemy Team's Rager, (see below) this rager is most likely on the losing end of the fight.

Dabo decided to leave Yeggo before the new season, most likely on a loan deal, and started the season at Tour Kounda.

In 3% of cases likely by is used

They were most likely by design.

Most likely by one of these types.

Most likely by the author of this post.

I'd certain that she has been advised against doing that at this time, likely by NatJac.

Wagner also plans to mark down prices, especially for the holidays, likely by 20 percent.

In relation to sea level, the consensus now is that a 1 - 2m rise is most likely by 2100.

In fact women are five times more likely to be harassed by their boss or manager, men more likely by their co-worker.

It was a creative accident, likely by women, and time, momentum, and recently oil and natural gas, have kept it going.

Even if these could be sorted out, the result would require ratification in every province, very likely by referendum.

Midwest crop region but a return to heat and dryness is likely by next week, an agricultural meteorologist said on Tuesday.

In 2% of cases likely as is used

This becomes more likely as the scale of a U.

Ralph Fiennes is looking likely as the head of Q.

The 200 back is more likely as a third event collegiately.

I see it more likely as a result of psychological screwiness, defense mechanisms, etc.

This is something that becomes much more likely as the size of the download increases.

Charges are very likely as the prosecutor would not have re-opened the case otherwise.

That's more likely as an allusion to another phrase with a related meaning - one hit wonder, than it is a homage to.

Worldwide prevalence rates remain underestimated 4, 5, most likely as a result of the protean nature of the disease.

Among those who say they are in the lower class, women are twice as likely as men to say they are not making progress.

Set which will simply can not take a breath will most likely be very likely as a way to tail off, region plus minimize.

In 2% of cases likely because is used

Most likely because of the starting staff.

Most likely because of the abuse they suffered today,.

They were defeated most likely because of those remarks.

This is most likely because of http: **35;1219;TOOLONG over-super-powering low end.

If it isn't anyone from that group (likely because of price ), well, I have to punt.

This is likely because of the ease of setting up profiles on social networking sites.

She never sensed any worry from her staff or parents, likely because of the school's high enrollment, she said.

Justine though educated for refinement was still suspected of murder likely because of her lower class origins.

Why? Most likely because of his skills, his look or even his personality, as I get totally crazy when I see him.

Egyptians used a base ten number system most likely because of biologic reasons (ten fingers as explained above).

In 2% of cases likely of is used

Your silver is more than likely of this kind.

The second seems much more likely of the two.

Any of the three look likely of being the root cause.

You hardly ever wear underwear, and you are the most likely of all the signs to shave.

As a result, Quebec residents are also the least likely of all the provinces to snack.

Liberal Democrat voters were the most likely of all to have noticed particular stories.

We fear Eddie may go for option three, and we'd reckon that a new Nutty Professor film is the more likely of the two.

I don't see how this mission is going to get us to Europa, the most likely of bodies to contain something of interest.

One of the truisms of advertising is that young men 15-25 are the most likely of any group to be swayed by advertising.

Bankability that they'll use to sell many more projects, likely of lesser quality, but higher profit margin, than Lost.

In 1% of cases likely within is used

I rate this move: LIKELY WITHIN 10 YEARS.

An announcement is likely within two weeks.

I rate the Raiders ' departure as: LIKELY WITHIN 5 YEARS.

Then more then likely within a very short time some one will show interest in you.

If a miscarriage does occur, it is most likely within the first 72 hours after an amniocentesis.

In fact, faculty, grad students and undergrads all cluster around choice 2, ' likely within 500 years.

Now I suppose it will dry out in the jar pretty fast, most likely within four months but I am not sure about that.

Also, a recession in the UK (which I regard as quite likely within 2 or 3 years) will mean huge numbers of Poles etc.

In the long term (more likely within a couple of years ), West Somerset is simply not viable as a unit of local democracy.

Such killing factories exist, all over the world, likely within 50 miles of your house, tightly enmeshed into our economies.

In 1% of cases likely after is used

This looks less likely after Draghi's scheme.

Profit taking is also likely after the recent run up in price.

But this appeared less likely after centre-left parties objected.

Legislation to avoid the full impact of these changes is likely after the election.

Just look at english text, an ' h ' is quite likely after a ' t ' (there, that, the).

The hill was named by the explorer/surveyor John Forrest in 1869, most likely after a lad friend.

That is when she saw his body lying on the concrete where he had fallen, most likely after running out of energy.

It isn't seemingly likely after two straight losses, but these last two games of the campaign should both be wins.

It is believed named by Governor Stirling in 1832, most likely after King William IV who ascended the throne in 1831.

In 1% of cases likely under is used

The drop was most likely under surveillance.

I do not see this as likely under the new Congress.

A corporate tax reform is likely under both parties.

Global warming: Romney thinks its a joke, improvements in this area much more likely under Obama.

The next Apple IPhone? The next Facebook? Much less likely under a fundamentally transformed America.

Regarding annihilation, that would be more likely under global cooling which was our last fear in the 80s.

Traditional wisdom would have us believe that military action against Iran is more likely under a Republican win.

These are the kinds of extreme weather that the IPCC AR4 focuses on as becoming more likely under a warmer climate.

Dems didn't blow whistles or call them out on it The recession would have occurred just as likely under a Democrat president.

Such a deal may be more likely under divided government (which historically has limited spending more than united government).

In 1% of cases likely through is used

Most likely through education, and increased economic status.

Instead, Bergevin will have to creatively find his man, most likely through trade.

This book just missed getting four stars from me, likely through no fault of the authors.

Alcohol consumption in women decreases fertility likely through an increase in oxidative stress.

Allende died, ostensibly through committing suicide, more likely through extra-judicial execution.

Muhammed when it became apparent to him and Captain Martin Adamu that it had leaked, likely through Lt.

To get there, they have to go through the Bruins, then likely through Oregon again -- this time at Autzen.

In PM subjects, coadministration markedly increased voriconazole exposure, likely through inhibition of CYP3A4.

US troops presence &; bombing west of Indus, Pakistan will not directly engage the US most likely through proxy.

Marine Forecast: Small Craft Advisories today and likely through Saturday as winds crank up around Hurricane Sandy.

In 1% of cases likely over is used

You are most likely over the worst of it now.

Widespread and sharp frost is likely over night.

In any event, high volatility looks likely over the coming years.

I would not rule this idea out, although other theories seem far more likely over this one.

Nuclear is likely over time a bad option, I have no problem with the search for alternatives.

However, typical tropical rains and thunderstorms are likely over Philippines through Indonesia.

Based on current education choices, a significant shortage of labour in those areas is likely over the medium term.

With such long trends the safest assumption is that they are continuing &; that makes Hung parliaments more likely over time.

In the past I have argued that a drastic reduction in the world's population was likely over the course of the coming century.

Personally, I've thought a bank holiday is likely over the next 12 months, in an attempt to forestall a panic run on the banks.

In 1% of cases likely out is used

She's missing, most likely out of the accident.

And as it happens, I'd likely out of here with this.

Lone wolf players are likely out of luck, though not entirely.

A loss, and the Jets fall to 3-7 and likely out of the playoff picture with six games to go.

He still popped on and off for a while, likely out of habit, but nursed until he was nearly 4.

While the economy is likely out of recession, the unemployment rate - now at a 26-year high of 9.

I likely outmake you (I'd just saying that based on my knowledge of the median income and mine, odds are I'd right).

Teach the kids to work them in a harness and you'll know the kids are doing something useful and most likely out of trouble.

There are drug sniffing dogs at the airports and harbors, and if you get imprisoned in Jamaica, you're likely out of reach of U.

With the Yankees and Red Sox likely out of the running for the slugger, the Brewers suddenly have a decent chance of bringing in Hamilton.

In 1% of cases likely during is used

The most important area is likely during the interview process.

Such petty crime is especially likely during the peak tourist seasons.

If there was a Manson connection to The Process, it was likely during this period.

Mudflows are more likely during heavy rain and will be channelled down river valleys.

Don't care how possible it is, or more likely during a lockout year, it is never easy.

Broad Dollar weakness is likely during the Fed's QE3 programme, this could also boost sterling.

It's very likely during an operation as the mind is trying to wake up while the body is paralysed.

The ODIs will be played towards the end of the month, likely during the gap between England ODIs and Tests.

That so many of the streams are viewed whilst portable - most likely during day time -- may be a happy fact for NBC.

Bruce Wayne's death was compensated for by something else; most likely during the terrorist attacks on the rich people.

In 1% of cases likely before is used

If so, judgment was likely before Christmas.

This concept goes back to John Locke (and likely before).

Parliamentary elections are not likely before next spring.

They did not exist before 1940s and most likely before 1948.

That might result in variations, while not likely before the offseason.

Results weren't likely before Sunday, when Australia may need him to bat.

Authorities, however, have suggested no such steps were likely before September.

His close aides say a response is likely before next week, the deadline for his answers.

A first compromise text from the council is also likely before the end of the year, he added.

There's no doubt that any one of the top drivers would win the WDC if he was in that car and many likely before now.

In 1% of cases likely among is used

Suicide is significantly more likely among males than females.

A global-warming induced ice age is not considered very likely among climate scientists.

However, behavioral problems appear to be more likely among this group, even at a young age.

However saying ' no ' was far more likely among the 44% of women who had an HIV-negative partner.

The victims are likely among the hundreds of people found in mass graves in recent months, he said.

Gerry, fluent in Gaelic, was likely among the most informed revolutionaries on Irish history and politics.

Medication-related nutritional problems are thus more likely among senior citizens than among younger persons.

It's more likely among people who are very overweight to begin with, and teenagers in denial about being pregnant, said Dr.

Quick note, there are the least of your problems and more than likely among the more productive demographic of your society.

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